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Customer service and the delivery of high-quality work at an affordable price are core principles at My Roof Solar. We are headquartered in Dallas Fort Worth and operate in seven different states. Our comprehensive in-home solution covers roofing, solar panels, batteries, energy efficiency enhancements, and EV chargers. What sets us apart is our commitment to not subcontracting any of our work, ensuring that our experienced team handles every aspect of your project. We take immense pride in our A+ Rating from the BBB, a reflection of our dedication to excellence. Furthermore, we are proud to be a PEARL CERTIFIED contractor, a prestigious third-party certification endorsed by the Department of Energy and the National Appraiser Institute. This certification provides you with a valuable third-party certificate, effectively increasing the value of your home. For a complimentary consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. We look forward to assisting you!
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As a 5-star rated company, My Roof Solar takes pride in delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We are honored to be PEARL certified, highlighting our commitment to meeting rigorous industry standards. One key aspect that sets us apart is our unwavering policy of not subcontracting any of our work. This ensures that our experienced team personally handles every aspect of your project, guaranteeing quality and reliability. We also offer a comprehensive 25-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in the durability and longevity of the materials we use. Our licenses extend to over six states, further demonstrating our commitment to serving a wide customer base. When it comes to choosing a solar provider, countless customers have entrusted their needs to My Roof Solar.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. As a Pearl certified contractor, My Roof Solar stands among the top tier of home improvement contractors. Only 5 percent of contractors in the industry are pearl certified, this gives you a 3rd party certificate backed by DOE

  2. No subcontractors - we offer all in home work and have our own warehouses and crews!

  3. 25 year warranty and roof warranty, we will protect your product and your home!

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English; Hindi; Spanish

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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Owner and CEO Robert Nefian began his journey in the roofing sector and has since built an empire. With his background, there is no one better suited to oversee the installation of top-notch products directly by our in-house crew, who are accustomed to working on roofs. In addition, we have industry leaders specializing in sales management and operations, ensuring that My Roof Solar possesses extensive expertise in both solar solutions and installation. Our offerings are backed by robust warranties and reliable service to provide you with peace of mind.

Robert Nefian, CEO
Leigh Ann Cole, Administrative Director
Sean Paul, Head of Solar Sales
Shaan Rahi, Head of Business Development

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They installed my panels back in December of 2023 without a permit which I later learned from the electric company they needed on before doing anything. I had told them the day before they came to install that I wanted out of it they said if I did that they'd still charge me 10,000 dollars I was promised a year of my electric bill being paid which was a lie then a year of the good leap loan payments so far mostly a lie except one payment. To top this all off my panels are still not active and they failed the inspection. Now looking into lawyers to sue. Not saying don't ever go solar but don't go through this company they are nothing but scammers and liars bouncing you around talking from one person to another leaving their trash behind that I ended up having to dispose

Posted by christianwillis5678 on May 15, 2024
My Roof Solar Dallas location could be better

My experience with My Roof Solar is mixed. They were quick to make a sale, quick to install and setting everything up depended both installer and utility company so that was a little slow. The financing company Sunlight financial was great at letting us know information. But customer service from My Roof Solar has been piss poor. I can never get them call me back. Have they gone out of business? Are they a one and done kind of deal? Are they there for you when have questions? I don't recommend them. My solar panels may last but this company is not there for it customers. Use someone else instead. Unhappy customer.

Posted by cybersweenie on Feb 26, 2024
Not trustworthy

They sell you products and 4 months Down still has issues. Contacted them multiple times about multiple charges and still won’t take responsibility. Each time it’s a different person we talk to and have to explain the whole thing again. They send 4 different electricians to get it checked and still no production.

Posted by 1tomphilip on Jan 24, 2024
No communication-3 months with solar on our roof and still not up and running.

Our panels were installed 74 days ago. MyRoof installers had all our panels done in one day,70+ panels. We asked repeatedly for our permit which they could never produce. We reached out to our county inspector and one had never been pulled. Finally a permit was issued and our inspection FAILED due to their crew not hooking up the ground. MyRoof sent their own crew out (6 hr drive from OK) and their "truck broke down" and can't get their crew out for another 3 weeks! Our first payment is due before they would even be able to get here to hook up the ground. What a joke! Oh and the sales rep-Zachary Claire Powell-an even bigger clown....

Posted by hb0424293 on Dec 11, 2023
My experience with MyRoof Solar in Oklahoma was great.

My experience with MyRoof Solar in Oklahoma was great. After several months of high energy bills, I finally made the decision to jump over to solar power. My experience with MyRoof has been by far superb! Everything from the salesperson to the technicians, I want to give a shout out to Michael Redin. Not only have they shown their interest to giving their clients nothing but the best service, but they will go above and beyond to make it happen. Anything from long hours to attention to details when installing new equipment and strive to keep their work nice, neat and best of all ORGANIZED! When the city inspector and the power company inspector, came by to perform the final inspections, both were very impressed with the total installation. MyRoof Solar provided a quote that blew the other companies out of the water and the whole experience went very smooth from the purchase to the install. Also, I was very surprised how fast they were able to install the system. I had a great experience working with Michael Redin to install solar panels on my home. He was very attentive and communicated the steps of the process very well for a nice price! I plan to recommend him to my friends and family. I’ve had my solar roof installed system for about 5 months now, and I’m already noticing a big difference in my savings. My house looks amazing, and my bank looks even better on the saving on my electrical bill. From the second I spoke to MyRoof Solar Company up until the panels were on my roof, it has been nothing short of a flawless experience. My Roof Solar came through with their promises and I would honestly recommend this company to anyone who even has the slightest thought of wanting to go Solar. Great work. I give them a A Plus. Thanks MyRoof Solar! Gary

Posted by gary_gardner_its on Sep 29, 2023
Best In Class

Had no issues and was a smooth install. Really great customer experience.

Posted by mogestates on Jun 15, 2023



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