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Renewable Energy of Texas d/b/a Texas Solar Brokers

Extreme Customer Service and Customer Experience; ultimately “Renewing Customer’s Faith in Renewable Energy”!
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About Renewable Energy of Texas d/b/a Texas Solar Brokers

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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Fastest installation times in the DFW area-From in home signing to enrolling you in the proper buyback programs we are there every step of the way!

  2. 25 yr “bumper to bumper” warranty; described as 25 yr workmanship, roof penatration, labor, manufacturing as well as performance guarantee

  3. Our Install Team uses American-made products to install our homes allowing an additional 10% savings to be passed on to our customers!

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We speak

English; Spanish

We have the fastest installation times in the DFW area as well as the lowest pricing. Our company also prides itself on extreme customer service!
Our customer videos on our EnergySage company page speaks for itself, don’t take our word take theirs.
See our drone videos on our company profile to see our workmanship, 25 year workmanship warranty.
We have the quickest install times in the DFW area see our 36 install video on our page!
We are there communicating and updating our customers from the paperwork being signed to your system going live; making sure that you are enrolled and capitalizing on the best buyback programs in the market.
We use Qcell American-made panels so that customers can capitalize on the additional 10% tax incentive offered for using and installing American-made products.
We offer 25 yr warranties on workmanship, roof penetration, manufacture, & labor as well as have a production guarantee on all of our installs.

Certified Savant dealer, installer and programmer

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Texas Solar Brokers, LLC is very fortunate and blessed to be able to love what we do by helping homeowners see the value in renewable energy while providing what our company prides ourself on “EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE.” Our reps get to wake up each and every day and not only change someone’s life but also one homeowner and home at a time and do what we like to say is “Raising Customers’ FAITH in Renewable Energy!”

Associated product manufacturers

  • Qcells
  • Savant
  • Enphase IQ8+

Associated financing companies

  • Mosaic
  • Service Financing
  • Goodleap
  • EverBright
  • EnFin

Associated installers

  • TSB, LLC
  • American Sun Solar
  • ProTex Roof Systems

Workmanship Warranty

25 years


Savant Certification


Savant Certified

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

What Customers Are Saying

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Clean Appreciation

My electricity bill often resembled the erratic heartbeat of a marathon runner after mile five—a rollercoaster of fluctuating highs that left me staggered. The search for a solution began when a door-to-door salesman presented me with a quote almost as daunting as my power bill itself. Enter EnergySage, a recommendation that led me to a few promising quotes, but it was Kimberly from Texas Solar Brokers who truly stood out. Kimberly, a true Louisiana girl with the charm of New Orleans, reached out promptly after I submitted my information. Despite my initial hesitation due to a busy work schedule, her persistence and genuine enthusiasm won me over. From the moment she arrived, it was evident that Kimberly wasn't just another salesperson—she was a dedicated professional determined to find the right solution for my needs. In our conversation, which flew by in what felt like mere moments, Kimberly discovered my background as a disabled combat veteran. Her immediate expression of gratitude for my service and commitment to securing a great deal left a lasting impression. And deliver, she did. Texas Solar Brokers not only surpassed all other quotes but also provided unparalleled customer service, with Kimberly herself always available—even at 11 PM—to address any questions or concerns. Kimberly's entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication, honed during her time running her own business alongside her late husband, shine through in every interaction. Her commitment to building bridges rather than burning them is evident in the personalized attention and care she extends to each customer. Moreover, the lifetime warranty on my panels and assistance with a Generac generator as a token of appreciation for my service further underscore the company's commitment to their customers. Thanks to Texas Solar Brokers and Kimberly's exceptional service, my home's value is set to appreciate, my electricity costs are stabilized, and I've gained not only a reliable energy solution but also a trusted friend in the process. If you're considering solar, look no further than Texas Solar Brokers—and be sure to ask for Kimberly. Trust me; you'll feel the appreciation too.

Posted by davewkersey22 on Feb 25, 2024
Solar panels botched

Our kit was over $50,000 and it still don't work after a year of being installed and every payment made. We just have panels on our roof for nothing and finding a lawyer is a big task that many don't seem to want to take on solar companies. Don't waste your time or money on solar panels

Posted by brandyerhoades1 on Feb 06, 2024

John and Kim really helped me out on explaining and making the switch to solar!!! Ask for them they are of great service

Posted by jonathanglenn1985 on Feb 04, 2024
Life Changing

This and company & Kim & John literally walked in my door one day & my entire LIFE completely changed! My home was going to be condemned in the next 6 months to a year before they came into my life. What they both have given me is much more than solar, they have given me FAITH, HOPE & a NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE. They & this company deserve way more than a five star rating, Kim is one of the best people i have met & now a considered friend.

Posted by missha31 on Jan 27, 2024
Great install! Great service after.

Kim's expertise was a guiding light in our decision to go solar. The installation process, overseen by Kim, was surprisingly quick and efficient. We're delighted with the results, and our home is now powered by sustainable energy, thanks to Kim and the company.

Posted by mark.sullivan on Jan 09, 2024
Best Customer Experience

Best company and customer service I have ever worked with, not only did Kimberly help us go solar on our primary home but we also went solar on our rental property after she explained how valuable it was for us! They are very knowledgeable and helpful and have been with us every step. We signed on Tuesday and was installed on Friday I can’t say enough about her and this company!

Posted by drgjevans23 on Jan 04, 2024



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