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Avvio Solar

At Avvio Solar, we offer only the best performing equipment with the most comprehensive warranties on the market. Our years of experience along with thousands of installs give us the experience advantage over many of our competitors. Our install and PTO times are amongst the the most efficient in the area. Call or message us for a quote or hassle free consultation for your electric needs.
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Avvio Solar is your leader in understanding your electrical needs and how we can service them with Solar Energy. Our services include Grid-Tied Systems, Off Grid Systems, Battery backups, Ground Mounts and Pergola or Custom Mounts. At Avvio, we’re passionate about helping you make the transition to clean and renewable solar energy.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. With over 3,500 installations in the states of Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Maine, our total sales experience spans 15 years.

  2. Best Price along with the most comprehensive warranty. 25 Year solar panel and racking warranty along with a 10 Year workmanship Warranty.

  3. Currently one of the fastest Install to PTO times in the market. The average time with us from project initiation to receiving Permission to Operate is 60 days.

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We offer a variety of different types of set ups. Including Ground Mounts, Customer Mounts, Pergola mounts, On and Off grid systems, Battery Back-ups, and Generator back ups. All systems come with mobile monitoring so you can check your panels production anywhere at any time.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Commercial Solar

Our team of solar professionals is passionate about helping you find the best solar installation solution for your home. We provide a cost-benefit analysis and thermal energy scan, custom solar panel design and installation, and we make sure you have everything needed to get solar energy setup for your home. We understand that making the change to solar energy can be overwhelming. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service.

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year solar panel and racking warranty along with a 10 Year workmanship Warranty.


Electrical Contractor license # 080157 by the state of Oklahoma. Electrical Contractor license # MS60022705 by the state of Maine. Electrical Contractor license # 381403 by the state of Texas. Electrical Contractor license # 2023039832 by the state of Missouri.

What Customers Are Saying

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Disappointing at best, frustrating, unreliable, and incompetent

6/7/2024 We had Avvio install our system a year ago and we have been battling them ever since. It is only in the last two months (a year after the initial installation) that the system is performing at all and even that is buggy and nowhere near at the expected offset of our electric bill. The initial install had some difficulties but after a month it looked like we were getting some solar production. It was at 10% of the level we were expecting. Avvio literally was giving us a sob story and that they would get back to us when the installation crew was done with a few other jobs. They did not. Then the system went totally down where it remained until Avvio unloaded our problems on another company that had a more knowledgeable staff to handle our "unique" problems. The new company has struggled to get everything up including having to order inverters that Avvio had claimed were not really needed (they were) Through all this, our salesperson Steven McAbee, was conspicuously unavailable. With the system now up for two months it appears that we were sold a bill of goods. Even tuned, the panels do not produce enough power to support not going to the grid for at least part of our power. The battery is totally insufficient only able to run the house for four or five hours after the sun goes down. Our requirement was for a battery system that could last a day and a half if the grid went down. What we have gotten will not. The system was supposed to act as a clean power source making it unnecessary for us to need a separate UPS on all of our electronics. We lost power for about a minute one day last week. All of our home electronics went down. It looks like the system is highly dependent on the solar panels first, the grid second, then the battery as a fallback with a lag time before the switchover. That is not what we had required in the specs. After turning everything over, Avvio has totally disappeared and does not return phone calls. In calls with the company that we have been subcontracted to, even they say that getting Avvio on the phone or getting text or email from them is almost impossible. In short, we were down for six months while still having to make payments, we have a system that does not meet the advertised parameters, and cannot get Avvio to return any communication. What is our assessment of them? Abysmal. We will probably end up going to court over this one.

Posted by Nealberk on Jun 07, 2024
Best company to work with

Avvio was amazing from start to finish. They sat down with us and helped us understand how much we could be saving and pointed out all the pros and cons of our many options. After looking at the numbers it was clear that it made sense to move forward with solar. Communication was great and service was timely. We even had an HOA that they worked with for us and made it completely hassle free. We have loved our system and loved working with Avvio, would highly recommend!

Posted by brockboudy on May 04, 2024
Solar Savings

Avvio Solar exceeded my expectations. I was able to go solar through a new program with no money out of my pocket and was able to reduce my electric bill. They answered all the questions I had, and the process was really simple and fast. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about going solar.

Posted by william1962 on Apr 25, 2024
Avvio Was Great!

We did a battery and solar system at our home. Avvio got everything installed in a timely manner. There were no surprises and we love our solar!

Posted by jenmoses1 on Apr 24, 2024



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