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Golden Solar

We design each solar system individually to best suit the site and the customer's needs and desires. We have a highly experienced team, and take the time to explain the details of what we are designing for you and why. We offer a highly customized product and provide beginning-to-end solar services (design/engineering/permit/installation/service). Colorado owned and operated, with an emphasis on US made products, and many equipment options available.
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Golden Solar is dedicated to quality installation at reasonable prices. Our best source of customers is referrals from our satisfied previous customers. We offer design and installation of grid-tied systems with net metering, battery-backup systems with net metering and off-grid systems. We offer commercial and residential systems for homeowners, businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations anywhere in Colorado. We also offer removal and re-installation for roof replacement and full-service maintenance of photovoltaic systems. We can install on nearly any type of roof. Our experience includes commercial and residential roof mounted systems, ground mounted systems, solar carports and solar awnings. We can work with any utility company including Xcel Energy, United Power, Intermountain Rural Electric Association, Morgan County REA, Highline Electric Association.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

10 year warranty for any defects in installation in addition to all manufacturers' warranties


Colorado State Electrical Contractors License. Licensed contractor in most cities and counties in the Denver metro area and can get licenses as needed anywhere in Colorado


Full coverage for Workers Compensation and Liability


NABCEP certified installers. Solar World certified.

Industry Certifications

  • Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional

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Residential solar array removal and re-install in Denver

We put a beautiful new white metal roof on our house this summer, and hired Golden Solar to take down our solar arrays and re-install them after the roofing job was completed. Our solar panels are mounted on racking set at about a 30 degree angle. One group of six panels faces southeast and the other group faces southwest to avoid our big silver maple tree in the middle. Several solar companies we contacted refused to bid the job because the solar panels were larger than most and are not mounted flat on the roof. Golden Solar was interested in doing the job and charged us a fair price. My husband and I are so pleased that we give this company a 12 on a 1-10 scale. The Golden Solar crew worked hard, very carefully, and cooperatively. They were super efficient at taking down the panels and having everything in order, down to the last bolt and nut. After the new roof passed inspection, the crew came back to reinstall the racking and panels. They were very conscientious. As a team, we noticed that they would get together and discuss what approach they would take. The Team Leader took in every ones input and choose the most sound and safe way. When it got to the point of putting the panels back up, they were very balanced in their decisions even with 90 degree temps and the sun beating down on them on top of a white metal roof. They were super safe with rope harnesses and anchor points on the metal racking. Two of the crew, who worked up on the roof, used special boots with magnets in the soles to grip the metal roof. They were so professional and there were no cowboy moves. Golden Solar's bid was well worth every penny of it for the skills and professionalism their team brought to our job. When it came time to wire up the panels, Justin took extra care to protect the wiring from the elements. The solar panels work beautifully again. We would totally recommend Golden Solar to anyone interested in hiring a company that is honorable and honest to deal with. We are so happy to be back on our solar panels. Our Golden Solar team did excellent work and they were great people to meet, too. Side note: Because each solar panel weighed 100+ pounds, we rented a crane to raise each panel up to the crew on the roof. The ground crew loaded each panel into the straps and my husband, Dale, ran the crane. This made the job move efficiently and eliminated having to set the panels down on the metal roof - they could be carried right to the racking and secured.

Posted by aglee668 on Dec 03, 2021
Highly Recommended

Hats off to a wonderful experience - from start to finish and follow-up

Posted by CLReimanis on May 29, 2020
Great company

Installed a ground mount for us. Timely, affordable and well trained staff. I highly recommend them

Posted by hpbar12 on Mar 04, 2017
Poor Customer Service

DO NOT USE GOLDEN SOLAR!! After looking for over 2 months I came across Golden Solar. At first I was impressed with the communication, happy with the reviews and the agreed price till I sign in a contract then all communication stopped. The second day they came out and surveyed the property and I thought that this is going to move quickly and I’ll be generating my own power soon. Well this was the end. 1 month later no call or no updates and no return calls. I called and talked to Don Parker(owner) and ask what is going on!!! He didn’t have a clue. After 2 months again no calls no updates and no return calls. I called and talked to Nathan Grant (Sales person) and ask what is going on!!! He didn’t have a clue but said he was going to the office and have a meeting with the owner and on Monday will have a firm installation date. Monday came and again NO CALLS so on Tuesday I called and talked to the owner and he said that he could not do the job because of my Concrete Tile Roof (what!!!). If concrete tiles are a problem this should have been told to me when they came out and surveyed my property, the 2nd day. This company should have told me from day 1 that we cannot do this job Instead they wasted over 2 months of my time for nothing. Now I have to start over from square 1 looking for Solar. This is the worst customer service I have ever had dealing with any company. If they underbid the project,I wish they would just be honest and just tell me the truth. That is what an honorable company would do!

Posted by pathouston59 on Jul 14, 2016



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