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Save the environment or save some money? You can do both!

EnergySage.com was created to show you that doing the right thing for your bottom line and doing the right thing for the environment aren’t always mutually exclusive.

Today, clean energy technologies have developed to the point where almost any building – residential or commercial - can reap economic benefits from installing a clean energy system. Making people aware of this fact remains the challenge. That’s why we’ve developed this portal to provide you with objective, comprehensive information and actionable advice to help you find appropriate, cost-effective clean energy solutions specific to your individual needs.

What’s different is our approach. Rather than just focus on the environmental benefits, we look at these decisions from a financial point of view, emphasizing the returns on investment and the economic benefits of choosing clean energy systems. We’re still going to show you how biomass technologies work, the relative benefits of solar photovoltaics vs. wind turbines, and just exactly what fuel cells are, but we’re also going to provide you with the facts, figures and tools that will convince you that these technologies make a lot of sense for your wallet, too.

Green homes. Green businesses. Green Wallets. Win! Win! Win!

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EnergySage Team

At EnergySage, we're passionate about the environment and we're committed to turning that passion into action. In our previous lives, we stockpiled a lot of experience in both clean energy and finance, so it was no surprise to us that the incredible economic benefits of these systems would be the key to spreading the word. Like you, we want to do what we can to help the planet and, if we can help you to bank a few dollars along the way, well… all the better. We want everyone to start using clean energy and we're here to do whatever we can to help make that happen!

Vikram Aggarwal

Vikram Aggarwal

Chief Executive and Founder

Vikram Aggarwal is the chief executive and founder of EnergySage. He believes that choosing clean energy is as much a financial decision as an environmental one, and that consumer education will help bring it to the mass market. With more than fifteen years of experience with a major global financial services leader, he gained deep and diverse functional expertise. He subsequently spent several years in private equity, creating and investing in new and growing businesses. He played a key role in the consolidation of the building materials supply industry and the creation of the nation’s largest building materials supplier to professional homebuilders.

He has been working in the clean energy space since 2006, first as a private equity investor evaluating several companies in the clean energy supply chain where he quickly realized the significant consumer need for an independent source of information and guidance. For the past several years, he's provided consulting services to potential clean energy consumers. He launched EnergySage to help a broader audience navigating the clean energy purchase process.

Vikram has a master’s degree in business and is a CFA charterholder.

LinkedIn: vikaggarwal
Jamie Biggar

Jamie Biggar

Head of Product

Jamie Biggar serves as Head of Product. He committed to EnergySage because he believes that the best hope for driving widespread adoption of clean energy is to help people understand its financial benefits. He brings more than 15 years experience architecting, coding, and leading teams to deliver a wide range of successful web sites and systems. He joined EnergySage from Vitality, Inc., where he served as Vice President of Software Development, shepherding projects from first design prototypes through commercial deployment, corporate acquisition and beyond. Previously, he served as Managing Senior Developer at WGBH Interactive, the leading producer of content for PBS.org, the highest traffic dot-org after Wikipedia and Craigslist. His experience includes consulting for Oxygen Media and Showtime as well as leading the development of Scifi.com from first launch through its first 5 years. His web sites and projects have won numerous honors including Webby, MITX, ID, and BAFTA awards and have been featured everywhere from Time Magazine to the Colbert Report. Jamie holds degrees from Brown University and NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he later served as a professor for a number of years. He is a longstanding member of the Sierra Club.

LinkedIn: JamieBiggar
John Gingrich

John Gingrich

Head of Corporate Development

John Gingrich serves as Head of Corporate Development for EnergySage, leading the creation of strategic partnerships with clean energy installers and other organizations. John is passionate about clean technology and the environmental, financial and long-term economic benefits that come from mass market adoption of these systems. He was on the founding team of Feed Resource Recovery, an anaerobic digester technology company, where he drove corporate development efforts and helped the team achieve a finalist award at the Ignite Clean Energy Competition in 2006. John also led the business development efforts in the Clean Technology Group at Capstone Partners, where he advised on business planning and private capital raise initiatives for start-ups in the fuel cell, wind, solar, demand response and energy efficiency markets. John comes to EnergySage after several years of successful entrepreneurship efforts, acquiring and growing small and mid-size companies through hands-on executive operating roles. John’s background prior to these recent entrepreneurial activities includes experiences in corporate venturing, private equity, investment banking and strategy consulting. John has a BA in Economics from Carleton College and an MBA from Babson College.

LinkedIn: Gingrich

Joe LaRusso

Finance & Administration

Joseph LaRusso manages finance and administration for EnergySage. Joe has more than twenty years experience in both public and private legal practice. As an entrepreneurial leader and manager, he has an established record of crafting successful technical and legal solutions, addressing a wide range of management and regulatory compliance needs, including matters relating to securities disclosure compliance, market purchases of utility requirements, energy services, and energy efficiency and renewable energy project policy and finance. He studied law at Northwestern University and public administration at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

LinkedIn: josephlarusso
EIleen Newman

Eileen Newman

VP Communications

Eileen Newman manages EnergySage’s communications, print and online media strategy. For the past 20 years, she has delivered original, imaginative and inventive communications programs to a wide variety of businesses. She is a creative communications strategist with a strong track record with early-stage and high-growth businesses, helping them to excel through effective strategic communications. As the former vice president of communications for Fidelity Investments’ private equity portfolio, she provided senior level strategic communications counsel and services to a diverse set of businesses across multiple industries and geographies.

Eileen earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Holy Cross College and an MBA from Babson College. Eileen’s functional expertise along with her solid foundation of business acumen is helping EnergySage to spread the word about its mission.

LinkedIn: eileennewman
Rusha Sopariwala

Rusha Sopariwala

Creative Director

Rusha Sopariwala serves as EnergySage’s creative director. She’s a veteran multi-disciplinary designer with a long history of creating compelling online experiences. She’s worked with several leading design firms developing integrated communications strategy, branding, online and offline materials for a diverse set of clients. Her original and innovative work has fueled the successful marketing and branding efforts of organizations such as Clark University, Noble and Greenough School, Boston University’s School of Public Health, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. At EnergySage, Rusha’s creativity is keenly focused on creating unique, purposeful designs that enhance our users’ experience.

LinkedIn: rrrusha
Daniel Bulli

Daniel Bulli

Software Developer

An expert in web technology solutions, including HTML5, SEO, numerous JavaScript libraries and back-end web frameworks, Daniel has more than fourteen years of web development and user interface experience. His work at BEAM won numerous awards. He worked with an impressive list of iconic brands including PUMA, MINI USA, Saucony, Sprint, Virgin, Oxfam, and DWS. Previously, Daniel served as a Senior Developer for WGBH Interactive, the leading producer of content for PBS.org. At WGBH, Daniel led the development of numerous web sites including the Harvard Division of Sleep Medicine, HCBS.org, Antiques Roadshow, and American Experience.

LinkedIn: dbulli