About Us: How We Are Unique

Your unbiased solar matchmaker

We’re an independent and unbiased matchmaker between solar shoppers and solar installers, just like Expedia matches travelers with hotels or LendingTree matches homebuyers with banks.

We don’t install solar ourselves, and as a result, we don’t have a preference what types of panels you select, what financing option you prefer, or what installer completes the job. We provide the type of unbiased, honest information that you simply cannot receive from a solar installer that’s trying to convince you to work with them.

We’re different from all other solar shopping websites, too. We don’t ask homeowners to fill out a form and then sell their information on to the highest-paying solar installers. In fact, if you’re unsure if your house is a good fit for solar, you can use our completely no-obligation Solar Calculator tool to run the numbers yourself (no personal information required!). This new Solar Calculator technology has been called “super fast & super awesome” by solar industry experts, and we encourage all solar shoppers to give it a try.

Our passion. Our commitment.

At EnergySage, we’re passionate about safeguarding our environment and improving our country’s energy independence. We believe that a clean energy future is possible now, and are committed to helping you make the best purchase decision for your household.

“The marketplace’s functionality and usability is light years ahead...”

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