NV Energy Net Metering

How does NV Energy net metering work?

Any NV Energy customer with a renewable energy system can be eligible to participate in net metering, which is a program where you can use your excess energy to offset your power bill. When your system is not producing energy at night or on cloudy days, energy will flow through the power grid from NV Energy to your home as usual. When you produce excess energy during the day, that energy will flow back to the grid.

NV Energy’s net metering policy has undergone a number of changes over the past two years. At the end of 2015, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) approved new policies that would reduce the value of net metering credits to NV Energy Customers. However, in June 2017 the Nevada legislature approved rules that reinstate net metering for NV Energy customers. Credits for new net metering customers will be valued at 95% of the retail rate of electricity. As more solar is installed, the value of credits for new customers will decline in seven percent increments until it reaches a floor of 75% of retail rate.

Where does NV Energy offer net metering?

NV Energy offers net metering in both of its jurisdictions, Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada. Each have their own rate schedule, which can be accessed in the table below. They also have their own ways of billing. NV Energy has written billing instructions for both areas; the Northern Nevada PDF can be viewed here and the Southern Nevada PDF can be viewed here.

State Program available? Electric rate
(retail vs wholesale)
Program website
Northern Nevada Yes 95% of retail rate Northern NV
Southern Nevada Yes 95% of retail rate Southern NV

What are NV Energy’s rates and prices for net metering?

NV Energy customers are eligible for a modified net metering program that pays customers an “excess energy credit” for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity that they send back to the grid. This credit is worth slightly less than the rate that customers pay for electricity from the utility, and is determined by calculating a percentage of the retail rate.

As of July 2017, net metering credits are valued at 95 percent of the retail rate of electricity. Customers are guaranteed to receive the rate they initially receive for a 20-year period. As more solar energy is installed in NV Energy territory, the value of net metering credits will decline for new customers. Once it reaches 75 percent of retail rate, the value will be fixed for all future customers.

Net metering tier Value of bill credits
Tier 1 95% of retail rate
Tier 2 88% of retail rate
Tier 3 81% of retail rate
Tier 4 75% of retail rate

NV Energy customers have the option of participating in a standard rate schedule or a Time of Use (TOU) rate schedule. Customers in the standard rate schedule are billed for their energy at a standard rate. Participants of the TOU rate schedule are billed at different rates depending on the time of day. At peak hours, like during the day, rates go up, and at off peak hours, like during the night, the rate goes down. Customers can compare the rate schedules (northern Nevada and southern Nevada) to their bill to see which structure is the most cost-effective for them.

What is NV Energy’s net metering cap?

Prior to August 2015, Nevada had a net metering cap of 235 MW. However, NV Energy no longer has a cap for its net metering program.

Is NV Energy net metering the best in Nevada?

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada only regulates the operations of Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Power Company, both of which are owned under NV Energy. So while NV Energy is the only net metering program in the state, they have a large, established program for their customers.

What will happen to my NV Energy net metering bill credits?

When your system produces excess energy, NV Energy will provide you with a monetary credit on your next monthly bill for all power delivered back to the grid. The credits roll over every month, and at the end of the year NV Energy will write you a check for any leftover credits.

Does NV Energy offer other solar incentives?

NV Energy offers a variety of incentives to switch to renewable energy. They offer installation subsidies for solar electricity, solar heating, wind power, and hydropower to different categories of customers. Learn more about these and other Nevada rebates & incentives with EnergySage’s Nevada Solar Incentives guide.

NV Energy solar interconnection policies

In order to actually connect your solar panels to the grid, NV Energy requires that you work with a licensed contractor. The contractor will help you set up a two-way meter that can measure the amount of electricity you are using and how much you are sending back to the grid.

NV Energy customers that qualify for net metering fall into two categories: incentivized and non-incentivized. Customers who participate in the RenewableGenerations program are automatically enrolled in net metering. This program helps customers reduce the cost of installing renewable energy sources in their homes. Non-incentivized customers can apply directly to the net metering program by filling out an application in PowerClerk Interconnect. NV Energy will review the application and then ask for a signature, and will do a final review of the paperwork. Finally, NV Energy inspects the system, sets the two-way meter, and the system is connected to the grid.

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