SolarUnion - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

SolarUnion - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

All premium SolarUnion systems include complimentary monitoring hardware and software. Complimentary monitoring mobile app.

Premium SolarUnion systems include production guarantee for the life of the asset.
Premium SolarUnion systems include bumper-to-bumper performance guarantee for the life of the asset.

Premium SolarUnion systems include output guarantee for the life of the asset..
Roof integrity warranty included.

Full-service solar developer offering a 25-year Performance Guarantee that covers for parts, labor and output for the life of the system.

Diamond Certified (Rated Highest in Quality on Customer Satisfaction, Insurance Coverage, License and Business Practices) with hundreds of verified reviews.

Provides a roof integrity warranty for the life of the system.
Carries a $5MM insurance policy for the work performed on your site.
Premium in-house certified solar electricians and selected network of vetted installers with decades of experience across the State of California.

SolarUnion clients enjoy savings from Day 1, with cumulative savings in the thousands of dollars.

SolarUnion designs state-of-the-art, high-performance photovoltaic systems for full/permanent electric consumption offset...the only payment you will make to address your electric consumption needs will be the payments on the solar investment. Effectively, your electric consumption bill with your utility moving forward will be $0. In locking your $ / kWh rate with solar while fully offsetting your utility’s electric consumption bill you save hundreds of thousands of dollars, increase the value of your real estate and rely on the green alternative, a multiple-bottom line approach.

More About Us

More About Us

We are a full-service, turnkey solar electricity developer and installer founded in the heart of Silicon Valley. We sell, design, build, install and service photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to deliver the cleanest, greenest electricity at affordable rates. Our clients (residential homeowners) start to enjoy savings from Day 1, with cumulative savings in the thousands of dollars. Our goal is to transform the market and provide access to clean energy to ALL Californians, not just to those that can proof financial means.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
101 Reviews
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"Solar Union's process was direct, their installation efficient, completion quick"
Reviewed Jul 17, 2019

Hi I am very happy I chose Solar Union. Their contract was straightforward, and the cost reasonable. The plan for the solar system was very clean and simple. The installation crew was experienced and put the system up in an afternoon. Solar Union took care of the local permit process from beginning to end. My local utility connected with my system a week after the permit final. The staff was always helpful with any questions I had. And by the way, the Solar Union team gave me an extra panel at no additional cost when they decided the system as originally planned might not generate as much wattage as promised in the contract.
The entire process very satisfactory. I am grateful that Energy Sage was available so that I could find Solar Union.

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"Great staff"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

Thank You for installing our solar. We have using it for the past month and absolutely LOVE it!!

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"Zero buyer's remorse"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

It was a pleasure working with SolarUnion on the solar panel installation of my roof. The team thoroughly explained the process and followed through with what they said they would do. They are fast and efficient. All of their team members were very professional. I would highly recommend them.

"Thank you!"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

SolarUnion just finished our installation today. We were impressed with their efficiency and great service, as well as knowledge. Would recommend this company highly for all solar work.

"Great work!"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

Service, follow-up and professionalism…these guys are awesome. What can I say? They did a great job and made it work for me. I would do business with them again for all my solar needs. Highly recommend!

"Very Satisfied!"
Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

Probably the easiest home improvement project I've ever done. We got lots of quotes but SolarUnion's warranty and $0 down loan option stood out by far. My monthly loan payment is fixed and below my average electric bill from day 1. They took care of everything. Today I produced 110% of my energy.

"Best Option!"
Reviewed Jun 20, 2019

SolarUnion installs the best residential solar panels you can buy and they are creative in their installations, willing to work and install on multiple different slopes of my roof. They are professional and communicate through all phases of installation. Highly recommended.

"Happy Customer!"
Reviewed Jun 19, 2019

By far the easiest and best experience you will have with any home improvement project. I completed my solar project with these guys in February / March of 2018 and everything from the planning to the final inspection was easy. The panels are top notch.
The consultant was courteous and prompt. The customer service is on another level. I did a ton of research of what solar provider to go with and I lucked out with these guys. A year later and everything is going strong.

"Excellent Experience!!"
Reviewed Jun 19, 2019

An excellent experience all the way through. They were friendly, professional and helpful. They handled all the paperwork, updated us on every step and checked in on a weekly basis. We got a couple of quotes and decided
to go with SolarUnion because they provide the highest efficient cells on the market and 25-year warranty bumper to bumper! And their 5-star rating added confidence...they deserve those 5 stars.
If you go solar, go with the best! :-)

"$0 electric bill post solar"
Reviewed Jun 04, 2019

"Happy with my decision to go solar and that I chose SolarUnion. The installers did an amazing job with the panels and inverters. My consultant guided me through all the options and helped me find the best $0 down financing solution for my needs! I already received
my first electric bill post solar...why did it take me so long to make the move???!!! I have already recommended SolarUnion to friends and family!"

"Embraced my feedback"
Reviewed Jun 03, 2019

"Count me as one very happy customer of SolarUnion. I did quite a bit of research comparing them to other solar companies and they came out on top for performance guarantees, customer service, installation, maintenance and price plus keeping me posted along the way as things progressed.
They were absolutely fantastic in embracing my input stepping through the process while educating me on how solar works. Looking forward to enjoying the savings as a result! Thank you, SolarUnion!!"

"Sounds like a great company!"
Reviewed Apr 23, 2019

My husband and I ultimately chose a solar company in our city, but I loved dealing with Energy Sage and getting excellent information about solar from Solar Union. With minimal time and information from me, we had an estimate in only a couple of hours with very detailed plans, price, and an illustration of exactly where the panels would go on our home. Ther was NO high pressure sales pitch, just an offer of helping us with any questions. I appreciated their approach very much and feel they would have been a great company to buy from.

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"Very Professional"
Reviewed Feb 17, 2019

I felt like I was dealing with professionals from start to finish. My questions are answered promptly, my concerns are resolved fairly, project was completed ahead of schedule and all aspects of the project was handled in a professional manner. Installation began end of January and by 14th of February I was connected to the grid and saving money. Everything happened smoothly and with very little effort on my part. Not the cheapest of all energy sage recommended installers but like I said all I did was sit back and let them handle everything. If you want the cheapest there are lots of energy sage installers that I'm sure will do a good job. But if you value peace of mind and problem free solar project then I recommend Solar Union.

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Reviewed Jan 09, 2019

"When we decided to go solar, we prepped by researching the companies, talking to our solar friends, and checking the ups and downs of how this would really affect our day to day lives. Of course in the back of my mind I couldn't help but
wonder how much of an inconvenience it would be too get it actually up and running. Since usually when you take on a major home update, it's one problem after another. The first day of our install went amazingly well! The workers were all very friendly and respectful.
My son and I went out a few times to see what they were doing and each time the crew supervisor would come over and explain what was completed and what was next. He even took the time to explain the science behind each step to my son who loves all things science.
Even though we had some extra electrical work done, it didn't slow them down at all. I have never seen such informative, professional, honest and thoughtful crew of workers anywhere! I highly recommend SolarUnion!"

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"Low Pressure"
Reviewed Jan 06, 2019

These guys were incredible. The quote was easy, low pressure sales, and since we paid cash the price was below the competition with the best panels out there. I got quotes from 5 companies total, and no one came close to SolarUnion's efficiency and price point. The installers felt like friends after spending a couple of days at our house. The project manager and engineers were great and quick to respond to my emails, and the person who came out to set up the monitoring knowledgeable, patient and down to earth.

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"Top Notch!!!"
Reviewed Jan 06, 2019

"I work in the renewable energy industry and chose SolarUnion because of their positive Yelp reviews, a great impression after our first call, the products they sell, and value.The design and installation process had some ups and downs as with any contractor,
but SolarUnion did a good job of resolving issues as they came up. The quality of the final installation was excellent. There are a lot of crappy solar contractors and most homeowners don't know what they don't know - I do know what I'm looking at, and the work was top notch.
You won't go wrong with these guys."

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"Top of the Line!!!"
Reviewed Jan 02, 2019

Great experience installing solar with SolarUnion. Competitive price for top-of-the-line solar systems. Experienced and friendly installation crews and great personal service. I would definitely recommend them.

"Fast and Competent!"
Reviewed Jan 02, 2019

"We interviewed five different companies before far they were the most knowledgeable about solar systems. They were fast and extremely professional and cleaned up after themselves each day. We since have called them about different things -questions mostly-
and they have been awesome. They even came out and painted the different conduits to match our house. Very happy with this company and would recommend them to anyone!"

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"Professionals through and through"
Reviewed Jan 02, 2019

"I had a great experience working with SolarUnion. The consultant Karissa was extremely knowledgeable about the panel technology and I could tell she truly believed in it. She was really much less
pushy than a lot of other sales reps from companies I considered (*cough* SolarCity *cough*). She let me take my time and come to the decision myself, which I greatly appreciated. This system was a bit more expensive than some other options,
but I really felt I was in good hands with SolarUnion. I also believe that their performance guarantee was worth the extra investment. Installation was a breeze and I love tracking my production/consumption with the Tigo/SMA app on my phone! The warranty is pretty excellent, so I feel supported should anything ever go wrong. I would absolutely recommend working with this company if you're thinking about going solar."

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"Quality products, Good company"
Reviewed Dec 23, 2018

I chose SolarUnion because they are a Diamond Certified company that offers high-end equipment at a good price. I'm thrilled with the system they installed! There were some gaps in communication during the process but everything ended up great.

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"Best Referral Program!!"
Reviewed Dec 20, 2018

I referred a few of my HOA neighbors and have now recovered about 35% of the value of my solar system with just referral fees. I am comfortable recommending SolarUnion. They deliver every single time.

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"Platinum Kit at Value Price"
Reviewed Dec 20, 2018

I was about to pay about twice as much in the open market for a comparable kit with no performance guarantee. Can't thank them enough.

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"Conscientious People"
Reviewed Dec 19, 2018

This was the 3rd company that I contacted for information related to solar. They were courteous and patient and took the time to explain everything to me until I grasped the most imporatant concepts of owning a system.

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"Consulting Approach"
Reviewed Dec 19, 2018

The Consultant indeed behave like a Consultant. Gave us a few options and helped us pick the best plan to suit our needs. We decided to go for a straight cash investment rather than a loan.

"Highly Recommended!"
Reviewed Dec 19, 2018

My neighbors recommended SolarUnion to me. They were in the market comparing for about two years and chose them after a thorough interview process. I had a great experience overall as well. Like my neighbors, I now pay a small solar interconnection fee to my electric company and my consumption bill is zero!

"Great Communication!"
Reviewed Dec 16, 2018

They are easy to talk to and keep you updated throughout the whole process. They also worked with our HOA and the City to expedite the final steps and getting the system operational and up to code. I recommend this company 10 fold.

"Finally Found the Right Company!"
Reviewed Dec 16, 2018

I interviewed numerous companies. I'm thrilled I went with SolarUnion. They are 100% professional. I have a coworker who chose to go solar prior to me with another company...he is having nothing but issues. If looking for solar, don't waste time with any other company choose SolarUnion!

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"Choose SolarUnion!!"
Reviewed Dec 15, 2018

After getting 4-5 quotes from various companies, we felt very uncomfortable with the process and postponed our decision. We resumed a few months after and went for the company that made itself available to answer our questions and concerns with no pressure. That was SolarUnion. The installation went smoothly. SolarUnion took control of the interconnection process with PG&E. We liked them so much we asked them to give us a sign for our front yard.

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"No Pressure!"
Reviewed Dec 13, 2018

Karissa was transparent and provided great insights. No pressure, made sense...we are happy customers. Have referred several of our friends and neighbors!!

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"Great Choice!"
Reviewed Dec 13, 2018

My panels are up and running finally! My electricity bill has dropped substantially. The owners contacted me to make good on any delays. They did not have to do that because they were withinh the timeframe they promised, but that showed me what kind of company they are.

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Reviewed Dec 05, 2018

I had three companies bid for the job. Jim made the contract review process easy to grasp…no hidden fees no gimmicks, very straight forward and clear. Ethical, responsible, hard working, and above all honest. Solid job and the quality of work and materials were exceptional.

They are one phone call away with their 24/7 line. My SolarUnion system is by far the best in our neighborhood.

Reviewed Dec 05, 2018

SolarUnion has installed now three homes for us. We have been pleased with the results. Did a lot of research, and felt confident Jim and his Team would deliver every time we hired them. Courteous and professional staff as well. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed Dec 04, 2018

SolarUnion’s bid was competitive. They adjusted to my scheduling requirements. This company should get 6 stars.

"“A Team that Cares”"
Reviewed Dec 04, 2018

Karissa was quite involved in the process and even made a couple of extra trips out to my home to go over the final inspection process once the arrays were installed. Give them a call. You won't regret it.

Reviewed Dec 03, 2018

As a general contractor, I was very pleased when we called SolarUnion for our challenging project and our flat roof. They did a phenomenal job. Very professional, did quality work on budget and on schedule. Great communication and executionthroughout the project.

Reviewed Dec 03, 2018

Exceptional customer service, thorough and prompt follow up and most of all a level of professionalism that out paces the industry. When you have a big budget item there is a myriad of questions and concerns to address. Jim made himself personally available to answer questions, clarify options and seek solutions to meet our needs. Aside from all that, two words come to mind when I think of SolarUnion, integrity and value. Thank you!!!!

Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

Great experience with SolarUnion. Talked to a number of solar companies for a quote on our rental property, and Karissa came out and blew other bidders out of the water. The black-framed panels look nice!

Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

I'm happy with the service provided by Jim and his Team. Even during a hectic time of year, when it was difficult to get a return phone call for other contractors, Jim prepared a few options for me, and squeezed me into his packed schedule. He is all about service. I highly recommend SolarUnion!

Reviewed Dec 01, 2018

I contracted out SolarUnion earlier this year. The team did an outstanding job, completing the work quickly and with minimal disruption, and went the extra mile to ensure everything was safe and up to code. Highly recommended!

Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

I am pleased with the service and work SolarUnion performed on my roof! Karissa was patient with all my questions and always helpful in the discovery process. The crew was friendly and professional. They are definitely worth the money – finally peace of mind that my home was in good hands after so many failed home improvement projects. I definitely recommend Solar Union!

"Outstanding service!"
Reviewed Nov 28, 2018

Jim and his guys were outstanding. With the fires in the last push of the year they were quite busy and had to work hard to adjust to our schedules, but once we finally had them out their work was well worth the wait. The Team was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly to work with completing the job in a timely and efficient manner.

"Great communication!"
Reviewed Nov 28, 2018

Karissa and her crew were great! We were especially impressed with how quickly they responded when we had questions and concerns. Extremely happy with the end result and will definitely work with them again in another property!

"T-e-n Stars for SolarUnion!!"
Reviewed Nov 27, 2018

I wish EnergySage offered more than five stars because SolarUnion gets ten stars in my book. They did an EXCELLENT job and were very professional. Such a great company. I wish every experience with home improvement upgrades were this pleasant!!

"Thank you, SolarUnion!"
Reviewed Nov 27, 2018

The Team was patient with me, presenting facts and answering questions without pressure. The Crew was polite and professional and the job was completed expeditiously…I was very pleased with the result. Let it rain!

"Attention to Detail"
Reviewed Nov 14, 2018

We found SolarUnion on Energysage, and chose to call them because of all the five-star ratings and super reviews. I was impressed with the staff's responsiveness and professionalism in dealing with our situation. They came out to take a look at the site, and got back to me right away with an estimate. From the time SolarUnion started assessing our roof, they maintained frequent follow ups and schedule updates. I greatly appreciate the attention to customer service, and feel SolarUnion is a reliable company that provides top quality work and elite customer service.

Reviewed Nov 13, 2018

I have always wanted to have solar panels on my property, but I am always nervous about having pushy sales people at my house. When I found Energysage, I was excited that I could get a quote without having that pressure. As it turned out, SolarUnion and Jim were amazing. He took me through every step of the process and layed everything out for me. The warranties they offer and the products they use are what finally sold me, and the fact that every little question I can think of was confidently and thoroughly addressed. Jim always answered the phone and had the answer. Can't say enough great things about SolarUnion!!!!!!

"Competitive pricing!"
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018

We met with 6 solar companies before deciding to go with SolarUnion. They offer the best warranties BY FAR while still being competitive on price. Our system was installed this summer…we couldn't be happier with our savings. Thank you, SolarUnion!

Reviewed Nov 06, 2018

The consultant was knowledgeable and respectful of the discovery process. He knew I wanted to compare different options and was not coming up with weird deadlines for special promotions. He went over all the important information you need to know when going solar. I interviewed several companies and SolarUnion really makes you feel informed and comfortable. There were so many things the other companies didn't offer that SolarUnion had.

Reviewed Nov 05, 2018

My wife and I shopped around for over a month, and James put up with all 10,000 questions we had to ask! Karissa was able to answer any and all concerns we had about going solar, and she really explained how SolarUnion will protect us and our investment for years to come.
As an engineer, I'm very detail oriented, and she did not disappoint me. The warranties on power, labor, material, and the roof where a huge selling point as well (we tried to find a company that could match what SolarUnion was offering in protections and warranties, to no avail!).
Communication with the company, whether it was Karissa getting our permits together, or with operations handling the installation process, was amazing and we couldn't be happier. If I could give this 6 out of 5 stars I would!

Reviewed Nov 02, 2018

I chose SolarUnion based on their awesome warranty and outstanding customer service. It's been 6 months since we got our solar installed and we could not be happier with choosing SolarUnion. The sales support to project coordinators to installers was all top notch.

"Excellent Product and Service. Transparency in the Process”"
Reviewed Nov 01, 2018

We recently acquired a property that had a 9.5 kW PV system installed in 2011 by a company that is no longer in business. We connected with SolarUnion to have the system inspected after 7 years of sitting neglected. The team inspected, repaired, and educated us on the existing system. We understood that based on our needs the existing system was a peak shaver and a latent risk of a true-up bill with the electric company. A month later, we decided to add capacity to the property for additional power needs. SolarUnion handled the excavation for the trench, installation, and coordination with the City and County seamlessly. The price was extremely fair especially against the prices we compared against in the general market and even within the marketplace. We will not hesitate to use SolarUnion for any of our future solar and electrical needs. They took their time and did it right. They set the bar for service, quality, advice, transparency and professionalism. We are very happy with the excellent product, and the excellent service. I could not recommend the Team more highly.”

"Beware - Highest priced quote I received. They are just a marketing company"
Reviewed Oct 02, 2018

Extremely disappointed. High pressure sales team and the prices were the higher than any other solar company including Tesla/Solar City. If one does a bit of reasearch on the company Google maps shows them working out of a barber shop in San Francisco. As another reviewer pointed out they are just a marketing company and sub-contract all of the work out to “real” solar companies. This is proven by looking at the company profile. Company does’t list any engineers, solar designers or contractors only MBAs which worked on multi-million dollar real estate and corporate deals. Not,sure why they gave up their corporate jobs to sell solar out of a barbershop.

One would be well advised to shop around and get quotes from other solar companies including Tesla. When I did I found prices were $11,000 to $16,500 less for same size system using the same brand of solar panels.

I’m just not convinced a bunch of MBAs will be around a few years from now to honor any of their warranties or the performance guarantees they are offering. With a price tag of nearly $50,000 one would be wise to shop around and compare prices and services. Or if you don’t care about price or if the company will be around a few years from now I’m sure at the prices they are charging they will do an okay job.

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"Proactive Team"
Reviewed Aug 01, 2018

SolarUnion has done an outstanding job in all aspects of implementing our 16kw PV array. We choose to go the stand-alone route since we have acreage and our roof isn't oriented ideally for maximum efficiency and sun utilization. From the initial site planning (with his neat technology that allows him to pick the best location and orientation), to the design, trenching, footing excavation, support setting, to the final wiring and install, everything was very fast (~ 8-9 days total of on-site labor in my estimation, which is great for a ground mounted system with complex racking solutions). The permitting and inspection process was the most time consuming aspect of this and in SoCal, it takes a while for these things to happen. SolarUnion always had the ball in the Govt. agencies court but it still took several weeks to get things done on the permitting and several more for the inspections. SolarUnion has no control over these aspects and I would give them 6 stars if I could to make up for those reviews that docked him because of the permitting/inspection time.

"Exceptional Work"
Reviewed Jul 31, 2018

We had a great experience working with SolarUnion. They are on top of everything from the beginning, sales and design through activating the Tigo application that allows you to see the energy created. They took care of even the smallest details, including HOA approval design, permitting, coordinating inspections and system activation. Even the timeline they promised us worked out. The Diamond Certification stamp of quality and the SolarUnion team members we worked with live up to their name as they are truly premium professionals. We have and will again recommend SolarUnion to friends and family.

"Smooth Process"
Reviewed Jul 27, 2018

The whole team at SolarUnion was very professional, kind, and patient while me made an informed decision to move to solar. Jim was especially helpful through the process. He always answered my calls and texts in a prompt manner and took care of issues in a timely manner. The experience was great! I recommend them to anyone looking to invest in solar.

"Finally Pulled the Trigger"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2018

I originally met with SolarUnion three years ago when I lived in Southern California. Like many other people I was skeptical, the "too good to be true" sirens were going off, so naturally I decided to wait. I moved to the Bay Area last year...3 rate increases within a year I said enough was enough, I called them back to see if they could give my new home a look and could not believe they remembered me! We didn't hesitate to pull the trigger this time! What impressed me the most was the level of communication they had with me. I would consider myself needy so their willingness to help every step of the way has been amazing. I have already shared my experience with my friends and family who are eagerly awaiting their installation! Thanks for everything team SolarUnion.

"Thank You…really!"
Reviewed Jul 23, 2018

Care and professionalism go a long way. Minor glitches along the way were quickly identified and corrected. They made everything seem so easy. I own a landscape business and learned a lot from seeing the SolarUnion Team in action.

"Got solar in Germany…and Marin now!"
Reviewed Jul 23, 2018

I have solar in my farm in Germany and I needed to add solar to my home in Marin. Definitely the process is more emotions-driven in California with a lot of noise from so many solar companies and one-man operations. I decided to compare five fairly reputable companies across several factors. It was after weeks of interaction with pushy, untrained and even toxic salespeople that we found out that working with SolarUnion was a breath of fresh air. The combination of quality, superior customer service and overall value made them a clear winner. The consultant approach was also critical in the process. Jim, our assigned advisor, substantiated his claims with hard facts and data. The design team embraced my feedback. The installation crew was professional and did not rush the work on my tile roof. SolarUnion dealt with the County, PG&E and Marin Clean Energy throughout the process. The arrays have been performing better than anticipated and I know because I can monitor instantaneous performance with their Tigo app. Couldn't be happier with the final result.

"Great customer service/great system!"
Reviewed Jul 16, 2018

We just got our system in last month and we are so happy with it. The Tigo monitoring application that comes with the system is great and easy to follow. I showed it to my friends on July 4th and encouraged them to sign up for savings. SolarUnion is great to work with and we plan to hire them again for electrical work coming up this year. They were infinitely patient with all our questions, gave us all the relevant info and got back to us quickly.

Reviewed Jul 14, 2018

It came down to three companies through EnergySage. SolarUnion’s bumper-to-bumper, contractual performance guarantee became the most compelling argument at the end. The experience of the Team across different utility companies in California is also a huge plus as I will do a second home in Truckee with them. SolarUnion gave me a high level of confidence that they could deliver. I tend to connect responsiveness to quality of work. The team was responsive to my questions and concerns. My partner also had a long list of questions, all timely and thoroughly addressed. We believe when they say they will be there for us if the system does not deliver. I called them to fix a couple of minor aesthetic issues and they were on it the same week. We celebrate our decision to contract them out. Looking forward to my second system!

Reviewed Jul 13, 2018

The entire process with SolarUnion was so oriented to detail, efficient, smooth and easy! Technicians came, did their things and they were so professional and prompt. SolarUnion was there to answer any questions in every step of the way and still is! We have a busy life and the fact that we didn't have to put much thought or work into the process because people know what they are doing and get it done as promised was very refreshing! Call them! Don't wait! :)

Reviewed Jul 09, 2018

So happy with the installation of our solar system! Jim Mattos gave us a call to understand our needs and then he came over to the house and took about 45 minutes with us on what to expect. Everything that he said he stood by and was done. He definitely was great and not pushy like others.

We are very happy with our system and would highly recommend SolarUnion!

Reviewed Jul 08, 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about SolarUnion. They we so great in the entire process, from estimates, installation, inspections and approvals, everything went incredibly smoothly. Karissa and the entire team were incredibly friendly and professional, and have been responsive and communicative even now that the install and approvals are complete.

If you're looking for a hassle-free, worry-free solar project, look no further, kudos!

"Glad we went with Solar Union"
Reviewed May 11, 2018

First off, the outstanding reviews on EnergySage for Solar Union really helped us with selecting them for our work. You just knew they would be a great company to work with. I'm sure the various solar system products out there work great and are trouble-free, so the installation company was more important to us than a particular product. Quote-wise, Solar Union was on par with other companies with similar technologies but might have been a bit lower - just don't remember this detail. Either way, we wanted the best company versus the cheapest quote. Now that our system is complete it's evident we made the right choice. Everyone we worked with at Solar Union was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Solar Union isn't just trying to install solar systems, they are trying for the highest customer satisfaction possible. And that's us - extremely satisfied we went with Solar Union. Great results are never a surprise when there is a great team involved.

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"Credible Operations and Maintenance Agreement"
Reviewed Mar 04, 2018

SolarUnion installed a 26 panel system about a year and a half ago, which has been producing 100% of our electricity. On Monday, I received an email from SolarUnion saying that there seemed to be a problem with a string of panels. I had earlier received an email from the web-based Tigo monitoring system, but hadn't gotten around to investigate. They asked if they could come out. When I authorized, a worker came out the same day. Since they had to remove panels to look, they returned with a second worker the following day and completed the repair. Everything, including labor, was under warranty…there was no charge.

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"Prompt and Ahead of Schedule"
Reviewed Mar 02, 2018

My electric bill was going up every year by 5-10% without any additional appliances or additional people moved in. Glad I made my research and now rely on SolarUnion as my reliable, affordable clean energy option. The installation took two days. Most of the time, I did not need to be home when they worked on the fuse box or installing the ground rod. They passed all inspections on their first attempt.

"Very Professional from the Start"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

The staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. I set up the home consultation and I didn't feel pressured or rushed to do anything. It has helped our family tremendously. The team also handled our main service panel upgrade. There was one minor cosmetic issue we had with the installation, but SolarUnion responded and addressed it immediately. Everything was smooth and now that we are installed, I look forward to getting a $0 true-up with PG&E.

"Great experience! Proactive Service/Maintenance Team!"
Reviewed Jan 25, 2018

The price was great compared to the other five companies I got quotes with, which ended up increasing their prices as soon as they showed up to my house for the consultation. SolarUnion honored its guaranteed maximum price motto. I've checked back in with them a few times for minor issues and so far they've been very responsive. One of the optimizers stopped reporting a couple months after installation…they caught it themselves and replaced it…amazing! I had a few issues getting my Tigo monitoring equipment up and running because I changed my internet provider. That was slightly more intense to fix on my part, but they worked with me and in the end it turned out we had a bad receiver and got it replaced…hasn't had issues since.

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"Happy rural customer"
Reviewed Jan 25, 2018

We chose Solar Union because they quoted high-quality components with a 25-year performance guarantee.
Our home is 300+ miles North of San Francisco, a considerable distance from Solar Union's base in the Bay Area. The company assured us that they make installations throughout the state, and representatives from the company indeed traveled up here on separate occasions for roof inspection, installation, and for the county inspection.
We went through several rounds of negotiations of the proposal. We had constructive discussions on how the annual production for our specific area likely would differ from that of the coast, from where more specific data is available, and on the technical and visual impact of various arrangements of the panels on the roof.
The 3-person installation crew arrived early one morning and worked hard and cheerfully through the day into the cold hours of the evening. They also did a meticulous cleanup job.
The Tigo web-based monitoring system came as part of our installation. The performance data is available online with a twenty-minute delay, and it is quite interesting to see the minute-by-minute changes in production when bands of clouds pass over.
From the date of the signing of the contract to the submission of the NEM application to PG&E took four and a half months. The beginning of the rainy season had pushed back the installation schedule, and backlogs in the county building inspections department also caused delays. Importantly, we did meet our goal of completing the installation in the 2017 tax year.

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"Great guarantee "
Reviewed Dec 26, 2017

SolarUnion quickly installed our solar panels, and got the WiFi monitoring going. I chose them because they were the cheapest per watt of installed power, were putting in a larger system than other bids, and most of all, they guarantee that the system will produce a fixed number of kilowatt-hours per year.

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"Very Competent Team "
Reviewed Dec 20, 2017

I work in large utility scale solar development so I know a thing or two about solar and I have to say I was impressed by SolarUnion compared to the other companies I received quotes from. While they were not the cheapest quote, I feel like they more than made up for the difference by their level of expertise measuring and designing the system and then adjusting things to accommodate some aesthetic concerns I had (I have an old historic house with many dormers). They do, like many residential solar companies these days, use a sub-contractor for the actual install, but he and his team were excellent and I would have never have known if I didn't specifically inquire. These also had a production guarantee which some companies did not offer. Be sure to ask the others if they do stand behind their work with the guarantee. It is good piece of mind. Thus, I would highly recommend paying a little extra for Solar Union especially if you job is a little more complicated like mine was.

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"Great option to work with HOAs"
Reviewed Dec 05, 2017

“I'm a stickler for details. We knew we wanted solar on our unit. I didn't want to be sold to from a guy who just wanted another install. SolarUnion sat down with us, explained clearly what was involved to install it properly.
When we agreed to do the install, SolarUnion handled all of the paperwork with the homeowners association, permits - all of it, all inclusive in the price they quoted in the marketplace…no curve balls or surprises.
When the guys came out to install it, they were totally professional - and I was watching them every step of the way. It was just installed so properly, and it looks so aesthetically pleasant. They made sure that it looked great.
I always felt that solar was kind of a scam since so many companies do it. But we are generating about 50+ kWh’s on clear days this month. It's awesome. Air conditioner on all the time, and we are netting out a surplus that we can use during the winter months when there is less sun.
They went over and above what is required in a normal install and even painted the conduits to comply with homeowner association.
We totally recommend these guys. Very happy, it was a great decision, and a great investment.”

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"Already referred to friends and family"
Reviewed Dec 04, 2017

Greatly impressed with the transparency and upfront communication, starting with a very detailed Welcome email. They kept me up-to-date and informed throughout the process. The installation crew was great--quiet, clean, and friendly. Will benefit from their referral program to boost my return on investment!

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"An interesting business case study"
Reviewed Dec 04, 2017

“It’s been a pleasure to work with SolarUnion….and I’d like to commend the Founders (both graduates of prestigious MBA programs in the nation) for the hiring of Rossie, their new Customer Service Manager. She made the experience even more delightful. I am a business owner myself and I must confess that I am still trying to figure how this company gets to offer a premium product and service at a lower cost than others. Such a great business case study!”

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"I am very happy with my new system from Solar Union"
Reviewed Nov 16, 2017

I sought multiple bids for a home solar power system. Solar Union offered several things that set them apart. First, my contact with Solar Union, Jim, convinced me that they would be able to install the system on a tile roof without damaging the roof. Then they backed it up with a 25-year warranty. Second, they offered high-quality panels and inverter. Third, the company is Diamond certified. Given these three things, and a very competitive price, I chose Solar Union for the project. The initial inspection and subsequent installation went well; the crew worked hard and finished the install in a day and my roof was not damaged. Solar Union then coordinated with the local county inspector and PGE to get my system connected to the grid. Throughout the process, communication (primarily with Dianne) was both clear and timely. We are now generating significant electricity with a high-quality system that is backed up by solid warranties. I recommend Solar Union without reservation!

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"Slow to install and poor after sales service"
Reviewed Oct 19, 2017

Pre sales was honest and friendly.
Competitive cost. System took 3 months to get installed, of which one day was actual work on the roof.
The monitoring system showed failures three months after turn on and has not been sorted out yet -three months later.
Company responded poorly to the problems. Technicians show up poorly equipped and don't solve the issue. Without evidence, company blamed the customer site's poor WiFi for lack of data connection. Customer showed showed WiFi strength to be solid using a free app on his cell phone. After three service calls and three months the system is still not reporting correctly.

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"Look no further!"
Reviewed Oct 10, 2017

I can't thank SolarUnion enough! From the initial quote to the solar installation and through interconnection day, the staff was extremely helpful and professional, answering all of my (probably naïve) questions. The team remained in contact with me through the whole process and kept me updated on its progress. They even took the time to show me photos of how they sealed any exploratory holes and took care to ensure the system would hold up over time.
I wanted to add an electric vehicle charging station for my upcoming car purchase and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were able to complete this job for me as well and bundle it, in house! Combining the projects into one job saved me even more money. Seriously, a great company, great people, great products.

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"Solar in Central Valley with MID/NEM 1.0"
Reviewed Oct 02, 2017

We chose Solar Union among many competitors because of their diamond certification, reviews, and good BBB rating. We live in the central valley and have MID as our electric provider. Solar Union made a 1 month deadline to apply for NEM 1.0 which if you understand is a very important thing when it comes to solar. They also promised a 25 year parts and labor with a performance guarantee which is very rare in the solar industry. Our project was accepted and we got NEM 1.0!
Install went well although there were some bumps and mistakes along the way. We were patient with them and they told us they were people of their word and would correct. It took a little time, but everything that wasn't right was made well. Even when this cost the company time and resources.
We finally passed inspection before the deadline and thankfully everything was up and running. Word of note, be active in understanding your electric company's requirements and check with the lead install to ensure smooth functioning here. Each electric company has different codes and requirements so this part is probably the most difficult. It was difficult for us because we had a baby at home and scheduling around his nap times was tough for all parties. But Solar Union did try to accommodate this although it wasn't always possible as there were multiple work days and corrective measures.
At the end of the day, we eliminated our summer electric bills which last year ran $475 and $550 in the hottest months. We are producing excess electricity now and our family couldn't be happier. Solar Union also repaired a few of the Tigo monitoring system components that weren't quite functioning and proved they honor the warranty.
They are overall good at communication and provide quality service. Their price although higher are worth the protection of warranty and handling all problems. We eliminated having an electric bill and Solar Union provided a large enough system to take care of all of our electric needs (pool, large house etc..) So we are grateful to their work to do this. If you are still on fence about going solar understand it repays in 6-7 years or less in most cases and is a sound investment especially when the panels can produce 80+ % even after 20 years! Thank you Solar Union!

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"Solar Union is honest and efficient"
Reviewed Sep 24, 2017

What impressed me the most at the start was the straightforward honest pricing of their quote, No inflated costs with big "discounts" for fast decisions. The installation was prompt and professional, and all the specific site issues were dealt with. Performance has been flawless, exceeding our contracted generation capability. My only concern was the "small" nature of the company, and if they would be around to cover the 25 year warranty. I guess only time will tell.

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"Total Professionals!"
Reviewed Sep 11, 2017

I am always cautious in signing up for anything that seems to be too good to be true, but SolarUnion was thorough in explaining the details and process of using solar energy. Installation was superb. SolarUnion completed the process (paperwork, installation and activated the system) in the time frame they promised. They satisfied all my requests with the installation, including painting the pipes after the installation was complete. Customer friendly and service was excellent. I haven't had an electric bill since the panels were installed 18 months ago with the exception of a negligible service bill through the electric company. I have been selling unused power every month. I have for once and for all switched the sign in the equation...we are now net sellers to the grid. Great investment!

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"Go SolarUnion!"
Reviewed Jul 02, 2017

Unbelievable. Went from site inspection to system being fully operational in 5 weeks. They gave me free monitoring for my iphone so I can see every panel in my system. Panels look great...all black framed. Did not go over budget. They really meant it with their guaranteed max price. Already sent them referrals.

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"Great service"
Reviewed Jul 02, 2017

Highly recommend SolarUnion for getting solar on your home. They were very responsive and guided me through the process without any hiccups. I definitely recommend this company if you are looking for great loan as they made this much more affordable for my family.

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"After careful consideration and TONS of research"
Reviewed Sep 08, 2016

Was initially discouraged by the pressure tactics of solar companies until I met these guys earlier this year. The energy auditor gave me a bid and actually encouraged me to go out and keep comparing. He told me to compare value, quality and performance guarantees then come back to them. I have to acknowledge I had never been invited by a salesperson to stop the conversation right there, go out and compare, let alone in solar.

My only concern was the team’s ability to execute given a couple non-five star reviews I saw from earlier this year (I was in the market for a while), but the team has scaled up significantly. They were able to hit all milestones within five weeks.

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"Customer feedback for SolarUnion"
Reviewed Sep 08, 2016

First of all, we were very happy with our decision to transition to solar energy. The savings that we are now reaping definitely outweigh all the time spent researching, negotiating, and eventually working with the selected installer of our solar panels.

Comparatively, for the cost, SolarUnion was a good one in our particular situation. They were able to meet our budget limitations, while having to go the extra mile in relocating an already pre-existing solar pool heater that was located on the roof where the new panels were to be installed. Agreeing to a quote from the original company that installed the solar pool heater would have cost me an additional $1,500 to relocate it.

Except for a cancellation on the original scheduled date for the installation of the new solar panels (because the foreman fell ill and had to go to the emergency room), everything went smoothly as planned. SolarUnion originally installed 33 panels, but had to remove 3 and settle for 30 panels because of city restrictions as it relates to escape routes in case of a fire. Nevertheless, energy production produced by the 30 panels were adequate to met our energy needs.

If not for the for the delay in the original installation causing us to miss work, I would have rated the company 5 stars. As it is, I would rate them 4.5 stars. If you decide to go with this company, talk to Renzo. I commend his professionalism.

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"Excellent service and great product"
Reviewed Aug 24, 2016

I am more than pleased with the service provided. Renzo and Ivan are a pleasure to work with and their professionalism is superb. The solar panels are delivering incredible power and more than enough to zero out the electric bill and sell some to the grid. Thank you very much.

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"These Guys R-O-C-K!"
Reviewed Aug 13, 2016

I chose SolarUnion after I verified they were a Diamond Certified company.

SolarUnion was large enough to give me the level of comfort I needed that they would stand behind their 25-year output warranty as they advertised, yet still small/boutique enough to take a job that was too complicated for anyone else.

SolarUnion's bid was extremely competitive. I was anxious they would increase the final price based on the challenges of my roof, but they never did.

They were prompt with their install, and everything was done in a top-notch manner. All inspections were passed with flying colors. I am just in love with my solar system.

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"Premium solar developer offering a credible performance guarantee"
Reviewed Aug 10, 2016

I wish to commend the team at SolarUnion for the transformative work they are performing in the residential space and for their flawless execution on my PV system.

I must admit to being a CA licensed solar contractor having experience in the utility scale solar power plant fields in domestic and international projects.

With this background and knowledge I approached six local solar contractors for my personal home system. Five of them were solar installers that did not offer performance guarantees…just 25-year product warranties and limited labor warranties of 10 years or under. SolarUnion was the only contractor I found working under the solar developer model. They offered me a 25-year Performance Guarantee, which just blew me away. That operation/servicing agreement alone has huge value. Yet, they offered the entire solution to me plus the performance guarantee at a cost below that of standard solar installers that did not offer a performance guarantee at all. SolarUnion also offered me a roof integrity warranty under the same agreement. They also honored their word and gave me a guaranteed price at the time we signed the agreement so we had no unexpected change orders or cost overruns.

Ivan and Renzo put forward the best qualifying proposal with TrinaSmart modules, which have one the lowest default rates in utility scale projects. They worked with me providing transparency on other components and welcomed my design collaboration all throughout.

Given the attractiveness of the opportunity, I decided to over build the project to provide additional capacity for future electrical vehicle charging or future increased electrical appliance load.

During the entire process, I was kept very well informed and the team was diligent in procuring the permits, utility inspections and final acceptance as well as my rebate supplemental funding.

I happily recommend the team at SolarUnion for your solar investment.

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"Smooth and easy"
Reviewed Jul 24, 2016

I have been very happy with the service from Renzo and the folks at Solar Union! They were very quick to follow thru at every step, and extremely responsive to every question. I am kind of a detail-oriented person and went thru the contract quite thoroughly - Renzo never gave the slightest hint of impatience but answered every question and in fact seemed to appreciate the feedback. And of course, most importantly, the installation went smoothly, and our system is now producing beautifully. I highly recommend them.

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"Great experience! "
Reviewed Jul 24, 2016

Renzo and the Solar Union team far surpassed what I expected from a solar intaller. They were friendly, always on time and best of all they were fast. From start to finish the entire process took a little over a month. I would highly recommend Solar Union to anyone looking into transitioning to solar.

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"excellent contractor experience "
Reviewed Jul 24, 2016

I have remodeled most of my home over the last 5 years. The install of the Solar power system with SolarUnion was one of the best experiences I have had. Their price was very competitive as well at 3c per watt.

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"Excellent experience"
Reviewed Jul 24, 2016

After shopping around for over a year they gave me the best price, by far.

My roof is a challenging one and many solar companies simply walked away - Solar Union did not.

Once I decided to move forward, they were able to do the install very quickly (within a month). Other companies would have taken closer to 6 months.

Very committed and helpful throughout the process.

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"Good experience up until I ran into problems requiring repairs"
Reviewed Jun 29, 2016

I was initially apprehensive about doing business with this small company that has only been in business since 2011. I initially wanted the supposed long term stability of a much larger solar/roofing company that has been in business for much longer, but SolarUnion totally won me over with their knowledge, patience, responsiveness, selection of top quality components at great prices and a highly competitive bid.

I don't believe it was easy for Renzo Castillo and Ivan of SolarUnion to win my business. Renzo has never failed to be patient to answer all my questions and accommodate my requirements. SolarUnion has earned my business not by slick sales talks but by going the extra mile.

Renzo took the time to explain to me in great detail the reasoning behind SolarUnion's selection of components. Ivan and Renzo have the brains to select components that perform very well, reliably, and are offered at highly competitive prices from manufacturers that are likely to stay in business for many years to come in case warranty issues arise.

Don't let the fact that the modules are Chinese-made scare you. The Trinasmart panels SolarUnion offers perform VERY WELL. Renzo made me a believer in the virtues of a system based on Trinasmart panels and Tigo optimizers. I am very pleased.

About the only drawbacks I can think of with SolarUnion are that subcontractors do all the installation work for them and that SolarUnion is really a small company. SolarUnion doesn't have its own crew of installers, but this is probably an advantage in that it gives them flexibility and be more competitive. The more competitive they are the more likely they will remain profitable and stay in business. I absolutely want my solar installer to be around many years from now when I need them.

SolarUnion is somewhat unique in that they offer a "Trifecta" triple guarantee, which includes a solar energy production guarantee, i.e. they guarantee your solar system will produce a certain number of kWhs every year. It may sound too good to be true, but based on this Trifecta guarantee, SolarUnion would have to replace a very expensive main inverter at their expense if it ever breaks down in the next 25 yrs. It may sound too good to be true, but Renzo confirms in his email reply that this is how SolarUnion interprets the Trifecta guarantee. We shall see if they is really true.

My positive review is a reflection of my experience so far (up to the point of a newly completed installation). It is not reflective of any post-installation interactions that may require warranty/corrective work since I have no need for warranty/corrective work yet. I have every expectation that SolarUnion will stay in business for many, many years to come and that I will be as pleased with them in the next 25 yrs. as I am today.

Update: 11/13/2018
I noticed a water stain due to leak from a suspected solar mount. It occurred in the phenomenally wet winter we had last years. I notified Renzo on October 31, this year (2018) and within minutes received a phone call back from Renzo stating that he would develop a strategy to deal with the problem and respond back in two days. Now, it's been two weeks, without any further reply from him. A company's rating is not only for before and during sales, but it also reflects post-installation responsiveness to repair needs. And in this area, Solar Union is getting a very poor grade.

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"It took several years to find right company"
Reviewed May 22, 2016

After several years of contacting solar installation companies I was was pleased to find a company that met all my needs. Having been run through the sales pitch - solar is great sign here - from big box and even at least two local companies (which would have been my preference - AC turned solar installers). I was pleased to work with Renzo Castillo and the two or three others from Solar Union who patiently answered my many questions regarding usage, size, installation and most important cost. Financing was a smoother process than anticipated, installation, which took a bit longer than anticipated was delayed by the county inspection process. Our system has been in place for nearly three months and to tell you the truth I've not even give it an afterthought. I've not had a light bill in this time and hope to make it through Bakersfield's 110 summers with a minimal to no electric bill. Add to the fact that this system should be paid off in 7-10 years, with finance interest payments, because of the PACE program, being tax deductible who could ask for anything more. Personalized service from the start, reasonable cost, excellent design and a solid installation - I highly recommend Solar Union as your next solar installation company.

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"New to Solar Energy"
Reviewed Apr 10, 2016

My first inquiry regarding conversion to solar power was made through the City of Berkeley website which referred me to Energy Sage. After I made a request for bids on the Energy Sage website, I received two bids, one of which was from Solar Union. The Solar Union representative answered all my questions about how the system would work, what kind of relationship I would have with PG&E, and the difference between owning and leasing a system. He was very prompt and thorough in responding to my questions. The actual installation took no more than three days, including approval from the building inspector for the City of Berkeley.
The system has functioned flawlessly since its installation. The Solar Union representative has continued to be very helpful, answering questions about how to follow the real time performance of the system monitoring capabilities are included in the package. I am very happy with having solar electric generators on my roof, both for my personal good and for the good of the planet.
Description of work:
Installation of solar photovoltaic electric generating system. Installed all panels and the solar inverter. Followed up with monitoring and helped with establishing the relationship with PG&E.

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"Good experience with Solar Union"
Reviewed Apr 10, 2016

I can't speak highly enough about the service I received from Renzo Castillo and his team at Solar Union. They were knowledgable, experienced and thorough. I talked to 6 or more solar installation companies before choosing SolarUnion. Their prices are fair and they followed through on all their commitments.

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"Outstanding experience"
Reviewed Apr 03, 2016

Renzo and Ivan were great to work with. They explained the entire process very clearly and the installation went off without a hitch. So far, the systems is producing exactly as they indicated it would. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at a new solar installation.

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"SolarUnion installed 3KW system on my roof without hassels"
Reviewed Mar 18, 2016

I liked their service mainly the following:
- Lower cost comparitively with other solars
- Thought my electric panel is old and not supported, they got the upgraded one
- their customer service is very responsible and immediately answered
overall the system is working very fine.

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"Great panel but took forever and needed A LOT of micromanaging"
Reviewed Mar 02, 2016

The short review:
The panels are great, they are extremely responsive to my questions, they were willing to work with me and still return my calls quickly after getting my money. However the process took 4 months and required several nasty emails on my part to get things done.

Long review:
I was looking to have solar panels and an electric car charger installed last year before my second daughter was born in October, but after we sold a condo and got the cash for the installation. After getting some quotes Solar Union had the best price, was the most attentive was willing to work with my timeline and alternative payment schedule, which was awesome.

I called a previous customer and he told me that his recommendation was to have my contract say that if there was a new electric panel or new wiring required as part of the solar installation process, it was going to be Solar Union's cost. That advice probably saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

I signed my contract in July, and they started the initial design process while we waited to get money for the next steps in August. We had someone come out to see the house so they could draw up plans, and then a week or two later a different guy came to meet an inspector for an initial site inspection. At that initial inspection, the man from Solar Union had not brought a ladder so the inspection had to be rescheduled. The rep from Solar Union seemed very pissy about this and was frankly pretty rude to the inspector.

At the rescheduled inspection a third Solar Union rep came out (he ended up being the head of installation), but our inspector was extremely confused because the plans were drawn up for a different kind of construction that was not relevant to our property. So they needed to draw up new plans and do the initial site inspection again (for those keeping track this is now 3 inspections without anything being done on the house). At both the second and third inspection the inspector was very clear that we would need a bigger, higher wattage electric panel to get the installation approved.

Once we got the money and clearance to start work, we were told by different people in the company that the panels were either in storage, on their way, or hadn't been ordered yet. This lasted for several weeks.

Once installation started, the installers installed a new panel, but one that was the same wattage just larger. They got the panels on and the car charger installed over the course of about a week, but as you could guess the inspector came back and said the panel was too small. So they installed a new one that was THE SAME WATTAGE. Again, the inspector came back and told them it was too small.

At this point it was October, after signing the contract in July, and I was due with my baby.

Two days after coming home from the hospital I had installers here for THREE MORE DAYS installing a larger wattage panel and a larger service connection to the PG&E wires. Then it took another week or two to actually connect to PG&E. So my panels were turned on at the end of October, and I was connected to PG&E in November.

I was put on the wrong PG&E rate, and not told anything about those, but it has all been figured out now and the panels seem to be performing very well.

Overall it was EXTREMELY frustrating and if I didn't work from home the 8 inspections would have been terrible to deal with. However the price was great, the communication is actually great and the panels are working well. Just buyer beware.

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"I have solar"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2016

The team's great! But they are only a middleman.
While communication has not always been up to my expectations, we have overall developed a successful relationship and the panel are meeting expectations at a competitive price.

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"Great service at a great price"
Reviewed Oct 02, 2015

I was very interested in going solar this year, and spent a lot of time going through many solar companies on EnergySage. I am glad we picked SolarUnion / FirstPV as our solar installer.

We were time crunched as we had started the process in late March, and I really wanted a system installed before we get to the peak generation months of May-August.

Within a week or so of accepting their bid for the project, SolarUnion was onsite starting on the installation. Their contractor was polite, clean and very communicative throughout the process which took 3 days to finish.

My new Trina panels on a 4.5KW system at my residence in Sunnyvale, CA look great and the install process went on smoothly. We have had about 6 months of good production, and consistent power generation, and I would definitely recommend other folks use SolarUnion for their solar needs.

The only thing I had to pick on, if anything, was that they took 3 days instead of the originally estimated 1.5 days to wrap things up, which was actually due to minor modifications requested by the city inspector.

Very professional, and courteous throughout the process, and the online monitoring offered by them works great too.

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"SolarUnion really delivered"
Reviewed Oct 02, 2015

I'm delighted with my experience working with SolarUnion through EnergySage. They are extremely responsive, thorough and flexible. The pricing was better than the competition and they deliver more current products with the goal of replacing our total electrical consumption. Other companies merely committed to reducing the bill, not replacing it.

The install crew was timely, thorough and left the job site in good shape. Very experienced installers and electricians. The system looks great and they accommodated some requests for placement of the inverter gracefully. SolarUnion also handled the permit process in my notoriously finicky city without a hitch.

Since installation they have been proactive in monitoring the system and reached out promptly when a minor tuning issue arose. It was promptly and satisfactorily resolved.

I'm an engineer and so was quite interested in the details of the equipment proposal. SolarUnion provided more of that information up front and the components they selected are very good, yet reasonably priced. My friends who work in large scale solar unions responded favorably to my description of the system and the pricing.

Thanks to Renzo and Ivan for delivering a great result!

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