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SolarUnion - Profile & Reviews

We are a full-service solar developer and installer founded in the heart of Silicon Valley. We sell, design, install and service high efficiency solar systems to deliver clean electrical power at affordable rates. Our clients (residential homeowners) start to enjoy savings from Day 1, with significant cumulative savings over the life of the system. Our goal is to transform the market and enable all Californians to unlock the power of clean energy.

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  • "Good service, lots of issues"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2021
    Updated Sep 18, 2021

    So we just got our "Welcome to Solar" email from PG&E and what should be a really exciting day turned out to be really frustrating. Because it turns our solar panels actually haven't been working.

    We've had lots of problems with Solar Union, from the first day when the person who we were supposed to meet with wasn't available. I was sent a text from the rep about an hour before the meeting saying "I have a party for my son. Can we reschedule?" We were able to get a sub, but it was clear that information did not get passed along later. I also frequently had to check in to make sure that next steps were being taken. The original rep told me it was because their scheduling system had changed and there were glitches. Fine... except there were plenty of miscommunications down the line.

    When the technicians came for the install, we were asked to provide plywood and paint. The technicians said the project manager should have informed us about these needs in advance. They did not - fortunately, we had plywood on hand. We did not have extra exterior paint. The technicians also broke the railing on our stairs during the install.

    I had to follow up with the company about monitoring just to see if our panels were doing anything. They gave me a link, and no information about who to call if there was an issue, or how to use the monitoring system.

    The inspector came out and actually *didn't inspect* our panels. I don't know if there was a previous "trust" relationship with Solar Union and the DBI, but he didn't even climb up on our roof to look. You can make your own judgments about whether that's expedient, but I think it's kind of sketch.

    When PG&E reviewed the application, it was at first denied because the approvals from DBI hadn't been submitted. This was remedied quickly by Solar Union, but that's a pretty big omission to leave out of the application.

    The panels worked for a couple of weeks... until they didn't, which I found out 2 weeks later when I happened to log into the system just to check on it. A level 4 (highest) alert. No email, no call, no text - and no way to configure the system to get a push alert. Now, it's pretty obvious Solar Union isn't doing any monitoring on their end (although they could easily). So, we've had panels that haven't worked for about half the time we owned them, and I had to troubleshoot and flag the issue myself.

    So basically, if you choose Solar Union, you're on your own. Be ready to figure out a lot of things on your own, and to keep an eye on *everything*. They seem pretty responsive once they know about an issue. Jury's out as we still need our stair rail repaired as well as figuring out the production issues.

    I don't know where product non-delivery falls in all of this. Clearly, we're not receiving any solar energy *still*, and still paying our PG&E bill.

    We were kind of swayed by "Diamond Certified", but I'm wishing we hadn't been. Service has been responsive, but the number of problems very early on has been very high.

  • "Very happy!"

    Reviewed Sep 06, 2021

    We had a 5 star experience getting our solar panels installed with SolarUnion. I think they were pretty well organized and we almost always knew exactly what was going on the in project.
    We started the solar process about four months ago, first by doing a thorough review on both Yelp and on Solar Union had glowing reviews on both sites. We had our introductory discussions with Josh R. and he thoroughly explained the solar panel system choices their company has made. There is still a fair amount of complexity in which system you choose. Energy Sage was very helpful with that educational process. We also had discussions with other solar companies but chose Solar Union for price, material quality, and responsiveness.
    Overall, it was a pretty fast process. We were presented with different options and we chose the size and layout of the system.
    The building permit process and inspections were pretty fast and the PG&E review took about a month, which was finalized last week.
    We will need to see how things shake out over time but we were very pleased with the installation (great attention to detail) and the system's appearance.
    Solar Union is highly recommended.

  • "Delivered as Promised"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2021

    Everything that SolarUnion promised, was delivered professionally and on time. From the interaction with the consultant to the office support, they exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be happier.. Great to see that there still great companies like SolarUnion in the market.

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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SolarUnion is the only Diamond Certified Solar Company in the State of California that offers a 25-year performance guarantee on (i) parts, (ii) labor, (iii) roof attachments and (iv) power output.
We are rated highest in quality on customer satisfaction, insurance coverage, license and business practices. We offer a premium solar experience to our customers.
The SolarUnion Team includes in-house certified C46 and C10 solar electricians and carefully vetted installers with decades of experience installing residential solar across California. We can execute on concrete tile roofs, flat roofs, tar and gravel roofs, metal roofs and foam roofs.
Each premium SolarUnion solar system includes:
*All permits, inspections and conversations with electrical, building, structural, environmental and fire inspectors. SolarUnion also works with your electric company for interconnection of the solar system to the grid
*Optimizers (one per panel) to fight shading issues, maximize system performance, and monitor output panel by panel.
*Premium inverters (rated excellent), battery backup ready.
*Individually-designed solar systems that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Each customer is assigned a SolarUnion Project Manager from Day 1 who is the primary contact throughout the entire solar process - from design to interconnection. We work with each of our customers to make sure they are satisfied with the components, service, aesthetics and long-term performance of their premium solar system.
*Complimentary monitoring hardware and software, including a mobile app.

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  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



SolarUnion Headquarters

6 Persia Avenue
San Francisco, CA
94112 United States

Local Offices (3)

  • 42 N Sutter Street
    Stockton, CA 95202
  • 783 Goetschl Street
    San Diego, CA 92114
  • 815 Brazos St., Ste 500
    Austin, TX 78701

Workmanship Warranty

SolarUnion customers enjoy a 25-year power output, workmanship, parts and labor guarantee


SunPower Tax Lease Fund, GreenPACE Capital, Trina Solar, Renew Financial, HERO, YGrene Works, mPOWER.


Panasonic Authorized Installer with Panasonic INC providing a 25 year warranty parts and labor warranty on all SolarUnion systems. LG Pro installer. REC Certified Professional installer. SolarEdge certified installer.


Fully licensed electrical and solar contractor (C-10 Electrical and C-46 Solar)


Fully insured/bonded | Insurance policy in excess of $5,000,000 per event at the system level.

States served by SolarUnion

  • California CA ,
  • Texas TX