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Solar Side Up

Your trusted Colorado Front Range solar provider since 2011.

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While doing your research, we'll be your trusted advisor to help validate the information and go through all your options so that you get the right answer. Each job is specific and requires a custom solution. We offer both quality & convenience. We're the only Enphase Platinum Installer in Colorado and have won the EnergySage Local Installer of the Year Award in 2024!
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Solar Side Up is probably Colorado's best-kept secret.

We started as the go-to installer for companies that sold solar early before solar "became a thing". We now position ourselves as the company that educates you on solar so you can fully understand the benefits. We are your provider in expert design and installation for any size system. Our team is here to help you find custom solutions for your unique energy needs.

We sell solar panels, inverters, racking, batteries, and roofing too! Our industry contacts and connections help to purchase these items at the best prices. This enables us to pass on the best pricing to you.

We can help you with assistance in obtaining the most current utility rebates and tax incentives. This makes solar pay for itself in a very short time while providing years of clean energy for your home or business.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We are local and have focused only on the Front Range Colorado market since 2011.

  2. We want to earn your business - we view our customers as family and will be here for you long term.

  3. We have an in-house roofing department that can combine your roofing & solar projects!

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New Installation, System Expansion, Home Energy Solutions including micro-grid technology and home energy storage, hail response full end-to-end claim support (Solar + Roof), Roofing.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

We strive to be your trusted advisor in solar. Our mission is to help guide you through the decision-making process and help you understand the quality and convenience we offer as your local Front Range Colorado solar company.

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Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Platinum Installer
  • Pro Partner Platinum

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First month, great so far!

SSU folk are great to work with, they have deep experience in the Denver solar market and so can navigate the various bureaucracies for the install and activation. The panels and inverters are top quality at a reasonable orice, and the installers were knowledgeable and top drawer. The Xcel approval only required 9 days from install until grid connection and that may be a record. The system has been operating about 3 weeks now and is performing exactly as designed and as expected. It is too early to see my first Xcel bill yet, maybe I will leave another review next month. I did have one issue this week, when I checked the Enphase app at 10:30 on Tuesday, there was no output for the morning sun. I emailed SSU and they replied within 30 minutes and had checked the system online. I did a quick troubleshoot and found that the mains breakers had tripped, I clicked it back on, the solar system computers restarted and have been working fine since then. I've been telling family and neighbors and probably will send a few new customers to SSU.

Posted by rbc4 on Jun 13, 2024
Excellent Experience from Design to Operation

I initially contacted Solar Side Up in February of 2024 for a solar design and proposal alongside others that I have worked with. The process and attentiveness from Brian especially through the design and proposal process along with his expertise in the design and material selection instilled a lot of confidence. They were not the cheapest company that we found, but they were very competitive along with the confidence they instilled through the process that set them apart from the others. When going through our usage history with the utility alongside of our site plan, Brian made specific recommendations to accommodate as many panels as we would need to both maximize production efficiency with a better, and more compact panel alongside an ideal microinverter to keep costs as reasonable as possible. Once we committed to move forward at the end of March, Kirsten and the team were on top of a pre-install site survey and all of the permit applications and approvals with the HOA, City and power utility and everything was approved to move forward within 3 weeks. Installation was promptly scheduled for the following week and the installation crew were prompt, courteous and professional. A couple of installation curveballs came up from the time of the onsite survey to installation and they were able to handle with ease. The final install was very clean and perfectly done. The City electric inspector said verbatim that he wished all of the solar system installations were this well done. I'm not exaggerating that statement in any way. I have had a very positive experience from start to finish with Solar Side Up and will absolutely recommend them to others looking to move forward with Solar. They were very easy to work with from start to finish and treated me like a fellow human being, which I found the most valuable. I felt this was a partnership versus just getting another sale.

Posted by britton.anderson on May 31, 2024
Professional, timely, and friendly solar installer

I am very happy with Solar Sideup service. They are professional, friendly and very good with customer service.

Posted by tonratana on May 17, 2024
Great Customer Service and Fast Scheduling

I had a roof project that was delayed multiple months and my previous solar installer went bankrupt. After extensive research on the internet, I found Solar Side Up. I've spoken with Kirsten Simmons multiple times and each time she has been swift to reply, very courteous and provided great support through the whole ordeal. The guys who came and removed and re-installed my panels were excellent and performed the job in no time. I am grateful to have found this company and would recommend them to anyone with solar panels for routine care or emergency services. THANK YOU!

Posted by bellemc82 on May 06, 2024
Great experience and straightforward process

I got several quotes for solar and all were reasonably similar. Solar Side Up was more willing to work with my on my specific needs/concerns and they had a lot less of a "pushy salesman" approach than other companies I spoke with. There were issues and concerns along the way, but Solar Side Up was professional and handled things appropriately.

Posted by richie510 on Apr 09, 2024
Communication could be better, more customizable installation options than the big guys

I recieved quotes from literally all of the large players in the solar industry and a few of the smaller guys and decided to go with this company because they worked with me to build a system that was truly good for me instead of a cookie cutter AI-generated design that the large corporations were going with. This resulted in me getting more panels to fully meet/exceed my needs and gave me more warranty than with the big guys, but later I found this not to be the case and this would be my first fair warning when working with SSU. They lead me to believe that the system is fully covered with warranty and that you won't have any costs short of needing to remove the panels off of your house to replace the roof in the first 25-30 years and that simply is not true. The first time I had equipment failure they pointed out that they weren't responsible for me interfacing with the company or replacing the part, which led me to replacing the part myself. While this wasn't difficult and I'm not upset by it, it did upset me greatly to learn that the warranty I thought I had purchased means much less than I was led to believe it would. While this isn't a huge issue, having to replace more system-critical components down the road may result in having to pay thousands beyond what I was anticipating during the lifetime of the product, which may have swayed my decision to start. The timeline was clear from the start and it was roughly what they predicted. They never claimed an exact timeline due to government and energy regulations, but they worked with me during this time to get all of the permissions needed to get the project underway. They were not overly chatty, but reached out as needed. This part was pretty smooth. Once the installation was finally approved, they quickly installed everything and IREA was out a few days later to get things connected. This part was quick, efficient and very well handled. There was a part that did not get installed during the installation time and after numerous emails with the company, Jeff finally came out to install it, but was unable to get it fully connected, so I ended up having to troubleshoot the connection issues with the Sense product with support. While the insight it provides is ok, I would absolutely not recommend adding this to your system. It's a waste of money and they can't manage it and don't seem to fully understand it. My biggest complaint about this company is that it can take a while to hear back from them and sometimes it takes numerous attempts to get answers. On the flip side, when you do recieve answers they have a video walk through of what they are doing to diagnose the issue, valuable information and top notch service to determine what is happening and if any corrections need made. All and all, I'm pretty happy with Solar Side Up and while everything isn't perfect, they do try to keep their customers happy, especially the new owners that took over earlier this year. I'm hoping for a prolonged relationship with this company, but so far my bills have been much more reasonable, with my highest energy bill being around $50 in the summer months when the system isn't generating enough to break even. I'm looking forward to the data from the first year to see where estimations fall.

Posted by calebleesmith on Oct 05, 2023



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