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Solar Side Up - Profile & Reviews

Solar Side Up is a solar energy integrator, specializing in residential and commercial solar electric systems. We are your provider in expert design and installation for systems ranging from 3KW to 500 KW. We pride ourselves in helping finding custom solutions for your unique energy needs.

We sell solar panels, inverters and racking for residential and commercial installations. Our industry contacts and connections help to purchase these items at the best prices. This enables us to pass-on the best pricing to you.

We can help you with assistance in obtaining the most current utility rebates and tax incentives. This makes solar pay for itself in a very short time while providing years of clean energy for your home or business.

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  • "Solar side up"

    Reviewed Mar 14, 2020

    Michael DeRosia has render me great customer service handling the issues of my 2 solar panels not producing properly. He kept me will informed of what is happen with the system.
    I had 2 panels not producing and he sent a team to replace the Micro-inverters and to monitor the production.
    Awesome job!

  • "Superb service, knowledge and quality installation for our solar system!"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2020
    "Superb service, knowledge and quality installation for our solar system!"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2020


    Our solar system was installed in December, 2019 (it took less than two days!). We chose SolarSideUp (SSU) for several reasons:
    -They were able to get our system in before the end of the year which means we’ll earn the 30% tax credit.
    -They provided a comprehensive bid (very competitive with the other companies we looked in to), and spent ample time educating us about options.
    -They took extra care to look at our roof and supporting structure/s, (our home is a 1954 brick ranch), and were able to come up with a design whereby we didn’t have to undertake costly improvements in order to accommodate the weight of the panels.
    -Their design maximizes the energy production by using panels on both the front and back of our roof. It is state-of-the-art and can be expanded/upgraded if desired on down the road;
    -The Enphase Energy Enlighten monitoring system is superb (allows SolarSideUp and us to check on our system’s functioning at any time). We are exceptionally pleased with our system’s output even in the dead of winter!
    -SSU has been very responsive to our questions and worked diligently to get Enphase up and running (due to our home’s location and WIFI capabilities/issues, we had to add in boosters - Xfinity 3 XFI pods).
    -SSU came highly recommended to us by friends and industry experts. They’ve done a superb job! So, we highly recommend them to anyone looking to install solar and take advantage of the tax credits, do the right thing for our environment, and enjoy years of savings on their energy bills.

  • "Our ground mount solar system"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2019
    "Our ground mount solar system"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2019

    We interviewed several solar system companies and chose Solar Side Up based upon their project proposal which was professionally completed. Another, likely more important aspect of our decision to go with Solar Side Up was their friendly and highly competent staff. Working with Geoff and Michael was a pleasure. They were always prompt to respond to questions and successfully installed our ground mounted system in difficult conditions and ahead of schedule!

  • "Quality, Efficient, and Hassle FREE"

    Reviewed Dec 11, 2019
    "Quality, Efficient, and Hassle FREE"

    Reviewed Dec 11, 2019

    After talking to 5 different solar providers, we chose, Solar Side Up, and are very pleased with the ENTIRE process. Solar Side met with us, and had the right combination, including value and great equipment. We went with Hanwha Q Cells with Enphase inverters and they are functioning efficiently, generating 1000 KWH per month. We also were connected with Elevations Credit Union, for our financing, and they were professional and prompt. The best thing was a single point of contact, Michael DeRosia, who was very knowledgeable, accessible, and walked us thru every step, and even after the installation. The installation was extremely efficient with ALL necessary permitting taken care of with the county and Colorado Springs Utilities. Our 25 panel system was installed in 4 days, with multiple inspections occuring along the way, ensuring ALL steps were meeting code. Flipped the "switch" after the final approval and we were very excited to be generating clean solar energy for years to come. So to obtain a comprehensive, quality contractor and installation, we would highly recommend Solar SIDE UP !!

  • "Amazing customer service"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019

    Michael is a consummate professional. He addressed all our questions. The system was put up in the time frame he stated. The installers were quick, courteous, and knowledgeable. They were available to explain the process as they went along. They were hampered by inclement weather but preserved and completed the installation ahead of schedule. We are very pleased with Solar Side Up and highly recommend them.

  • "Great Service - Honest Group of People"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2019
    "Great Service - Honest Group of People"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2019

    Michael DeRosia and his team are amazing. The installation of our system had some delays due to Xcel, but Michael told us upfront they were coming and even reached out to Xcel to check on things for us. The installation was smooth and we can even keep an eye on things through an app. Solar Side up is an honest company who puts the best interests of their clients first.

  • "Quality Install and Excellent Support"

    Reviewed Sep 30, 2019
    "Quality Install and Excellent Support"

    Reviewed Sep 30, 2019

    My wife and I are very pleased with the system Solar Side Up installed at our home this month. We have a 29 panel system with a capacity of about 9 kW, and each day this month we have produced between 40 and 53 kWh. We learned of Solar Side Up through EnergySage and chose the company because of their experience, customer support, and use of quality components. Michael and Geoff sized the system to meet our power needs and budget while educating us on our options for solar configurations and components. Geoff did a fantastic job designing the system to maximize solar exposure while also paying attention to its aesthetic appearance. We were concerned about how the panels would look, but we were pleasantly surprised at the results! More importantly, Geoff was very attentive to detail and took great pains to ensure that our system was installed properly. He discovered problems with our existing electrical meter and panel, and he did extensive work at a very competitive price to reconfigure our panel to meet code as well as the power requirements of the new solar system. Solar Side Up made the application and installation process easy, coordinating utility company and the city for required inspections and filing all required paperwork for our energy credits. We now enjoy sunny Colorado days even more, and we are confident knowing that Solar Side Up is monitoring our system to ensure it is continuing to work normally.

  • "Best Value"

    Reviewed Jul 17, 2019

    I work as a contract specialist by trade. I tend to do way too much research when making a purchase of a significant amount (really anything over 50 bucks). Solar was no different. I reached out to many vendors for quotes. It is hard to compare them as they supply different products and warranties.

    I focused on warranties and production. I wanted good panels that would last and were backed by a good installation warranty. After gathering all the quotes and putting the relevant information into a spreadsheet (yep I am that guy) and speaking with reps from the vendors I got quotes from, I chose Solar Side Up.

    Sure other vendors might offer "18 months no payments" but what they may not tell you is that you pay a higher interest rate for those 18 months "free". Also, warranties matter. Some vendors had 15 year warranties on panels and invertors and that just isn't good enough for a purchase of this size.

    Solar Side Up offered the best warranties and had access to different brand and spec of panels and invertors. I am very pleased with the speed of the install and the performance of the system.

    My system so far in June produced 1.3 MWH or 1300 KWH. That is huge, double my usage (your results will vary). My system has a bit more expensive panel that has some new tech and so it produces lots of energy. Solar Side Up helped me pick the right panel for the job and I am very happy with my system.

    Give them a shot, even if they are not the rock bottom price (you get what you pay for), they are worth the money.

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  • "Fantastic"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2019

    Easy to work with, straight-shooters, always professional. From sales to install, these folks were all friendly and easy to work with!

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  • "Best Possible Way To Go Solar!!"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2018
    "Best Possible Way To Go Solar!!"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2018

    We had a phenomenal experience with Solar Side Up. We worked with Michael DeRosia and the entire process was incredibly smooth and efficient. Everything from the initial meeting and quick house review to getting detailed designs of the recommended panel setup. Once we were ready to move forward they got us scheduled and the team showed up on time for the install and everyone was friendly and professional. The install was completed on schedule and the Xcel Energy meter was completed the very next week! So we were able to turn on our solar very quickly and now we enjoy watching the daily detailed analysis of how much energy we are producing from clean solar energy. Everything was completed in January 2018. We had such an amazing experience with Michael and Jeff from Solar Side Up, I confidently recommend them to everyone!

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  • "Delivered what they promised!"

    Reviewed Nov 28, 2017
    "Delivered what they promised!"

    Reviewed Nov 28, 2017

    Solar Side Up's proposal predicted an output of 5,705 kWh of production a year. - It produced 5,693 kWH. Pretty darn close, eh?

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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