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LightStream offers flexible terms, no fees, and a hassle-free process for good-credit customers to get the financing they need.
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LightStream offers hassle-free financing with one of the best loan experiences you’ll ever have. Good-credit customers can expect competitive, low rates, and flexible terms for any solar installation or home improvement project. It’s quick and easy to apply online, and funds are directly deposited into your account. No home equity or appraisals are needed, and there are no fees or prepayment penalties.

Make the most of your space and start your project today.

All loans are subject to credit approval by LightStream.

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Deceptive Lending Practices

Absolute dog water of a lender. Their reviews on their website are fake. You aren't allowed to leave a review if you're not already approved either. I make $250k a year with less than 1p% credit utilization and a 740 FICO. I took one month off to get a medical procedure done so I did not have a pay stub last month. They also demanded a pay stub for $250,000. I spoke to a rep on the phone and told them I can give them 2 years tax returns and last 6 months paystubs and 2 years W2, minus July because I'm on a short leave. You can call my employer to verify (Fortune 500 company). I also am going to get $12k a month from short-term disability. She took the notes and sent it back to the credit team. I only applied for a $30k loan. 20 minutes later I got a decline saying I don't have the ability to repay the loan and a bunch other lies such as multiple delinquencies and high credit usage and collections. I have perfect credit payment history, less than 10% credit utilization, never had a collection account in my life. As someone who works in finance lending I can say this company is hot garbage. Will be disputing the inquiry and filing a complaint for deceptive lending practices. They also fail to disclose what documentation is required to obtain credit. I'm surprised this company hasn't been hit with massive fines.

Posted by tdalton789 on Aug 14, 2022

Don't know who to blame, Lightstream for running my credit or Suntrust. Either way, both of you guys are involved. I did not give permission to run my credit with suntrust, it was just a consultation appointment which I canceled on the same day. Besides my name and address, no social security was givien so how in the world did Lightstream run my credit? I guess when your company has money, you can buy info.

Posted by leaum.ic on Jan 19, 2022
Used to be good..

We did 2 loans 1 for AC and the other for solar. We had a 7 year loan and good rates. We decided to pay them both off early 4 years and tea apply for 1 large solar loan to get more panels and batteries. The rate they gave us was over 10%! Yet they say they will match anything as long as the terms were the same. Wheelhouse credit union offered identical loan at 6.25% we forwarded the approval to LightStream and they said nope we need a truth & lending statement! Well, we can only get one of those once we decide to move forward with wheelhouse and at that point why would we try and get LightStream to match! Very upset! Excellent credit! Paid 2 loans off early and this is how they treat repeat customers! We wouldn’t have 1 paid off the 2 loans and 2 even bothered having our credit run for gods sake!

Posted by bobandaliciag on Feb 01, 2021
Short loan terms

Lightstream seems a good company to work with, but for the typical residential system ($10-25k), they only offer 7 year loans. (12 yr over $25k) That makes it almost impossible to tell your customers "you'll pay your loan instead of your monthly electric bill and it will be about the same amount from day 1." You really need a 20 year, 0 down loan to sell that model. Also, no phone # on their web page to get quick answers so I question their service.

Posted by bstotts on Apr 16, 2018
Fast loan approval process

Quite a fast turnaround and great service!

Posted by Jim M on Feb 28, 2017
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