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Renogy: RNG Group Inc

Renogy is a renewable energy company that consists of three branches—Solar, LED, and Biomass. Renogy strives not only to provide the most economic and environmentally friendly clean energy, but to also make it readily accessible to customers. Solar business is currently the essential sector of Renogy’s renewable portfolio. Renogy Solar is a bankable, insurable supplier of superior solar panels. Being vertically integrated from solar ingot to solar modules, we specialize in the development of turnkey photovoltaic or “PV” projects, and deliver the most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. Our focus is on the quality of our products and creating added value for our clients and partners.
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About Renogy: RNG Group Inc

Renogy is a supplier of high quality solar panels, LED lighting solutions, and battery charging products. The company is located in Chino, California, and sells panels around the world. Renogy offers solar panels that range in size from 10W Watts to 300W Watts, perfect for both small scale applications and large power projects. Our technical support and sales staff are trained to answer customer questions about their solar needs, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST. We are down to earth; no project is too big for us.
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Workmanship Warranty

While we do not currently participate in any electrical installation contracts, we do have a 10 year materials warranty on our solar panels, as well as a 25 year performance warranty.


Renogy Solar Panels are UL Certified and ETL Listed

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Worst customer service in the World.

I purchased a battery from renogy, it ended up being defective. After testing, then sending the battery back to be tested by them it was confirmed the battery was bad. When you contact customer service through phone, you get Indians who are hard to understand. When you contact the service center through email, it takes 4-8 days for most responses. A label was created to FedEx 6 days prior, yet it hasn't been dropped off by Renogy. When calling service number again I was told by an Indian to wait 24 hours for a response as to why a label was created, yet battery not shipped. Straight up ridiculous! Do not buy from these people as looking at reviews, a lot of defective devices, then you have to play detective to get anywhere with them. At the point to where I'll have to retain an attorney. Thank God I have the money and rime ro deal with this is. To those of you struggling in this economy, don't waste your time or money on their products. They should be ashamed for treating their customers like this. I'm lucky I've screenshot all the issues with this company.

Posted by tahoekid73 on Mar 12, 2024
Renogy Unreliable

I purchased 6 pieces of Renogy hardware for my RV solar system. To date (8/26/23) 3 of them have failed. I am a degreed engineer also with 20 years experience as an electrician. I would advise anyone to steer clear of any Renogy product.

Posted by mrk_mn on Aug 26, 2023
Worst Customer service EVER

This is my 2nd issue with Renogy, I have no idea why I tried again. The first time I ordered a 100ah battery and charger. I got the charger with NO plug wire. It took over a month of daily emails to finally send it back and get a new one. I purchased a $1,008 200ah lithium battery and it won't charge. I put in a case, and have to wait an entire day to get a response at 2am, with another stupid question. What charger are you using, what is the temperature that you are trying to charge in, buy a multi meter and send us a video of it not working, send a picture of the battery, well now I need to send to another department. It's been 13 days now, and every email I demand a refund and that I want to send it back, but oh no, another day later another stupid question to delay. I also put a case in with my Visa holder to let them know about this issue incase they try to not allow me to return it. Very frustrating do NOT purchase ANYTHING from them.

Posted by hridika on Jun 13, 2023
They are totally imcompetent or crooked

I canceled an order hours after making it on 1/23/23. The order was canceled by them but they could not give refund. They said it takes some time to process the refund. On 3/12/23 (1 1/2 months later) they only refunded the sales tax. I called them on 3/13/23 about this and am still waiting for the rest of refund.

Posted by mifu on Mar 13, 2023
“Whiplash” was my final Customer Service rep- what a sad joke

Seemed like a cool sunny progressive solar company. I sent three different emails on questions I had on buying a 1500$ solar kit/system and none where returned. WARNING: if your looking to spend 1500$ and tre company is too stuck up to answer questions - leave. Bought system elsewhere but they ship batteries through Home Depot so bought 600$+ batteries. It’s been 14 months batteries at 64%, 74% and my winner at 74% - if you don’t know this sucks. Contacted customer service and wow, wow difficult. Long wait times, Philippines, no help, hang ups. They want me to get battery tested and send results even thought they admit they can’t recommend a place because no one in my state or surrounding states do this. Finally I brow beat them into taking in the battery. They take it in, 5-7 days later get a email they have it- almost a week delay. Then 3 weeks later nothing. I write in and they say they don’t know what happened to battery and can’t be bothered to find it. A guy says he’ll send me a new battery but I need to send receipt fir the 5th time. I do. Next write in a guy named “whiplash” says he’s sending battery. A 2 months after complaint, a month after sending in my battery and 10 days after being promised a replacement for not all but just the worst battery and I’m still here with two horrible batteries and no replacement!?? Hey Whiplash you stink!!!!!

Posted by TobioPaint on Oct 07, 2021
Zero customer service

After multiple attempts to contact them on all different platforms (email, messenger, phone) to any and all their contact departments I finally made contact after 5 weeks and I thought we had things worked out. My paid for product, that is in stock, has still not shipped after 9 weeks now and contact with them has been non-existent once again. If you buy any product from this company don't expect any help of any kind if you have a problem.

Posted by wally_mike on May 18, 2021



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