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New England Solar + Green - Profile & Reviews

New England Solar & Green Solutions, Inc. (NES+G) started in 2009 by Vince and Andrew Guntlow to address the need of an all-inclusive renewable energy company while being able to complete all phases of a project: planning, design, implementation, and execution. NESGS implements 21st century design techniques and green technologies into our local community and the surrounding region.

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  • "Great service, communication, and professionalism from start to finish"

    Reviewed Apr 25, 2020
    "Great service, communication, and professionalism from start to finish"

    Reviewed Apr 25, 2020

    We recently had our system installed and up and running. Working with NESGS was a great experience. Right from the start Andrew kept up great communication. He was very prompt and thorough with his answers to all the questions we had. He went above and beyond to help us get the financing and incentives available to us here in NY. He also worked out the best equipment to cost ratio to optimize our incentive situation with our finances. He was very willing to find us a solution in a complicated situation and worked diligently through all the red tape and confusing answers from the various NY state solar programs. He and his crew worked quickly once we had the green light for installation, we were surprised how quick it actually was. The panels look great in place and we've been having a great time watching our solar gain each day. We have yet to see an electric bill reflecting our gain to usage ratio, but everything about our experience so far suggests Andrew created the best system to fit our needs. I would highly recommend NESGS to anyone looking to put in a solar system. They have the touch of a small company, but the security of a long time in business and really take their time to meet the needs of their customers.

  • "Great Installer and Local!"

    Reviewed Apr 24, 2020

    Local! I try to support local businesses the best that I can. After multiple quotes the decision was easy, New England Solar + Green. Their team was professional, quick to respond and answered all my questions. We were left with a great looking install and the process took just under a month from start to finish. Love our 9kW array!

  • "Responsive, courteous and damn smart!"

    Reviewed Apr 24, 2020
    "Responsive, courteous and damn smart!"

    Reviewed Apr 24, 2020

    I met Andrew, owner/founder of NES&G under less than desirable circumstances: my grid tied system was ailing and my original installer was being less than helpful.
    Andrew got right to the issue and solved my problems all the while sharing information with me that I wish I had when I originally was looking for a Solar energy contractor.
    The body of knowledge needed to be a truly competent installer is huge and complex. As consumers we are told to ask a lot of questions and get multiple quotes but paramount is that you have to trust your installer to do right by you.
    NES&G should be on your list if you are considering a solar (PV) project; if you need repairs, this is the guy to call.
    Highly recommended!!!

  • "NESG was AMAZING! Easy to work with, honest, up front, and excellent work!"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2020
    "NESG was AMAZING! Easy to work with, honest, up front, and excellent work!"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2020

    I found NESG on EnergySage. Andrew G. was upfront, honest, and informative from the very first message he sent me. He was very accommodating and helped explain everything along every step of the way. Purchasing Solar Panels for your home is a big purchase and there is a A LOT of steps/paperwork with going through government accreditation, approvals, loan, etc. Their workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Will be recommending to all friends/family!

  • "A truly wonderful company to do business with"

    Reviewed May 23, 2018
    "A truly wonderful company to do business with"

    Reviewed May 23, 2018

    I wanted to get a few quotes for my solar project, so I reached out to New England Solar & Green Solutions on the recommendation of two friends. I am so glad that I did. Andrew quickly responded to my request for an appointment to discuss the project and came to the house within a few days to begin getting the necessary information. I had a quote for the recommended array within a day. At first, I wanted a few more panels than what was recommended, and I did 'push' it a couple of times, but Andrew highly recommended that the original quoted array size was more than large enough and the design did allow for additional panels to be added, if it ever becomes necessary. I truly appreciated his persistence in keeping with his recommendation. He could have easily just included the additional panels and made more money, but he was a true professional. During the installation, Andrew and his team showed up when he stated, got the work done as stated, and kept me totally informed throughout the duration of the project. Andrew worked very hard to make sure all paper work and inspections were done very quickly, so we can get the array up and running as soon as possible. It took approx. three weeks, after signing the contract, to having the array up and running. The vast majority of the time was waiting for EverSource and the electrical inspections. The other deciding factors for using NESG were: their quote came in below that from a larger national provider, using a larger array, 6.365 kWh vs. 5.605 kWh (both used 19 panels), and highly efficient, better quality panels. I also liked that they were a local company. They are truly a turnkey solution for your solar needs.

  • "All around great service!"

    Reviewed Feb 08, 2016

    From the first meeting with Andrew (AJ), I was impressed with him. He listened, answered my questions and then gave options. He didn't push to sell anything, just informed me of how the process would work.

    Once, I decided to proceed AJ took the reins and off we went. It was frustrating at times due to the regulations and the need to deal with the electric company, Eversource in this case, but AJ was there to assure me that in due time my solar array would be up and running and producing power.

    He was right, it took time but once the array went online we started to see the value of what was to come. Mind you the date our system went online wasn't the most optimal (October 27th) but our electric bill was still at least half of what it normally was each month since. I am confident that once we go through the spring and summer months we will have built up enough credits with the power we produce to not have ANY electric bill again.

    SRECs were another category that I was unfamiliar with but again AJ was there to explain and assure.

    So to say the least, we are very happy and satisfied with our experience and highly recommend AJ and New England Solar & Green Solutions.

    You won't be sorry.

    Jim Hassett
    Pittsfield, MA

  • "24-Series AllSun Tracker with battery bank and Generac backup"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2016
    "24-Series AllSun Tracker with battery bank and Generac backup"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2016

    We contracted NESGS to install the 24-Series AllSun dual-axis tracker with an EnergyCell RE High Capacity battery bank, Smartformer, SMA SunnyBoy and Sunny Island, and an LP-based Generac 11kW backup generator with whole house transfer switch at our Hinsdale, MA residence. NESGS was knowledgeable, accommodating, and professional in every sense at every step in the process. They coordinated all subcontractors, including all electrical work performed by Comalli Electric, which also rates "Excellent" in our opinion.

    From our perspective, the project overall took about 1 year: two months' researching and contacting prospective installers on our part, two months' collaborating and posing questions with NESGS after choosing them, two months' waiting for various approvals from WMECO (aka Eversource), two weeks' installation following approvals, one month waiting for final go-live approval from utility company, two weeks' tweaking the live system for optimal performance, four months' waiting for registration with the agency which will manage our SRECs. The majority of the time in our project was spent either researching, or waiting for approvals from authorities. The shortest amount of time was spent on installation and performance tuning.

    We believe this system should solve the outage issues we faced living in a rural area, and allow us to meet our goal of living more independently.
    In our opinion the project was not inexpensive, but the quality of the result and the payback period seems worthwhile for us.

    We have told Andrew at NESGS that we would gladly show the system to prospective customers and answer questions they may have about our experiences with this project and NESGS.

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  • "personalized attention"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2016

    We interviewed 2 other reputable installers. AJ ensures his customers are fully informed and has always been helpful with answering questions. There was no question of our comfort with hiring AJ for the installation. We had our 40-panel system installed in the summer of 2012 and own our system. The system has been working fine.

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  • "Thorough"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2016

    From our first introductory meeting with Andrew to the final 'on-line' step, the solar project was and continues to be excellent. It's been a year and a half since installation and it's working like a charm. If we have any questions, we feel free in calling him. We highly recommend Andrew and his crew! Don & Judy

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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New England Solar + Green Headquarters

65 North Street
Williamstown, MA
01267 US

Workmanship Warranty

A True 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.
We have performed service work on many installations that the previous installer promised the same thing but was unresponsive to the customer or worse wouldn't honor their warranty.


LG GOLD Professional Installer
Enphase Energy Premium Installer
Unirac GOLD Certified Installer
Energy Star


NABCEP Solar PV Installation Professional
Cert# PV-100414-004450


Engineering, Construction Supervisor, Electrical, Plumbing, Hoisting


All applicable insurance certificates

States served by New England Solar + Green

  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • New York NY ,
  • Vermont VT