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South Central Solar, Inc. (dba EnergyONE Solar) - Profile & Reviews

Nationwide Solar Energy Sales Organization that helps both Home Owners and Business Owners use the power of the sun to power their investments. Located and Based out of Kansas City, Missouri & Houston, Texas. We find local business owners in your community (Electricians and General Contractors) to install your system at the most affordable rates.

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  • "THANK YOU, from Eastern Nebraska!"

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2016
    "THANK YOU, from Eastern Nebraska!"

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2016

    As a fan of being self-sufficient, I’ve wanted to “go solar” for quite a long time … and … I had been doing quite a bit of online research --on both wind~ and solar-systems-- since 2008, when I moved into my current home, just north of Omaha, NE. I don’t remember exactly “when” I came across EnergyONE Solar (EOS) as a source for getting my panels, but one day, while on Facebook, I went ahead and clicked on their link, to see what they had to offer. As someone that deals with web design day-to-day, I found EOS’s website to be very thoughtful and informative … and … logically laid-out. So, with all of my previous research into solar power, I made the inquiry into getting an estimate from them for my home. Shortly thereafter, I discovered the fact that EnergyONE Solar’s CEO, Dustin, was actually from Nebraska … and had gone to high school, near Omaha, with one of my cousins. We immediately hit it off and he made me feel very assured on “how” my 40-panel system installation (and financing) could be/would be handled. Everyone I talked to at EnergyONE Solar was very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions and concerns—especially since EOS “claimed” Nebraska as part of their territory but had not completed many installations (“up here”) up to this time. It was to my surprise that EnergyONE Solar went that “extra step” and sought out a local (to my town) electrical-install company and trained them on how to install my EOS-designed system … AND … further, completed this training in such a timely manner that I “got” all of the monetary incentives available to me for the calendar year of 2016—BRAVO, EnergyONE Solar! I now also get the additional bonus of having a “local” company/technician on hand should I have any future questions regarding maintenance, cleaning, or any other question concerning *my* system that I could think of—this is REALLY a “Win-Win-Win” in my book! I am now happily “showing off” my 11.4 kWh (peak) system to interested friends and family here in Eastern Nebraska … as well as getting the satisfaction of watching my power meter “run backwards!” Thank you, EnergyONE Solar!

  • "Quality Work and American Products"

    Reviewed Apr 02, 2016
    "Quality Work and American Products"

    Reviewed Apr 02, 2016

    Energy One is the fastest growing and highly rated solar energy company in the South Central Midwest for a reason. Quality products and first class customer service make this company the one to chose when you want solar energy. In business since 2012 and thousands of installs and customer references.

  • "EnergyONE puts customers first."

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2016

    A friend of mine used EnergyONE to install solar panels on his house, and he was very impressed with the people at the company. He even began doing some design work for them. After talking with him, I felt comfortable that I would be dealing with a good company that would treat me right. We talked about what I wanted, and my friend personally prepared two different design options. I chose the larger option, and my friend submitted the plans and got everything rolling. Unfortunately my friend was new and unfamiliar with company processes, so when my friend submitted the plan, he filed both plans, which caused confusion throughout the process.

    After getting the plans submitted, there was the normal paperwork followed by waiting for approval from the power company. After waiting a month, the power company approved the plans, but I noticed at that time that the approval was for the smaller design. EnergyONE indicated that they knew someone who worked at the power company who could possibly fix the situation without having to redo everything. Some phone calls were made, and the plans were updated with only a minor delay.

    Shortly after that, EnergyONE called me and told me that the licensed engineer they were using only had a Missouri license, and I live on the Kansas side. EnergyONE told me that the engineer would have to wait a month to get his Kansas license, and there wasn't any other licensed engineer who could do the job sooner. I was very frustrated, because I felt like this was something they should have known about at the beginning of the project. To their credit, EnergyONE found an engineer with a Kansas license to do the job, and paid extra out of their pocket to have him sign off on my plans. It was the first of several occasions when EnergyONE did something extra to fix a problem.

    After getting the plans signed off, installation commenced. At this point I was watching, and unfortunately my suspicions came true. The workers installed the old, smaller design instead of the larger one. At this point, I was REALLY angry! I could understand clerical errors that resulted in the initial first submission being incorrect, but I couldn't understand why the incorrect plans were still floating around by the time installation occurred. After some emails and phone calls, EnergyONE arranged to have additional panels installed by the end of the next couple of business days. Even though this is probably a mistake that shouldn't have happened, the end result didn't create a significant delay.

    Unfortunately, the electrician who did the work for EnergyONE failed to get the appropriate permits from the city. (EnergyONE now checks on permits before paying subcontractors.) As a result, the power company refused to do anything, and the explanation for the holdup was very unclear. I emailed and called the power company myself until I found someone to explain things. I was unhappy with EnergyONE, and I let them know how I felt.

    Then the CEO and I had a frank discussion. EnergyONE is a smaller, tightknit organization. The CEO is passionate about what his company does, and he genuinely wants his customers to be happy. It's personal for him, and this attitude is reflected in the company. EnergyONE proceeded to get the appropriate permits as quickly as possible, in many cases calling the city every day to check on progress. Things got done much faster thanks to their persistent calls. In addition, EnergyONE reimbursed me for the lost electricity generation during that time.

    When things go well, it's easy for a company to claim that they put customers first. The real test is when issues arise. What does a company do then? EnergyONE really works hard to put customers first. Mistakes were made, some by my friend who was just trying to be helpful. EnergyONE did everything possible to make things right. I would definitely recommend EnergyONE, because most of the time things go smoothly (like they did for my friend), but if there is a problem, they will do everything possible to make it right (like they did for me).

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Nationwide Solar Energy Provider for both Home and Business. Located and based out of Kansas City, Missouri & Houston, Texas. We find local, reputable installers to install your solar system at about $2.10 per watt plus the installation costs. We are one of the most affordable options for customers Nationwide

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



South Central Solar, Inc. (dba EnergyONE Solar) Headquarters

7500 College Boulevard, Suite 500
Overland Park, KS
66210 US

Workmanship Warranty

5 years

States served by South Central Solar, Inc. (dba EnergyONE Solar)

  • Alabama AL ,
  • Alaska AK ,
  • Arizona AZ ,
  • Arkansas AR ,
  • California CA ,
  • Colorado CO ,
  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Delaware DE ,
  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • Hawaii HI ,
  • Idaho ID ,
  • Illinois IL ,
  • Indiana IN ,
  • Iowa IA ,
  • Kansas KS ,
  • Kentucky KY ,
  • Louisiana LA ,
  • Maine ME ,
  • Maryland MD ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • Michigan MI ,
  • Minnesota MN ,
  • Mississippi MS ,
  • Missouri MO ,
  • Montana MT ,
  • Nebraska NE ,
  • Nevada NV ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New Mexico NM ,
  • New York NY ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • North Dakota ND ,
  • Ohio OH ,
  • Oklahoma OK ,
  • Oregon OR ,
  • Pennsylvania PA ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • South Dakota SD ,
  • Tennessee TN ,
  • Texas TX ,
  • Utah UT ,
  • Vermont VT ,
  • Virginia VA ,
  • Washington WA ,
  • West Virginia WV ,
  • Wisconsin WI ,
  • Wyoming WY