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Vision Solar

Our goal is to make solar energy available to everyone. By making the switch to solar an easy one, we’re accomplishing our goal everyday. Our customers take great pride in going green and lessening their impact on our environment.
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Vision Solar specializes in making solar available to homeowners all across the United States. Going green is a way of life at Vision Solar. Improving the world one home at a time is a challenge that we passionately accept. Our people take pride in powering homes with clean, renewable energy.
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Vision Solar Scam

Been a year since signing up to get Vision solar. Still has not finished the project. They schedule you to come out to complete the project and then never show up or call. When you call them all you get is we were going to call you but didn't get to it yet. Talking to vision solar escalation team. They are at least honest enough to tell you that they schedule people for work, just to appease them for the moment. Call the BBB and the company told them they would reimburse me for the payments while solar was not connected. They have yet to reimbursed me for anything. If you are thinking about using the company. Just don't! Take a couple of minutes to look at the BBB reviews and then decide for yourself.

Posted by thechessking on Jun 05, 2023

The Sales people are the best part of the whole experience but you must tell them to leave immediately and block all Solar Vision phone numbers! They will only call when trying to get an appointment. After the sale, forget about it, you won’t hear from them. Any and everything that is discussed you better have in writing or consider it a lie! Absolutely the Worst company for communication, so bad that they have to lie to you. If you can ever get through to someone you will hear a different story from each individual and they don’t call you back. You won’t get a system install date, ever, nor will you receive a phone call telling you they are coming. This has got to be the WORST managed copy I’ve come across. They can’t even manage to communicate. PICK SOMEONE ELSE IF YOU WANT SOLAR, THIS IS THE ONE TO STAY AWAY FROM!!

Posted by Mr.GregPark on Feb 24, 2023
**Selling Point** will reimburse each month system is not running

Terrible management , will not take responsibilty to call customers back. waiting for 2/15/2022 reimbursement . they must owe alot of people money !!

Posted by kelchernandez11 on Feb 02, 2023
Beware this company sign on bonus scam!

Got an email saying I would receive a sign on bonus of $1500.00 after panels turned on. It would take 8 weeks. Panels turned on Sept. 16,2022. After16 weeks I called customer service and was told it had been submitted to accounting but no action yet and they would put me on expedited list. I have called back every 3 weeks or so and am told same thing every time- put on expedited list. It is now Jan.31,2023 and I called today and got same answer. It has now been 20 weeks. Of course, they got paid from finance company the day after panels were installed on house in August 2022. .

Posted by ddw2106 on Feb 01, 2023

They came for a presentation, I sent the cancellation in 3 days , but they fake my signature to get a permit. I told them I do not want to work with them. I have proof of cancelation. they do not answer the phones. they do not care. Be aware these people are dangerous. Do not even take them to your home!

Posted by atiltosun on Jan 13, 2023
Vision Solar Is a Scam

Altogether, it took a year to install the solar collectors. With government approvals and paperwork, it always takes a year. Everything is now perfect. But I worked really hard to get everything perfect. Vision Solar is owned and licensed by an electrician man in New York, using his own home residence. The actual headquarters of Vision Solar for the entire U.S. is run out of Blackwood, NJ. This is a very unusual company. Ryan Benko is the point man. Look him up. For monthly payments, Vision Solar uses Technology Credit Union, San Jose, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, which is also a scam operation. Technology Credit Union has no website for your Vision Solar monthly payments. They never recognize any payments ever made. But Technology Credit Union does deposit your monies and then reports to the three different credit companies that no payments were ever made to completely ruin your credit!!!

Posted by dana.karl.hall on Jan 13, 2023



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