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Vision Solar - Profile & Reviews

Vision Solar specializes in making solar available to homeowners all across the United States. Going green is a way of life at Vision Solar. Improving the world one home at a time is a challenge that we passionately accept. Our people take pride in powering homes with clean, renewable energy.

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    Reviewed May 05, 2021

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THIS COMPANY. Our panels were installed Nov. of 2020. Since that time we have had leaks, DID NOT pass inspection three (3) times and had a very high pitch salesman. We are 85 and 82 and feel we were taken advantage of. So far, since November, I have spoken with Kimbrough, Christian, Jennifer, Shawn Alex, Devon, Dakota, Shanel (who I called on 2-3, 2-10, 2-17 and 2-24) with no replies, Jim Dalton (who is supposed to be the one in charge) and his mailbox is always full and he doesn't answer his calls, and Jackie. Nobody returns calls. Now since our leak has gotten bigger I am concerned about mold. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR REPAIRS? i told them I want it removed because their installation damaged my roof and now it is going to cost me $16,000. to replace it. They keep saying I have a contract but they haven't done anything to honor their side of the contract so since they seem to be a non-reliable shady company - I want out of the contract and I want them to remove the panels. This has been going on for 6 months.


    Reviewed Apr 29, 2021


    When Sam and i started going over the cost of the solar panels i was originally quoted $34k, she made it seem that the $34k was the price AFTER the government incentives were applied. i said i would think about the deal and before she left she wanted to call her boss. when the boss came on to the line he made it seem like i was getting a deal by dropping the price down to $25k. he said that he would rather take a loss on this deal and get the marketing/referrals in the future. in reality the boss (Brian i believe) didn't give me any deal at all. turns out the retail price BEFORE any incentives are applied is truly the $34k and AFTER the incentives are applied THEN the price will be $25k ( you get a 26% discount from the government for going solar). so where is the deal that Brian gave me? the government incentive isn't a deal from the solar company, i am obligated to the discount no matter which company i go with? on top of that they pressured me into agreeing with the deal because it was a "first visit deal" but again it wasn't. they just threw on the government incentive and made it seem like they were helping me out, taking a loss, etc. then Sam the next day started texting me a totally different story than i was told in person (more lies). i'm 26 years old and have a sales back ground, if they were able to fool me then i can only imagine how many other older people or people who just don't know better that they take advantage of.. long story short don't trust them and never sign up for anything on the spot like i did, if they are pressuring you into a sale then its not meant to be! if i do end up going solar in the future i will most like look into Tesla first.

  • "Worst Company ever"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2021

    Plymouth Ma, Solar Vision Installed panels 3/20 still not connected to grid as of 4/21/2021. Management refuses to discuss a solution. Stay away from this company.

  • "High Pressure Sales - the Salesperson Who Almost Wouldn't Leave"

    Reviewed Apr 19, 2021
    "High Pressure Sales - the Salesperson Who Almost Wouldn't Leave"

    Reviewed Apr 19, 2021

    I met with a sales rep named Brenda on April 17. She ended up trying to browbeat me into signing a contract. What should have been 45 minutes ended up being 90 minutes, despite my best polite efforts to end the appointment. To add insult to injury, she thought that, because I was totally blind, I needed help in understanding and "signing all the documents". I explained that I was the SOLE DECISION-MAKER OF THIS HOUSEHOLD, yet she still felt I needed extra help. She even said "You're not the solar expert; we are, and we'll help you put together the right system." This explanation after I explained that I had advanced college degrees and am an amateur radio operator (ham). It was all I could do not to tell her that I was capable of high level and independent thought. In the end, she (like other reports I've read) called her manager. I walked away, pretending that she needed to have a private conversation with her boss. Thank goodness I didn't get harangued by her boss. Long story short: After an appointment like that, I'm almost tempted to can my solar project altogether. I don't need high-pressured car salesmen in the solar arena to try and lead me around by the nose. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I can't say enough negative things about this organization.

  • "Scam company"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    Don't bother answering the calls and don't ever let them into house. They would pressurize you to close the deal. They would say its 20 mins but they won't leave for hours. Not a good company. I had to research later and find out that this is not a good company and also the prices are high.

  • "Awful company"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Awful company"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    I received a call stating that this company was in the area and was offering free solar installation and a significant price on panels. We've been in the market looking for Solar for a while now and this seemed like a great deal so I decided to at least hear them out. I scheduled an appointment and a representative came out the very next day and right on time. (So far so good) He was very polite but that's about it, he wasn't knowledgeable about any of the companies products, warranty, price, leasing vs buying etc. He just stuck to his script and kept telling me how he's company is the best at everything in Massachusetts but couldn't tell me the specifics of what he's company was the best at!

    About 45 minutes into this meeting (which I was initially told would only be 20min) and after hearing this guys life story I decided to pull the plug and told him I was all set, since all we were doing was going around in circles and I had to take my pregnant wife to a doctors appointment. He refused to leave and proceeded to call his "supervisor", after putting his supervisor on speaker I calmly explained to him I needed to run but you have my information and to send me your quote and I will review/compare it with the other offers I have.

    Apparently this isn't how business is done according to this "Supervisor", I was then greeted with snarky sarcastic remarks on how I wasted their time and what was I waiting for. I then again tried to explain to him I wasn't ready to make a decision on a home improvement that can range upwards to 30K unless I reviewed all my offers just like any home owner would do. He then continued to talk nonsense in which I ignored and showed this representative the door, he STILL refused to leave! He just stood there while he scam artist boss tried to pitch me once more. I physically opened the door and had to tell him to get out.
    Now Im a big guy and this representative was on the smaller side, and he still was very difficult to evict. BEWARE of this shady company especially around elderly/women, they teach their sale reps. to stay in a potential buyers house until almost having to be physically removed. This company uses aggressive sale tactics to pressure you into something. After a quick search on them and seeing all the negative reviews I'm glad I dodged this bullet. hope y'all do the same!

  • "Not worth a star"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2021
    "Not worth a star"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2021

    These guys, like other door to door sales people, rely on intimidation and high pressure sales tactics to trick you into entering a contract without getting detailed quotes from competitors, panel layout diagrams, and material specs.

    They also don’t want you to be able to make an informed decision on your own through a website like this one....that is all you need to know about this company...

    They will literally insult you and yell at you if you tell them you aren’t interested after they have decided to set up an appointment despite your objection and will even threaten you that you will be “in trouble” if you don’t honor the appointment, or the mysterious manager on the speaker phone of the door to door salesperson who clearly isn’t affiliated with the company will yell at you “why did you schedule an appointment if you weren’t interested!”...I’m literally getting panels installed a week from today by an actual reputable company (my wife stated this repeatedly) and they still would not stop harassing her and trying to intimidate her.

    Trust me, if these knuckle heads come walking up to your door just tell them that you are renters and aren’t allowed to make modifications to the fact you should do that for any door to door salesperson that “won’t take no for an answer”. Or just close the door...If someone has to result to high pressure sales tactics, it means they can’t sell their brand via non-affiliated reviews or quality of customer care, which means you will regret dealing with them and will never get what they promise they can deliver...

  • "Find Another Vendor"

    Reviewed Feb 15, 2021
    "Find Another Vendor"

    Reviewed Feb 15, 2021

    Vision Solar LLC from Blackwood, NJ, is using a third party vendor to inaccurately sell its services, misrepresenting the purpose of the sales visit to your residence and then sending untrained sales people to your home. I'd avoid Vision Solar LLC like the plague. Our story: We live in MA. We received a call from an outfit called Energy Exchange. They said National Grid needed to increase the percentage of renewable energy sources to comply with state requirements and was therefore willing to provide a solar energy system for free - yes, for free. They asked if we wanted to have someone come to our house to assess whether our house was suitable for a solar system. We agreed to the assessment; I budgeted an hour for the meeting. Energy Exchange did not tell us that Vision Solar would be performing the assessment. On the appointed day a salesman from Vision Solar appeared having no knowledge of Energy Exchange, didn't know our name, didn't have a business card and, only after repeated requests, produced a badge. We continued because we want a solar system and who wouldn't want a free system. Shortly after he began it became clear this guy was in our house to sell us a solar system, not simply assess our house for a system. I told him I only had an hour; he was stumped but continued. He took photos of our attic, utility panel and a recent utility bill. Thirty-five minutes into the meeting I said I had to stop 25 minutes later for a Zoom call. He didn't take this as a hint that our meeting was ending after 25 more minutes. He sent our data to his home office engineers who, twenty minutes later, sent an aerial photo of our house onto which was superimposed a solar panel grid plan and the trees they proposed to remove to enhance access from the sun to the panels. With 5 minutes to go I asked if he could email the proposed installation plan to me; he said no, it's proprietary and they don't want me to use it as a basis for comparison with other installation plans. By this time there was no doubt this guy wasn't leaving until I bought a solar system from him. At this point he also informed me that the free solar system would, in fact, cost $250/month to buy, reduced by the net metering credits of roughly $70/month. Definitely not free. I told him I'd run out of time, this was not represented properly to us on the phone and I needed him to leave but invited him to send me a proposal. He wouldn't go and decided to call his "supervisor." His supervisor's response to the fact I had no more time was "what did you expect when you made the appointment?" and "why did you waste our time?" I said the cost to us as represented on the phone was wildly inaccurate; his response - "nothing in life is free."

  • "Terrible Company"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2021
    "Terrible Company"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2021

    I had a representative stop by my house on January 27th. He said that the company was doing a solar install and my neighborhood and that somebody could stop by my house later on to give me more information. I said okay but then later looked up information on the company on saw the terrible reviews so I called them back and told them that I was no longer interested and canceled the appointment. I thought that was the end until I got a call from the representative this morning. He said that I had missed my appointment this morning and that nobody was at my house. that was a lie because I was home and I did not set up an appointment. He told me that he had his manager on the phone and I would be in a lot of trouble if I did not reschedule the appointment. I told him that I was not interested in that I was not going to reschedule and not contact me again. He continued to go on about how he was going to send somebody to my house anyway for the appointment and that I was going to be in a lot of trouble if I wasn't home. I told him that if he sent somebody to my house or if he contacted me again I was going to call the police. I blocked his number and I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

  • "Worst service I have ever recieved"

    Reviewed Jul 15, 2020
    "Worst service I have ever recieved"

    Reviewed Jul 15, 2020

    Installed October 2019 - Finally turned on June of 2020 - so I paid for panels 5 months without a drop of power. In addition my Application for the SRECS program is still not approved (AS of 7/15/2020). Response time is terrible and results even worse. This has been a constant struggle and heavy lift on my part to get then to do their job. I will say the install crew did nice work and were professional and timely. The good service ended there.

    Happy with solar power, completely disappointed with Vision Solar - would not recommend to my worst enemy.

  • "Vision Solar damaged our roof"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2018

    When Vision Solar installed our panels they missed a roof truss and caused a leak into our kitchen ceiling. A black circle formed inside the house directly under the missed truss. They refused to fix their damage.

  • "Paying for nothing"

    Reviewed Jan 27, 2017

    Bought back in October 2016 now January 27th 2017 no solar but I've got a solar bill! Emailed our customer support fella and have heard back that was over two weeks ago. They've been here multiple times and had issues just about every time. After installing the panels they figured out that the power supply wasn't big enough so again waited. My husband had to go out and show them what needed to be done and they still couldn't figure it out so my husband did it for them. We were really excited about going to solar but I wish we wouldn't have what a nightmare!!! Go elsewhere for solar

  • "Lots of promises -- nothing to show for it."

    Reviewed Dec 23, 2016
    "Lots of promises -- nothing to show for it."

    Reviewed Dec 23, 2016

    Be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait. Was told by sales person that the system would be up and running by the end of October. The panels weren't even installed until November. It is now the end of December and it's up there, but it doesn't do anything yet. They NEVER advanced a single step in the process (except for the initial sale) without us calling a week or so after it was promised and asking what was going on. Also, was told by technical engineering crew that the lower pitch of our roof would not be a problem for snow melt. NOT. The panels are the last thing on the roof to have the snow melt off of them. They also told us we would not have to make any payments until the system was up and running, but, guess what, first payment is due in a week and wedo not have a functioning system, and, apparently, it is out of their hands..... NOT HAPPY.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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