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Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial partners with solar companies to secure financing for solar systems, batteries and roofs. The loans Sunlight make available are homeowner-friendly, with a simple approval process. Partner with Sunlight or join Sunlight's experienced team to make your day a little brighter.
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About Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial is on a mission to save homeowners money and protect our environment.

Sunlight partners with solar companies nationwide to offer homeowners innovative, affordable loans. Sunlight's best in class technology and deep credit expertise simplifies and streamlines consumer finance, enabling Sunlight's strategic partners to quickly and easily provide homeowners with economic savings and environmental benefits.

Sunlight is in it for the long term, with our partners and our customers. Sunlight secures financial commitments, then makes loans available, fairly and responsibly.

In a rapidly changing market, Sunlight develops simple, intuitive processes that facilitate and accelerate the purchase, sale and installation of residential solar systems. Sunlight cares deeply about user experience, and keeps solar companies and homeowners top of mind in our online portal and flexible APIs.

Sunlight works with our strategic partners to create financial products that we believe in. And Sunlight hires, trains and develops teammates committed to providing service and support as reliable as the sun itself.
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Solar Titan installed my panels on 1/22. As of today 5/24, my system is still not finished. They want me to pay for a non-working system for 2 years. Scammers and horrible people. Run!!! Do not sign.

Posted by merzfamily on May 07, 2024

Terrible experience with these guys. They're customer service representatives are assholes and are horrible to deal with. They'll screw you over on the loans and try to hold you hostage. Find someone more reputable and upstanding.

Posted by dholmes921315 on Oct 27, 2023

Our solar contractor took the money and ran! We have a solar project incomplete and a ban unwillingly to finish the project. They payed out the contractor in FULL WITHOUT any idea how far he was coming alone on the job. Another 11.5k is needed to complete our solar project and we are expected to pay out of pocket since the bank payed the contractor. Nope Sunlight was made aware of this situation in February and here we are October and still no assistance. I call every other day and I’m told “we’re working on it” “waiting on an update” “waiting for approval” oh and my persona favorite “ technically we don’t need to help you, we are doing this as a kind gesture” Don’t do business with them. Check out BBB reviews as well. Customer service is non existent. They are just as fraudulent as these companies who are payed in full and don’t complete my work

Posted by motherrunnerkris on Oct 02, 2023
Solar panels

Please stay away from them... totally unprofessional, unreasonable and their customer service is the worst. Even 1 star is too generous here.

Posted by vpdas0709 on Sep 28, 2023

They are in bed with corrupt solar contractors. One in particular is now bankrupt. Imagine being on the hook to pay for a service you never received!

Posted by corey.riseup on Sep 13, 2023
Loan shark

They will give an impression that they offer 'no-upfront' fee loan for solar projects. However, they extract upfront fees ranging 10-20% of the total project cost as 'interest only' payments over the first 17 months. You will have to carefully look through the payment schedule in pages 2-3 of their loan docs to understand how they do it. The way they do is by starting with (i) low payments for the first 17 months, and (ii) 2 deferred initial payments. By doings these, they make sure you pay $0 towards principal over these months (it all goes towards accrued interests), and your loan balance remains the same. STAY AWAY FROM THESE LOAN SHARKS

Posted by sun_mo_13 on Apr 12, 2023
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