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Sunlight Financial - Profile & Reviews

Sunlight Financial is on a mission to save homeowners money and protect our environment.

Sunlight partners with solar companies nationwide to offer homeowners innovative, affordable loans. Sunlight's best in class technology and deep credit expertise simplifies and streamlines consumer finance, enabling Sunlight's strategic partners to quickly and easily provide homeowners with economic savings and environmental benefits.

Sunlight is in it for the long term, with our partners and our customers. Sunlight secures financial commitments, then makes loans available, fairly and responsibly.

In a rapidly changing market, Sunlight develops simple, intuitive processes that facilitate and accelerate the purchase, sale and installation of residential solar systems. Sunlight cares deeply about user experience, and keeps solar companies and homeowners top of mind in our online portal and flexible APIs.

Sunlight works with our strategic partners to create financial products that we believe in. And Sunlight hires, trains and develops teammates committed to providing service and support as reliable as the sun itself.

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  • "Very Responsive"

    Reviewed Dec 20, 2019

    Everything has gone through as I was in the room with them. This has been a smooth process of financing. Thank you.

  • "Unfriendly"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2019

    Tone of their letter describing terms of loan was very threatening! Having had credit for over 50 years without ever defaulting on a loan (Credit Score over 800) I was appalled at what I was reading. I called Solar Company I am using and suggested they find another loan company.

  • "Night mare !!!!!!!!!! Beware !!!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2019
    "Night mare !!!!!!!!!! Beware !!!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2019

    Just read all these horrible reviews. I am not happy at all with this company and with all these issues looks like a deceptive trade practice lawsuit.

  • "Beware - same experience as others"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2019
    "Beware - same experience as others"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2019

    You don't get the tax credit they promise you. There is no way in their online system to pay off the principal early. They don't tell you that you are paying interest only for the first year. This isn't a financial company, it is a SCAM.

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  • "No Follow Through"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2019

    This company never follows its terms of agreement. Install is from the date everything is hooked up and approved by your building official and they went by the day they were dropped in the driveway. Multiple calls made that are never returned. Tell you one thing and then never follow through. Was advised they would re-age the account to fix their issue and then denied that the conversation ever occurred. Appears that no one really cares about the borrower only the companies that install the panels. This would be a good company for a Class Action Lawsuit by the vast amount of similar claims on these reviews.

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  • "Excellent service, could not have been easier"

    Reviewed May 09, 2019
    "Excellent service, could not have been easier"

    Reviewed May 09, 2019

    The whole solar panel process was seamless. We had one point of contact who was professional, knowledgeable, and available. They took care of the whole thing and even worked with the city and HOA to make this happen. Great service!

  • "I wish I could give 0 stars."

    Reviewed Apr 11, 2019
    "I wish I could give 0 stars."

    Reviewed Apr 11, 2019

    Much like other negative and extremely honest reviewers, this company is HORRIBLE. I've never seen such deception. For example I tried to give them $1,800.00 for my first payment and I was set up on "auto pay" according to them. They rejected the $1,800.00 payment and then had the audacity to charge me a "late fee" for missing my payment, even while I was according to them enrolled in "auto pay" - seriously?!?!?! They told me to contact my financial institution, which I did and they said everything was fine (I had enough money in the account and there were no restrictions). I would avoid this company at all costs. I'm currently looking into a fixed rate HELOC through a local credit union so I can pay off these crooks as soon as possible and get them out of my life. I may send my experience to the BBB and I've never done that before - that's how bad they are. Their online system might be from the late 1980's and "auto pay", well be careful even if they send you confirmations. I'm beyond frustrated with their incompetence.

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  • "They are more corrupt than Wells Fargo"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2019
    "They are more corrupt than Wells Fargo"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2019

    They are inept, incompetent, and provide fraudulent billing statements. The first year and half are reduced payments, GreenEnergy did not inform us it was interest only on a 44K loan. We have been making extra payments as "Principle Only". Last month statement only shows we made a 122.67 payment when we actually paid 222.67 Interest only and extra 200.00 for principle only for a total of 422.67. This is deceptive business practice and fraudulent billing. I want out of this loan ASAP. I do not recommend them to our enemies.

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  • "Be afraid, be very afraid!"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2019

    I'd give them ZERO stars if that were an option. When purchasing the system we were told a $10,000 tax refund would be ours or 30% of purchase price as soon as we filed our taxes. As long as we applied that $10,000 to the loan, our monthly payment would not increase. WRONG, found out it was a whopping $646 refund and none of that goes to us, only the IRS.

    Forget that, I paid $15,000 to them to not only keep the payment from increasing, but just to get this hideous loan paid off. I requested an amortization schedule and low and behold, ZERO dollars have been paid to principal prior to the above payment for nearly a year. Then, a portion of this large payment, NOT THE FULL PAYMENT, was put towards principal and the payment still shows an increase of $70 a month. Been trying to reach the Director for over a week, never a returned call or even an email. Time for a lawyer. This is NOT legal as a fixed loan. If you are experiencing the same issues, please be verbal about it.

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  • "Wish there was a no stars button."

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2019
    "Wish there was a no stars button."

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2019

    About a 1.5 month(s) ago, I found out that I not only had one loan out with this company but I had two. I got a random letter in the mail. I contacted them and advised them of this information and they informed me they would escalate my call and I would get a call from the finance manager. After three weeks of no calls, I called them back. A lady named Ashley advised that she would make sure a manager called me back within 24 hours. 72 hours later, still no call. I contacted them again and they said they'll escalate it to a manager. 48 hours later, still no call. Called again, told me they just spoke with the manager and he will call me in 20 minutes. 72 hours later still no call. I decided to start calling every day and they kept telling me that they will call back within 24 hours. Still no call. This is ridiculous. I will be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau over this issue. As of now, still no call backs.

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  • "Not real happy"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2019

    I wish we never would of done this. Costing us a fortune and hasn’t done anything towards our electric bill, but of course I guess it hasn’t been ten years so why would we see a difference. They tell us we have to give them all of our federal tax return in order to pay down on the panels, which I think is bullshit! What you pay for the panels you could buy a small house! Thought maybe we would get something from them for tax purposes, but I guess not. How the hell does that work? Not a happy camper. Been paying on these three months and our principal balance has gone down one dollar. Whatever! About to call and talk to a lawyer

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  • "Impossible to Make Payments"

    Reviewed Jan 01, 2019

    Set up auto-pay, then keep getting notices that my payment was not received. Go online to make my payment manually and you cannot find their online payment center AT ALL. Not through their homepage, not throwing them Google, nothing. Their past due notice doesn’t list their website at all, let alone instructions on how to pay them online. I would never use this company again not recommend it. They seem more intent on destroying their customers’ credit rather than making it easy for customers to make payments. Beware doing business with them.

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  • "I wish I never bought solar panels"

    Reviewed Nov 28, 2018
    "I wish I never bought solar panels"

    Reviewed Nov 28, 2018

    I’ve never had so many issues with a company so quick It hasn’t even been 60 days since my first payment was due which I never received any bill for even though I set up automatic payments for. They said that I had submitted a blank page where my account information was supposed to be My signature was attached to it but no info and that is why the payment never came out. Why would I submit a blank page with my signature? Now they are saying I am Overdue by double the amount that was contracted for. The contract clearly states that only $199 is due 60 days after the installation. Because of the date of installation was entered incorrectly for a month earlier, they charged me twice the amount breaking the contract. It has been such a pain to fix it because the Account customer service people say that the company head supervisor has to be the one to override it but the head supervisor says the account services people have to be the ones to change it. I even reached out to the people who installed it and received an email stating the date that it was installed clearly so I have proof that the data entered was Incorrect. It’s like they’re not even communicating with each other and randomly making a contact Not only have they broke their contract, they cannot give me a straight answer and they can’t make a decision as to how to fix it between the financing and the supervisor. I’ve been pushed back & forth between the two Meanwhile, They sent the payment to collections so I’m also trying to Deal with that so that it doesn’t ruin my credit. By the way this is my very FIRST payment that was supposed to be automatically pulled 60 days after the installation. People I’m dealing with my very FIRST payment with a crappy company and I have a very long time for this loan to be completed! I haven’t received any correspondence with them about my bill, about the automatic payment page being blank, NOTHING! I was waiting until the end of November for the payment to come out as its due in November But because I chose to check up on it, I am suddenly receiving an email saying that my account is overdue and they tacked on an extra month charge because the installation date that they have is one month earlier than the date that it actually happened. Do not go with this company!!! I implore you do not waste yourtime!

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  • "dont go solar and finance witht them"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2018
    "dont go solar and finance witht them"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2018

    I went solar and worked in the industry and left due to the company using this company this is a terrible company to do business with they cant keep my account up to date and my payments are not going to were they should be some times my principal goes to were it should and other times it doesn't nobody can tell me why I ask for a statement and they don't send me one of my entire payment history .I think there very shady and I will be refinancing my loan with someone else and when I called there customer service line with questions I was told that I should refinance with someone else bye them that that's what most people due REALLY!!! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • "impossible to make a payment"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2018

    worst online service, I set up my account to make automatic payments, the payments were never made, now my account is past due. I'm trying to log in and I can´t, trying to talk with a customer services representative and nobody answer....very frustrating.

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  • "Company sucks"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2018

    There website is a joke. There customer support center is a joke. And there statements they send in the mail are a joke.

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  • "No issues deliver on what they say"

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2018
    "No issues deliver on what they say"

    Reviewed Aug 23, 2018

    Approval process was quick and painless I love the different options when it comes to the loan terms and overall I am very satisfied with the performance. They do what the say they will and the few times I talked to the customer service reps have been pleasant. I would recommend them to anyone looking to go solar.

  • "Solar finance"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2018

    What a Mickey mouse company that can not give you a statement with a current payment amount and a running total of payments. So you can check your balances with theirs and their website is a bigger joke because that is worse than their invoice or as they call it remittance section meaning....a piece of paper that is worth nothing...they are the worst company with no customer service at all and they tell you that on the phone they are proud of it!!!!

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  • "Easy Loan Process"

    Reviewed Aug 07, 2018

    The loan process was easy and straightforward. Details are clearly written in the original loan documents. I know what my monthly payments are for my 10 yr. loan and the total amount of interest that will be collected when the loan is paid off.

    Solar system is on my roof producing 100% of the energy my household consumes, monthly energy payment is cut in half to pay the loan (P+I) for the solar system and no more payments to the utility company other than a few bucks for the connection fees. What more can I ask for. Thanks for making it possible because I would never have installed solar if I had to front the money.

  • "Good experience"

    Reviewed May 25, 2018

    Sunlight parterned with a technology credit union to get me a great loan (under 3%) on a residential solar system. We are already seeing the benefits of our solar system; thanks Sunlight for helping to facilitate this process. Smooth transaction!

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  • "You are not the customer"

    Reviewed Apr 27, 2018

    Sunlight partners with the installers, the buyer just has to pay the bill. Once the loan documents are signed there is no additional step before the money, your money, flows. After the installation no signature is required, to confirm that the job is completed, the requirement is that there are solar panels on the roof. The installer reports the panels are installed you pay, no questions asked. You decide if this is good enough for you

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  • "I'm amazed at the level of ineptitude! "

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2018
    "I'm amazed at the level of ineptitude! "

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2018

    I'm amazed at the level of ineptitude! You would think that a financial company's employees would be a little more thorough in their level of work. And would want to double check things to make sure that what they're seeing is accurate. Especially when it comes to someone who is supposedly in the role of Director of Operations. You would be wrong!

    There was an error with my credit score. I was told by various representatives that they use Experian. Only to find out later from a manager that a different system/calculation is used.

    The representative who I had spoken with stated that "I didn't meet a certain profile". When I asked for further clarification on this, I was told I would need to contact Experian. After doing so, I later found out that a score of 650 or better was needed. I recently purchased a house, own a successful business and my score is well above 650.

    To make sure I wasn't going crazy, I had my score sent to me from Experian and they confirmed that my numbers were well above the needed threshold. I tried calling back, spoke with another representative, who then put through to the "Director of Operations". At least that's what he told me. When I provided my Experian score I was told that while they go by the Experian score, they have their own way of calculating scores, so it's not really my Experian score. When I asked for further clarification, he could not or would not provide any further detail. And when I asked if we could call Experian together to confirm what the real FICO number was, I was simply told no.

    The tone of the call was unpleasant. And their unwillingness to double check their information was extremely aggravating. There is obviously something off here and I would not trust them with a $50 loan let alone one for a significantly higher amount.

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  • "This is the worst customer service with the shadiest billing practices"

    Reviewed Nov 17, 2017
    "This is the worst customer service with the shadiest billing practices"

    Reviewed Nov 17, 2017

    This is the worst customer service with the shadiest billing practices

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  • "Shady practices "

    Reviewed Oct 27, 2017

    Their automatic billing service doesn’t even give you the balance on your remaining loan nor is there any history of payments. The customer service representative told me to use the original pay schedule on the contract. I don’t know of any financial institution that doesn’t show your current balance and interest accrued. Very shady.

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  • "does anybody ever work here"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2017

    very hard to get in touch with anybody. the phone number on my last statement says its disconnected. i dont get complete monthly statements. when i asked why i was told we dont do that. however a vp from the teaneck office guarenteed me i would start getting them...still havent.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Sunlight Financial partners with solar companies to secure financing for solar systems, batteries and roofs. The loans Sunlight make available are homeowner-friendly, with a simple approval process. Partner with Sunlight or join Sunlight's experienced team to make your day a little brighter.

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



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