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Sungage Financial - Profile & Reviews

Sungage Financial is the nation's first exclusive provider of loans designed specifically for residential solar installation. Our industry-leading marketplace provides homeowners with easy online access to low-cost financing for residential solar equipment. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Sungage partners with leading solar installers and institutional investors to help homeowners start saving money on energy from day one. An innovator in solar finance and U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative awardee, Sungage is committed to helping homeowners save more through ownership.

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  • "False information and upfront pricing"

    Reviewed Jun 02, 2021

    They are great at presenting a great loan package deal with a 0% interest rate for a portion of the loan. Then they want that whole portion paid in full after tax season whether or not the IRS gave you the full tax credit they were suppose to. They sell your loan to a 3rd party and wash their hands clean of all responsibility of servicing your loan or offering any solutions on a false loan they signed you up for.

    The monthly rate you have to pay is also almost double of what they promise that you'll have to initially pay.

    I would find another loan "servicing" company to deal with.

    Maria Writesel
    Response from Sungage Financial
    Responded Jun 02, 2021
    Response from Sungage Financial
    Responded Jun 02, 2021

    Hi Matthew,

    We are sorry to hear that you didn't have enough tax liability to take advantage of your full federal investment tax credit this year. Sungage Financial always advises the homeowner to consult their tax professional to learn how the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will impact their taxes specifically.

    Certain tax circumstances (e.g. alternative minimum tax) may prevent or reduce the use of the credit. Again, we are so sorry that your tax situation didn’t produce the full 26% federal tax credit this year and we encourage you to consult your tax professional about whether you can use the balance of the credit on your 2021 tax filing.

    Please keep in mind that, in the event you do not repay all of the Zero-Interest-Portion when planned, you can still make a lump sum payment later and lower your payment back to its original year one amount.

    If you do not pay the Zero-Interest-Portion, your monthly payments would be slightly higher of course, but unlike other solar financing options, you will not pay any penalties or have an increase in your interest rate.

    I hope this provides clarity on the tax credit, and we encourage you to please call 844 SUNGAGE, or email: with any additional questions or concerns.

  • "Made everything very easy"

    Reviewed May 27, 2021

    Applying for the loan and accepting the loan agreements were online were quick and seamless. Took time to talk is through the terms, which we were very happy with. I highly recommend Sungage.

  • "Outstanding Financing"

    Reviewed Feb 13, 2021

    Thank you for financing my Solar. I’ve long awaited to put solar panels on my home and couple with Del Solar Energy you folks were able to make it happen! Awesome!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Sungage Financial offers homeowners the widest range of low-cost, no-money-down solar financing and tax credit solutions. From instant online credit approvals to flexible loan terms to world-class, live customer service, Sungage is the ideal one-stop financing solution. Our customer satisfaction rating is consistently more than double the average score of financial services institutions.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Sungage Financial Headquarters

38 Chauncy Street, Floor 6
Boston, Massachusetts
02111 US


Winner of the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative award

States served by Sungage Financial

  • Arizona AZ ,
  • California CA ,
  • Colorado CO ,
  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Delaware DE ,
  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • Idaho ID ,
  • Illinois IL ,
  • Maine ME ,
  • Maryland MD ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • Minnesota MN ,
  • Nevada NV ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New York NY ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • Oregon OR ,
  • Pennsylvania PA ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • Texas TX ,
  • Utah UT ,
  • Vermont VT ,
  • Virginia VA ,
  • Washington WA