Solar Wolf Energy Inc - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

Solar Wolf Energy Inc - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

We offer the longest service / labor warranty in the country because we stand behind our people and our products. Our costs are less, allowing us to offer better pricing to our customers. We also have exclusive financing options for all credit types that are better rates than the industry average. We strive to always under promise & over deliver on every job.

More About Us

More About Us

We are an integrated energy company focusing on a few pillars aimed directly at saving the customers money. Namely in utility costs and energy savings. We are not just a solar panel company. We also supply our customers with a free in home energy audit and educate them on opportunities for them to either self address the issues we point out or we can while we are there also. Our estimates are free of charge.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
16 Reviews
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"Happy Customer"
Reviewed Dec 03, 2018

I was skeptical about going solar after reading all the horror stories out there, but I was tired of all my high electrical bills. Ted, Taylor and the rest the Solar Wolf team did an unbelievable job of educating me on solar and its benefits. The tax incentives and savings on my monthly bill were clearly outlined. I was kept informed through every step of the process and had all my questions answered promptly. The installation crew was completely professional and worked efficiently to get my project done much faster than I could have imagined. It took only a few weeks from the time I signed the papers to the day my house was up and running. For me, service and quality backed by an unbelievable warranty is what sold me on Solar Wolf.

"Great company"
Reviewed Nov 12, 2018

From start to finish I had nothing but exceptional service from everyone at solar wolf energy!

"Great value and installed exactly as promised"
Reviewed Sep 25, 2018

At first I was a bit suspicious of them since they solicited us at our home, but every step of the way they have been professional and have gone out of their way to accommodate us. They installed exactly as they promised. We required a new roof and the folks they subcontracted with did a great job. They are not the absolute cheapest, but probably the best value for your money. In the end we got very high quality components for a good price. It's been two weeks with solar and so far so good!

"Leader of the pack"
Reviewed Jul 14, 2018

Solar Wolf is the leader of the pack!
This company stands out in so many ways. The transparency Solar Wolf provides to its customers is unlike the others. From the first phone call to Solar Wolf with our interest in learning about solar and what system we could and should have, we knew they were the company we would go with.
Every single employee of the Solar Wolf team was very professional and polite. Solar Wolf stands behind their work and it shows. There was never a time that my phone call or email went unnoticed and without a quick response!
Our main communication was with Mary as she would come to our home in person to obtain and drop off any paperwork needed. However we also were able to have contact with the CEO, Ted! What company does that!?
Our system, which included a SE-7600 inverter with 29 panels, went up without any issues and we’ve been making power ever since.
We couldn’t be happier with SolarWolf as a company and its employees they have working for them.

"Solar Wolf Energy, More Than A Business, It’s A Relationship!"
Reviewed Jan 14, 2018

After doing much research, we chose Solar Wolf Energy because there were some key values that stood out to us over all the other companies. Certifications, experience, perfection, safety, following all laws, codes and inspections, long term commitment and a sense of family. That’s what stood out to us and now a year after installation and that’s what we’ve witnessed.

Solar Wolf Energy worked with our town in acquiring all required permits. They followed every code, had the town inspectors come out for inspection throughout the entire process. Safety starts with their employees during installation, continues to the homeowner and extends to local fire officials by informing them with everything they need in case of an emergency.

When Solar Wolf first came out to our house, they listened to all our concerns, requests and needs. They designed a system that met what we asked for and never pressed us to make any decisions. They gave us the literature and encouraged us to do our homework and research before committing to anything. They were patient and understand that this is a big decision. The end product is beautiful, not an eye sore. Every panel is perfectly straight without any visible wires. Inside the house the equipment and wires are perfectly straight, neat and organized.

Solar Wolf Energy truly believes in what they are doing. They want to help people in lowering their energy costs and stand by their product, their installation and their agreement. Solar Wolf Energy isn’t about getting your money and writing you off after they’ve installed your system. With Solar Wolf Energy the job never ends for them. They continue working for you, monitoring your systems productivity and will contact you if something doesn’t appear right. They are always there for you and continue to answer any questions you may have, They make sure your systems software is always current and will perform software updates as needed.

When you sign on with Solar Wolf Energy, you know them and they know you by name. You’re not just hiring a company to come do a job for you, you’re signing on for a long term relationship!

"Great Value and Professional Install"
Reviewed Aug 14, 2017

Solar Wolf had a very competitive rate and they were very professional in their install at our house. There are minimal connections on the roof and I've seen other installs with connections running all over the place on the roof and ground level. There were snags due to weather during the install and then the permitting in Boston took awhile but Solar Wolf was there smoothing things out and coaching us all along the way. They also taught us about SRECs which make the solar investment all the more attractive. After 10 years, without even counting the energy savings, the cost of the install will be covered by the tax credit and the SRECs. Do it. Stick a renewable energy finger in Scott Pruitt's eye.

"Amazing company & amazing interaction"
Reviewed Apr 08, 2017

Time for a review of the company called Solar Wolf Energy.
It's been a long time since I've come into contact with any company that has left me feeling 100% completely satisfied. That being said, they have managed to do this & much much more. My install went off without a hitch and looks great.
From day 1 they have answered my questions & been extremely forthcoming. Never once did they push the sale or a sale on me. Needless to say I'm highly impressed by the company & their team. I also want to take the time to thank Ted personally as he put up with my millions of questions!

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"Five stars across the board!"
Reviewed Apr 03, 2017

We had gone through a bidding process with six different solar installers that offered to install solar panels on our roof. After two months of closely evaluating and comparing the different companies we picked Solar Wolf Energy, Inc., and, at the end, it's hard to imagine that our satisfaction could be any higher. SWE is an installer I would not hesitate to recommend to all my friends and to my family as well.

Overall: 5 stars on all accounts

Here's how it breaks down:

There was no other company more responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. The sales rep answered every question we had no matter how technical it was. He was able and willing to work with our needs and ideas and did not push us toward anything we would not want or would not make sense for our house.

Even though cost made only part of our decision, Solar Wolf Energy bid the lowest cost and fully met our expectation. Comparing with other bidders, SWE offered a price 15% lower than the highest bidder, while using the same equipment and material.

Once we signed a contract, the installation was slowed down only by the permitting process, which took about five or six weeks. Then, with the permit in our binder, the rest was speedy - only two weeks or about. After the installation was completed and got inspected, the electric company got us connected and we become a tiny electric power house. We were up running the first day of March, only eight weeks after signing the contract.

Crew of three young, skilled installers finished both installing the panels and all electric wiring in two days with some time to spare. The wiring was laid very cleanly. It's running through the attic and then outside along a water spout and done very neatly. Installing the panels on the roof was the laborious part of the process - with twenty-four panels total there was quite a few screws to drill. The boys missed rafters in a handful of spots, but after inspection they did not hesitate one bit to re-drill all the ones they had missed.
There is only one criticism I can make: I was not home for the actual laying down the panels, and when I got home I could not but notice that the panels they were not installed slightly off center on the roof. There are closer to the left side by some five inches. Not a big deal, perhaps, but it is the one wrinkle on the whole process. Maybe there was some technical reason for it, but I have no doubts that installers would work with me and install the panels symmetrically if I only knew I should have considered mentioning it and asked for it up front. Well, on my next house I'll make sure to put it on my check list.

So, quite happy throughout the whole process we’ve been. Naturally, a company is not only as good as the job that it does, but it also can be measured by the standard of their continuing support in a case something goes wrong. Coincidentally, we were "fortunate" to test this metric as well. After a few days watching with excitement the on-line production reports at SolarEdge, we noticed that the reporting had started to be flaky. Instead of updating four times a day, it would only update once or even skip a day. I contacted Solar Wolf and they told me they had noticed that too already. Apparently, the cellular unit in the inverter was defective. Solar Wolf promptly contacted SolarEdge who sent a new unit overnight. An installer from Solar Wolf Energy came the day after and replaced the unit. Since then the reporting works satisfactory.

It goes without saying that I do recommend Solar Wolf Energy to anyone who is interested in dressing their roof up in solar panels. The company makes the whole process painless - they are fast, flexible, and knowledgeable. They have their own crew of installers who do a very good job. It's apparent they do care. As a bonus, SWE is also cheaper than most other companies. And last but not the least, they take care of problems should any come even after the project's been completed.

"Simply The Best!!!!!!!"
Reviewed Feb 05, 2017

Working with Solar Wolf was one of the best decisions that I have made, From start to finish the process was easy and seamless, Solar Wolf did everything from permitting to final installation, The quality of work and everyone who I worked with was simply TOP NOTCH!! I can't say enough good things about this company, I just wished I did this along time ago.
Thank You Solar Wolf
A Very satisfied customer!
Steve K

"Great Customer Service"
Reviewed Sep 26, 2016

After some due diligence and one very negative experience with Sun Run I selected Solar Wolf to install my solar panels.

After the very first meeting with Ted I knew Solar Wolf was the right choice for me. Ted is very thorough in explaining all of the ins and outs of solar panels. I walked away comfortable knowing that all of the questions I asked were responded to in a accurate and professional manner.

His team is fantastic. His project manager reached out to me to inform me of the process and the documents I needed to sign. Several days later one of the guys showed up to verify that my roof was intact. They worked diligently and quickly not wasting my time at all.

Within a week or so we had an installation date. Had I not been taking a vacation at the time of the original date, the entire process end to end would have taken approximately 4 or 5 weeks. Compare this to my first encounter where I was told that in July I would need to hurry if I wanted the panels to be installed before the start of 2017.

On the day of my installation I was told that the team would arrive at 7:30 AM. The doorbell rang at 7:25. There is nothing I appreciate more than timeliness! The team did it's thing and at the end of the process you would have never known that anyone had been at my house. The guys left the work area spotless.

I can't say enough about Solar Wolf. They are truly committed to providing a great customer service experience!

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"Great team!"
Reviewed Sep 23, 2016

I really enjoyed working with the Solar Wolf team. Ted and Nate are really good at what they do and easy to talk to. They answer all of your questions and are responding to emails at all times of the day! I was very comfortable working with them, and they were much more responsive than all of the other teams I dealt with.

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"Solar Panels"
Reviewed Sep 05, 2016

It took them over 6 months to get running, savings are only around $100 a month so it will take many years to recoup, hard to communicate with them since the staff changed multiple times during the process

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"Solar Wolf is the way to go!"
Reviewed Aug 12, 2016

Nothing but the best equipment and customer service! They walked me through it every step of the way. Any questions I had they answered right away and worked around my schedule. It's foolish to rent or lease when you can buy and the system pays for itself!

I sought out solar from the beginning of my home ownership in MA. They all tried to lease panels to me. By purchasing this system and receiving tax breaks I will have the system paid off in 5 years and free electricity for the next 20. It's foolish not to make the investment.

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"Satisfied Customer "
Reviewed May 10, 2016

Ted and Chis walked us through the entire phase from getting approved through their lender to installation. They discussed the benefits and return on investment to make sure my wife and I were both comfortable with solar. Ted answered the many questions I had as a homeowner from technical to scheduling. They definitely went above and beyond. The quality products and neatness of electrician they use also made the decision to go with Solar Wolf a great decision.

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"Finding the right provider."
Reviewed Apr 08, 2016

I had been looking to install solar for a number of years and talked to most of the top vendors in the space. Most of them wanted to lease me a small system and did not really seem flexible in designing a system that would meet my needs. After a lot of research I opted to purchase the system rather than lease.Solar Wolf not only designed a bigger more complex system, their quotes were significantly less. I live in Plymouth MA and working within our town can be a long and drawn out process. I believe it surprised the team from Solar Wolf how complex getting through the process was. It took them a little longer than normal because this was the first install in town for them and you need to cut your teeth at some point. However, as frustrating as waiting can be Ted did keep me informed with weekly calls and emails every time something was either resolved or arose. Even with all this from the day I was first contracted by the company to the day we turned on the system it was only 92 days. I would recommend Solar Wolf to anyone interested in Solar for your home

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"Great company. Great people"
Reviewed Mar 10, 2016

I have the pleasure in assisting Solar Wolf with financing many of their solar projects and have always found them to be extremely thorough in everything they do and very attentive to the home owner's needs. I highly recommend using them for your solar install.

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