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Fluent Solar

We install only American-made products with the highest quality craftsmen in the state.
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Business Incorporation: 81-1994229
Electrical Contracts License: 9518666-501

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  • Certified Solar Professional

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Great experience

Had a great experience. Took 3 months to get turned on but that was what they said it would take. Very knowledgeable.

Posted by zykarios89 on Sep 05, 2023

I can't say enough bad things about this company. Took over a year for the panels to work, which included 7 separate visits, upwards of 40-50 phone calls, and then once they did work, the production was only about 30% of what they promised. Horrendous customer service, terrible responsiveness, misleading sales tactics. Please don't make the same mistake I did!

Posted by brett.beaugureau on Aug 21, 2023
Stay Far Away!!!

This is a horrible company and they have no idea what they are doing. Took months to finally get the system working for inspection. Issue after issue over the battery and the wiring of the system. They never have anyone that knows anything about battery. They should not be selling something they know nothing about. And now after the system has been finally running for 4 months the battery stops working. I called the support line to have someone take a look at the issue as the system is not even a year old. I am now being charged $350 to have someone come out and look at the issue. They tell me I have to pay this “deductible” to validate the technician is “paid”. And all before they even come out to look at the issue. This company has horrible customer support and they try to scam you. Do no do business and go somewhere else.

Posted by zjhub-google on Jul 22, 2023
Don’t do business with these people.

We signed a contract and got approved for solar with Fluent in October with a promise to be installed within 3 months. This company messed around and dropped the ball several times. After wanting to proceed our original funding had lapsed and no longer available. We decided after all the trouble we couldn’t deal with these people. Now they are charging us to leave the contract which I feel was their original desire anyway. Warning!! Don’t deal with these people.

Posted by jflady12 on May 27, 2023
This Company Does Not Know What They Are Doing

This company installed solar panels on my house house only to find out after the fact that my power meter was in a place that violated Idaho Power statutes. Idaho Power may be a soulless monopoly and this is mostly their fault. However, Fluent Solar left me hanging for four months until they decided they would not hlep me. They get an F for customer service. If I want solar power I am now on the hook to pay an additional $11,000 to move my power meter to the front of the house. The way that Fluent Solar didn't foresee is is incredible. It is as if this is their first time doing this. I am in quite the financial pickle thanks to this company as I am on the hook for a loan to pay off these panels, that I can not use with out getting another loan for $11,000. Thanks for nothing, Fluent Solar.

Posted by esavadow on Apr 25, 2023
Set appointments never showed up

everything was signed and resigned, as the price of the project kept going up. we had 2 appointments set with electrician and no one showed up. set a time to deliver panels but they didn't come. had a date to start instillation that has not happened. We are trying to cancel our contract but are not responding.

Posted by john on Apr 24, 2023



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