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Fluent Solar

We install only American-made products with the highest quality craftsmen in the state.
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Business Incorporation: 81-1994229
Electrical Contracts License: 9518666-501

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DO NOT do business with this company. My wife and I built a new home and Fluent only had a utility bill for Oct-Nov and some of December to calculate data off of. Rather than add more panels just to be safe, they sold us on 12 panels needed. We got 13 just to be safe and the panels won't even generate enough power to cover my home usage during the cooler months. My concern came when the first 2 months after powering the panels on, our utility bill was $45 each month and then my latest utility bill was $106 for June-July. I have been communicating via email and I just keep getting told the same thing over and over again......that the panels generate enough power per the projection and we should lower usage blah blah. I spoke to them for an hour today and kept getting told the same thing. I was then told that we could start an entire new project to add more panels at OUR EXPENSE but that nothing else could be done. When I told them that they can come and take the panels off, they said that they can do that but we would still be paying for the entire loan. They must think i'm crazy because if I have to pay for it, why would I remove it? They aren't willing to do ANY DISCOUNT or anything. Kept being told "At this point we are just going around in circles and there is nothing more I can do" We will be consulting with our attorney about this matter. F U FLUENT! YOU SUCK BALLS!

Posted by kthraab on Aug 22, 2022
Do not do busines with

Thier projected solar output is about 2/3 and they trap you in a loan. Customer service is awful, as they quit before you do I really wish I could post my solar edge screen cap of the projected verse actual on this site (production)

Posted by acfranceski on Aug 09, 2022
If you have problems get a lawyer

Complete joke. Came online in January. Been pulling power from xcel daily. Damaged my foundation and just left it. Wires and trash everywhere. 2 of my 12 panels don't work. Customer services doesn't exist. Do not put your trust into fluent solar. Find another company.

Posted by mikl02 on Jun 29, 2022
Run away!!

Horrible. Two months after “install” and ZERO power produced, along with ZERO response from their customer service. burning dollar bills directly for heat olapuls be more cost effective and sustainable!

Posted by dingy-boating0c on May 12, 2022

Fluent Solar installed the solar panels in June 2021 and as of March 2022 they are still not up and running. Weekly calls to the company have proven to be full of unmet promises and excuses. Also when they say they will Return your call, there has not been even one return call. I am now retaining an attorney to file a lawsuit against FLUENT SOLAR. STAY AWAY if you value your time and money!

Posted by Tara_Ann84 on Mar 18, 2022
Don't trust them

We signed our agreement w/Fluent Jan 2021, and were told this whole process would only take about 90 days. We are now approaching a year and still nothing. Not only do we find ourselves having to call Fluent about once a week or every couple of weeks, we make no progress and discover that nothing is being done on their end. Twice we've been told that "the person who handled this part of XYZ of this process quit or went back to school or you name it, so it was never done". Obviously these sorts of responses are not pleasing and continue to push progress behind. When we called about a month and a half ago, after they failed the inspection twice, and damaged a roof beam, they stated that they were now waiting on TECO, our electric company. When we called sometime after, again we were told they were waiting on TECO. When I called TECO a few days ago, they stated that Fluent never even submitted anything and if they had, they could simply provide the enrollment number. When I called Fluent support, literally minutes after that call, there was no enrollment number because, as I was told me "the girl who did it left and there was no way of tracking that." Again, their systems didn't catch this, their processes failed, and here we are. Understand our frustration and regret w/choosing an out of state company to do this for us. I can list a ton of other "promises" given by the salesman who sold us on Fluent, but that will be for a later date. In the meantime, ANY ASSISTANCE in moving this along properly and in line with what TECO requires, is greatly appreciated.

Posted by pruitt_07 on Oct 11, 2021



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