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Fluent Solar - Profile & Reviews

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  • "Better Solar does not start here"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2021

    Fluent is a company I would not recommend.
    From the beginning of the installation until well after the system was turned on, this company has been terrible. They have trouble communicating with myself (the homeowner), their own company, internally, and with their subcontractors. I had to take time off work several times for installations that I was told were scheduled only to have nobody show as the electricians were never informed. The company took well over 6 months to complete the install, causing us to lose out on the prime months of sunshine. Our payments started before the system was even turned on. The contractors used vulgar language around our children, smoked, then put their cigarettes out on our patio, and left a mess of materials on several occasions.
    While electricity was shut off over a period of 12 hours, (supposed to be 3-4) we asked about a timeline, to which the “electrician” replied, “I don’t know, I’m not a licensed electrician.” The job was still unfinished after 12 hours and they had to return several weeks later. They restored power through shortcuts but left our house unsafe during this time as improper breakers were used.

    Fluent moves their crews around from state to state, so if your house gets paused, prepare to wait until they get back into town. They will also expect you to do their leg work. We frequently had to make calls to Xcel, envision, fluent, the contractors, their parent company, or the city to get anything to happen. If not for our diligence, we might not have gotten our system working as soon as we did. They had inspections done via facetime, which they failed to pass several times, due to their shoddy work and shortcuts.

    When trying to get money that was owed to us upon completion, the company would frequently place us on hold for extended periods to then tell us someone would get back to us. No calls would come, we could call back and repeat the process. After several months, we were finally able to get a hold of someone to help, only to be belittled. We were frequently told “it was being handled by someone higher up.” Fluent offered what they believed to be the bare minimum.
    They do not have quality customer service. They do not understand the systems they install. They do not understand how the Tax Credits work.
    When they tell you that you can get up to 26% of the System reimbursed through tax credit. Do not believe them. This is only against tax liability and be prepared to figure out ways to get that money to your loan provider as your monthly payment will increase otherwise. Our tax advisor informed us that no one gets anywhere close to that money back, and if they do it is over a period of several years.

    So if you want to go Solar, better energy for your family does not start here. Find anyone else.

  • "Fluent Solar Took Advantage"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2020

    Fluent installed my Solar a little over a year ago. The fact that my roof was already worn and patched in many areas was never brought to my attention .
    Now they want $3,000 plus to remove and reinstall the solar system so I can have the roof replaced. That’s the price even with them installing the new roof . I would never have installed the solar on top of a worn roof had I known just how bad it was. I trusted them to be knowledgeable and working in my best interest but obviously not.
    Don’t trust this company.
    Get another bid before you sign with them.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Fluent Solar Headquarters

13937 S Sprage Ln.
Draper, UT
84020 United States


Business Incorporation: 81-1994229
Electrical Contracts License: 9518666-501

States served by Fluent Solar