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Go Beyond Backup Power and Beyond Net-metering with sonnen — a global leader in safe, reliable, and long-lasting energy storage. Our all-in-one, safe energy storage solutions work with solar to help you stay powered and protected with the cleanest energy available — giving you greater energy independence. We also have Virtual Power Plant Programs in several states that reward customers for using a sonnen battery to help support the local grid.

Bring sonnen into your home today. Let us match you with a certified Elite sonnen partner in your area who will customize the right solution to meet your energy goals.
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sonnen, a subsidiary of Shell, is a global leader with 14+ years of experience in energy storage and management technology with more than 100,000 energy storage installations around the world. Focused on a mission to provide "clean, reliable, and affordable energy for all", sonnen is a pioneer of Virtual Power Plants programs and projects that are helping drive the clean energy transition. Learn more at
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sonnen engineers and produces high-quality energy storage systems for residential and small commercial customers that are sold through our network of certified Elite sonnen partners across the Americas.

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sonnen Energy Storage systems are warrantied for 10 years / 10,000 charge cycles.

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Sonnen CORE is not designed for real life power outages

I have had a Sonnen Core for one year and between the functionality and the support I have ask for it to be removed from my house. When a Power Outage occurs the system comes in to play about 75% of the time the other times I need to manually turn it on. I opened a case and it took 10 months to get them to say there's a failure on a device on the system and it needed to be replaced and this is after needed to call my lawyers and everything. This is un acceptable support. I do not recommend the battery or their support to anyone.

Posted by richard.crespo.mar on Aug 16, 2022
Great battery with Connected Solutions Support

A well priced battery that works with the connected solutions programs in MA and RI. I work as an installer so my experience is more from that point of view. However, I have also heard from customers that the battery has worked as expected during power outages. For an AC battery, this is the best priced I have found so far that works for small to medium sized houses. Support used to be pretty bad, but after communicating to a couple of higher ups the support has been great the last several months.

Posted by Adan from NuWatt Energy on Mar 05, 2022
Terrible Customer Service

Our battery has not performed as specified in two of the three power outages we had since we had it installed. Customer service won’t respond to installer or to me. Repeated calls and mails - nothing. It is a Sonnen Core.

Posted by KATIETEAGUE on Jan 09, 2022
Some Design Limitations and Infant Mortality on Sonnen Eco Gen 2

I purchased the Sonnen Eco Gen 2 16 kWh battery to integrate with my 8.6 kW SunPower PV array to provide most of our needs off grid and have a backup capability when the grid goes down. The system was installed in May 2018 and went operational in early June. As a retired engineer I was always intrigued by solar technology and based on the state of MA and Federal tax credits, maturation of the technology, opportunity to use reduce our carbon footprint, and provide backup power in outages decided to do some research and invest in a system. I chose the Sonnen Eco series based on the battery technology being the safest (as compared to Tesla Powerball 2 and LG Chem), reviews and opportunity to use the battery daily (versus a natural gas fired generator that is loud, high maintenance, etc.) and control it remotely as we travel frequently in the winter. Within a month of operation, we had a Cat 5 cable fail thus couldn't communicate with the built in inverter. Additionally, we had a HUB board failure that prevented the front panel from shutting the battery down that needed to be replaced. Additionally I learned that I needed to call Sonnen to change operational modes from Self Consumption to Backup which I'll explain next. In Self Consumption mode, the battery takes excess energy from the PV array not used by the home and recharges it so that in the evening, instead of using power from the grid, the home uses the battery. In backup mode the battery is essentially a "generator", staying fully charged until the grid goes down. Once everything was finally fixed and diagnosed in Sept. we discovered another issue which didn't arise during the summer as our larger appliances, e.g. electric oven wasn't used. Once we fired up our electric oven, and other units such that we instantaneously exceedes the 8kW rating of the Inverter, it tripped it's internal DC breaker and shuts down. While the grid is up, and in Self Consumption mode the battery, PV array and grid are wired to share the load. However, it appears that the Sonnen whole house monitoring system is sensing the peak usage for the entire house (as compared to just the battery output itself) as appliances come on and shutting the battery down rather than self limiting itself. The Sonnen Tech and training instructor who visited us to fix the Hub board said he has always thought and taught that the Self Consumption mode should not shut down this way. So we're still waiting for Sonnen's response and operating backup mode as this limits the battery to be only used should the grid go down and will only power essential loads. Hopefully they'll figure it out and make the needed changes. What I thought would be the "Ferrari" (high end and most expensive) of solar batteries hasn't lived up to expectations.

Posted by mgsarcione on Oct 10, 2018
High Quality Product

The Sonnen Battery is the most reliable and long lasting energy storage available today. They have been in the industry for long enough to have perfected their solution. This is a great product and the team is great to work with.

Posted by Whitney Smith from Tayco Electric & Solar on Jul 06, 2018
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