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Earth-Solar Technologies Corporation

Earth-SOLAR Technologies Corporation’s mission is to empower those who reside in single family or multi-unit complexes in cities and towns, or rural farms and village settings anywhere in the world, to generate eSOlarPowerCELL™ solar energy for lighting, heating, cooling, medical equipment, appliances, technological devices, utility power back-up, safety and general well being.
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About Earth-Solar Technologies Corporation

Not every solar energy company is the same. Not all of us are dedicated to environmental and social justice; without apologies Earth-Solar is! 97% of scientist across the world have urgently warned against the severe damage that burning fossil fuel and emitting carbon, mercury, sulfur, methane, other toxins and Green House Gases is inflicting on our global atmosphere. Oil, Coal, and Gas (from Fracking to combustion) produce these atmospheric toxins. The normal byproducts of nuclear power are among the most toxic substances on Earth. Science is very clear that Fossil Fuels are hastening the demise — not of the Earth – but rather human and other species ability to survive on Earth.

Our founder installed one of the first solar energy systems in the US during the 1970s and is a fearless advocate for energy democracy. Our CEO of Engineering is one of the premier solar design executives of the 21st Century. We have created the only program that provides immediate entree into solar production for entrepreneurs in the Developing World.
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