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Completely Wired Inc.

We offer multiple home and business Solar Energy solutions.
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About Completely Wired Inc.

We can install rooftop or ground mount solar energy systems. Solar energy is a great long term investment with most systems paying for themselves in 7-9 years while the solar panels have a 25 year warranty. These systems are currently eligible for 30% tax credit through December of 2016. Most systems are now being “grid tied” which means it is connected to the utility grid so that when you are not producing solar energy you will still be powered through normal utility on what is called “net metering.” Net metering means that you get credit on your utility bill for extra energy you produce above what you need.

If your system is designed to produce 100% of the power you need over the course of a year, then you end up with a net zero bill. This means that over the course of a year the credits you produce offset the bills for the energy you consume from the grid costing you $0 for the year. Besides the incredible savings in energy cost that these systems provide they also add to the value of your home.

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Pleased customer

We used Completely Wired Inc for a new build and are very pleased. Polite, competent, timely, and contacted us numerous times during the build. We plan to use them on another planned build. Great work!

Posted by bogya1 on Oct 16, 2020



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