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Chromasun Inc.

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About Chromasun Inc.

Chromasun is bringing deep utility scale experience to your rooftop. Chromasun’s mission is to develop and manufacture the next generation of commercial/industrial sized solar collectors for building energy needs. Chromasun’s vision is to harvest solar energy for air-conditioning, power, process heat, and lighting – right on the roof. Chromasun’s products capture the sun’s energy and make it available in ways buildings can immediately utilize. Chromasun's founders have deep experience in utility scale solar thermal systems. The massive scale of this technology is being forged now smaller into manufacturable products that are available for the first time in a building friendly and cost effective format. The benefits of these technologies have long driven the hopes of a sustainably powered economy in the isolated wildernesses of deserts and remote locations. Now, with Chromasun, the same technology can be mounted on your rooftop. Accessible for the first time where buildings are, where loads are and where people live. Efficient, effective and aesthetic.
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