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Code Green Solar

A lot of homeowner's aren't aware that they can make the change to solar and reduce their need to purchase power from the utility companies. You're currently buying power from the electric company and it's pretty expensive. What we do is design and install a high performing, high tech solar system, most of the time at no upfront cost. Once the system is turned on, it's going to reduce the amount of power you need to buy from the utility company. It's great for the environment and your wallet.
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CODE Green Solar designs the best performing, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar solutions in the industry. We have reinvented the way our customers experience going solar. We provide the highest level of satisfaction to all our customers by acknowledging their diverse and unique backgrounds and customizing our solutions to fit their individual needs.
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Unprofessional and illegal practices. Code green solar salesman Mike C met me at my house and after a long conversation I decided to have the solar installed which came with a $1000 promotion offer. I was told that I would be on a fixed monthly payment that would cover my entire electric bill and would receive no more bills from PSEG except a small service fee. I asked about the part of the contract that said I would receive two bills one from my electric provider and I was told and I quote " you can run your AC 24 hrs a day and your bill will remain the same" this was also told to a co-worker whom recommended them to me. After the install and it was turned on I started to receive bills from PSEG and called code green who said call sunnova the solar company who owns and operates the equiptment. Sunnova explained to me that I was misinformed and if my panels did not provide enough electric I would have to pay the difference plus the fixed rate , my electric bills are now doubled. I asked Sunnova for a copy of my contract and after reading it I noticed some pages I had never seen and luckily did not sign. These pages were hidden from me so I wouldn't read the real terms and conditions because I would not have agreed to them. My coworkers contract is also missing his signature in the same area and he was mislead also so now we are both filing complaints and going to arbitration. Code green solar doesn't care because sunnova dropped them and no longer wants them selling their product. Furthermore after the solar was live I called about my sign up bonus and spoke to Megan who said the checks will be mailed out in two weeks. 2 months later no check, spoke to Megan again who said I will expedite and you should receive your bonus soon. 4 months later Megan tells me the check will be mailed out this Friday so I give one more opportunity and guess what..No check. 6 months later I asked to speak to a supervisor and am transferred to Megan who then transfers me to Sunnova the solar company who has nothing to do with the sign up bonus of $1000. So back to Megan again for the fourth time in six months and she tells me they are no longer affiliated with Sunnova so I will not receive my $1000 bonus. Dear Megan since you clearly do not understand the law, it is illegal to offer something then retract it because you no longer are affiliated with a company, the promotion was offered by code green solar . The promotion was by code green solar therefore you must honor that since the work was complete, so now I have to file a second law suit in court to get my promotiom.I see the owner has responded to some of the complaints and since I can not get in touch with him because they keep transferring my to Megan lets see if he will call me directly to resolve this matter before we go to courr? 732-551-0504..ill be waiting for your call and by the way I'm a real estate agent and can assure you when a client asks about solar I do not mention your company anymore.

Posted by joshlask on Feb 20, 2018
Free Roof, Free Solar

Salesman I met was professional. I needed a new roof which they assured me they could and would handle, I met other companies who said my roof was fine and that solar would protect it but months later would cancel on me. Total waste of time. Code Green worked the roof into my payments and I'm still spending less for my electric than I would without the solar up there. Black panels and black frames look good too.

Posted by joseph.dandurand on Apr 11, 2017
Flexable and Affordable programs!

Since me and my aunt only share a large house together after my uncle passed away we don't use much electricity, yet Code Green's many programs showed me that I could afford to go solar and even save money with our low usage. Our sales rep was very professional and they kept in contact with us during the whole process of the instillation, it took a bit longer than expected but it turned out beautiful. The panels they use are unlike any of our neighbors . my aunt even loved how they looked and she hated the ones around the neighborhood. I recommend this company to all that have a desire to go green and the many different options they offer beat all the other company's I've talked to.

Posted by thereallogan23 on Apr 11, 2017
Education, trust, family

So after sitting with multiple solar installers I decided to make the switch to solar with Code Green. Why? Because before they came and sat with me I had no idea how these solar programs worked. Not only did they explain how I could get this system installed with no money out of pocket. But they also explained the differences in solar panels and inverters and all the rest of the stuff every company left out. There is so many different products and not a single other company brought this to my attention. This company won my trust and I know I got the best deal. The panels aren't that dated blue and chrome trim design. They are sleek all black panels with a skirt to cover the gap. Im really big on aesthetics. I was totally against getting some ugly panels on my roof but after meeting with them and seeing the final product I've never been happier. My new electric bill in $6.08. I was spending an average of $200 a month! Thank you so much Code Green. I highly recommend these guys to anyone!

Posted by Shbradley32 on Apr 11, 2017
I needed a roof!

This company went above and beond! Even though I needed a roof and I couldnt afford to replace it on my own. They made me an incredible package deal they couldnt be beat.

Posted by rschif856 on Apr 11, 2017
Excellent Install Experience

Since my daughter works in the solar industry, she was very opinionated about who was going to install my solar and how they would do it. Overall I was very happy with everything, even though it took several months to finish. It looks good and I'm told it's performing well. My only complaint is that the panels were on my roof a month before I could turn them on, but they do look better than some of my neighbors.

Posted by mljns.nelson on Apr 11, 2017



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