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Moxie Solar - Profile & Reviews

MOXIE was founded in 2008 out of a desire to bring new energy options to the country and to help educate people about the many benefits of solar energy and electric vehicles. Since then, MOXIE has grown to be the United States' leading provider of solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications. With over 1,500 successfully completed projects and predominantly 5-star customer reviews, we're proud of our role in creating a more sustainable future for our clients and our world.

MOXIE is also proud to offer a special solar discount program for Healthcare Professionals, First Responders, and Active-Duty/Veteran Military and Reserves members. Call us today to learn more or to schedule a free, no-obligation virtual consultation!

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  • "The Best Solar Installer For Iowa/Illinois"

    Reviewed Nov 01, 2020
    "The Best Solar Installer For Iowa/Illinois"

    Reviewed Nov 01, 2020

    I'll start this review by giving anyone who cares to read my review enough context as to how I ended up with Moxie Solar.

    I was looking for a specific solar installer who will make sure that even after the installation that we would end up starting a great relationship not just with the organization itself but also with the people behind the organization.

    1. Great customer service.
    2. They need to know more than what I know regarding PV systems.
    3. Quality work i.e. spotless installation and attention to detail just like me.
    4. E-mail only because of my busy schedule at work.

    I started out looking for installers at EnergySage, I opened it up to the Marketplace and a couple of installers left me a message asking me for specifics.

    I gave them as much detail as I can but almost all of the solar installers from EnergySage didn't seem to think I was serious about solar. Come to think of it, they probably thought that I wouldn't have the financial capacity to have the option if I want to pay cash—I'm just some random guy online who doesn't want to talk on the phone because I don't really have anything to offer to them.

    So I started pretty much searching on Google "Quad Cities Solar Installer" since I live in the Quad Cities and I also started watching videos on YouTube to see if there were any videos about solar regarding Quad Cities.

    I sent an email to the top 10 search results, one of which was Moxie Solar.

    A couple of days later, I got an e-mail from someone—Julian Vandervelde. I've heard that name before, in fact, I saw him on TV talking about solar in the Quad Cities.

    His first e-mail and I quote.

    > Do you have a phone number I could reach you at? I'd like to gather some additional information and see if we can be of service to you.

    Guess what my reply was?

    > Here's my phone numb er but I highly prefer e-mail.

    At this point, and based on my experience with other solar installers I already assumed that he'll try and point out that talking on the phone is better plus some other million reasons.

    His next reply was...

    > Alright, that works for me.

    Mind you, that reply was after an hour. Not a couple of days but after an hour...at 9:44 PM.

    Here I'm looking at my e-mail and thinking, hmm. Let's give this guy and Moxie Solar a shot since he accommodated my request without question. That is enough to put his organization's first foot on the door to try and earn my business.

    After more than 150+ emails and a lot of amended contracts because of some changes that were required by yours truly or by their engineers, we finally settled on a design and a set of solar panels.

    At this point, Julian has given me a discount because Moxie Solar won't be available to accommodate the initial design that we have agreed upon.

    I settled on a different set of solar panels which are in fact better than the initial solar panels except this has a lower wattage but a lot more efficient. I'm OK with this since I will still be able to offset 100% of my energy usage.

    On with the game.

    Now comes the waiting game because of all the bureaucracy that's needed in order for Moxie Solar to get approved to install the PV system.

    What did I do as their customer? Sign paperwork.

    What else? Nothing. Everything was handled by Moxie Solar.

    Fast-forward to installation day.

    If it wasn't for COV-19, they would be done in a day.

    Everyone was very professional and was very accomodating to me (I like to be around taking pictures and videos) for my vlog.

    On my first inspection, I noticed that some panels were misaligned so I dropped an e-mail to Julian and he sent Dale and his crew again to fix the alignment.

    As the PV system install settles down, there's probably going to be some minor adjustments to it is "dialled-in" to my specifications as a customer.

    And so it did happen—city inspections needed an adjustment on my breaker, some panels need some adjustment and other small stuff.

    And mind you this was during the re-org at Moxie Solar so while sometimes the responses took longer than a few weeks, every single time, Moxie Solar has accommodated my request.

    It's been roughly 6 months now after I officially turned on my Solar and I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

    Here's a rough timeline.

    - First point of contact—January 11, 2020
    - Turn on Solar—Last week of June 2020

    Even until now, my Solar REC contract is being processed which I believe is normal.

    If you have the money, pay cash. I paid cash for my installation and I can't wait for tax season next year.

  • "Hostile Experience Getting A Proposal"

    Reviewed Aug 27, 2020
    "Hostile Experience Getting A Proposal"

    Reviewed Aug 27, 2020

    I was contacted by Moxie Solar. They wanted to provide a proposal for a 6.8kW project. The day before our scheduled call I got a question about the size of the install I was looking for. I provided that information, and I thought to save some time I would let Moxie know that the per watt proposals I already had were around $2.93.

    He essentially cancelled the call stating that his proposal would be higher than $2.93 a watt, and that Moxie only offers "top quality products" and that if I am "just looking for the cheapest option" he wouldn't waste my time.

    I think that $2.90-$3.00 a watt is a fair market rate in August 2020. If they aren't competing at that price point, I think that Moxie just isn't competing. The whole proposal process left me with a bad feeling about Moxie in general.

  • "No service after purchase"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2020

    Update. After my initial review they have stepped up. My system went down again a couple days later and sent an electrician to fix it after hours. He did a fantastic job and it is working as it should now.
    Bought 42 panel array December 20 , 2019. Turned on finally April 24, 2020. June 17, 2020 the #1 inverter stopped working and 24 of the 42 panels are no longer producing power. Numerous phone calls with voicemails, emails, and tickets submitted online. Yet no response from Moxie Solar. However if you choose option 1 they’ll answer to sell you a system. Option 2 for current customers goes straight to voicemail. So obviously don’t care about servicing what they sell. Just making more money and selling more junk.

  • "Done professional, done right"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2020

    In times of new technology it is risky and daunting to put your money into something new like solar panels. I think Moxie understands this and made me feel at ease every step of the way. The Moxie team was prompt with my questions, the crew worked fast and professionally, and here I type before you using power from the sun. I was happy to do business with Moxie. I am most grateful for all the legwork they did with permits and inspections from the city and Ameren. Any time something went wrong (inverter, failed inspection, technical issue), Moxie immediately notified me and fixed it within a day. This is business done right.

  • "Moxie gave us a great solar experience"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2020
    "Moxie gave us a great solar experience"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2020

    From start to finish, Moxie was great to work with. We learned so much about solar and renewable energy and realized how affordable it actually is! The install was quick and efficient and interesting to watch. They explained everything thoroughly and walked us through the use of the equipment, how to read the Solar Edge inverter system and even helped us submit the paperwork for the tax credits.

    We would highly recommend Moxie Solar!

  • "Moxie Solar, North Liberty"

    Reviewed Jan 25, 2020

    We were lucky read aboutf the "Soloarize Johnson County" project and we able to work with Moxie Solar through that. We had thought about adding solar for many years, but thought we just couldn't afford it. Moxie explained every step while we considered adding it, and then was very professional while installing it. They also are still very responsive anytime I have a question.

    Sharie Greif
    Response from Moxie Solar
    Responded Jan 25, 2020
    Response from Moxie Solar
    Responded Jan 25, 2020

    I am thrilled that you found MOXIE and it's always great to hear when a customer has a good experience. Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

  • "Easy install and great service!"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2020
    "Easy install and great service!"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2020

    Everything was easy! The quote, financial compare, set up of dates to install, installation, etc. it was all so easy. Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful and everything ran very smoothly. We recommend Moxie to all of our neighbors and friends.

    Sharie Greif
    Response from Moxie Solar
    Responded Jan 20, 2020
    Response from Moxie Solar
    Responded Jan 20, 2020

    Thank you for taking the time to leave MOXIE a review. It's always good to hear from a happy customer.

  • "Awesome experience"

    Reviewed Jan 13, 2020

    This was the easiest project I've ever had done. Moxie took care of everything from start to finish and installed my system in one day!

    Sharie Greif
    Response from Moxie Solar
    Responded Jan 14, 2020
    Response from Moxie Solar
    Responded Jan 14, 2020

    Joe, thank you for taking the time to leave MOXIE a review. We work hard to ensure all of our customers have a positive experience. It's always good to hear from a happy customer.

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MOXIE stands apart from the competition with in-house solar experts that make the process of going solar quick and easy. Not only do we focus on solar education before sales, but we are the only solar company in the nation with a Rapid Installation Team™ (R.I.T.). This team of specialized solar experts makes the process of going solar lightning-fast, without ever sacrificing quality, customer service, and attention to detail. With our real-time protocol, we have a laser focus on every customer's "Solar Experience" and using our unique virtual processes, the MOXIE R.I.T. can install your system up to 3X faster than the national average! This means you start saving green and being green faster than ever before. Lastly, we always stand by our Five Star Guarantee which covers MOXIE's workmanship promise, bumper to bumper warranty, superior customer service, uptime guarantee, and free monitoring system.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Moxie Solar Headquarters

323 W Cherry St
North Liberty, IA
52317 United States

Local Offices (5)

  • 220 Emerson Place, Suite #100
    Davenport, IA 52801
  • 1202 3rd St SE, Suite 103
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
  • 610 Abington St, Suite H
    Peoria, IL 61603
  • 501 W 1st St
    Dixon, IL 61021
  • 2101 W Carroll Ave, Suite 100
    Chicago, IL 60612
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Workmanship Warranty

Moxie Solar hereby guarantees the proper and complete execution of the work in accordance with the specifications and instructions of the manufacturer and good building practice. Moxie Solar further guarantees that all work will be overseen and executed by trained professionals. In the event of any defect arising in your solar system by reason of poor workmanship within a period of one-year of the date of the guarantee, Moxie Solar will repair or renew the defect at its own cost.




NABCEP: #032611-352


Cincinnati Insurance Company
General Liability, Automobile Liability and Umbrella Insurance

States served by Moxie Solar

  • Colorado CO ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Illinois IL ,
  • Indiana IN ,
  • Iowa IA ,
  • Minnesota MN ,
  • New Mexico NM ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • Ohio OH ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • Texas TX ,
  • Virginia VA ,
  • Wisconsin WI