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Solar Watt Solutions Inc - Profile & Reviews

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  • "Exceeded expectations..."

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2020

    A thoroughly professional team. They arrived on time, and finished ahead of schedule. Everyone wore masks, kept me informed at all times, and were clearly skilled at what they were doing. They worked like a finely tuned machine. Exceeded expectations at every turn. Exceptional value for the cost. I wholeheartedly recommend this company. They will not disappoint.

  • "Bets Decision We Could Have Made!!!"

    Reviewed Nov 13, 2020
    "Bets Decision We Could Have Made!!!"

    Reviewed Nov 13, 2020

    We are so impressed with the entire Solar Watt Solutions team. They were friendly, professional and their customer service has exceed all expectations. I give them my highest recommendation - don't look anywhere else!

  • "Great company!"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2020

    Our 9KW system is up and running! Could not be happier with the system and this company. I did my diligence and it came down to Andrew and Solar Watt with SolarEdge/REC or Sunpower, glad I went the way I did.

    Excellent communication before, during and after the installation. A change requested by the roofing company was addressed immediately with no delay to the install. The install team were polite and clean as well. 3 days from start to power on! Thanks Solar Watt!

  • "Best Solar Company Out There!"

    Reviewed Jul 11, 2020

    No complaints at all when working with Solar Watt Solutions! Very easy and HONEST!! They answered all of our questions quickly and honestly and they made it very easy to understand when explaining the process. During this COVID time we did everything online which made things even easier. I would highly recommend using them when deciding to go solar. The whole crew was very polite and the pricing was perfect. It was a no brainer for us to go with Solar Watt Solutions!!

  • "CoolPV!"

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2020

    I had a CoolPV system installed in November and was impressed with the professionalism of everyone I dealt with, including the installation teams. But, I wanted to wait until now for my review so that I could honestly report on the Pool Heating and Solar Energy production combined. I am happy to say that my Pool Heating is working perfectly and that I am producing the Solar Energy that I expected to or more. This is a great company to do business with, and I couldn't be happier.

  • "Solar Watt Stands Behind Their Word"

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2020
    "Solar Watt Stands Behind Their Word"

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2020

    Solar Watt Solutions is the real deal. We transitioned to solar in 2012. One of the smarter things we have done. We interviewed several companies. Some of which were clowns. Dave presented our options clearly without pressure so we could make an informed decision. As a small business owner ourselves, all we were looking for was a company that offered a quality product, at a fair price and stood behind their word. Now 2020 I can confirm that Solar Watt Solutions does all of those. Since our system install 8 years ago, we have referred Solar Watt Solutions to several friends that inquired about our experience and added them into their mix of quotes. All of which ultimately went with Solar Watt Solutions and communicated how impressed and happy they were with their experience. We also expanded our solar system to increase production to accommodate a "geo electric water heater" converting from propane hot water heater. Another smarter thing we have done. But the real reason for posting this review now after 8 years is that after the succession of heavy storms that we experienced this winter we experienced a leak under a panel section. Hey it happens. With no question Dave sent out his crew and remedied the situation promptly and professionally standing behind their warranty. I generally do not post reviews. If your in the market for solar you need to include Solar Watt Solutions them in your fact finding quote mix......the rest will take care of itself.

  • "A great company"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2019

    We hired Solar Watt Solutions a couple of years ago to install solar panels for our home. They were knowledgable and helpful in choosing the right panels for our electrical demands. We have contacted them only a few times since installation, and they were quick to respond to our questions. I would recommend Solar Watt Solutions to anyone interested in installing solar panels in their home or business.

  • "Professional, Reliable, and all around Awesome!"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019
    "Professional, Reliable, and all around Awesome!"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2019

    We recently decided to check into solar and after meeting Jim with Solar Watt solutions we were extremely impressed. We actually vetted 2 other companies and by far Solar Watt Solutions system, warranty and technology was superior. We use the CoolPV Solar Panels - which uses thermal heat from the panels to heat our pool.
    We have been very pleased with every aspect of our installation process -- They were very upfront and professional. Dave has also been great to work with . Everything went exactly as they promised.
    We have had our system for a short time, but are extremely happy.

  • "Excellent experience!"

    Reviewed May 27, 2019

    Solar Watt Solutions did our solar installation in Nov 2017. We couldn’t be happier with the experience and the results. Everything from the initial consultation, the installation itself and the follow up was done with uttermost professionalism, quality and honesty. We highly recommend using them for your solar needs.

    Moises & Lucy Hassan
    San Diego, CA

  • "Great service, latest tech, competitive prices"

    Reviewed May 27, 2019
    "Great service, latest tech, competitive prices"

    Reviewed May 27, 2019

    We have installed solar panels into two of our houses and have used Solar Watt in both cases. We're very pleased with Dave, the owner, who takes his time explaining the available options, benefits and drawbacks, and has accommodated all our needs and requests. He offers the latest solar technology and does not charge a premium for that. His prices were quite competitive, especially with the big companies out there. We were quite happy with the work of his team, timing of installations and overall outcome. We have recommended him to our friends and neighbors.

  • "Professional interaction and installation"

    Reviewed May 25, 2019
    "Professional interaction and installation"

    Reviewed May 25, 2019

    Professional interaction and installation from beginning to end.

  • "Best of the Best"

    Reviewed May 25, 2019

    Highly recommended!!
    How often do you hire a contractor who does exactly what they said, and when they said they'd do it.

  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    Our experience with Dave and his crew was wonderful, easy, fast and reliable.
    If we have any questions, Dave is always available to answer them. We highly recommend them to anyone considering solar.

  • "Honesty and Service"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    Honesty and service is what I got from Solar Watt Solutions. SWS was recommended by a friend who had done his own installation. Dave Watt came to my house and suggested what I needed. I told him that I wanted to do my own installation. He agreed and did calculations with his gizmo to determine the best panel number/placement and gave me a price. He handled the permitting process and sent me the materials. They arrived on 3 pallets in about a week and a half if I remember correctly. The hardest part was finding the location of my trusses beneath the concrete roof tiles. I had questions about what the plans they gave me and was able to talk to a person who clarified what I was to do. After about 3 years one of the reporting gizmos failed, they noticed this because they must periodically monitor systems. Dave himself came to my house, found the failure and replaced the component all free of charge. Since installation I have never owed SDG&E in fact with my 25 panels i now have a $235 credit with SDG&E. I recommend them without reservation.

  • "Best Investment Ever!"

    Reviewed May 23, 2019

    Dave Watt, and the entire team at SolarWatt Solutions, are professional and greatly skilled in solar panel installation. The installation was absolutely seamless from start to finish. It's been two full years and they are in constant contact in monitoring the system and assuring any concerns.

  • "We're happy so far"

    Reviewed May 23, 2019

    We're happy so far with everything. No problems.

  • "First time solar install"

    Reviewed May 23, 2019

    We used Solar Watt Solutions to install a 33 panel LG system that is providing min 1500 KwH's per month. Great that we are fully covered using meter averaging on two separate residences with a large swimming pool and spa on our property. Dave is excellent regarding all information on our solar requirements and is up to date on new developments in the solar area. He is responsive, efficient and a great person to work with. Highly recommended!
    Ed & Sandra, Encinitas, California

  • "The Best!"

    Reviewed May 22, 2019

    Over three years ago SolarvWatt installed our solar panels. They did excellent work and since installation they have answered all of our questions about our solar, and kept us up-to-date on our usage. Dave Watt is a wonderful resource for us and in comparing our friends’ experiences with their solar we have found that we could not have chosen a better company to install our solar and to keep it running efficiently.

  • "Solar Watt is the BEST!!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed May 22, 2019
    "Solar Watt is the BEST!!!!!!!!"

    Reviewed May 22, 2019

    I did the research for 9 months. Dave new I was comparing. Can't say enough on how he was there and answered all my questions. Got down to final numbers and he beat them all. Dave also stopped me from spending more than I needed. Solar Watt provided the roofer for the new roof which was great. He put the solar on in 2 days, on time and a great crew. No doubt I would refer him to all.

  • "Highly Recommend"

    Reviewed May 21, 2019

    The whole Solar Watt team was great ! Their analysis was spot on - the panels are oriented for maximum performance and are not obtrusive from the street- something that was important to us. They were able to schedule the work at year end (2018) so we received the tax benefits. The installation was fast and efficient - very professional. Solar Watt was recommended by two friends and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for first class, hassle-free, pleasant experience.

  • "Excellent Quality, Service and Value"

    Reviewed May 17, 2019
    "Excellent Quality, Service and Value"

    Reviewed May 17, 2019

    This is an outstanding Company who will work hard to design the system that is right for you, install it properly and then provide excellent ongoing service. One of the best suppliers I have worked with in San Diego over the past 15 years. I have recommended Dave to several friends and will continue to do so.

  • "Successful Solar from Watt"

    Reviewed May 16, 2019

    Extremely professional accurate and precise. Impressive time spent for accurate installation.

  • "Adding Solar"

    Reviewed May 16, 2019

    We already had solar and I shopped around to look for another company to add solar to our house. Solar Watt Solutions was one of the few companies that would work with us since we already had solar. Additionally they were very attentive to my needs and were competitive with their pricing. Additionally they have honored their commitment to monitor both of our systems.

  • "Great Solar Company"

    Reviewed May 15, 2019

    We used Solar Watt Solutions for our solar installation at our home and business. They were very easy to work with and we could not be happier. Absolutely love our savings on our SDG&E bill, especially during the summer when we use our AC guilt free.

  • "Fantastic company"

    Reviewed May 15, 2019

    Ollie as our rep and he was just awesome! He answered all of my questions and willing to meet on my schedule and location. Very professional and organized. Ollie always answer my questions whether its an email or text. Ollie is also very honest. I have received from other solar companies and they attempt to sell you the solar panels at a lower cost, but they say the electrical panels has to be replaced. This is where they make most profit. So watch out for the other shady solar companies.

    As for the installation, Dave Watt was on site personally for the city inspector making sure that it was a smooth approval. I highly recommend Solar Watt Solutions to my family and friends!

  • "Undoubtedly smartest decision made"

    Reviewed May 15, 2019
    "Undoubtedly smartest decision made"

    Reviewed May 15, 2019

    Solar Watt Solution was very helpful explaining the benefits of having the solar panels installed. Oh boy, were they right! The permitting process, install and connection was a walk in the park, because they did all the work within a two week period. Our electrical bill last month was -$54. Thank you for the enlightenment, Dave.

  • "Awesome solar company"

    Reviewed May 11, 2019

    Solar Watt Solutions installed solar on our house the end of October..
    After getting 5 quotes I selected them and i am very happy I did.
    The work they did was perfect and they were very professional through out the entire process. I highly recommend them.
    Richard Fisher

  • "Great solar installer"

    Reviewed May 08, 2019

    Now I can stop saying "were thinking about it but its so expensive" Its done and doing what is supposed to. Lowering our carbon footprint, lowering our utility bills and allowing us to add on - elect. warm floors in the bathrooms and a mini split unit in the back rooms to lower summer heat. We haven't paid a penny for elect. power since panels were installed. Dave's team is great to work with - presentation was informative and low pressure - permits, engineering and installation was very quick, clean and professional.

  • "Solar Watt Solutions - Amazing!"

    Reviewed May 08, 2019
    "Solar Watt Solutions - Amazing!"

    Reviewed May 08, 2019

    Dave & the team exceeded our expectations from initial contact to completion. Have continued to refer them to anyone we know who is looking at solar.

  • "Over the top service"

    Reviewed May 06, 2019

    Dave Watt, owner/engineer, of Solar Watt Solutions does an amazing job of explaining all points on the solar install. From an interest in the science that provides the power to the nuances in dealing with the power company, Dave and his trustworthy team are there. Completely satisfied in all ways.

  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed May 06, 2019

    My system has been in for several years and I could not be happier with the performance of both Solar Watt Solutions and the equipment. When there was a problem with a couple of inverters, they brought it to my attention and immediately corrected the issue at no cost to me & compensated me for lost generation. The installation was painless and without issues!!

  • "An honest solar company"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

    Solar Watt was a pleasure to deal with. Dave gave me all the details and options between the different systems that people install. There was never any pressure and you could tell that he truly meant that he would never install anything that he wouldn't put on his own house.
    We put on a high quality LG system with no money out of pocket and no payments for a year. It is great watching the electric meter spin backwards.
    The installation team was also great. Everything was clean and professional

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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25 year 100% solar production guarantee
25 year workmanship warranty
8 week installation guarantee (we guarantee your solar system will be installed and turned on within 8 weeks of the day you sign up with us)
Top notch service before, during and after installation
One of the most experienced install teams in the industry
Solar Watt Solution GIVES BACK (we donate 5 solar light systems to needy families in Africa for every solar system we install)

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Solar Watt Solutions Inc Headquarters

1372 Cynthia Lane
Carlsbad, CA
92008 United States


B General Contractor


General Contractor: 952337

States served by Solar Watt Solutions Inc

  • California CA