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Diablo Solar Services, Inc

Diablo Solar is one of the East Bay’s leading installers of American-made solar products. We offer a wide selection of brand name products, with the best warranties, installed by the Bay Area’s highly trained, top- rated solar installers. The main brand of panels, inverters and other equipment we offer include SolarWorld, Suniva, LG Electronics, Hanwha Q Cells, SunPower, Inverter Options, SolarEdge, and SMA America.
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Diablo Solar did a great job for me

Diablo Solar did a great job for me. The sales people gave plenty of information, with no pressure. There was a good selection of quality panels and inverters. The sales person stayed involved throughout the process and facilitated approvals and inspections from the city and my HOA. They also coordinated work with Durolasr, the company that my home has a roofing warranty with. After Diablo Solar installed mounts, the Durolast people came to inspect, put boots on the mounts, and made sure they were satisfied. Durolast then signed off that my roofing warranty is still valid. Everyone from the office staff to the installers to the sales person were unfailingly knowledgeable, helpful and easy to deal with. I can monitor every panel separately online at Solar Edge for free for the life of the system. I can see individual and aggregate data going back to the beginning. I’m very happy with my experience, and several of my neighbors have gotten systems from them as well.

Posted by jmercurmft on Jan 15, 2020



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