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Harrimans Inc

Harrimans is the premiere solar installation/service company in Southwest Florida. With a proven track record of 50 years in business - and 23,000+ customers - as licensed, state certified commercial and residential solar and electric contractors, we have the experience and knowledge to assist clients with all of their solar needs.
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  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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1 year workmanship warranty


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Full insurance coverage including workers compensation coverage

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  • Better Business Bureau
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

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  • Certified Installer

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The way of the future

We researched the solar energy offers of eight companies and decided finally to work with Tom Harriman, who visited our home for a detailed analysis and again for more detailed evaluation of our options. We agreed on a 34 panel solar system with two 10 KWh backup batteries. The system was calculated to be able to supply the house with all essential power for the case of a multi-day loss of power from the grid. The county inspector, reviewing the final installed system, congratulated us on selecting a good installer. Harriman’s team did an excellent job of installing the system within the timeframe promised and the first test showed that it was up to the task to provide 24 hour power for the AC, refrigerator/freezer, TV, lights, security, computers and coffee maker, while generating enough extra power to charge the batteries to run everything during the next night. The system is running now for more than a year, so that we can compare power usage from the grid and the cost savings through the solar system. Our yearly power consumption from the grid was 22.8 MW, which included extensive heating of a 20,000 gal pool as well. In its first full year, the solar system produced 17.2 MWh. Supported by better energy choices through the SolarEdge monitoring system, we had a net consumption from the grid of 83 KWh or $ 9.45 worth of energy. We are paying nearly every months only the $9.00 connection fee to FPL and enjoy currently a reserve of 911 KWh energy, which we delivered more to FPL than they delivered to us. At this rate of system production versus our earlier power cost, the solar panels pay for themselves in 9 years. The backup batteries allowed us to not buy a backup generator, which would have cost about the same to get installed. Our system works quietly, fully automated with no need for expensive maintenance or refueling of a loud generator. Considering the power losses of transporting electricity through the grid, generating our most of our power needs is much smarter from a total balance perspective, better for the environment and the right choice for the future.

Posted by hermannschaller on Oct 07, 2019
Solar Installation and operations for entire home energy use.

Our solar purchase and installation went very well. We were given all the information needed prior to purchasing. We selected Harriman’s over two other contractors. After purchased, Harriman’s keep us updated on permitting and when installation would begin. Installation was on time, went as planned, and professional. Once completed, Harriman’s arranged all necessary paperwork to get the two-way meter installed by FPL, and final inspection. Our system has been working ever since. We are surprised by how effortless the system has been. Based of our electric generation and usage in the first half year of operation we believe the sizing of our solar array will produce enough electricity to cover all our usage, which is exactly what was stated and what we expected. Thanks Harriman’s

Posted by barrysc944 on May 26, 2019
Very pleased with choice in going solar

It was a significant decision in an area in which our initial knowledge was limited. After reading enough to know what to ask, we interviewed five different vendors. That proved to be very instructive. All wanted information on our previous energy utilization and had access to impressive internet data on our roof design and surface area to come up with a proposal. Some never actually came to the house. We chose Harrimans for several reasons. They were the only company that first went through to see if there were ways we could minimize our power needs. Since pool pumps and conventional hot water heaters are big users they suggested converting to a variable speed pool pump and a true separate solar hot water heater. Making these changes significantly reduced the size of the solar PV array needed to power everything else. The money saved by needing fewer panels paid for the other improvements. They also were the only company that went on to the roof to take measurements of the sun’s actual penetration to various areas rather than relying on satellite photos only. Finally, they were local with a long track record of various solar installations. They took care of all the permitting and did a very efficient and courteous installation using the most productive panels available. I now enjoy going to the app on my smart phone that shows me the output of the panels on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The only greater joy is a much reduced FPL bill.

Posted by jimloisweeks on May 20, 2019
Solar Photovoltaic System

Harrimans has done an excellent job on the installation of my system from the initial meeting to the install. As with any project there are minor hiccups along the way and the staff was great about keeping me informed. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to install solar.

Posted by tewatson on May 14, 2019
Solar solution

Randy and Kenny did a wonderful job installing a car charger and fixing my pool solar broken by the pool maintenance company. Randy carefully explained my options for installing a 40 amp car charger and helped me to arrive at the most economical solution. Communication was excellent and the work was done in a timely manner.

Posted by richardyonker88 on May 14, 2019



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