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Forecast Solar

Forecast Solar was founded on the principle of designing and installing quality solar systems at affordable prices. For almost 20 years we have made renewable energy possible for anyone with good sun exposure.
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When locally owned Forecast Solar was formed almost 20 years ago, its founders already had 35 years in roofing and electrical experience. Offering a unique history in the two trades and believing you can offer both quality and affordability, Forecast Solar has helped lead the way in making solar possible for thousands of Washington homeowners. Our cost and efficiency has even encouraged other solar companies to lower their prices, and now the solar industry in Washington is thriving.
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(425) 487-6000
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Locally owner and installing solar in Washington for nearly two decades.

  2. North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified.

  3. 5-Star support before, during, and after installation.

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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Forecast Solar was born when founder Greg Gorsuch received several high-priced solar proposals for his own home. Being a roofing contractor himself, he knew there had to be a better way. Greg merged his already successful roofing company with a local electrical contractor in 2005 and has been able to offer solar at a superior value within the Northwest solar industry ever since. Our team is made up of talented NABCEP certified sales, service, electricians, and engineers. Forecast's owners are involved from the start to finish and only hire employees who are experts in their respective professions. With thousands of solar installations under their belt, Forecast Solar remains one of the most competitive and well-rounded solar companies in Washington, not only to purchase solar from, but also to work for.

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Business Incorporation: FORECRL955MK
Electrical License: FORECRS883DG
Electrical Admin: HERTZKR951DU


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Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Washington
  • Solar Installers of Washington

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • SolarEdge Preferred

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An excellent choice for us.

My wife was nervous about considering penetrations to our expensive Presidential roof and said she’d almost feel better if a sustem could be installed by a roofing contractor . We were quite pleased to find that Forecast Solar IS also a roofing contractor. Due to a miscalculation, it turned out during the install that our available roof space could not accommodate the full number of panels we had signed up for. To make certain that our solar production would meet our original expectations Forecast supplied super premium high-efficiency panels to make up the difference in total wattage … at no additional cost to us. In the early months I had questions about the software app etc. Their office manager was very helpful and friendly. Great people and a great system. We are going on our fifth year now. We would do it again and we would do it with Forcast Solar. Doug Hertzog - Bothell WA

Posted by doughertzog1 on Mar 17, 2023
Forecast Solar

Forecast Solar was great to work with and did great work. They helped me with initial planning in my new home construction to make sure layout worked for solar panel installation on house and detached garage. My contractor was not into this so their input was critical and all went well. They are also roofing contractor so take great care with that aspect. Communication was never an issue.

Posted by delicatelight on Feb 25, 2023
Happpy With Experience

Overall, very happy with my experience with Forecast Solar. They outlined the solar program, educated me on my options (in-state panels/inverters vs out of-state panels/inverters), and worked with us through the inspection process. Lastly, they send out periodic email updates about solar legislation and ways to optimize our solar experience (cleaning the panels).

Posted by jordan.prince on Jun 26, 2019
New solar system and battery backup

These guys did an excellent job getting us qualified for the maximum return rate, a great low interest loan and a usable battery backup for times when power is down. They did what they said the would and gave us great service! Highly recommended.

Posted by 2mitchevans on Jun 23, 2019
Forecast Solar met our needs!

Forecast solar and roofing provided a great experience for us,. we were hesitant to get panels installed but after learning of all the benefits, we are so excited moving forward! thanks so much to Forecast Solar for taking the time and having the patience to answer ALL of our questions and we really felt like they treated us like family! Plus the install process was quick, efficient, and professional! thank you, Forecast Solar!

Posted by bdennis25 on Jun 21, 2019
Forecast Solar Made It Easy

From start to finish the Forecast Solar team did a quality design and installation on the roof areas of our house and garage. Ours is a 9kw system with all electrical conduit on the roof which meant only one penetration down to the junction, control, and service boxes. Not only did Forecast Solar do all the work with us at the installation site, they set up the permits, public utility, WA state and Federal requirements for incentives and rebates. Their continued monitoring of the system has identified a poor functioning solar cell and sent a technician to discover the cause. Our relationship to the company has been stellar. As for the performance of the system, we have had electric bills below $20/ month year-round since installation. We really like the monitoring system that came with the installation and can use it on all our internet appliances.

Posted by j.a.kutz on May 26, 2019



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