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SunVena Solar - Profile & Reviews

At SunVena we are a growing group of dynamic and talented people with one collective goal - to deliver an exceptional solar experience without the sales pitch. The goal remains ever more important to us today, as we continue to expand and evolve.

We've created a solar process that's educational, friendly, and simple to understand. By doing so, we ensure customer clarity, comfort, and confidence every step of the way. And the remarkable results of these efforts are evident in the lasting relationships we've built with our customers who continue to send their family & friends to us for their solar needs.

We make Solar Easy and Friendly. Let us show you how.

126 reviews

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  • "paga menos con Sunvena"

    Reviewed Apr 22, 2021

    Estoy encantada con Sunvena porque me ayudaron con mi bill de electricidad y ahora voy a pagar menos en luz. Excelente la explicacion de Brian en cuanto al funcionamiento del sistema. Me encanto la compania porque me hicieron sentir en familia, hasta el equipo de instaladores son excelentes personas. los recomiendo a ojos cerrados.

  • "Love this company"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2021

    Sunvena was great from the start. Kevin the representative was very helpful and helped us work with HOA without having us getting involved too much. I was updated all along the way. Would recommend Sunvena again for anyone interested in solar energy.

  • "Very Professional"

    Reviewed Apr 17, 2021

    Our experience with Sunvena was great, they were very professional and informative. Jake, our representative was always willing to answer any questions we had and kept in contact throughout the process. I spent a week trying to find a negative but I couldnt find anything I didnt like.

  • "Wonderful Company"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2021

    Wonderful experience with the Sun Vena team during the whole process. They were also courteous, friendly and respectful. I would recommend their service highly.

  • "excelente servicio"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2021

    Siempre estuvimos interesados en los paneles solares, Sunvena toco nuestra puerta, nos explicaron como funciona todo y nos gusto la idea. Brian fue muy amable, siempre contesto nuestras preguntas y dudas. El equipo de instaladores excelentes.

  • "pay less with sunvena"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2021

    The experience with Sunvena was good, I will pay less than Duke energy and I like the guarantee they offer. Pretty good company.

  • "the best solar company"

    Reviewed Apr 10, 2021

    Siempre habia escuchado de los paneles solares pero no tenia la informacion suficiente, hasta que conoci a Aldo y Tatiana, ellos me explicaron como funciona todo, me ensenaron la garantia del funcionamiento de los paneles en el contrato y eso fue lo que me gusto. Los instaladores trabajaron rapido y limpio!! Definitivamente volveria a trabajar con Sunvena porque me senti comoda y en familia.

  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Apr 10, 2021

    Since my first contact with the Sunvena agent, it was an incredible journey. Aldo was very professional, and all he had said to me has been done till now. The whole team has proven to be very professional in every aspect of that process. The installation team had done very well, and had protected my lawn, which I appreciated. I hope it is a good investment, and that Sunvena and us will stay in good relationship during those coming years and after. I have a 3 years old roof, no leak whatsoever, and I hope nothing of that kind will happen after the installation of the panels. Until the connection and the production of electricity. I have no complaints toward Sunvena and its staff.

  • "tienen garantia en el contrato!!"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2021

    Ya habia firmado con otra compania solar, pero logre cancelar a tiempo cuando Christian me explico todo a la perfeccion y me enseno la garantia de los paneles en el contrato, eso fue lo que mas me llamo la atencion de Sunvena. El equipo de instaladores trabajaron rapido, limpios y organizados. Muchas gracias por todo Sunvena!!

  • "Great customer service"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2021

    SunVena did an excellent job with the process from start to finish. They were responsive to my questions and addressed all of my concerns every step of the way.

  • "Recomendado 100%"

    Reviewed Apr 06, 2021

    Los tiempos cambian y con eso la tecnología también, quise probar un nuevo sistema en cuanto a la energía solar y elegí SunVena porque me explicaron como funciona todo muy claro, me ayudaron a ahorrar dinero en mi bill de electricidad. Por eso agradezco a mi representante Wolfgang por la ayuda y por tratarnos como familia.

  • "They have guarantee"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2021

    Sunvena exceeded our expectations, they have the guarantee for the panels, all the process was very easy and fast. our salesman Jason was very honest. He helped us and explained to us everything really good.

  • "Everything was awesome!!"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2021

    Wolfgang was an awesome sales person saved me much money.. Everything was awesome, the explanation, the installation well done. Thank you so much!!

  • "great company"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2021

    Very happy with the installation..Love the way everything is handled.. Aldo was very nice and he explained me everything well.

  • "Buena informacion!!"

    Reviewed Mar 02, 2021

    Recomiendo Sunvena por toda la informacion recibida de mi representante Wolfgang, Me explico muy bien el funcionamiento del sistema, la garantia de los paneles y tambien me ayudo a economizar dinero. Lograron instalar en un dia y todo fue muy rapido e impecable. Gracias por la ayuda!!

  • "great customer service"

    Reviewed Mar 02, 2021

    The process was very simple and was explained in great detail. Jomuel our rep sales and Customer service was great and they were able to walk us through each step. Anytime we had a question I was able to email, text or call and receive an answer. We would use them again and would recommend them to my friends and family.

    Tammy and Alex

  • "SunVena Cares"

    Reviewed Feb 25, 2021

    We chose to go solar because my daughter had done it before at her home and loved it. The entire experience has been fantastic. Everyone at the company is so kind, friendly, professional and approachable. You can tell they are a family business that cares about genuinely helping people.

  • "SunVena did a beautiful job!"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2021

    We chose SunVena because of their lease option for residential solar.  SunVena did a beautiful job of laying the panels and designing the system.  I was super impressed with the entire SunVena team.  Overall, it's been a seamless and fantastic experience.

  • "We were referred to SunVena!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021

    We looked into solar for a number of years, but did not decide to move forward until we were referred to SunVena by a co-worker we trusted.  Everything from start to finish has been fantastic.  Our system is up and running and we are excited to not being paying Duke for our power bill anymore.

  • "Choosing SunVena was Easy"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021

    We initially were going to do solar with another company but as time passed prior to installation, we realized they were not honest with us.  After looking at 3 different companies, we chose SunVena because the Energy Consultant's presentation made sense to us.  The process has been seamless and easy.

  • "SunVena was honest!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021

    Of the companies we spoke to, SunVena was the most honest about how solar power worked. We liked them because it was solar for our entire house and the electricity bill. After installation, they were cleaned well. Overall great experience.

    De las empresas con las que hablamos, SunVena fue la más honesta sobre cómo funcionaba la energía solar. Nos gustaron porque era solar para toda nuestra casa y la factura de la luz. Después de la instalación, se limpiaron bien. En general, gran experiencia.

  • "Our energy bill kept going up... that's why solar made sense"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021
    "Our energy bill kept going up... that's why solar made sense"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021

    When we first moved into this house, we had a lot of contractors come by and none of them were very professional.  SunVena stood out because they were professional, dressed in uniform, and focused on education first versus making a sale.  Our Energy Consultant answered all of our questions. We knew based on how our energy bill continued to go up, that going solar made sense to us.  It's been a great experience.

  • "Grandiosas personas!"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2021

    Sunvena excedio mis expectativas, en cuanto a la efectividad y la rapidez del proceso solar. Wolfgang nos ayudo mucho con la informacion de los paneles solares, siempre estuvo pendiente de todo. El equipo de instaladores hicieron un trabajo limpio, organizado y rapido.

  • "Recomendado!!"

    Reviewed Feb 19, 2021

    Realice cotizaciones con 4 companias solares, y como soy un hombre de numeros lo que mas me gusto de Sunvena fueron los precios y el interes financiero de los paneles, a su vez el servicio y la informacion de la ayuda federal.
    El proceso de instalacion me gusto mucho por la organizacion y la logistica realizada.

    Como cliente de SunVena, recomiendo dicha compania para la instalacion de los paneles solares en sus hogares.


  • "Lo maximo!!"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    Agradezco conocer a Sunvena, en especial a Wolfgang que me ayudo mucho, me dio toda la informacion acerca de los paneles solares, siempre estuvo pendiente de todo siendo muy amable.. me gusto mucho la opcion de los paneles en el techo de la casa, pero al hablarme de la pergola me encanto mas la idea, por lo tanto agradezco la instalacion de una gran pergola con 28 paneles e hizo mi sue#o realidad y estoy fascinada!!!! El equipo de instaladores fueron organizados, Gracias a Sunvena por ayudarme. Si estas pensando en colocar paneles en una pergola SUNVENA es justo lo que necesitas, no dejes pasar la oportunidad!!

  • "SunVena has excellent customer service!"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021
    "SunVena has excellent customer service!"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    We thought about solar for a while. In fact, our neighbor had solar installed and shared with us.  But it wasn't until we met Kevin with SunVena that we felt like we had enough information to move forward.  The initial process was very educational and we learned a lot versus feeling like we were being sold or pushed to make a decision.  Every question I had was answered and Kevin always got back to us quickly.  My husband was wowed by the install team, as he said their teamwork was great and the time it took the team to do the install was very quick.  We've already sent several referrals to SunVena!

  • "Hardworking team at SunVena"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    I was a business owner for a number of years, and I can spot those who are hardworking and care about what they do. Our Energy Consultant and the install team were great. They answered all of our questions and if they didn't know the answer, they found the answer. Everyone was very polite and professional. SunVena is a great company!

  • "The whole experience has been excellent!"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021
    "The whole experience has been excellent!"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    From the beginning, our Energy Consultant was extremely knowledgeable. He could speak in layman's terms but when I asked him to speak engineering language, he was easily able to make that transition and answer all the questions I have. The install was seamless and everyone I've worked with has been excellent.

  • "Customize System for My Home"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2021

    I was a business owner for a number of years and learned to read people really well. The initial impression you have with a company  matters.  With SunVena I felt at ease from the get go.  The system they created was customized to my home and to the install only took 1 day.  I chose SunVena because I liked what they had to offer, the cost was reasonable, and they stood out amidst the competition.

  • "Professional and Considerate"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2021

    SunVena has been great from the start. They were the only company I looked into that was not pushy, yet was incredibly professional, considerate and on top of things. They focused more on educating than convincing or pressuring me into anything, which was not the case for the other companies.

  • "We are a SunVena referral!"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2021

    We were referred to SunVena by our neighbor.  I had been researching solar for 5 years prior when we finally decided to make the leap.  The team at SunVena was top notch, no complaints, and the install crew got everything done super quick. They were by far one of the best contractor experiences we've had since owning our home.

  • "We love the power production guarantee!"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2021
    "We love the power production guarantee!"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2021

    We went with SunVena because it just made sense to us, especially the power production guarantee.  We did a little research on SunVena along the way too, and that made us feel comfortable.  Our energy consultant was great and came back multiple times to check in on our project.  It took a little longer than we expected from contract to install, but it was over the holidays.

  • "Going solar with SunVena was easy!"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021
    "Going solar with SunVena was easy!"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021

    We chose SunVena because we immediately connected with our Energy Consultant.  Going solar made sense to us because it help offset the cost of the bill, although it's taking us a little bit of time to learn the ins and outs of how solar works.  We thoroughly researched SunVena prior to moving forward by checking out all of the online reviews.  Everytime we had a question, it was answered and we felt very comfortable. A few things we learned that are important for others to know when looking into solar is that you are always connected to Duke, even with a base meter fee of around $10 a month.  Also, if you don't have a battery, your system does not work if a hurricane comes through because you are connected to the grid.  These are pieces of information we're still learning to navigate.

  • "Exceeded our expectations in every way!"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021
    "Exceeded our expectations in every way!"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2021

    We've always been energy efficient-minded. When we made the decision to pursue solar, SunVena came highly recommended. From our initial conversation to our system being on and functional, we have been pleased with everything. We initially felt comfortable and the customer service each step of the process has exceeded our expectations in every way. I am an engineer by trade and highly recommend SunVena!

  • "SunVena is a reflection of the sun!"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021
    "SunVena is a reflection of the sun!"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    We chose SunVena after comparing it to multiple companies and at the recommendation of neighbors who were very pleased. The power production guarantee and warranties stood out to us. Everyone at the company treated us like family. They had an incredible work ethic and attention to detail that you don't see from most people or companies nowadays. From install of our panels to when Duke switched out our meter was only much quicker than expectations. Duke raved about SunVena and told us that they are proactive in every way toward getting the system turned on as quickly as possible.

  • "I'm pleased with SunVena Solar!"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021
    "I'm pleased with SunVena Solar!"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    I chose SunVena Solar because they were locally owned and operated.  After learning about solar, it just made sense to us.  I did a lot of research, looked at online reviews and was pleased with what they had to offer.  I am a business owner myself and am always open to trying new things.

  • "Sunvena es familia!!"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2021

    Christian toco la puerta de mi casa, con mucha amabilidad y respeto me brindo toda la informacion necesaria para cambiarme a energia solar. El equipo de instaladores son excelentes personas y trabajaron rapido, pero lo que mas me gusto de la experiencia es que Sunvena te hace sentir en familia.

  • "very helpful!!"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2021

    Very helpful, chose them because of the production guarantee. Installation was quick, took them only one day. Jason and the staff were very responsive before and after, they are good about communication. I would recommend them to anyone going solar.

  • "100% recomendados"

    Reviewed Jan 29, 2021

    Aldo y Christian fueron muy amables siempre, profesionales y me ayudaron mucho con todo el proceso solar. Recomiendo Sunvena!!

  • "muy profesionales"

    Reviewed Jan 29, 2021

    Hable con varias companias de solar, no me gustaba como se expresaban y tampoco eran realistas. Luego conoci Sunvena y me encanto porque todo lo que ofrecen es real y sincero, mi representante me ayudo en todo lo que yo queria, me explico muy bien el funcionamiento de los paneles a futuro lo cual eso me motivo a colocarlos, el equipo de instaladores fueron muy amigables y trabajaron super rapido y limpio.

  • "If you're looking for a sign - Here it is!"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2021
    "If you're looking for a sign - Here it is!"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2021

    SunVena fulfilled my Solar needs and more! I couldn’t have had a better experience and I highly recommend SunVena to anyone looking to save money and help restore the environment. Our energy consultant Chantelle was informative, thoughtful, and never pushy. You could tell that this company genuinely cares about providing the best service and not just getting a sale. We went in solar novices and came out practically experts! The installation process was easy and once installed we have simply sat back and enjoyed the savings.
    5 stars for sure - If you are reading this in hopes to determine which solar provider to go with, trust me, I did all the research and more! Trust SunVena for all things solar - I did and I am very happy.

    - Dylan & Danielle

  • "Professional companie"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2021

    I'm very happy with Sunvena because they have the guarantee that other companies do not have. My representative Jason was very professional, responsible, respectful of the property, and when I have any questions he was always willing to answer me, they helped me a lot to save money in energy, I'm very grateful with Sunvena.

  • "Awesome company"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2021

    Sunvena exceeded our expectations, seeing the panels going on was the best experience, all the team members and my energy consultant were super nice, very honest and professional. Awesome company!!

  • "SunVena is extremely thorough and knowledgeable!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021
    "SunVena is extremely thorough and knowledgeable!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

    I was referred to SunVena by some of my friends who had gone solar awhile back.  They were encouraging me to do solar because of the great experience they had.  My Energy Consultant was phenomenal, super knowledgeable, extremely thorough and answered all my questions.  I'm excited to save on my monthly energy bill!

  • "Guaranteed warranty!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

    We talked with other companies, but we choose Sunvena for the guaranteed warranty, Aldo was super nice and all the team members.

  • "We're very happy with SunVena!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021
    "We're very happy with SunVena!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

    When I learned about solar with SunVena, it just made sense, especially because the cost of our power bill keeps increasing. The interactions we've had with all the SunVena team has been great so far. We're excited to being going solar with SunVena!


    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

    Hable con varias companias solares y la que mas me gusto fue Sunvena porque me ofrecieron buenos precios y lo mejor de todo es la garantia de los paneles, mi representante Wolfgang me ayudo en todo momento, y ahora gracias a el y a Sunvena voy a ahorrar dinero en luz. El equipo de instaladores tambien fueron excelentes e hicieron el trabajo en un solo dia, Gracias Sunvena.

  • "SunVena has been a great experience!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021
    "SunVena has been a great experience!"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

    e chose SunVena because several of our neighbors chose to go solar!  The team has been great and answered all of our questions.  We're very happy overall.

  • "We're happy we went solar!"

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2021

    We researched 3 different companies for a house we were building that was brand new.  Most of the companies were not even willing to take a look at the house until after it was built and we moved in.  SunVena asked if they could take a look at the location of the house and the roof plan when we initially reached out.  In our first 25 days of being "live", which wasn't even a full month, our power bill was only $46; we were very pleased.  Our system has been overproducing some days and storing up for the cloudy days and for the summer.  Our energy consultant was top notch!

  • "SunVena = Exceptional Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2021
    "SunVena = Exceptional Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2021

    My experience with SunVena has been exceptional!  From the start when they knocked on my door, they were extremely personable, not aggressive, focused on education.  I initially saw SunVena on Google and the reviews were great but it made me nervous they were a smaller company.  But what I've found through choosing to partner with them for going solar is that their service is actually excellent because they are small and nimble.  They have answered every question, addressed every concern, and have seemed to care about me as the customer over simply "making a sale."  I've already referred my neighbor to SunVena and am excited to share with others!

  • "Ahorra dinero con Sunvena!!!"

    Reviewed Jan 16, 2021

    Yo estaba pagando mucho dinero en luz y un amigo me recomendo Sunvena, mi representante Wolfgang me ayudo mucho a economizar dinero con los paneles solares, tiene buenos beneficios, buenas garantias, y tienen un gran equipo de instaladores, la compania excedio mis expectativas por eso recomiendo SUNVENA!!

  • "Excelente servicio!!"

    Reviewed Jan 13, 2021

    Hable con 3 companias diferentes y ninguna me ofrecio lo mismo que Sunvena, elegi Sunvena por la profesionalidad y honestidad de Gabriel, la comodidad de pagos y confiabilidad de la empresa. cuando yo tenia una duda llamaba a mi representante y siempre estuvo disponible para mi con una buena comunicacion y claridad en la informacion.

  • "SunVena feels like family!"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2021

    We were referred to SunVena through a coworker of mine.  We looked at quite a few solar companies and they were pushy and didn't answer all of our questions.  SunVena was the exact opposite and from the moment we met, we felt like they were family.  They answered all of our questions, were not pushy, educated us and let us take our time in making a decision.  We highly recommend SunVena Solar!

  • "We're excited to swap our Duke Energy bill by going solar!"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2021
    "We're excited to swap our Duke Energy bill by going solar!"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2021

    We had considered solar but didn't really think it would be feasible for us. When our energy bills started pushing $400 a month though, we got more serious in considering it. What our Energy Consultant shared with us ended up making total sense, especially considering rates with our annual bill and usage would likely only continue to go up. He also took the time to answer all of our questions, and when he didn't know the answer would follow up with us in a timely manner. We're excited to swap our bill to Duke for a monthly bill that is less than what we were paying.

  • "A good friend referred us to SunVena"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2021
    "A good friend referred us to SunVena"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2021

    My good friend recommended the company when he knew I was shopping around looking at different companies.  From the start with SunVena, there was zero pressure.  When looking at the numbers, it just made sense to go solar. They spent more time educating me on the products and panels than other companies I've talked to. I'm very pleased thus far and simply feel at ease with the company.

  • "Consider SunVena for Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 10, 2021

    Initially when we were approached about going solar, we said no.  And when we spoke to SunVena, we worried about their being a "newer" company.  But having been laid off during the pandemic, I know what it's like to not be given a chance based on "experience."  With each conversation their approach put us at ease, as it was consultative in nature.  We ended up choosing to go solar because of the environmental benefits more than being focused on saving on our monthly bill.  Our Energy Consultant and the install crew were fantastic!

  • "Good service!!"

    Reviewed Jan 08, 2021

    Recomiendo Sunvena porque tienen un gran equipo de profesionales, Jason y Wolfgang me ayudaron en todo momento, me informaban paso a paso como iba el procedimiento y respondieron todas mis preguntas, ademas de que nosotros consumimos mucha luz y los representantes nos ayudaron a economizar con la energia solar, son un gran equipo!!

  • "Top Notch Experience!"

    Reviewed Jan 08, 2021

    Our entire experience with SunVena has been top notch! From initially requesting information, to the non-pushing, consultative review of whether or not solar made sense for our home, to the install crew who was so polite, left no messes, and overdelivered. SunVena has exceed our expectations and we highly recommend them.

  • "Getting started with SunVena is easy!"

    Reviewed Jan 07, 2021
    "Getting started with SunVena is easy!"

    Reviewed Jan 07, 2021

    We recently bought a new house and getting setup with SunVena was the easiest of any contractor or vendor we worked with!  Unlike the other solar companies who we interacted with who were super pushy and salesy, SunVena was approachable, personable and consultative.  The install crew was incredible, super positive, upbeat, professional and worked quickly, leaving no mess.

  • "SunVena followed through on every detail they said would happen..."

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2021
    "SunVena followed through on every detail they said would happen..."

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2021

    We started our research on solar companies in the Central Florida area online. None of the companies we talked to matched the caliber of our Energy Consultant at SunVena or what they had to deliver. Everything that our consultant said would happen, happened when she said it would. We do work with a number of vendors and have never had this happen before, so we were incredibly impressed.

  • "La mejor compania solar."

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2021

    Escuchamos Sunvena por la radio, llamamos y nos atendio Wolfgang, excelente persona, amable, sincero, nos ayudo en todo el proceso y contesto todas nuestras preguntas y dudas. Excelente equipo de instaladores, todo el trabajo fue perfecto y limpio. Recomendado!!!!

  • "Solar panel experience"

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2020

    Me gusto mucho Sunvena porque explican muy bien todo el proceso, el tiempo que va tomar, ellos se encargan de todos los permisos, durante el proceso de la instalacion estan pendiente, Wolfgang siempre fue sincero, nos dio una gran informacion y ha estado en contacto con nosotros desde el 1er dia. elegimos Sunvena porque tiene buenos reviews en internet y de verdad lo recomendamos!!

  • "La mejor decisión para Solar!"

    Reviewed Dec 21, 2020
    "La mejor decisión para Solar!"

    Reviewed Dec 21, 2020

    Wolfgang y Jose buscaron la manera de ayudar a economizar, siempre honestos, amables, y muy dedicados a ayudarme con el programa solar, el procedimiento fue muy rápido y lo que mas me gusto de la compañía es la garantia y buenos precios que ofrecen! los recomiendo al 100% SUNVENA SOLAR

  • "Gran empresa solar!!"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2020
    Updated Dec 21, 2020
    "Gran empresa solar!!"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2020
    Updated Dec 21, 2020

    Me gusto mucho Sunvena porque te ayudan a economizar dinero con los paneles solares, nunca habia escuchado sobre la funcion de los paneles, pero conoci a Aldo y Christian, y me ayudaron muchisimo a ahorrar dinero, estan muy bien informados, siempre fueron honestos y amables. me gusto mucho la experiencia con Sunvena y volveria a trabajar con ellos muchas veces mas!! 100%

  • "I went solar because of SunVena"

    Reviewed Dec 15, 2020

    I almost didn't go solar based on my expertise and the folks who came out to present on solar from companies other than SunVena. When I met my Energy Consultant from SunVena and saw the level of expertise and knowledge, it changed my mind. While we've have a few small surprises along the way (nothing major), I'm excited to go solar and have been satisfied with the work SunVena has done thus far. As a former electric contractor and customer, I'm excited to see what comes of my energy bill in the coming year!

  • "Navy Trained Engineer Recommends SunVena"

    Reviewed Dec 10, 2020
    "Navy Trained Engineer Recommends SunVena"

    Reviewed Dec 10, 2020

    I'd been looking into solar for a good amount of time, but every company that came by tried to make a hard sale.  I simply wanted the companies to present the data to me and let me make a decision, but many continued to push.  SunVena was extremely different.  They did not push at all and presented the information simply. It made sense to me as a trained Navy engineer.  They also had a leasing option which was what I was looking for.  The company and all the staff along the way have come through in ways I didn't expect... they answered every question and have followed up with me every step of the way.

  • "We're saving $ each month on our power!!!"

    Reviewed Dec 09, 2020
    "We're saving $ each month on our power!!!"

    Reviewed Dec 09, 2020

    Every interaction we've had with the SunVena team has been fantastic. We spoke with a lot of solar companies and out of all the ones we spoke with, Chantelle is the one who spent the most time educating us and made us feel extremely comfortable. We felt fully confident in her capabilities, versus the other energy consultants we spoke with. On top of SunVena being a locally owned and operated company, which is awesome, we're happy to be saving 60-70% on our monthly energy bill. We highly recommend SunVena!

  • "Customer Review"

    Reviewed Dec 06, 2020

    SunVena made sure they explained the whole process for the beginning to the end. They made sure I understood everything. I would do business again, since it will increase the value of my property and save me lots of money in the long run. The team was open and very friendly! One of the main reasons I decided to choose SunVena was because the power companies were raising their prices on the wattage used. Marco Solano made sure everything was clear and didn't hide anything from me. I was very satisfied.I would recommend this company SunVena to any friends that I have. The above interview is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

  • "We're saving $ each month on our power!!!"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2020
    "We're saving $ each month on our power!!!"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2020

    Every interaction we've had with the SunVena team has been fantastic.  We spoke with a lot of solar companies and out of all the ones we spoke with, Chantelle is the one who spent the most time educating us and made us feel extremely comfortable.  We felt fully confident in her capabilities, versus the other energy consultants we spoke with.  On top of SunVena being a locally owned and operated company, which is awesome, we're happy to be saving 60-70% on our monthly energy bill. We highly recommend SunVena!

  • "SunVena just made sense!"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2020

    We were shopping around solar companies to save money and because of the annual increase of our electric bill. The way our energy consultant presented the information and was honest and forthright with us about what made sense is what made us choose to go solar with SunVena.  She was very educational and consultative versus simply caring about her own agenda and simply making a sale.  We're excited to see what our power production looks like over the next year.

  • "Consultative and Very Accessible Company!"

    Reviewed Nov 30, 2020
    "Consultative and Very Accessible Company!"

    Reviewed Nov 30, 2020

    Our experience with SunVena has been stellar! I am a very knowledgeable consumer and shopped multiple companies. We chose SunVena because they were locally owned and operated and accessible at every level. Our Energy Consultant came recommended by a close friend of ours and focused more on education and understanding than simply "pushing a sale." The installation team did a terrific job of cleaning up the site and the electrician who worked the project was fantastic too. Everyone at the company is very personable and overall, it's been a great experience! We've already been recommending SunVena and are excited to see what kind of energy savings we will have this next year.

  • "Excelente experiencia"

    Reviewed Nov 25, 2020

    Escuche Sunvena por la radio, los llame y enseguida me contestaron, Jose y Wolfgang me hablaron e informaron muy bien acerca de la funcion de los paneles, muy buena atencion y excelente servicio, han sido muy honestos y me han ayudado mucho!! Recomiendo SUNVENA.

  • "Gran experiencia con Sunvena"

    Reviewed Nov 23, 2020

    Conoci Sunvena por medio de una referencia, consulate otras companias de solar pero la mas completa en todos los sentidos fue SUNVENA, excelente equipo de trabajo, el equipo tecnico esta muy bien preparado, siempre fueron honestos y me mantuvieron muy bien informado. Gracias a Marcos Campos por todo su gran trabajo. 100% recomendados

  • "Excelente experiencia"

    Reviewed Nov 20, 2020

    Excelente experiencia, me explicaron muy bien toda la informacion, me encanto el beneficio a largo plazo, buenos precios, me mantuvieron informada todo el tiempo.

  • "Seamless experience!"

    Reviewed Nov 20, 2020

    Overall we've had a great experience thus far. We met our Energy Consultant when he was out doing consultations in our neighborhood. I work for one of the local power companies as an engineer and am pretty versed in solar and did my own research. The things we appreciated most about SunVena was the transparency of the process, getting to watch the design process of our system, and the railless system and the micro-inverters. Every step of the way, they've answered all of our questions and the process has been seamless.

  • "Great overall experience, trustworthy, & fair!!!"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2020
    "Great overall experience, trustworthy, & fair!!!"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2020

    We chose SunVena over the 3 other companies we looked at because of the experience we had with our energy consultant. Whereas other companies seemed to give less information and push the sale, Jake was very consultative and took time to educate us. When he didn't know the answer to the questions we asked, and we asked some tough ones, he got the answers quickly and made us feel at ease. One of the best parts of our experience was that we didn't feel Jake over promised and under delivered, as so often happens with sales people or independent contractors. We are very happy with our experience and would highly recommend SunVena.

  • "Sunvena stood out"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2020

    Marco, our energy consultant, made the entire process of going solar easy. We talked to several different companies but liked what send me and I had to offer most and felt at ease. He was knowledgeable and took the time to educate me on how the panels worked and health sunvena would build a system custom for my house.

    Highly recommend sunvena and their services!

  • "Our Energy Consultant knew his stuff!"

    Reviewed Nov 17, 2020
    "Our Energy Consultant knew his stuff!"

    Reviewed Nov 17, 2020

    A neighbor of mine was having a consultation with SunVena, and we ran into his Energy Consultant.  When we met, we initially began asking him questions about solar. We scheduled a meeting and he educated us on our options. He was not pushy at all, but instead educated us on our options.  Overall, we looked at 3 companies but only chose to move forward with actually getting a quote from SunVena because of our Energy Consultant.  He was an expert and was able to answer every question we asked and was incredibly honest. We love the way the panels look and how close they fit next to the roof.  I've already been recommending SunVena to friends.

  • "A team you can trust"

    Reviewed Nov 16, 2020

    A team you can trust

    Prior to going with SunVena, we’d worked with another solar company for 3 years.  At the time we didn’t know a lot about solar, but we had partial coverage of our overall energy bill when we’d originally hoped we’d have full coverage.  

    We chose to get started with SunVena recently and go solar again because we learned we could get full coverage for our energy bill and solar just makes sense.

    The company was very transparent with what our energy offset would be and throughout the entire process, I felt like there was an entire team working on the whole project.

    Overall, it’s been a great experience and I’ve already referred others to SunVena!

  • "Great people and great company!"

    Reviewed Nov 13, 2020
    "Great people and great company!"

    Reviewed Nov 13, 2020

    We were considering solar but hadn't really taken any steps forward until we met our Energy Consultant. He took the time to educate us on how it worked, and it just made sense to us. He also helped us with getting our roof replaced. Working with someone who had great energy and a genuine intent for service, along with having the roof replaced was the catalyst to us choosing to move forward with solar. We felt informed throughout the entire process and the whole process was seamless. Daily I check the application on my phone to monitor my solar production. I would definitely recommend Sunvena!

  • "Great people, Great experience"

    Reviewed Nov 12, 2020
    "Great people, Great experience"

    Reviewed Nov 12, 2020

    We chose SunVena because we've known the family who runs the company for a very long time. We'd been looking into solar for years and finally felt like we had the right house and the timing was right, so we went for it! We're happy with the panel installation and have enjoyed working with all of the team members so far. Our meter and panels have not yet been turned on, but we're excited for that to happen soon!

  • "Informed Every Step of the Process"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2020
    "Informed Every Step of the Process"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2020

    After looking at solar for a few years, I decided to go with SunVena because of their power production guarantee and the reassurance I felt in conversations with my energy consultant. I'm a software engineer by trade so am good at asking questions, and every question I asked along the way was addressed. The experience thus far has been great. SunVena is easy to work with and I felt informed every step of the process.

  • "Easy dealings"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2020
    "Easy dealings"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2020

    SunVena contacted us about installing solar explained its advantages and we went ahead with the installation. The guys were great and we are completely satisfied.

  • "SunVena exceeded our expectations"

    Reviewed Nov 05, 2020
    "SunVena exceeded our expectations"

    Reviewed Nov 05, 2020

    We looked at a couple of other companies and found SunVena to be our preference. There was no pressure on our decision making process. The installation proceeded exactly as explained. The system is working very well just as promised. I would recommend SunVena to anyone considering solar energy.

  • "Personalized Touch"

    Reviewed Oct 22, 2020

    SunVena's initial consult made me feel super informed and comfortable when I decided to go solar. I interviewed several companies and they stood out because they were focused on education and answered all of my questions. When possible I prefer working with small businesses that are locally owned and operated because of the customer service and personalized touch.

  • "Best Decision of 2020 :-)"

    Reviewed Oct 21, 2020

    By chance I heard an ad on the radio and I responded to it. We were extremely fortunate to then meet Jason A, a Sunvena sales rep. Jason showed extreme poise, he was very educated on his product and vastly proficient throughout the entire process. From my past experiences with any company/sales rep, it was seldom and refreshing to meet someone so genuine. Jason was exceptional in his representation of Sunvena. He took his time and explained every step of the process very thoroughly, was brutally honest and showed us how simple and affordable it was to go solar. This has been a dream of ours, and Sunvena made it possible. I wasn't there for the installation, however my spouse was blown away by Alex's knowledge on the installation, his crew and their determination to have a successful install without any damages to our property (especially our roof) even though it poured intermittently throughout the entire day. Overall, this was an amazing experience and I certainly look forward to the day I don't have to pay for energy!

  • "Couldn't ask for better!"

    Reviewed Oct 21, 2020

    I can't be happier with our experience start to finish. We had toyed with wanting solar for years but like most others didn't think we could afford it.
    Jason, their sales rep, came to our door and literally changed our lives...not only is solar now affordable, it's cheaper (with these guys) than regular power! He blew our minds as he walked us through every step of the process. I believe we've not only made an important first step to solidifying our financial security but we did it while helping the environment and gaining a true friend in Jason...I mean, even my cat loves this guy! He's calm and thorough, he knows every aspect of this buisness without being condescending, he made our experience an absolute pleasure!
    But I gotta brag on their install guys too...all four of them were extremely professional and knowledgeable (specifically Alex) the other guys didn't talk too much but Alex is an outstanding young man! They worked all day even with the rain continuing to come...never even asked to use the bathroom, just kept going! Each and every one of them is a true asset to the SunVena company!
    If you're even the slightest bit curious about solar energy you have to give these guys a call!

  • "¡Gran experiencia y gente fantástica!"

    Reviewed Oct 09, 2020
    "¡Gran experiencia y gente fantástica!"

    Reviewed Oct 09, 2020

    ¡SunVena nos facilitó las cosas de principio a fin! El primer día que nos enteramos de lo que SunVena tenía para ofrecer, dijimos que sí. Simplemente tenía sentido para nosotros. La instalación fue muy eficiente y rápida y hemos estado funcionando durante casi un año. ¡Gran experiencia y gente fantástica!

  • "We are very happy with SunVena Solar on our home!"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2020
    "We are very happy with SunVena Solar on our home!"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2020

    After talking to a few companies, I decided on SunVena Solar because of the people and knowing the families.  The initial presentation they did just made sense to me, and I enjoyed seeing the panel design, along with where the warmer areas were in our home.  Also, the installation team was very knowledgeable and fantastic.  I personally would have enjoyed more updates along the installation to full (PTO) permission to operate the system. Since our system has been turned on, we've not had any bills beyond the connection fee from the energy company.  We are happy with the product for our home!

  • "SunVena focuses on education first and does not disappoint!"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020
    "SunVena focuses on education first and does not disappoint!"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020

    Everything we've experienced with SunVena has been fantastic! From the very beginning, everyone was always very communicative and on top of things. We chose SunVena because of the education we received during our initial exploration of solar. We were told based on information we shared what we would save per month, and SunVena also offered us a power production guarantee, which really stood out to us.

    From start to finish, we've always received quick responses whenever we've had questions. We would highly recommend SunVena to anyone who is looking to go environmentally friendly or save money on their monthly electricity bill.

  • "SunVena educates first!"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020

    When we were first introduced to the solar, we knew nothing about how it worked. Our initial consultation served as such a great education and learning process for us. SunVena spent more time educating, than trying to convince us we needed to go solar or simply trying to "sell" us something. We chose SunVena because of the people; they are trustworthy and high caliber people... so much so that we did not "shop around" with many other companies.

    The installation process was seamless and the app we use to monitor how much "power" our system is producing is fun and works great. Because of the company's rapid growth and rising reputation, there are times where we've wanted a bit more customer service/support than we've had. But, ultimately, it's not been anything major. We know as they scale, more measures will be put in place and there's no doubt, our 4 stars would become 5.

    We're about 6 months into our solar experience thus far and are excited to see what this whole year brings!

  • "No gimmicks or extra selling points needed!"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2020
    "No gimmicks or extra selling points needed!"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2020

    Our experience with SunVena has been great! We chose SunVena because they came highly recommended by a friend of ours. Chantelle, our consultant, was extremely warm, knowledgeable and personable. We compared multiple solar companies and by far, SunVena had the most fair pricing. The entire SunVena team's interpersonal skills from the initial process, to installation, and to PTO was seamless. SunVena has delivered everything they said they would.

    The only thing that would have made our experience even better is to have even more explanation on how to read the system after we received permission to operate. We have access to an app that tells us how much our system is producing live, but we are still in the early learning stages of being solar owners in our home and learning the ins and outs to become even more knowledgeable consumers.

  • "SunVena made going solar easy!"

    Reviewed Sep 12, 2020

    SunVena made my experience of going solar super easy! As a medical professional, I have a super busy schedule and having a company who took care of everything from permitting to installation for me was a no brainer. I initially chose SunVena because the Ambassador I spoke with, Kevin, focused on education first, was not pushy at all, and presented options to me that simply made sense. I'm currently saving $100-$130 a month and love that my energy bill is so low every single month.

    I highly recommend SunVena!

  • "Awesome Experience"

    Reviewed Sep 10, 2020

    SunVena made the entire process of installing solar on our home easy and seamless. From the sales process to installation, leadership and the customer wrap up experience, they were nothing but consistent. We were a huge fan of the unique power production guarantee they have as part of their contract. My primary contact throughout the entire process was always prepared and answered all of my questions. They always focused on education versus selling me something and were always forthright and honest, which I greatly appreciated.

  • "5 Star Experience"

    Reviewed Sep 10, 2020

    Our experience with SuVena Solar was a 5 Star! As a former military professional for 23 years, I have high expectations.  From our first experience with the sales team, specifically Jason, to our seamless experience with the install team, to our customer wrap up - every encounter along the way was top notch.  They always answered my questions and went above and beyond each step of the way.  I've never experienced a more personable experience with a contractor over the years I did with SunVena.

    We highly recommend SunVena Solar!

  • "Exceeded Expectations on all Levels!"

    Reviewed Sep 05, 2020
    "Exceeded Expectations on all Levels!"

    Reviewed Sep 05, 2020

    Every-time we called, SunVena was there, from the installation team to the energy consultant and owner personally answer our calls we felt 100% comfortable with SunVena after sitting with 3 other companies. Kevin, our energy consultant broke down solar and truly educated us rather than trying to sell to us. Everything was taken care of and we have already referred one of our neighbors. We would use SunVena again on our next home. A++

  • "We love SunVena Solar"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020

    We love SunVena Solar! We appreciate that is it a locally owned and operated company, and provides much more personalized experience than we've received from other contractors or companies who have come to our house to do work. The customer service is quick and responses are always professional, top notch and friendly. One of the reasons we chose SunVena is because they have an amazing power production guarantee that makes them stand out amongst other local companies; if for any reason they don't produce what they promised, they will make it right. Supporting local business is something that gives back to local families and to our community, and that is something I am proud to be a part of!

  • "An outstanding company"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2020

    Its been about 4 months since SunVena installed my Solar PV system. So far the system that they recommended meets all my needs and generates ample power. They guided me through the process and did an out standing installation. I would hire them again if in the market for such a system.

  • "Great Experience with SunVena"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2020
    "Great Experience with SunVena"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2020

    All I can say is wow! Great seamless service from beginning to end. The whole SunVena team has been there every step of the way, with just a call. If they don't have an answer they will get it in a timely manner. Thank you

  • "Great company to work with"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2020

    I started my journey last year reviewing solar for our house in Daytona. I did 6+ months of research, spoke to references and verified our decision to go with SunVena. Since then we have been very pleased with the professionalism and customer first mindset all the way through the install. My husband inspected all material down to the conduit (he's in contracting) & verified that everything used was of high quality and warranty. We passed on some lower bids due to the reviews and that SunVena specialized in railless mounting systems.This is a lifetime decision on our most valuable asset and we were happy to get the best.

  • "Love our Sunvena install"

    Reviewed May 15, 2020

    We were very apprehensive about switching to solar after many meetings and quotes from a few competitors, as it seemed like they were more interested in their company making money vs. helping us save in the long run. After several interviews, the Sunvena team won our hearts. They gave us a very detailed presentation of the installation, the costs, turn around time, our savings (short and long term), and answered the most complicated questions we could throw at them with ease. When we did our comparison with all the companies we questioned, Sunvena ended up saving us more $$$, with added bonuses to boot.
    Our installation team was just phenomenal, as they worked from dawn to dusk for two days installing the beautiful solar panels on our two houses. They definitely showed their love of the job, and went above and beyond (in our opinion).

  • "Great people to work with"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2020

    SunVena has been great. They have many financing options so you can get exactly what works for your needs. Installation took less than a day and they walked us through everything about the system. The mobile app shows us how much we’re generating, it feels great going green! Can’t wait to see the savings!

  • "Happy A+"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2020

    We talked with several solar companies in the past year and a half. SunVenawas the only company that made me feel great about going solar. Everyone was so easy to talk to and made me even more comfortable with my purchase. You’re install guys were totally awesome and efficient. Way to go SunVena

  • "Excellent choice for your solar needs!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2020
    "Excellent choice for your solar needs!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2020

    Very professional and courteous sales and support staff. They explained the entire process and answered every question we had.

    Everything was taken care of on their end including permits, installation and engineering.

    Very happy so far!

  • "They Really care"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2020

    We have been very pleased with SunVena during the entire process from getting an estimate to commissioning of service. Our contact person at SunVena was Jake. He was very responsive to our questions. He was very quick to respond to our emails. He was always available to answer any of our queries.
    He provided us with a very detailed estimate, including charts outlining estimates of energy production every month depending on the characteristics of our roof. We also obtained estimates from other solar companies in this area however the degree of detail provided by Jake and his team surpassed every other quote that we received.
    Our roof had a little bit of shading and Jake was able to provide us strategies on where to position the panels and what to do about the trees. Even though they did not to do a site visit prior to us signing the contract we were very satisfied with the answers they provided.
    They also offered a better deal compared to the other solar companies. The panels that they use are highly efficient. They were rated higher than the panels that were quoted by the other companies. And for lesser cost

  • "Wonderful Company"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    The Reason I decided to go solar with SunVena was because in my rush to save gas by going electric I never considered the bills for charging my car at home. After a few months I looked into ways to help ease this burden. Solar was a great answer as it not only helped charge by EV cars but also provided the energy needed for my home. I am now twice efficient and currently saving more money than I thought was possible. The service SunVena has provided our family is spectacular. Two thumbs up from start to finish on our project

  • "Couldn't be Happier"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    Great friendly service from a team of professionals who know what they're doing. From the moment I called to inquire, to the moment my panels were installed and even after the installation, I've had the best service experience. I was reluctant to go solar, and shopped around for some time with different solar companies before I made my decision. I am so glad I went with SunVena. I highly recommend these guys if you're thinking about going solar. In addition, the difference in your utility bill is immediate; definitely worth the investment.

  • "Five Star Company"

    Reviewed Feb 02, 2020

    I was told to call SunVena after a work friend mentioned them to me. When I met with Jake he was able to explain to me not only why solar was a good idea but could show me the cost savings I could expect to see and really took the time to explain everything to me, I felt he really did truly care about us and our family. This was different than the other companies that came in and just spouted numbers and talked bad about other companies. This coupled with the fact that i could get the system with no money down made it seem to good be true. I had the system up an running 30 days later, and from the very first month my bills are now near zero. Very happy with our choice

  • "Honest Solar Company"

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2020

    Before going with SunVena I had met with several other solar companies. Some were ok, others were very very misleading. I only know that because when I met with SunVena they were incredibly honest about everything...the best placement of my solar panels, what the offset looks like and why, exactly how it works with my utility bill, and what to expect throughout the process. They always set the right expectations and overdelivered on all of their timelines which is rare to find! The team was incredibly knowledgeable while able to explain everything in laymen’s terms. The install was super quick and very professional. All the conduit was run through the attic, just like they said (other solar companies said they couldn’t do that), the panels looked great, and the equipment was set up exactly like they said it would be. Amazing customer service as well...very quick to respond to everything! All in all, this is hands down the best solar in central Florida. And they have an amazing referral program as well. Even if they didn’t, I’d still refer everyone I know to them! Definitely give them a shot!! You won’t be disappointed!

  • "right choice"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2020

    We got several quotes and Sunvena impressed us. Their warranty is the best we found, the price was better, we liked working with a local company instead of just the local office of a huge company in another state, and they add in a few things no other company did for the price. The installers did a great job and were nat and quick. Also, we have dealt with the company owners, which is rare. We are convinced we made the right choice with Sunvena.

  • "Correct decision with the best solar company"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2020
    "Correct decision with the best solar company"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2020

    Finding a company like SunVena is hard these days. When looking for an installer, we got quotes from 3 different companies, including SunVena. At first glance, they were not that far apart, but SunVena stood out because of several reasons: Firstly, their warranties are unbeatable. Secondly, their products are top-of-the-line. No mediocre panels or inverters that won't perform as well. And then third, their customer service was off the charts. We knew what was going on every step of the way, and the installation crew got the work done fast. They cleaned up after and the panels sit nice and neatly just as planned. Thank you for making this process a great one, SunVena.

  • "25 Year Performance Guarantee"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2020

    I wanted to go with a company based in Orlando that was easy to communicate with (excellent customer service) and would provide me with the best technology and warranty. After doing some extensive research on all the options, I was able to find that SunVena checked all those boxes. The 25 years performance guarantee gives me comfort that my money is being invested in equipment that actually works and will continue to work through the life of the system. I would happily recommend them to others looking to make the switch to solar.

  • "These Guys Know Solar!"

    Reviewed Jan 29, 2020

    We had been looking into going solar since the middle of last year and thanks to Hunter and his team at Sunvena, we're now up and running! When we first started looking if felt like we were buying a car and just being sold. Hunter was able to clearly answer all of our questions and helped us make sense of the many options out there. Our install crew did a fabulous job and the panel layout is exactly what we were expecting. Several of our neighbors are now interested and we forwarded their contacts. Hope to see the install crew again real soon and expect to see us at the next install party! =)