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Harris Battery Company

For more than 40 years Harris Battery Company has been guided by a single enduring vision of excellence through innovative technology, customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships.

When it comes to energy storage for residential and commercial installations, Harris Battery has both the experience and proven technology to help make your investment a success. Engineered and manufactured in Ohio.
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In 1979, CEO Jerry Harris discovered a gap in the battery market and set out to provide industrial and commercial companies with more choice in battery technologies, knowledgeable personnel to solve customer's battery issues and better distribution networks. Since then, Harris Battery has been driving results in the battery industry providing all the leading battery and charging technologies from world known suppliers. Harris Battery is a trusted supplier to many Original Equipment Manufacturer's in multiple industries.
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Excellent Product Support

The Harris Battery team has been an excellent partner to work with. They have showed great sales/design support to help us to fit their product line into our system proposals. Most battery companies have terrible lead times and abysmal support so they have been a breath of fresh air!

Posted by cjackson on Feb 11, 2021
Unparalleled Customer Support!

I’ll be honest: until a few months ago, I had never heard of Harris Batteries. I have lived completely off grid for over 15 years and my lead acid batteries were failing. A friend suggested I try the Harris lithium ion battery. It was a bit of an investment and a risk going with an unknown (to me) company. But I went forward and bought the Harris battery. I’m now about 4 months in and I can say with all confidence that choosing Harris was a great decision! I’ve had to reach out for support twice (because of my own lack of knowledge) and I have NEVER had such AMAZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT!! I would highly recommend this company and it’s products. It’s rare to receive such great and very personal support. My support person was Momodou Bah. He treated me like family and walked me through every detail. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and extremely patient and caring! Absolutely flawless!! Thanks Harris and thanks Momodou for a great product and best in class support!

Posted by pcbphoto on Feb 05, 2021
24kW Lithium Ion Harris battery and service.

We have a large 3000Eq+ off grid timberframe house with 10 minisplits that pull 9kw when all are fully operational. We had a lead acid battery that didn’t cut it. After considering a couple different kinds of lithium ion batteries, we went with Harris because of a couple reasons. 1). They have been in business for a long time. 2) An American made company. 3) We could tell from talking to their rep Dave that they care about their batteries and the support they offer. Our system has been challenging to say the least, but this battery has been great thus far. With this lithium ion battery we can heat the entire house using all minisplits, although it will be necessary to likely explains our system. Another thing is their support. It’s great! As our system (not the battery) has been somewhat challenging we have had much interaction with Mo and he has been outstanding at providing the support we need even when he has a ton of other projects going on. Mo has jumped online to help with support when the situation was critical. He also works with us and our installers over a period of several days to optimize the custom battery settings in our Schneider combox software. We are happy with our decision to go Harris at this point and I can recommend. This battery is now 3 months old. I’m hopeful it will stand the test of time, but thus far I cannot imagining it not doing so!

Posted by higsonhs on Jan 29, 2021
Real Power, Great Customer Support

We used Harris Battery for two off-grid cabin solar installations. One was an upgrade from an existing Sealed Lead Acid battery bank and the other was a new build. There were some bumps in the road getting the battery to work seemlessly with the inverter, but that is the case with nearly every BMS based Lithium-Ion battery. What I was most impressed with, other than the ease of install and the quality of the build, was the customer service that Harris provided via Pat first before, during and after the sale... then Mo who was and is indispensable in helping us throughout the installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of a prior install that didn't even pertain to Harris! He was fabulous and I feel lucky that we picked Harris, because I don't think any other company would have been near willing to spend the hours on the phone (sometimes on nights and weekends!) with us to fix a flawed system that really was not the fault of Harris in the first place. I cannot thank Mo, Pat, and Harris Battery enough for seeing us through and for making something that the customer, our client, can be proud to say is theirs and use seemlessly for years to come. Seriously, a BIG thanks to Mo, Pat, and Harris Battery. I am sure we will do much business together in the years to come... ~ Nathan Mann Mann Solar Lexington, KY

Posted by nathan on Jan 28, 2021
Best bang for the buck Lithium you can get

A very solid battery, lots of capacity for the dollar. Great BMS. Highly recommended for off-grid applications.

Posted by lydian on Jan 25, 2021
Super heavy duty Lithium ion

I must say Harris Battery is on the right track with there lithium battery, extreme duty, USA built,10 year warranty!!

Posted by elmer on Oct 06, 2020



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