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Sunshine Solar Sales Group

Helping homeowners all over Florida see the real benefits of going solar with the right company. With partnerships with industry leading brands, manufacturers and finance companies. We can be aggressive with our 0% loan options, no money down and no payments for up to 18 months!
See why Sunshine Solar Sales Group has Florida homeowners savings money IMMEDIATELY!!!
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About Sunshine Solar Sales Group

Helping homeowners all over Florida see the real benefits of going solar with the right company. With partnerships with industry leading brands, manufacturers and finance companies. We can be aggressive with our 0% loan options, no money down and no payments for up to 18 months!
See why Sunshine Solar Sales Group has Florida homeowners savings money IMMEDIATELY!!!
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Respect , Honesty and Dignity in all we say and do

  2. Each system sold we donate to The Autism Speaks Foundation. We also give the clients an option to donate to a charity of thier choice.

  3. We get it done and the right way. Many companies "say" what they can do. We 'DO" what we say.

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Approved installers passed our rigorous screening criteria for experience, licensing, and positive reviews.

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English; Spanish

Not only do we offer Solar Installation but we felt most clients needed a roof as well. So we have obtained the option to replace or reroof for homeowners, We also offer Hot water, Pool Pump & Pool Heating installation. We are Certified in Battery Installation Generac Platinum Dealer & Installer. We are Enphase Encharge certified installer. Storz back up battery certified Installer, Also the first installer to be certified by Franklin WH battery storage in Florida

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Dan "Solar Man Dan" Bozurich is the owner at SSSG. He has been in solar for over 7 years now and has helped hundreds of homeowners all over Florida. Marcus "Solar Stew" Stewart is the President of SSSG and has helped build SSSG marketing and backend office up. His respect for homeowners and the time he spends helps ensure no stone is left un-turned. Stefanie is our Director of Operations and handles all engineering and permitting in the back office. Having someone in-house helps speed the process up for permitting. Raj is the President of Sales and has helped SSSG grow to being one of the fastest growing sales companies in the state. With these forces combined, We bring you Sunshine Solar Sales Group (SSSG)

Workmanship Warranty

25 year workmanship warranty
25 leak penetration warranty






Certified Generac installer for PWRcell batteries and Generators
FLASEAI Member , Elite EnergySage dealer, Yahoo Top 100 fastest growing Companies, Certified Franklin WH battery installer/distributor

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • PV Magazine 2019

Manufacturer Certifications

  • PWRpartner

What Customers Are Saying

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Delivered what was promised

We looked at five different solar panel providers in Florida and each one sounded better than the previous one and each one gave more information to make an informed decision. Dan and Chad showed up to our home on a Saturday and provided a great presentation and major information than I had previously. The guys were forthcoming and promised a quick installation at a fair price with quality material. The installation had a hiccup or two, but was quickly resolved and our system is operational and our county inspector and electrical company approved all installation items and we received our permission to operate within the promised timeframe. After one moth of operation, we are super happy with Tahoe way the panels are operating and generating Morse power than we use so getting credits toward fixed meter costs and nighttime consumption. So far, sunshine Solar Sales Group has come through with all that was promised and more.

Posted by gturay on May 04, 2023
Disappointed with underperformance, communication & cleanliness

Selected this company given the competitiveness of pricing and quality of product. Sadly, hit a few bumps in the road that warrant sharing. Panels that we went under contract for were not available, and there was a lengthy wait to identify a comparable product. Multiple issues with our interconnection agreement paperwork (on Sunshine's end) that needed corrected slowed down our agreement with utility. Installation was messy. Having installed solar before I had expectations of professionalism that were not met but were acknowledged by Dan the owner. My biggest issues here was trenching in backyard was done by highschool aged crew (?), the lead on our install walked in/out and upstairs with muddy dirty shoes and acknowledged that he did not have shoe covers and would not take off / on his shoes. Our attic access moulding was damaged because he did not wash our hands and did not have anything to open the access, and did not ask for us to open. While Dan offered to send out stanley steemer which I appreciated and chose not to take him up on, I do want to acknowledge he did offer some prompt resolution there. The biggest issue at the end of the day is our system is significantly underperforming. We are not generating what our contract stated our system would generate. I have waited months to write a review, in hopes of Dan responding to offer a resolution, I am willing to pay labor to move panels. I am willing to compromise. When it finally got down to "what is sunshine going to do about this" nothing happens. At best, our system is generating at most half of what our contract states, likely because they installed on a detached garage that has significant tree shading from a neighboring property instead of placing those panels on our main second story. I wish they had advised against that, or that the installer had spoken up to Dan or engineering or something. But now we are stuck with a very expensive underperforming system. It felt like I needed to have advanced knowledge to guide and recommend them when I should be guided by them, the experts. I hope this helps others who engage with Sunshine Solar.

Posted by allison.mihalich on Mar 21, 2023
Nice Solar

Nice Solar, Daniel and his group went out of their way to do an excellent job. Everything that was presented came to pass. Most important I was told there would be no out-of-pocket cost to me, and that was true. Solar is working flawlessly. Electric bill has gone to zero. State of Florida has messed that up, but the actual cost of electric is zero, as the Solar is taking care of all my needs. AC runs 24 seven, TV Internet everything is taken care of by the Solar. I am extremely happy with Energy sage.VIG

Posted by FLJOECOOL1 on Jun 24, 2022
You HAVE to go with Marcus at Sunshine Solar. Here's why...

Like most people shopping around for a solar solution, I received quotes from about 5 different companies. I learned a lot about solar in the process, but also about certain sales practices which leave a bad taste in your mouth. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the genuine approach, the down-to-earth conversation and the feeling of trust I got from Marcus with Sunshine Solar is what led me to ultimately choose them as my provider of choice. I even struggled to decide between them and another installer but he bent over backwards to meet me at my needs and design the system that gave me the best bang for the buck! - it does suck though to tell the other guy why you didn't go with him, but that's just business. I also felt that if I ever needed anything in the future, good or bad, he would be there to respond and help (which he has). Some of the bigger companies, it seems, takes the sales guy you built the relationship with out of the picture after you sign on the dotted line. Then, in the event you ever need to reach out for questions or solutions down the line, you get to call customer service and end up with that same feeling when you have to call your cable company. I could go on and on but I will tell you, if you're on the fence about going solar or who to go with, I can assure you that Marcus won't let you down and is well worth the package price of going with an All In One installer!

Posted by Nikon285 on Jun 14, 2022
Sunshine solar

I wanted to wait to till I received my first electric bill to write a review and it was the best bill I ever received. I was credited 512 kwh. The whole process was quick and easy. Our salesman Marcus was great, very knowledgeable and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process.

Posted by manzionematt on Apr 20, 2022
The experience

I had a wonderful experience with Dan and his sales crew they were knowledgeable they answered all my questions and the concerns I had they help me through them and just the whole experience was such a pleasure the installation crew was punctual and did a great job and cleaned up afterwards. Also which was a nice surprise is there was personnel on site to meet with the inspector to get through the inspection process which passed with no issues very delightful experience

Posted by fischerelec1 on Apr 19, 2022



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