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SolaX Power

SolaX is the global leader of residential battery energy storage systems (ESS). We have the most complete product line in the world and leading market share for many years.
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With thoughts created in 2012, SolaX Power has grown year on year to become a world recognised international company, with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan and the USA. This growth reflects the increased demand for renewable energy products across the world. SolaX Power strive to continue to be at the forefront of the solar power revolution with a huge commitment to the research and development ensuring it’s products remain the market leading solution.

SolaX Power envision a clean, sustainable future powered by renewable energy. By pushing back the boundaries with what is possible in solar inverter technology, SolaX Power have been able to produce some of the most efficient solar inverters on the market today, enabling our customers to harness even more of the free, clean energy available to us from the sun.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Unique product features including black start, all-in-one system that can save installation cost as well as have both the hybrid & AC coupling system.

  2. High reliable products guaranteed by top R&D team and overall quality management system as well as high standard factory leveraged by industry 4.0

  3. Our service is 24 hours standby

We are the top 3 manufacturer of residential battery energy storage systems (ESS) across the world. The A1 - ESS -G2,a specialized ESS system for US market, does have some unique and valuable features. e.g Black start -When the grid is down, the battery is low and inverter is dead. The system can trigger the inverter 7 times from 10am – 4pm (the time can be set up as per customer’s requirement) until the system is back to work. All the process is automatic. Also, the hybrid system can be changed to AC coupling system by setting up in the configuration easily. In addition, all in one system is easy to install and thus save the installation cost. The product is compliant with all the certificates required by US market. Solax conducts regular training for our partners and can also share some of the promotion cost for the partners. Our service is 24 hours standby.

R&D, product, production, quality, sales, local support, etc.

Workmanship Warranty

Product warranty 10 years


UL, CE, TUV, SGS, IEC, etc.

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Solax system and monitoring is great

Very reliable system with good monitoring that they keep it up to date. very easy to use. 5 Star to the Customer Service

Posted by Tim Lee on Mar 17, 2023
Completely Worth it !!!!

They will 100% help you! As a customer, I know so much more now and the PM from solax power really added value to what I was looking for, by understanding my concerns that I have regarding my system and get them resolute in timely manner.

Posted by melissa.reach on Mar 10, 2023
Amazing Experience

Excellent product, SolaX is a world class company. The whole process from system design, installation, and activation was a great experience

Posted by Edward M on Mar 10, 2023
Excellent equipment & services

We installed our system with Solax inverters and battery backup, therefore we get the best deal out of it, when it comes to its performance during the day time with Solar Panels. Also in winters, during outages, batteries has provided extensive backup times even with our max loads turned ON.

Posted by Graeme D. on Mar 10, 2023



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