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SolarUniverse - Northern California

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About SolarUniverse - Northern California

Solar Universe is a unique solar installation and finance concept headquartered in Northern California with a mission to be the very best at what we do. We are the sum of a network of owner-operated install partners where Quality, Safety, Service and Consistency are guiding principles. These principles support our service oriented approach to enabling you to produce power on your home or business. In short, we make solar an easy, affordable and fun experience. Just ask our members!
Our SunGen™ Product:
We have pre-engineered a series of solar packages, complete with best of breed panels, inverters, racking and roof mounting techniques. We call these packages our SunGen™ solar appliance, short for Solar Universe Network Clean Power Generator. The SunGen saves you money by capturing natural sunlight, converting it into energy that can be used for your home, and directing the excess power into your utility meter, thus crediting your bill.

Go Solar and Save Immediately!

Leasing your solar system gives you the financial benefits of going solar without the high up-front costs. Solar energy is a proven, reliable energy source that is saving money for many smart homeowners today. And as the cost of electricity increases, you'll be satisfied knowing your electricity costs are locked in over the term of your lease.
Programs for as little as $0 down
Immediate savings on your electric bill
Backed by the world’s largest solar manufacturer
Includes monitoring and maintenance
Performance guaranteed

Premium Service Package Included:
Insurance — We fully insure the system against damage, loss or theft
Repair & Maintenance Included — A full "bumper to bumper" warranty including all parts, labor and performance.
System Monitoring — Remote system monitoring is included for the entire term of your lease.
Performance Guaranty — Our detailed design process assures you that you’ll be getting a system that will produce the power we say it will, guaranteed.
Flexible Ownership Options — In the event that your situation changes, whether it is a move or a desire to purchase, we give you multiple options to choose from.
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