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Go Green Industries Inc.

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About Go Green Industries Inc.

Started in 2008 GGI has built a reputation for providing flawless workmanship and 20 year warranties for your Home. To date we have installed over 1200 Residential Systems...
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  1. Small Business Locally Owned and Operated.

  2. Communications Direct to the Owner of the Company

  3. Experience, Established in 2008 with thousands of sucessfully completed projects

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Residential Sales, Design, Service and Construction of Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Roof Replacement Specialists.

Services Offered

  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

20 Years


MA CSL & MA Master Electrician, HIC


Full Liability, & Workers Compensation MA NH

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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Wonderful Service

My system needed a repair/replacement of 4 optimizers and my previous installer had closed up shop in MA so I had to find someone quickly. Steve and his team were very friendly, responsive, and jumped in quickly to repair my system, and all for a fraction of what another company had quoted for a price. I highly recommend this company and plan to continue to use them as my go to company for any future service.

Posted by mona.carbonneau on Aug 29, 2023
Excellent attitude and knowledge

I had a problem with my solar panel system, installed in December 2009. Recently, I had some leakage in the roof in same area where the panels were installed. I have tried for a long time to get someone to look at the system and offer a solution. Most people just wanted to sell me a system and were not interested in fixing the system. Steve from Go Green was very personable and knowledgeable. He has worked in the field for a long time. When he first arrived, he looked at the roof and saw a squirrel nest and some wires (that had probably been caused by the squirrels). Then, he went to the cellar to look at my inverter (which had a fault message). He checked and found that the inverter was okay but there was a fuse failure. With that issue fixed, the system started working again. I wanted him to quote for the work on the roof but, since my system had been down for so long, he suggested that I have him come back in April to ensure that the system continues running adequately. If there was a real problem with the inverter, he did not want to charge me any more money. I would recommend Go Green to anyone considering installing solar panels or who, like me, needed someone to fix the system.

Posted by roseplerer on Feb 11, 2023
Thank You!

Go Green industries Inc and Steve have been the light, no pun intended, when no one would help. I have 17 panels on my roof installed by a company no longer in business. They stopped communicating with my Enphase system and I could not find a solar company to help me out, until I called Go Green Industries Inc.. I told Steve my problem and he took the time to look at my electric box, solar equipment and switches. He guided me through some adjustments and rebooting and it worked. My panels were once again communicating and recording my Kw. He even gave advice to replace an ineffective breaker so hopefully this won’t happen again. Thank you to Go Green Industries Inc for taking the time to see if this would be a relatively simple fix before saying no. Steve, your knowledge, positivity and pleasant manner were much appreciated!

Posted by dknurse121 on Feb 03, 2023
Go Green a Second Time

We used Go Green to install PV panels in 2012. They did a great job and we have had zero problems. We now work from home and charge our electric car at home, so we wanted to add more PV panels. Go Green once again did the installation. The work was well planned and done when promised without damaging the house or the landscaping. The system is up and running with no glitches.

Posted by jjzona on Jan 31, 2023

REVIEW TITLE: GO GREEN TO THE RESCUE! After a trip to the attic in October resulted in the discovery of every homeowners’ nightmare –a leaking roof, I knew I had to deal with a repair ASAP before the onset of winter. This repair would be especially challenging because the south facing side of the roof where the leak was located was covered with 29 solar panels. After covering the attic floor with tarps and strategically placing bins and buckets to catch the drips, I contacted 4 roofers and my insurance company. After 3 inspections, it became apparent that there was no quick fix. The panels had to come off and the roof needed to be replaced. Fortunately, one of the insurance adjusters provided me with the name of a nearby solar panel company: GOGREEN in Westford, Mass. I called and spoke with the Manager, Steven Cuzziere who informed me that he was really busy and did not know when he could get to my job. I explained that I was a widow and had already tried to engage a number of roofers who were all too busy except for one who agreed to squeeze me into his schedule. He told me he would call me back in half an hour. True to his word he called in less than half an hour and said one of his crews had finished a job early and would come to my house. Three hours later the panels were removed from my roof and stacked neatly in my side yard. By the end of the week, an incredible roofing crew replaced the roof. I then contacted GOGREEN and two weeks later a crew that had finished up a job early, came and replaced the panels…but then another challenge! One of the panels did not work. Oh no, I thought. Now I would have to contact the company that had originally sold me the panels. Luckily it was GOGREEN to the rescue again. Steve, who by now I regarded as my guardian angel, immediately ordered a new panel and told me it would come directly to my house. It took two months for the replacement parts to arrive and another month for a break in the GOGREEN schedule to make an appointment for the panel repair, reinstallation, and final check of the system. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that the panels are all now working, the roof is no longer leaking, and my electric bill when I do have a charge is less than $20.00 a month. Kudos to GO GREEN for helping me get through this nightmare. Steve who is a real character is responsive, dependable, accommodating and very sensitive to your concerns. He has a remarkable crew that is very professional, hardworking, friendly, and attentive to detail. I consider myself lucky to have found such a reliable company that obviously takes pride in their work. They definitely went the extra mile for me. Hopefully I will not have further need of their services but if I do have a problem in the future, GOGREEN (Steve Cuzziere) will be the first number (978-496-1881) I will call! Needless to say, I highly recommend this company. B.L.FLIGHT (Concord, Mass)

Posted by wflight on Jan 25, 2023
Never say die

We had an eight year old solar array that had been installed in 2014 on an older (1845) house in Newburyport, MA. It worked very well until apparently a racoon chewed through the electrical and attachments on the roof, in 2022. It had been installed by another solar installation leader, before the use of animal screens! The system, on the roof, was a total loss. Go Green Industries, and principal Steve Cuzziere, were outstanding, loyal, persistent, well informed and tireless throughout the replacement. They explained the choices, and the prices, carefully. They worked with the insurance adjuster and successfully made the case, based on Steve's years in the industry and rock solid technical fund of knowledge. He did an efficient replacement, re-using the fancy German inverters in the basement which were unharmed. His cost of the replacement was basically fully covered by the insurer, at about $38,000 (with our paying the deductible). And then he walked us through how to get back on the incentive payment program to producers, in Mass., SRECs. He helped us work through electronically registering the results being captured on the new meter, with the Mass. production system. I do not think we could have replaced the solar as quickly, confidently, and with access to adequate insurance coverage compliant with our policy, without Steve Cuzziere personally. He is a big personality, and in our view, a very effective and competent one. We would recommend him, or use him again, very happily.

Posted by delia_oconnor on Jan 22, 2023
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