Solar Panels in
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Updated 3/15/2023

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How much do solar panels cost in Carver County, MN in 2023?

As of November 2023, the average solar panel cost in Carver County, MN is $3.35/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Carver County, MN ranges in cost from $14,238 to $19,262, with the average gross price for solar in Carver County, MN coming in at $16,750. After accounting for the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) and other state and local solar incentives, the net price you'll pay for solar can fall by thousands of dollars.

Importantly, these costs are typical for solar shoppers comparing solar quotes on the EnergySage Marketplace. When you compare quotes for solar panels on EnergySage's competitive solar marketplace, you can expect to see prices up to 20% lower than working with a single solar company.

Average solar panel cost by system size in Carver County, MN

System Size System Cost System Cost (after ITC)
3 kW $10,050 $7,035
4 kW $13,400 $9,380
5 kW $16,750 $11,725
6 kW $20,100 $14,070
7 kW $23,450 $16,415
8 kW $26,800 $18,760
9 kW $30,150 $21,105
10 kW $33,500 $23,450

2023 average solar panel cost graph in Carver County, MN

for a 5kW system

Great Price
$14,238 or less
Market Average
Above Market
$19,262 or more

Solar installation costs do not include the 30% federal investment tax credit or local incentives. Learn more about local MN incentives, tax credits & rebates.

Payback Period

12.39 Years

20-Year Savings


Cost per Watt


Are solar panels worth it in Carver County, MN?

Yes, solar is worth it in Carver County, MN! In fact, solar panels are worth it in most areas, though certain factors – including the cost of electricity, available incentives, the climate, and sun angle – will all impact how quickly you break even on your investment relative to other areas. Over 20 years you can expect to save $20,528 by installing an average-sized solar system (assuming you pay upfront with cash). If you choose to finance your system with a $0-down loan, you can start saving on day one in Carver County, MN (though your long term savings will be less). To learn more, check out our articles about why solar is worth it and how much you can save by going solar.

Top solar installers in Carver County, MN

If you are looking for solar companies in MN, here are some popular suggestions:

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What determines the cost of solar panels in Carver County, MN?

The price you pay for solar depends on many factors:

System size

The bigger your solar panel system, the pricier it will be. Importantly, the average per-unit price for solar decreases with increasing system size.

Panel brand and quality

Like any product or appliance, solar panels come in varying quality which can be highly dependent on brand.

Panel type

The type of panel you install (typically monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film) directly impacts the overall quality of your installation. Higher quality = higher prices.

Your roof

The cost of a solar panel installation doesn’t just come from equipment. Your solar installer will also charge for the difficulty of the installation, meaning if you have a complex roof your system may cost more.

Installation company

Solar companies all charge different labor rates for their work. You may opt to pay more for a more reputable company with better reviews and a shorter time period until installation.

Permitting and interconnection

While it’s not a large factor, paying for permits and your interconnection fee to the grid will add a little to the top of your total solar installation price.

FAQs about Carver County, MN solar panels

As of November 2023, the average solar panel cost in Carver County, MN is $3.35/W. Given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW), an average solar installation in Carver County, MN ranges in cost from $14,238 to $19,262, with the average gross price for solar in Carver County, MN coming in at $16,750.
At a minimum, solar installations in Carver County, MN are eligible for the 30% solar tax credit. Learn more about other local Carver County, MN incentives, tax credits & rebates to help you lower the overall cost of going solar even more.
There are three primary ways to pay for solar: with a cash purchase, with a solar loan, or with a solar lease/power purchase agreement. You’ll likely save the most money in the long run with a cash purchase, but solar loans and leases are great options that usually don’t require much money upfront (sometimes none at all with $0-down loans!). Learn more about your solar financing options.

How to get the best price on solar panels in Carver County, MN

Solar is a major purchase, and one that is often accompanied by significant complexity. With that in mind, most solar shoppers in the US compare two to five solar quotes before making a decision. Why? Comparing multiple solar quotes saves you money.

There are two primary reasons that comparing multiple solar quotes can save you money: competition and transparency. The competition effect means that each additional quote you receive for solar will help you to find the right solar panel system at the right price. Transparency can be trickier to put a price tag on, but for a market that has historically been opaque, knowing what equipment will be installed on your roof–and the quality of that equipment–helps to ensure you’re getting the best solar solution for your needs.

This is where EnergySage can help: we take the hard work out of finding, calling and trying to compare quotes from different installers, by gathering custom solar quotes from local installers on your behalf and putting them in an easy-to-compare, side-by side format. When you receive multiple solar quotes through EnergySage, the two of these components combine, allowing you to save 15 to 25 percent on the cost of solar compared to going solar outside of EnergySage. Sign up for free to get started today.