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All Energy Solar - Profile & Reviews

Our Mission

-Design and build energy systems specialized for each individual customer.
-Provide the highest quality customer service for an unparalleled customer experience.
-Ensure a healthy, exciting, and innovative environment for our working professionals.

123 reviews

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  • "New to Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 10, 2021

    We have had our solar panels for about 3 years . Working with All Energy Solar has been very professional and easy for us. When we had a problem they were prompt to come and fix it and report it as a warranty problem.
    When we had hail damage from a storm in our area they worked with our insurance company to get a full payment on their part of the repairs. Then they coordinated with our roofer and we were able to have the whole job completed within a week.

  • "Great, if delayed, overall experience"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2021
    "Great, if delayed, overall experience"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2021

    We had, overall, a great (if somewhat slow) experience with All Energy. We had a large solar install, with batteries, and a fair amount of additional wiring to account for multiple electric car chargers. No project of our size is completely smooth, and there were plenty of challenges and delays during our time working together (many of which were not the fault of our team) but everyone worked pretty tirelessly to push through and correct each one. In the end, it took us much longer than originally hoped, but we're really delighted with our solution.

  • "Good communication throughout"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2021

    We experienced excellent communication and customer service thoughout the whole process. All the installers were prompt and answered my questions. The smoothest process I've ever had.

  • "Impressive!"

    Reviewed Jun 06, 2021

    I am extremely pleased with All-Energy Solar. From my first contact through the final
    stages they were professional, knowledgeable and timely. They were very thorough and were "over-the top" with their communication throughout the process. Very easy to deal with and the product and installation was of high quality. I highly recommend All-Energy Solar.

  • "All Energy Solar 12 kW on my House"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2021
    "All Energy Solar 12 kW on my House"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2021

    From my initial quote through the install and activation of my system AES has been engaged with me. They managed all the application details for the Solar Rewards program through Xcel and I was fortunate enough to have started this process last fall so that I got in on the 2021 program. I'm set up with 33 365W panels and Enphase Micro Inverters. With my western facing exposure and chosen panels we went with the IQ7+ models which caps my output at a little over 9.6 kW. So far (as of mid June) I have only seen very minor clipping (like less than 2% of the daily total) on the best day so far of 80kWh of production. Still waiting for our first Xcel bill but I will be getting money back on the electric portion. The team at AES also followed up to be sure I understood all the monitoring with Enlighten and eGuage. It's fun to know your powering yours and your neighbors AC on a hot day like today (97 deg today).

  • "Review of All Energy Solar and my 8.9KW system and Powerwall"

    Reviewed Apr 29, 2021
    "Review of All Energy Solar and my 8.9KW system and Powerwall"

    Reviewed Apr 29, 2021

    I have looked into adding Solar to my house for also 13 years. at to beginning of 2020 was worst time to plan this with the whole Covid thing starting up. But All Energy Solar offered a turnkey solution that made sense for me. Panels, Micro-inverts, and Powerwall solved the problem of making it simple but something that would last.
    I wanted a Grid tied system that could also provide backup power options too
    All Energy Solar help with the paperwork that allowed this system to be connected to the power Grid. They explained what to expect for power. Winter not so much power but still enough to run the house. As of spring I'm running self powered 80% of the time with the battery. As for the Company All Energy Solar they have been great to work with and get question answered. they kept me up-to-day on install schedule, They handle Covid install correctly, Because of Covid my Powerwall was delayed 5 months, but as soon as the Powerwall was in stock the unit was installed. Overall I'm very happy with the system and the company that installed it.
    hoping this helps other people that might looking to do what I just completed

    Happy Solar customer

  • "All Energy all the way!"

    Reviewed Apr 10, 2021

    My wife and I looked around at multiple solar companies and in the end we felt like All Energy Solar provided the best value for the money and we have not been dissapointed! They have a long track record and strong reputation in the rapidly growing solar market. Personally we were extremely impressed with the staff. Val gave us a very honest assessement of what we could expect regarding production with our particular roof, something we did not get from all companies. With those realistic expectations we decided to move forward and were blown away by Val's attention to detail, the installation crew's professionalism, all the way through to Annalise's attentive follow-ups and assistance. We are very happy with the production seen so far with 100% offset in March and looking forward to the sunny days of summer! We feel like we've added value to our home, made a wise longterm financial investment, and are doing our part to help move us towards a renewable energy future!

  • "Unresponsive"

    Reviewed Apr 06, 2021
    Updated Apr 07, 2021

    Reviewed Apr 06, 2021
    Updated Apr 07, 2021

    Maybe I'm an outlier, but my personal experience was completely different than other reviewers. I was constantly following up with this company to get a quote. They told me that they will not provide quotes through the EnergySage website. They even told me that if they did go through EnergySage, the proposal would be higher because it would be a rough estimate. However, when they finally said they had a proposal ready for me, its not like they had any additional information that I didn't already provide through EnergySage.

    Furthermore, they would not come to my house for a shade analysis despite telling me twice that they would schedule one. The first time; I was waiting at my house for the company representative to show up, and when I called I was told that he was no longer with the company. Then when I repeatedly followed-up with that same person, I was told that he was out sick for multiple days. Then when I finally received a third contact, I was told I needed to go through the same hour long virtual consultation that I had already did with the first person.

    After spending a second hour of my time explaining the project, I was told that they would set up an appointment for a shade analysis. They were not confident that my property would meet my needs for a payback period of less than 10 years. Fair enough, but after over another week of waiting to see when that shade analysis would be scheduled, I had to follow-up again and was told that they had a proposal ready...even though they never did a shade analysis. I guess you get the point by this stage of the story. From the first day I reached out to All Energy Solar to today, it has been over a month and I still don't have a proposal.

    Long story, longer, I asked for the proposal by email, but they are adamant that it must be provided by ANOTHER virtual consultation. I'm very frustrated with my experience. I had high hopes. Other local installers treated me the way that I was told how I would be treated by All Energy Solar since they are a local company. Really, you could insert Tesla into this story and I'm not sure you would be able to tell the difference other than the quote would be significantly cheaper.

    Micah Courneya
    Response from All Energy Solar
    Responded Apr 16, 2021
    Response from All Energy Solar
    Responded Apr 16, 2021

    Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. I'm sorry that your experience with us has been poor. Could you please contact us at with more information so we can learn more about this? We’d like to do what we can to remedy this situation. Kind Regards, Sam D.

  • "Excellent Experience"

    Reviewed Mar 06, 2021

    All Energy Solar was excellent and helpful every step of the way. I was new to the solar energy world, and they were helpful and understanding of every question I had. They were in constant communication during the entire project. If you are thinking of going solar, All Energy Solar is the first call you should make.

  • "installing solar panels"

    Reviewed Mar 01, 2021

    Recently decided to have solar panels for my home as I have always been concerned about energy usage and by attending a green fair met Brandon Charboneau maybe three years ago and he answered questions I had and reconnected last May. The experience has been great as the panels were installed last November and the staff that installed them were very friendly, efficient and very available to answer any questions I or my son had, As the project moved along Brandon and Nick Judkins were always available for my questions and informed me what I needed to provide, I am very happy that solar panels were installed on my place as I can already see it is paying off and already received one check from Xcel and electric bill is lower already. Xcel has been very good to work with also. The experience has been great and recommend more residents obtain solar panels to promote green energy.

  • "Our All Energy Solar experience"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021
    "Our All Energy Solar experience"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2021

    We decided to go with All Energy Solar after receiving quotes and on site visits by several Central Wisconsin area installers. I was impressed by their knowledge, willingness to adjust the system quote to panels I was seeking, and overall professionalism. They have their own in-house Solar Designers, Coordinators, and well trained Installation teams. No external contractors.
    I had researched different solar options, from panels to inverters, for about 2 months, so I knew what I wanted. All Energy Solar provided multiple options and then wrote a quote to fit my panel requests and the deal was set. The current Solar rebates and Focus on Energy credit make the final cost more affordable.
    The Staff at All Energy Solar have always been prompt, informative, and professional in all communications. Our Project Coordinator Annalise has been Awesome; constantly kept us updated through every step of the process. The time from Our first contact for the free Solar estimate to our install was only a few months. Minor spring weather delays and initial Covid situation prevented a quicker install time.
    The 25-year warranty on Our LG panels, and Enphase micro-inverters, and the installed electronics helped make our decision. We did have one microinverter fail which was quickly replaced thru the warranty process- made very easy thru the All Energy staff.
    The All Energy Solar in-house installation Team was experienced, efficient, and friendly to work with. Part of the reason I chose to use All Energy is that they have and train their own Install team, no outside contractors involved. They did a great job cleaning up after completing the Install.
    We could not be happier with going Solar. I highly recommend AllEnergySolar for anyone in central Wisconsin who is considering going Solar.

    John O

  • "Professional , Helpful and attention to detail"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021
    "Professional , Helpful and attention to detail"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    All energy was a pleasure to work with through and through. From the first steps, Nick and Jarad took the time to explain everything from specs to pricing . Every step of the way was clear and concise , all of our questions were always answered in a timely fashion. When it came time for installation, the crew was very professional. Even as the project took longer then expected the hard working team worked into the night. Any small issues I had at the completion of project were dealt with immediately. There are many companies to pick from , however this MN based company brings more than just competitive pricing to the table. If your willing to go solar and put you money were your mouth is , this company will provide a all encompassing experience.

  • "Amazing team"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2021

    All Star Energy made it simple to make the sustainable switch!

  • "Big Doobs review."

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2021

    I was very pleased the professional way everything happened. My questions were answered and everyone of the people I dealt with were pleasant and kept me informed.

  • "Exceeded our exceptions in every way!"

    Reviewed Feb 08, 2021
    "Exceeded our exceptions in every way!"

    Reviewed Feb 08, 2021

    All Energy Solar finished our install end of August and Excel hooked it up beginning of September. We did not except that our first two months we were going to produce enough energy from our 15 panels (so let on the summer) to have 2 months of no energy bills! We even good a little credit for a future bill. We look forward to seeing what a full year will bring us =D The crew was professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend All Solar Energy to help you with your green energy transition.

  • "The Best in customer service"

    Reviewed Feb 06, 2021
    "The Best in customer service"

    Reviewed Feb 06, 2021

    You will not be disappointed! Super easy process, truthful and fast!

  • "Concierge Experience!"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2021

    The staff of All Energy Solar made the process of going green a breeze! My husband and I set up a free estimate meeting with All Energy this past summer. Then a custom system,with alternate options was presented to us, and we chose the configuration that would work the best for us. From the first contact through installation of our system and beyond, our interactions have been professional, thorough, and informative. We always were confident that we could reach out with any questions during the process, and every step was communicated to us in a timely manner. One of my favorite parts of the whole solar process was having All Energy Solar take care of all the paperwork with our electric company- this is what made it feel 'Concierge.' The referral reward program is frosting on the cake! Two thumbs up for All Energy Solar!

  • "Great service and very knowledgeable"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2021
    "Great service and very knowledgeable"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2021

    Great experience working with All Energy Solar, the team was very friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

  • "A very pleasant Solar process!"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2021
    "A very pleasant Solar process!"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2021

    I've look at several solar companies around Madison, WI and finally decided to settle with All Energy Solar while everyone in my neighborhood went with Everlight Solar. They were very knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions I have. My project manager Annalise and my consultant Justin were amazing and very approachable by both phone and email. The entire project from start to finish was very smooth. All Energy Solar took care of all the paper work for us including HoA and Annalise always gave us a call to inform us how far along we are in the process. We live in a neighborhood where we have a more stricter HoA requirement, and they were able to offer us different types of solar panels to help us meet that. In addition to that, they do not use subcontractors. They took care of the whole process themselves. Overall, we had a very pleasant experience and will definitely recommend All Energy Solar to our friends!

  • "Making Solar Easy and Awesome"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2021

    Working with Annalise, Jacob and the All Energy Solar team was great. Jacob made the purchase process easy - and Annalise handled all the project coordination with skill and expertise. The installation crew was excellent in their communication, making sure I provided approval every step of the way. I would highly recommend All Energy Solar for your solar project. I'm seriously considering utilizing them for my cabin in the future.

  • "Best customer service experience!"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2021

    The team at All Energy Solar are phenomenal! They have been so kind, helpful, and patient throughout the process. Rarely have I had a customer service experience with such great follow-up. I would 100% recommend the All Energy for you solar install.

  • "Amazing company!"

    Reviewed Jan 13, 2021

    ESD Solar is a great company overall! Jeff gave me the option to customize my system. The company even took care of all permits and paperwork in order to get my meter swapped out. The install only took one day, and the install crew was very professional and polite. I am extremely satisfied!!!

  • "Great team"

    Reviewed Jan 11, 2021

    The team did a great job starting from fitting me into the 2020 year all the way through to the final meet up to answer any questions.
    They walked me through every step of the way and answered every question I had.
    The install date was clearly set and the crew was courteous and quick.
    The product was also very nice looking after the install was done.
    I talk to everyone I know about this system and urge them to call all energy solar.

  • "10 kw project St Paul"

    Reviewed Jan 05, 2021

    Project manager Megan Spear did a great job, on all details to keep the project on schedule and running smoothly.

    Very professional and consistent communication kept things going efficiently.

    Installation crew was great and results were excellent.

    An unsolicited comment came from the Xcel Energy tech that installed the new meters, saying that he thought All Energy Solar was the best of all the companies that he installs new meters for solar projects. Saying that it’s quite rare that a project has an issue on initial startup..

    So I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

  • "Wonderful company and experience"

    Reviewed Jan 05, 2021
    "Wonderful company and experience"

    Reviewed Jan 05, 2021

    All Energy solar was great to work with from day 1! Our sales person Justin was up front and told us the ins and outs and made sure that we were aware of all things solar! Annelise was our project manager and was fantastic! We always knew where we were in the process and what was coming up next. The installers were all friendly and professional. Answered questions and were all very nice to have around. I was super impressed with All Energy's responsiveness to phone calls and emails. They answered all questions quickly and were just wonderful to work with!

  • "Great solar install on the Lifgren-Dodge Farm"

    Reviewed Jan 05, 2021
    "Great solar install on the Lifgren-Dodge Farm"

    Reviewed Jan 05, 2021

    From start to finish the install was great. Due to regulations in Chisago City I was forced to install panels on my pole shed, it was great knowing AES did all of the load calculations and used the proper mounting to keep my metal roof in good shape. Electrical install was somewhat complex due to panels being on one building and my power meter on another (I'm glad I didn't need to figure it out). Install crew kept me informed on the install. Annalise kept me informed on all the steps from the start to the conclusion. We did solar for both green and financial benefits. Thanks, Jonathan and Kari.
    ps.. I was able to get $500.00 solar rewards for referring a friend who also used AES.

  • "Solar Power!"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021

    Initial contact and informational meeting was excellent with no pressure to buy/commit. Val accommodated our request to quote multiple possibilities for array size, storage, and panel types. Site survey for measurements and engineering plans was easy, we just had to direct them to the attic access, the meter, and the electrical panel. We were notified about the progress of the various permits and approvals during the lead up to installation. We were contacted about a week before installation to let us know that we were on the schedule. Additionally, confirmation was made a business day or two in advance regarding official install start date. We had some weather delays, but we were informed every step of the way about resuming the installation. Installers and electrician were very courteous and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions about the system and install process. The only reason that we could not provide a five star review was that the interior clean up after installation was not complete. Overall, we are very happy with our system from All Energy Solar and would recommend them for your solar project!

  • "All Energy Solar is amazing"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021

    The staff and crew at All Energy Solar (especially Jill and Nick) did an incredible job installing solar panels on my home. It was my first time doing solar, and they answered all of my questions completely and promptly. I can tell they shared my enthusiasm for alternative and sustainable energy solutions. It was a pleasure working with them. Highly recommend! - Tom Bullington, Hastings, MN

  • "New Installation"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021
    "New Installation"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021

    We just had a solar system installed for our home and honey operation. Working with the people from All Energy Solar, was a very pleasant experience. Everyone was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the system. The installer did a very neat job. We would highly recommend All Energy Solar.

  • "36 panel installation; home and detatched garage"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2021
    "36 panel installation; home and detatched garage"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2021

    We had 36 panels installed by All Energy Solar this summer/fall. We were highly pleased with the process from design through installation. The initial consultation was informative and laid out how the project would proceed. The site survey was thorough and resulted in a detailed design and cost specification. The permitting and approval process dragged out far longer than I would have liked as it meant we missed most of the summer sun; however most of the time was waiting for Xcel Energy to do the approvals on their end. Our project coordinator, Jill, kept us apprised of progress with Xcel. Once all the permits and approvals were in place, the installation was scheduled. The crew arrived and worked for about 7 days. Our installation was a little different because we did arrays on our house and detached garage (required a trench to connect the two). Crew was professional, even dealing with a COVID scare from one of the installers, and we're very happy so far with the finished product. The close-out appointment with Charles answered all final questions. After our very poor experience with Tesla (over a year of struggling to get a detailed design out of them), it was a very positive experience with All Energy Solar.

  • "SOOOOO Pleased!!!!"

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2020

    I’d been interested in installing a solar system for years and finally heard more interest from my spouse. I contacted All Energy Solar. I was pleased with their response, all seemed interested in our needs. They were responsive and professional but schedules were backed up . They started with assessing site, and generated a plan with the maximum number we could accommodate on our roof. They talked about what we might save, discussed finances, including the tax credits that would change each year. They were busy due to lots of folks finally getting solar, and due to changes in suppliers, but project coordinator Annalise and Jay at All Energy Solar reached out often to apprise us of changing circumstances. Installation went so incredibly well. The crew was wonderful!! They did such a fantastic job, they were friendly, fast, professional, and explained things when asked. Inspections, meetings to explain and make sure everything was copasetic. I absolutely loved seeing the summer energy bills, even with air conditioning running. Production went down with the cloudy fall/winter and now we have snow. We’re thinking of getting the special rake to rid the panels of snow. Without any reservations I recommend the team at All Energy Solar if you’re considering a solar system!! In addition to everything else, it actually looks good, although is not noticeable for passersby, we love it!!!

    Cheryl L. Eden Prairie

  • "All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2020

    I do not regret getting solar panels. But I would use a different company than All Energy Solar if I had to do it again. Here is why. I live in MN and for the past week, the solar array installed on my garage has been covered in snow. The output in this case, is none to very little. The snow started as a wet rain and then froze and turned into snow, so the normal snow rake doesn't get the snow ice build up off. I was told that the panels would "heat up" and melt the snow in a couple of days at most like my neighbors array, which was completely clear a day or two after the last snow. She also never has to use a snow rake to get the snow off her arrays.

    I realize now, that the angle of the array really matters when you live in a snowy climate like MN. Now. Should I have done my research and known about that before getting panels installed. Yes! But, I am disappointed that All Energy didn't do a better job at pointing out some of these considerations beforehand.

    If All Energy put even half of the energy they put into educating their consumer about their design plan and why they believe it is optimal as they put into trying to get their customers to join their "solar ambassador" program, I would have been a lot more satisfied. Also, I am dubious of all of the high positive ratings for the company when I know how much they incentivize their customers for doing this.

  • "Love It"

    Reviewed Dec 25, 2020

    I am so happy that I decided to go solar. All Solar Energy was wonderful to work with. Right from the start they answered all of my questions and I did not feel pressured in the slightest. My project coordinator, Annalise, was wonderful. She kept me up to date on installation and everything that came after. I only had one issue and it was with the local power company, but that was not on All Solar Energy in the least. I would recommend All Solar Energy to anyone who is thinking about going solar

  • "They make it easy"

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2020

    Jarad and Annalise handled everything. It was very easy for us. Highly recommend this company

  • "Amazing Experience with All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Nov 30, 2020
    "Amazing Experience with All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Nov 30, 2020

    All Energy Solar did an amazing job installing panels at my home. They were total professionals, kept me informed through-out the process, and did an amazing job of showing me all the tools I can use to monitor my production.

    I would recommend them to anyone looking to go solar!

  • "Wonderful experience with All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Nov 23, 2020
    "Wonderful experience with All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Nov 23, 2020

    All Energy Solar staff consistently exceeded my expectations, from my initial conversations all the way through to the final wrap-up. Everyone was very professional. Annalise, my main contact, was always friendly, and kept me up to date on my solar project's progress. I highly recommend All Energy Solar to anyone else in Minnesota or elsewhere who is considering solar.

  • "Thorough and professional"

    Reviewed Nov 20, 2020

    My wife and I had been considering installing a solar system for years. Our neighbor suggested All Energy which had just done his solar system. All Energy handled all of the paperwork including building permits,
    utility interconnection agreement, rebates and incentives and scheduling the onsite assessment, installation and building inspection after the installation was complete as well as having the utility company change out the electric meter for "net metering". Annalise and Jake were timely and concise in all of our telephone calls and emails communications. The site assessment was quite comprehensive and the person doing the job took the time to explain just why he spent so much time in the attic and on the roof (checking for structural integrity to support the additional weight and analyzing sunlight intensity to determine best placement for the panels). The installation itself took only about 12 hours over 2 days with everything looking very well finished with good attention to detail at the end of the work. The installers, both on the roof and the electrician were also willing and able to answer our questions while they were here. All in all, well done.

  • "Job Well Done"

    Reviewed Nov 17, 2020

    We began thinking about our project in August - contacted All Energy Solar - and they took it from there. The project was finished in late October. All Energy was great to work with - they had well trained people - were responsive and did exactly what they said they were going to do. I'm impressed and now just wishing for long sunny days . . .

  • "Great Company and employees"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2020

    Very professional company and people to work with. Answered all my questions and more. Highly recommend giving them a call and giving them your service.

  • "Great Company doing Honest Business"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2020
    "Great Company doing Honest Business"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2020

    Great experience with this company. They were knowledgeable, transparent, communicative, and efficient. They took the time to explain the whole process to us and how the number of panels is determined and a realistic estimate of production. They were responsive and patient with all our questions. No pressure sales approach that, even tho they were a higher quote, we chose them anyway. The experience we had throughout the whole process was seamless. They have remained supportive and helpful post installation as well. I would recommend them every time.

  • "Satisfied"

    Reviewed Nov 07, 2020

    The system has only been up and running for a couple months but so far I am very satisfied. From first contact All Energy Solar was prompt and thorough in providing information and responding to my inquiries. The install was delayed by the pandemic but once the crew was able to arrive here, install was speedy, neat, and very clean and respectful.

  • "After all the delays with covid I have solar."

    Reviewed Oct 31, 2020
    "After all the delays with covid I have solar."

    Reviewed Oct 31, 2020

    There were alot of delays because of covid then my electric company. But finally it all worked out they had it installed in a couple days and I am enjoying very little to no electric bill. Thank you. Great people to work with.

  • "Fantastic Experience Beginning to End!"

    Reviewed Oct 27, 2020
    "Fantastic Experience Beginning to End!"

    Reviewed Oct 27, 2020

    I interviewed 5 different solar companies and All Energy Solar was an easy choice as they make everything easy to understand. More importantly, they spent the time with me and answered all of my questions, while other solar installers didn't return calls. I was very sensitive to the aesthetics of my system and All Energy Solar helped me design an all black system that looks fantastic! When if came time to install, the All Energy Solar team was professional, courteous and conscientious. I highly recommend All Energy Solar if you are looking for the best!

  • "Friendly and easy"

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2020

    I learned of All Energy Solar from a co-worker and have been very pleased to work with them. From the initial call and system sizing to the final setup and review, everyone I worked with was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They took care of acquiring the necessary building and interconnection permits, worked with my local utility to ensure the system met their requirements, and all I had to do was wait for the day the system could be turned on.

    The final system included not only the solar array but two independent monitors of energy generation and a monitor of energy use, which has also helped me reduce my electrical usage.

    I highly recommend All Energy Solar.

  • "Excellent work on our toresidential solar power system."

    Reviewed Oct 22, 2020
    "Excellent work on our toresidential solar power system."

    Reviewed Oct 22, 2020

    Towards end of May 2020, I signed a contract to install solar power for our house with All Energy Solar through Val Ulicki, Solar Power Consultant. Annalise Dobbelstein was our Project Coordinator. Annalise kept us notified of the various stages of the project , by who and what does get done when. The crew who came to install the solar panels and Mike the electrician together did a nice and clean job. They answered our questions and took time to explain what next happens in the process.

    When Annalise ran into a problem of getting the written approval report from the electrician for the Town of Brookfield, she encouraged me to call as well. We worked as a team and got the final commissioning of the solar power system on October 6, 2020.

    At the closing of this project on 10/20, Val scheduled a webinar for my wife and I to go over the on line monitoring of the energy production and how to take care of the panels. He went over all the warranties for the solar panels, micro investors and service from All Energy Solar and the manufacturers. We had a great experience and we highly recommend their products and professional workmanship,


  • "Professional, helpful, and friendly staff"

    Reviewed Oct 19, 2020
    "Professional, helpful, and friendly staff"

    Reviewed Oct 19, 2020

    We live in the Madison, WI area and had a rooftop solar system installed by All Energy Solar. We got quotes from a few other installers, and while they weren't the lowest quote, they were certainly in the ballpark, and were much more responsive than the other companies. From the time we signed the contract until the panels were installed was a little under 3 months, then a few more weeks for the inspections, new meter from the power company, etc. In our case the actual install took a few days, and the crew was very friendly, able to answer questions, and I thought did a good job. All the equipment, including panels, wiring, etc, looks great. All Energy Solar handled all of the paperwork, and checked in with us from time to time to let us know how things were progressing. The entire process was "socially distanced", so they did as much as they could "virtually", but they did need access to the attic and electrical panel in the house during the planning and installation process (to be expected). The system has been producing power a little over a month now and we have been very happy.

  • "AllEnergy Solar Installation."

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2020

    I contracted with AllEnergy Solar to install a ground mount solar array in the spring of 2020. After a bit of a glitch in the beginning when the person assigned to my project left the company, the process went smoothly. In the process of finalizing the project, the solar panels were upgraded to a better system and the cost for the overall plan was lower than first projected. When the installation team arrived, the installation was completed without delay and the final product was better than I anticipated. The crew cleaned up nicely and the system looked very professional. Once I received permission to activate the system, the manager walked me through the process and when I turned on all the breakers, the system was activated and worked like a charm. The follow-up with the team from AllEnergy Solar has been great. The production reports and monitoring system are easy and helpful.

  • "Great experience from start to finish!"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2020
    "Great experience from start to finish!"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2020

    Our experience with All Energy Solar has been top notch. Everyone we encountered during the sales, design, and installation process have been professional, organized, friendly, responsive and, most of all, competent at what they do. We couldn't be happier with the experience, and the finished product!

  • "Great Solar Company!"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2020

    I highly recommend All Energy Solar. I had a great experience and they installed my project on my roof. They were very thorough and efficient in getting me all the information I needed and getting my panels installed.

  • "Solar Panel Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 11, 2020

    Thanks so much to All Energy Solar for taking us from start to finish with the installation of our solar panels. Our project manager Annalise kept us informed along every step of the process, answered all our questions and was a pleasure to work with. We are excited to be part of the network producing clean energy!

  • "Trials, Tribulations, Success!"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2020
    Updated Oct 10, 2020
    "Trials, Tribulations, Success!"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2020
    Updated Oct 10, 2020

    We started summer of 2019 communicating with Jill at All Energy Solar to have a system installed. We got through some of the preliminaries and then Mother Nature threw a curve ball and delayed most of their projects including ours. Being we were near the end of the season it was decided to wait until spring. Enter COVID 19!! More delays in store. In summation, Jill worked very hard through this and was in constant contact. She was apologetic even though it was not really anyone's fault. All Solar also compensated us for the loss of a portion of the tax credit due to the delays. This was much appreciated and I would recommend them and Jill for any solar project you would want to install. The installation guys were great and very considerate of property and garden issues we had and they finished the install right on schedule.

  • "Stress Free Experience"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2020

    Absolutely terrific experience from start to finish. The initial meeting where we discussed benefits/costs and timelines was spot on (i.e. they didn't overpromise in order to sell me). That straight forward approach was present throughout the entire process.
    Equally impressive for me was the level of communication. Each step of the way (and there are quite a few steps) was preceded by either a phone all or email that told me what to expect. And any issues that popped up (one or two came up with the design layout of the panels) was thoroughly explained.
    The entire experience takes several months but it didn't feel like that and there was no "constant battle" to get someone on the line or to explain something. Truly one of the best service experiences I've had. Highly recommend.

  • "An Excellent Experience!"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2020

    Our experience with All Energy Solar was excellent on every level. From the initial contact to the final exit interview, all staff and service focused on quality, and on effective communication. Jill Crandall, our Account Manager kept us informed about what to expect, and effectively assisted with problem solving any issues that came up. Jarad Jackson provided us with enough technical information to make appropriate choices for our situation and was very helpful every step of the way. We would very highly recommend this company!

  • "AllEnergy Solar Easy to Work With"

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2020
    "AllEnergy Solar Easy to Work With"

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2020

    We decided to go solar this year. We did extensive research and decided to go with AllEnergy Solar. Turned out to be a great decision. Extremely professional group, but most importantly, the communication is outstanding. We were informed every step of the way of the project's status. Great materials and orientation meetings. Excellent onboarding once the system went live. Thanks to the entire AllEnergy team for the excellent experience.

  • "All Energy will Connect you to the Sun"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020
    "All Energy will Connect you to the Sun"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    I really think All Energy makes it easy to hook up a solar system. From beginning to end, I think that they are a great company and everything went very smoothly. In fact, this is my second solar installation I used them for. My first one went so well, I thought an addition would be easy, and it was. My only complaint is that for returning customers, I could tell that some of the communications with me were derived from a template for 1st time customers which made it less personal, so I knocked a star off for Service. Otherwise, from start to finish both projects took about 6-9 months, and most of that was working around snow and COVID. I highly recommend them for your solar install.

  • "Had a good quote and experience"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020
    "Had a good quote and experience"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020

    I had a great quote experience with all star, and would recommend everyone take a look at them if their plans meet what you're looking for

  • "Grid connected array of 8 panels in West 7th area, St Paul"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2020
    "Grid connected array of 8 panels in West 7th area, St Paul"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2020

    All Energy Solar designed and installed my 8 panel array on my garage this Summer 2020. My 1884 house has a nice modern touch now! The service was excellent. They really helped me understand how grid-connected systems work especially with Xcel Energy. The whole process went really smoothly. All employees were cordial and fun to interact with. I'm looking forward to upgrading my system soon with All Energy Solar.

  • "We love our panels!!!"

    Reviewed Sep 20, 2020

    We love our new solar panels and had a great time working with the team! Annalise and Charles were super helpful. Annalise answered all 100+ questions of mine and made sure we were up to date on everything. And Charles was great at explaining what to expect + what everything was once our panels were installed. Plus, the crew that came out to install our panels was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend All Energy Solar!

  • "Exceptional Service"

    Reviewed Sep 19, 2020

    They're prompt and answered all of our questions. I received multiple quotes and I'm glad I went with All Energy Solar. Will be recommending to our family and friends:)

  • "Smooth project"

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2020

    I'm overall very happy with my experience with All Energy Solar.
    They communicated well throughout, provided valuable guidance and completed the job ahead of their original estimated schedule.
    My only constructive feedback is that their support staff should be empowered more to resolve issues. They didn't quite fully patch up my yard from a trench they dug for the project and they were kind of at a loss for a week or two about how to make it right until I said nevermind and just finished it myself.
    This wasn't a huge issue and I'd go with All Energy Solar again.

  • "AllEnergy Solar Install"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2020
    "AllEnergy Solar Install"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2020

    We had a great experience with AllEnergy Solar. The initial presentation, the planning and execution, and overall communication throughout the process were excellent. I had a few special requests which they accommodated without difficulty. The panels look great and function well. We're looking forward to the return on investment in the years to come.

  • "Outstanding Experience!"

    Reviewed Sep 03, 2020

    Our experience with All Energy Solar was wonderful. From our first telephone call for information to the final review, the folks at All Energy Solar were prompt, informative and available. Their response to the coronavirus pandemic was careful and kept the project moving forward while at the same time assuring everyone's safety. What we really appreciated was their informative, no pressure, approach. I have no hesitation recommended All Energy Solar.

  • "Very happy with all Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020
    "Very happy with all Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020

    All Energy Solar was the right choice. Charles our Sales Consultant went over what the system would look like, how many panels we needed, the monthly cost and the rebate, and federal tax credit. I was very pleased. 10 out of 10. Our project manager was Annalise, who kept us updated on our project every step of the way. She was a delight to work with, and always made sure our project was moving forward, closer to installation. She gets a 12 out of 10. The installation crew was great, clean, and respectful. John the technician came out for the commissioning of the system and walked us through the final steps. The whole operation was great from start to finish. 6 stars!

  • "Allenergy offers a seamless solution to solar"

    Reviewed Aug 29, 2020
    "Allenergy offers a seamless solution to solar"

    Reviewed Aug 29, 2020

    I am a new home owner, moving into my home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the many tasks that come with moving, installation & unpacking, Allenergy made the process easy & seamless with XCEL. The installers were professional & kept proper distancing for safety. Overall, a great choice for going solar!

  • "Easier than any other home upgrade or repair"

    Reviewed Aug 27, 2020
    "Easier than any other home upgrade or repair"

    Reviewed Aug 27, 2020

    The idea of solar panels was always alluring, but the possible headache of the process was intimidating. With All Energy Solar, the process was easier than any other house upgrades or repairs! The consultant was very knowledgeable and very honest, the cost was way more reasonable than any google searching or personal estimation of cost, the project was installed in a day and a half, and the app on the phone to see the energy produce is very fun. My coworkers love to ask me throughout the day to see how much energy my solar panels are producing. I am proud to be helping out the environment, but I am also excited for the free energy once our rate of return has payed off. The rate of return with the loan and cost of energy is the same time length as a car loan! Thank you All Energy Solar!

  • "Ground Mounted Solar Project"

    Reviewed Aug 26, 2020

    All Energy Solar recently completed our 14kW ground mounted solar project. From beginning to end their communication was impeccable, and the quality of work and their dedication to making it right was unbelievable. If you are contemplating a solar project just do a little research and you soon see why All Energy Solar is an industry leader.

  • "We LOVE All Energy Solar!!!!"

    Reviewed Aug 21, 2020

    We never ever thought about solar energy until we decided to put a metal roof on our house and that contractor asked us which solar company we were working with as most people that get metal roofs also get solar. Once we looked into and decided to go with solar, we wanted to make sure that we found a company that was local, used their own staff and someone that would be around after our system was up and running – someone that wasn’t just a broker. After interviewing a few companies, we chose to All Energy. All of the staff were wonderful to work with and the process was really easy! After contacting All Energy to have someone come talk to us, we provided them with our 12 month electric usage history so they could let us know the size and cost of the system that we would need that matched our needs. Jacob Mussehl was our Solar Consultant and sat down with us to explain everything. He went over everything from information about All Energy and how they are one of the few solar companies that is licensed as both a building contractor and electrical contractor and certified by the North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners, to how they are a full service company that provides excellent customer service and custom design and installation. Jacob showed us the benefit of using solar energy versus our current and future energy bills. We loved everything we saw and went with All Energy. Once we signed, we were assigned our Project Coordinator/Customer Liaison, Annalise Dobbelstein. She continued to work with us for the rest of our project. We went through a program with our city while doing other renovations with our house so our project from the time we started until the time of final install was about 9 months. All Energy worked with two of our other contractors for our roof and insulation and coordinate the project so all three companies could do their part during the install process. Annalise was wonderful to make sure that everything continued on track throughout the whole timeline! When it came time for install, she continually updated us so we knew exactly what would happen during that process. The install crew and electrical crew were awesome and quick. They explained everything that would be happening as well onsite before they started. They answered any and all questions for us and made sure our project was done on time! They even explained the solar panel system to the local fire chief that stopped out to learn more about solar and what they need to do in case of a fire. Our solar panels are installed and producing energy! We have our final consult where Jacob will go over all the monitoring information that both All Energy does and what we will be able to see along with the warranty information and any other questions we may have. We totally 100% recommend All Energy for your solar energy needs!

    Brian & Jessica Munsterman

  • "Would recommend All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 21, 2020
    "Would recommend All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 21, 2020

    I would definitely recommend All Energy Solar. They kept us informed throughout the process, from planning, permitting, scheduling, and installing. We always knew what was going on, and I was always able to get a hold of someone if I had questions -- I really appreciated that. They were very professional. And we love our new solar array!

  • "Great Experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2020
    Updated Aug 19, 2020
    "Great Experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2020
    Updated Aug 19, 2020

    We had a great experience with All Energy Solar.

    To start, one of our pet peeves is when the sales guy makes a deal, then it’s radio silence until the project starts. We never felt alone through the entire process.

    Starting with the initial consultation with “C”, where he took the time to answer each and every question (and we had lots.) “C’s” mastery and depth of knowledge on both his product and the solar landscape put us at ease, as we were working with a true professional. After we signed on with All Energy Solar, we were then handed off to our project manager “A.” Throughout the project “A” was both proactive and responsive to our needs. “A” is a true professional to work with, and I would hope those reading this get the pleasure to work with both “C” and “A.”

    We would recommend All Energy Solar to any and all of those who are looking to make the addition to their houses.

  • "Exemplary at every step of the way"

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2020
    "Exemplary at every step of the way"

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2020

    The team provided an exemplary experience from the very first phone call and visit to the last discussion. Frequent communication.

  • "11kW solar system install"

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2020

    All Energy installed an 11kW solar system on our storage building. Everyone in the company was pleasant, easy to work with and professional. We are very satisfied with the final product. The installation took longer than we expected, but part of that seems to be a result of the Covid pandemic. Because of the delay our state rebate was reduced, but All Energy made up the difference at closing. We rated at 4* because of the delays, otherwise it would have been 5*.

  • "Impressive in every sense of the word."

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2020
    "Impressive in every sense of the word."

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2020

    There is nothing typical about our property, but the crew handled all the challenges with skill. Communication and coordination were precise, and Carlo provided some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Our questions and requests were given prompt attention, and scheduling went very smoothly.
    Thanks to all! We appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail.
    Jim and Lisa
    Aug 2020

  • "Going Solar the Right Way"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2020

    We had signed up to get solar from a scam (unknown to us at the time) group. Did more research and contacted All Energy Solar. From the first meeting to the closeout we could not be more happy. Everyone was great, courteous and helpful. We always knew what the process was next. Jaron was very knowledgeable about solar. Annalise D was always in touch to let us know what would be happening and answering all questions. The construction crew was super even with the Covid deal. They worked quickly and cleanly (did not leave a mess in the yard like some construction can do). All Energy Solar is in truth a great company to choose when you want to take the solar step. They know solar! Oh and after everything is done, the app we get allows us to monitor the system in real time. If a problem develops, we know we can call them to set things right. And yes, we are really reaping the benefits of solar as we look at our electric bill. A huge reduction. Great experience and glad we went solar.

  • "All Energy Solar has the complete package!"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2020
    "All Energy Solar has the complete package!"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2020

    I reviewed and met with several solar companies as well as received specific bids. AES offered a complete package install from start to finish. I selected them not only for this reason, but they listened to me and provided the largest possible system, which so far is proving to be accurate from their predictions. They were able to answer all of my questions, communicated well, and were willing to adjust my requirements as I learned about the available technology. At the completion of the project they sought my feedback and even ended with a very useful review of the entire process and educated me on monitoring the system. I would consider them the go to company for solar in Minnesota!

  • "Solar Install"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    The All Energy team was great to work with on my solar install. They communicated clearly and effectively about all aspects of the project from quote to final review on how to monitor the system. Thanks to everyone that helped!

  • "Going Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2020

    All Energy Solar made the process of installing solar panels easy and transparent.

  • "Great experience"

    Reviewed Aug 06, 2020

    We were very pleased with All Energy Solar throughout the whole installation process. They were extremely professional and efficient throughout. Colin and Annaliese were upfront and honest about all the aspects of the process, and were responsive in their communications. The installers were quick and efficient, and great about mask wearing/social distance. We didn't experience any major delays on any aspect of the project.

  • "Highly Reccomended"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2020

    We had an excellent experience from our consult with Jarad all the way through installation working with Jill our project coordination. Installation went smoothly and we're very happy to be producing our own energy.

  • "All Energy - Great Company"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2020

    It was easy to transfer to solar energy when you work with a company like All Energy. From the initial proposal to the final end product, they were a class act all the way!

    Jim & Tracy Mortenson
    Clear Lake, MN

  • "Overall excellent experience"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2020
    "Overall excellent experience"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2020

    The whole team at All Energy Solar did a great job. It was clear after our meeting with Jeff (their sales rep), that they were far superior to the other solar provider we met prior.

    We quickly decided to go with them and they were great about staying in touch while we waited to get into the installation queue. Once started, the install was very quick and they had the system installed and connected to power in about a week's time.

    Our energy bill is a small fraction (as low as $5 and only about $50 during last month's disgusting heat spell) of what it was prior.

    I wish we would have gotten this sooner.

  • "We Have a Bright Future Ahead"

    Reviewed Jul 31, 2020
    "We Have a Bright Future Ahead"

    Reviewed Jul 31, 2020

    Excellent service, communication, and execution. Bravo, All Energy Solar!

  • "All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 30, 2020

    We had a great experience with All Energy Solar. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and helpful, and they kept us updated at every step of the project.

  • "All Energy Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 22, 2020

    We recently had All Energy Solar install 40 solar panels on our home. While it took a little longer from the original commitment to final install (six months) our overall experience was very good. The sales person took his time to explain everything without ant pressure to buy. The install crew was also excellent and finished the install in two days. They were very careful to observe covid protocol. The office staff periodically kept us posted on progress. The ongoing solar performance monitoring features of the syatem look impressive. From our experience I would recommend All Energy Solar.

  • "The Only Option for Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 15, 2020

    All Energy Solar should be the only option you seriously consider because of their pricing, clear communication, professionalism, and overall top-notch product.

    Don't believe me? Ask my aunt and uncle, grandparents, or parents. I am the 4th household in my family to get solar and as soon as we bought our first house, we reached out to this wonderful company because of their seamless communication and solar knowledge. They even were able to work with my deaf parents for their project and communicated wonderfully throughout.

    Best of all, you never feel like they are selling you hard on getting solar. You get the feeling that they not only care about our planet, but also you and your family. Not only is getting solar the right choice ethically, but also economically and environmentally. It's great to work with a small. local company that provides the best experience you could ask for! Plus, for those of you who like data, you'll have an app to monitor your panels' output. So what are you waiting for?

    All Energy Solar will take care of you from the first meeting to the final closeout and everything in between. Throughout my project, our contact communicated with us often with updates and helped us work out all of the details.

  • "Glad to be in the Solar group now"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2020
    "Glad to be in the Solar group now"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2020

    Our new solar installation has been up and running since last month, thanks to All Energy Solar. Ever since we decided to have solar installed, working with them has been very easy. They put together the schematics and documentation that we needed to get our homeowner's association approval, worked with the electric company as much as necessary, and carried through to make sure we understood how to monitor the system once it was operative. Their installers were efficient and a pleasure to have working here. From our standpoint, everything went well, and we had little to do to make it happen.

    All Energy Solar was recommended to us by a friend, and we will be happy to recommend them in turn.

  • "Amazing Company"

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020

    All Energy Solar was amazing! The initial meeting gave us confidence to jump into solar, with clear information concerning the costs based on other residential projects similar in size to ours. The project manager, Annalise Dobbelstein, a very cheery voice over the phone, regularly kept us informed of dates for installation, inspection, and turning on the system. The installers were courteous, got right to work, and thoroughly answered every question we had. Charles Mollenkamp went over all of the final details with us, helping us understand the readouts and assuring us how little maintenance we would have to do. It has been an amazing June with sunny skies, and our first bill just came from Xcel Energy showing a credit. We are so happy that we chose to go solar, and we recommend All Energy Solar without reservation.

  • "Dave from All Energy was very helpful, We spoke a couple of times and he was great to work with."

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020
    "Dave from All Energy was very helpful, We spoke a couple of times and he was great to work with."

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020

    Dave from All Energy was very helpful, We spoke a couple of times and he was great to work with.
    He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. And helped me evaluate my needs and concerns.

  • "Oustanding service throughout entire project"

    Reviewed Jun 29, 2020
    "Oustanding service throughout entire project"

    Reviewed Jun 29, 2020

    As I was not very knowledgeable with solar enery I was extremely cautious about jumping in with such a big investment. After meeting with Nick, their salesman, and talking with him over the course of several weeks I was very impressed by how thorough and detailed his explanations were to me in laymen's terms that even I could understand. At no point did I feel pressured to sign a contract until after I had all of my questions answered and felt confident that this was the right company to do business with. Annalise was assigned as a project coordinator to work with me for everything from contracts, financing, permitting, engineering, and finally scheduling the actual work. She called me weekly or bi-weekly with updates and answer all of my questions. I really appreciated how she took care of everything and kept the entire process on schedule. When the actual installers arrived on site they were very professional and knowledgeable. I have refererred All Energy Solar to my friends and neighbors and strongly encourage anyone interested in solar energy to contact All Energy Solar.

  • "Seamless!"

    Reviewed Jun 28, 2020

    The entire process of working with Sarah and Annalise (and the entire team of installers and inspectors) at All Energy was seamless, even during COVID. They were in regular contact with us from the initial conversations, through the long permitting process and then through the installation and inspection. Getting solar can take a long time simply due to permitting turnarounds, and with the updates from Annalise we never worried that our project had slipped through the cracks. The installation took only a day and a half, and everyone that we worked with was friendly and highly professional. I would have no hesitation recommending them and we're really happy we decided to get solar!

  • "Fantastic experience!!!"

    Reviewed Jun 24, 2020

    We had a great experience from the first meeting we had and still to this day. The team at All Energy Solar was very punctual and professional, answering any a questions I had throughout the process. I met with another solar company before All Energy Solar. I was much more comfortable with All Energy. I would work with them again any day. I recommend them to anyone interested in solar.

  • "Solar installation"

    Reviewed Jun 16, 2020

    Awesome, professional, great customer service.they got the job done in a timely manner and answered all my questions. Definitely would work with them again.

  • "A Turnkey project"

    Reviewed Jun 15, 2020

    An amazingly positive experience. The best we have ever had working with a contractor of any sort. Well informed, accessible for questions, attentive, well organized, excellent workmanship.

  • "Residential 19 panel"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2020

    I am pleased with the result. Overall the sales , planning and installation was handled professionally and seamlessly. There was some delay caused by factors beyond control. Through it all the project coordinator, Jill Crandall, was consistent in regular updates and thorough explanations when asked.

  • "Going Solar a very Wise Choice"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2020
    "Going Solar a very Wise Choice"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2020

    I had always wondered if Solar made economic sense and went into thinking if this doesn't cost me anymore than what I'm currently paying a month there would be no reason not to do it. The rep came out and reviewed the last 12 months of electric bills to gauge our usage and then scaled the solar array to meet those needs as long as we had ample roof space which we did. They also looked at which sides of the house will generate the most; we didn't want panels on the front of the house and the back faces east with no obstructions like trees from above. They took also into consideration our weather pulling information from the Hugo airport and our winter climate and were able to give us a proposal to cover 100% of usage based on 90% annual access to the sun. When I considered the fact that I'm already spending the money and home values can increase by about 4% in our area simply by having solar it was a no brainier. Even though its a 12 year return our reduction of our carbon foot print was the "why wouldn't you do it moment". In the proposal they calculated the specifics for your home including costs and savings right there on the spot. VERY IMPRESSIVE. From the quote to installation everything was very hands off, they had great project managers keeping us informed every step of the way. I would HIGHLY recommend All Energy Solar! Is just 21 days we have already made enough energy to offset our first electric bill. Bring on the Sun!

  • "All Energy Solar, Inc."

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2020

    From start to finish All Energy Solar have been a great company to work with.
    We have no complaints and recommend them to everyone for their solar needs.
    Thanks to the whole team for getting our system up and running.

  • "All Energy Solar Installed Solar Panels On Our House"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020
    "All Energy Solar Installed Solar Panels On Our House"

    Reviewed Jun 07, 2020

    We had All Energy Solar install solar panels on our home in Harris MN, May 2020. I cannot say enough good things about the company. They were courteous, fair and considerate.

    When the project installation, scheduled for later in 2019 did not get installed in 2019, due to weather and scheduling, this delay caused us to miss the deadline to qualify for the 30% federal tax credit. All Energy Solar called in early January and volunteered to make up the difference and reschedule for a spring 2020 installation. I did not have to ask and I think a company that volunteers to make it right for its customer is a special company. Our solar installation has been operating flawlessly for the past three weeks and we are thrilled.

  • "Wonderful Experience and Great Results"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020
    "Wonderful Experience and Great Results"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    I was nervous about solar but very interested in making an investment in my home and doing my part for the environment so I did a ton of research. After experiencing some questionable sales tactics and receiving absurdly limiting contract proposals from other solar providers, I reached out to All Energy Solar because they had such great ratings and comments but I was still very cautious. The process from sales to finance to project management to install to monitoring has been flawless and honestly a pleasure. As of today, my All Energy Solar system was installed one month ago and has already produced over $100 in credit from my local utility company. Every person, policy, and product from All Energy Solar has well exceeded my expectations and I recommend them without hesitation to anyone interested in going solar!

  • "Very impressed all the way through"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2020
    "Very impressed all the way through"

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2020

    Our home solar install was smooth all the way from start to finish. It was really easy to get answers to our many questions from our consultant and she did a great job of showing us all of our options. We had to wait about 6 months for our install but our project coordinator kept us informed every step of the way.

    Our installers showed up on time and were friendly and professional. The appearance of the install was actually better than I expected - all the panels were perfectly aligned and the electrical boxes were arranged neatly (not just thrown up there haphazardly).

    Compared to other contractors I've worked with in the past, All Energy Solar really went above-and-beyond in terms of communication and quality of work.

  • "highly recommend"

    Reviewed Jun 02, 2020

    I had a great experience with All Energy Solar, even when there were a few snags along the way. David D'Onofrio was an excellent sale-agent who explained the entire process with clarity and bent backwards to make sure we were happy. Carlo Maloni kept me updated throughout the installation process, step by step. The system was supposed to be installed by November 2019, which due to the muddy conditions did not happen. However, All Energy Solar took all the responsibility for this and sent me the money I lost as tax rebate for the delay as well as some more. The system was installed in January/February 2020, and it has been exceeding expectations. It is a breath of fresh air to be dealing with companies such as All Energy solar. They are honest, straight forward, and really care about their customers. I had considered other companies as well, but I could not be happier about having selected All Energy Solar. Thank you guys!

  • "Highly Recommend"

    Reviewed May 30, 2020

    All Energy walked me through all the steps of installing solar in my home before starting the work. They completed the job ahead of schedule. They communicated with me throughout the process. They were clean and professional during the install, observing social distancing with me and with each other. The service team was exacting and thorough. They take pride in their work and their company. It was a great experience.

  • "Inspirational"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    My wife and I decided to do our part in leaving less of a carbon footprint on our planet. Solar was our way of doing our part to go green. Nick Nelson ( Sales Consultant ), from All Energy Solar, was our first contact in which to discuss the opportunity to switch. He laid out the pros and cons of going solar. The upfront cost of the equipment and installation is a challenge for most of us, but a lot has to do with the usage from the past ( they have finance options ). That will decide how many panels are required for current and future energy needs.My wife and I feel that the trend for going solar is increasing and want to be part of that trend. The installers were professional, personable and very willing to answer all questions we had. The install was two days ( only because of a missing part and it was Friday. Monday was the day they could get the part. Annalise, The Project Coordinator and Customer Liaison, was a godsend. She walked us thru the project and patiently answered more questions and "held our hands" during the whole process. Great personality and was a phone call or email away. Nick followed up by informing us what to expect and explained the equipment and what expect in the future. Annalise and Nick both told us to contact them anytime we have questions or concerns. With people like them representing All Energy Solar, this company will go far for all solar energy needs !

  • "Flexible and Easy"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    Was a great experience working with All Energy Solar.
    They were easy to work with, kept me in the loop through the whole experience and worked with my power company to get all the details in writing.

    My contacts (Nick & Sarah) were always willing to answer my questions and guide me through the process.

    Not much to write here other than not knowing the "best practices" for working with the panels in the MN winter...we will see what happens to keep ice off the roof and other potential problems during that season.

    Overall it was a great experience...easy to work with, crews did their work professionally, and am looking forward to seeing the system perform while I do nothing =)

  • "Painless experience and happy with results"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020
    "Painless experience and happy with results"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    We ended up having a 12 panel install on our garage. The whole process was surprisingly painless and well executed. After my initial inquiry someone came out right away, gave me 3 solid bid options.

    It took a little while for me to decide to do the work but the combination of various rebates, electric rates going up in the coming years and the reasonable price/payback period tipped the scales.

    My project manager did a great job of communicating the project schedule and steps, and also made the various paperwork easy to do.

    When it came time for install the crew were all great, did the work quickly and well and paid attention to details that were important to us.

    Within a couple days it was all done, various inspections were completed and we are already hooked up and generating.

    Impressed with the whole experience and looking forward to watching the meter!

  • "Very satisfied."

    Reviewed May 20, 2020

    I always take as many proposals as I can for big improvement jobs. Once I’ve decided on products, it comes down to price, and people. Once the prices offered are similar enough, the deciding factor is always how I evaluate the company, it’s performance reviews, and the local staff. I visit the facility before I sign. It’s more work for me up front, but it results in a smoother experience later.
    In this case, the AES team proved to be the right choice. Every team member impressed me with their knowledge and performance. The installation went smoothly and was completed ahead of schedule, even with the crazy virus situation. Communication was always top notch.
    It’s their coordinated teamwork that makes AES perform so well. I’m very confident in recommending them.

  • "Great team to work with."

    Reviewed May 18, 2020

    Carlo and everyone who work on our installation was just terrific. There were no surprises, and the work was completed on time and at the agreed price. I could not be any more happy I used this company.

    Six Stars for everything.

  • "Happy Customers!"

    Reviewed May 15, 2020

    In the summer of 2019, my husband and I hired All Energy Solar to put solar panels onto our new home.
    Unfortunately, it took longer to build than we'd anticipated and so they weren't able to add the panels to our roof until spring. So, the process was more drawn out than we'd expected.
    However, All Energy Solar did a great job of communicating with us and keeping us informed at all times, even when they were unable to actually be working on our project. We never felt abandoned.
    Then, in the spring of 2020 as soon as the threat of snow was over, they contacted us and began to install our panels.
    Everything continued to go quickly and smoothly and before we knew it our panels were on and connected and we were makeing energy!
    My husband and I were MORE than satisfied with All Energy Solar and with every interaction we had with this knowledgeable and reputable company!

  • "All Energy Solar - a great experience"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020
    "All Energy Solar - a great experience"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    my wife and I agree that this was the best major project experience we have ever had! We met Jarad to give us a briefing and provide an estimate - he was knowledgable and patient with our questions. Nick was our project coordinator and kept in touch regularly with updates and plans. The installation crew was exceptional - they called when they arrived, briefed us on the plan for the day and called again at the end of the day to let us know what they had accomplished and what the plan for the following day would be. Our installation was during the COVID pandemic and the crew was extremely respectful of all of the recommended precautions. The system is now up and running and we are extremely pleased with the entire All Energy Solar experience, highly recommended.

  • "Outstanding solar"

    Reviewed May 11, 2020

    From start to finish our experience with All Energy Solar was outstanding. Initial interest with contact at state fair. Presentation thorough and honest by Charles. Communication excellent with coordinator Jill. Installation delayed only by winter. Nick and crew timely and courteous. Electrician crew chief Keith outstanding. Inspections and start up perfect. I recommend this company without hesitation. Overall, outstanding experience.

  • "Awefull"

    Reviewed May 09, 2020

    They took $8130.35 and i don't have a panel on my home. They lied on building dept application and then demanded an additional $1800 from me.5 months later and no panels and they refuse to return money. I'm paying on loan and they are stating i owe them money for not putting panels on home.

    Stay Away!!!!!

  • "11.5KW array to fully offset expensive New England electricity"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2020
    "11.5KW array to fully offset expensive New England electricity"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2020

    I had a variety of questions and options for placement (roof, ground, possible carport) right out the gate and had every option estimated in a timely manner. Once a deal was signed the various stages from inspection, structure reinforcement and the install window happened to fall directly over the Thanksgiving-Christmas season yet All Energy Solar still managed to beat expectations for timing. I was kept in the loop about all steps in the process and wasn't ever left wondering about what to expect and what the next stage is. I'm certainly pleased with the installation they put on my roof.

  • "Very pleased with All Solar"