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Financing your solar panel system

Last updated 7/15/2020

There are affordable solar financing options for every budget. Whether you want to maximize your financial returns or find an easy solar solution to save money and help the environment, there is a financing option that works for you.

buy or lease solar panels

Should you buy or lease your solar panels?

Your financial goals will help you decide whether you should buy your solar panel system or lease it. Learn about the practical differences between buying and leasing your solar panels.

About buying & leasing

Your solar financing options

The large number of flexible financing options makes it easier than ever to go solar. Learn more about the options available to you.

Your Solar Financing Options

Solar Loans: An Overview

Solar Leases & PPAs: An Overview

Find a solar financing company

Finding the right financing provider for your solar panel system is easy. Our extensive database includes profiles, ratings and reviews of solar financing companies.

Solar Financing Companies

Solar Leasing Companies

Solar Loan Providers

Solar is affordable – Choose the right financing solution for you

If you are ready to go solar, you need to understand how your financing decisions will impact your returns. EnergySage has information about the benefits of every solar financing option.

PACE financing for home solar power

Compare Solar Loans and Solar Leases

Should you get a secured or unsecured solar loan?

Types of solar leases and PPAs

Financing options: Cars vs. Solar power

What Types of Companies Lease Solar Panels?


solar tracking system

FAQ: Should I install solar panels on a tracking system?

A tracking system will maximize the production of your solar panels, but will require a substantial additional investment and additional maintenance. Compare your options to determine if the added kWh production is sufficient to justify the cost of purchasing and maintaining it.

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