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The recent boom in the Solar Industry has naturally brought an influx of new equipment manufacturers and installers along with it. After eight years of industry experience, BeFree Solar knows what parts and installation practices are best to ensure you have a system that will save you money for the next 35+ years.

The systems we design take both aesthetics and efficiency into consideration to guarantee you receive the best return from your investment. We only use all black monocrystilline modules which are higher efficiency and look great on your roof. We use Enphase micro inverters which are more efficient than a string inverter, allow per online monitoring and even make it possible to run the wires through the walls of your home. All panels and inverters include a 25 year manufacturer warranty. We also include a long term 12 year warranty on all workmanship and roof penetrations.

BeFree Solar specializes in battery backup systems as well which act like a whole house generator for your home should the grid go down. These systems make no noise and require zero matenienece. Your solar will continue to recharge your batteries daily until the grid returns. Never worry about an outage again!

We are offering special end of year competitive pricing. Please inquire for more information. Sign up today to join our fall installation schedule.
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BeFree Solar, New England's #1 Solar Company, has been helping residents and businesses alike go green with renewable energy since 2009. Our team of dedicated industry professionals have designed and installed hundreds of high quality Solar Systems that not only look great on your roof but also provide years of worry free savings. Your confidence and satisfaction in our work is our top priority. Let BeFree unplug you from high electric bills today!
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We offer a 12 year workmanship Warranty covering everything - even roof penetrations we make.




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No honoring contractual agreements

BeFree is currently not honoring their warranty for my 2016 installation AND refuses to contact us or provide service that they promised in our contract. CT Green Bank has been unsuccessful in helping seek resolution without the Dept. of Consumer protection in CT. I caution everyone about doing business with this company whether in CT, MA or any other area and it appears they are running from their CT problems.

Posted by bryantruman on Oct 08, 2017
Having a bad day

It didn't work out. Let's leave it at that.

Posted by fenderj2000 on Nov 28, 2016
Solar is working for me since 2013

We have had our Solar system since March of 2013. We have 42 solar panels on the back of our garage and house roof and those panels face perfectly south. We decided to purchase our panels with an equity loan. For the last two+ years our average monthly Eversource bill has been $19 and change per month. What we've experienced is that our system generates enough excess electricity during the Spring to be able to absorb the summer months usage when the AC and Pool are running. In the Fall we generate enough excess electricity to get us through the shorter days of the winter and the storms and snow fall. Our roof is "pitched" fairly steeply so that in the winter when we get snow, usually, as soon as the sun comes out we get enough melting that the snow will slide off the roof fairly easily. The negative is that I then get 2-3 feet on snow on my deck that I have to shovel. This past spring after Eversource "trues up" our account by paying us for the excess electricity that they got from us as of the end of March, we had no electric bill for two months. All-in-all it was a great investment. We are getting ready to retire, so we've lowered our monthly "operating costs", we've increased the value of our house, and we'll get our money back on the back end when we decide to sell.

Posted by brharv on Aug 13, 2016
Greatly pleased

The solar panels are producing significant savings with the increased sunny weather. Compared to last year there is a considerable reduction in my electrical bill. The installation is clean and unobtrusive in appearance.

Posted by yahjay66 on May 22, 2016
Outstanding system and service

We have been very happy with the solar system that BeFree Solar installed 7 months ago. What also stands out for us, however, is the clarity, accuracy, efficiency, and support that they provided throughout the process. Their assessment of the system's prospects, preparatory requirements, costs, timing, and installation process were accurate and informative. Their installation and testing process was efficient and reliable. They provided very helpful support for obtaining the relevant federal and state subsidies, such that the whole process was very easy on our end. It is already evident, even before peak summer production, that we are providing all the electric power we need for the year. I recommend their work wholeheartedly to anyone whose home can accommodate it.

Posted by jrouse on May 18, 2016



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