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About EnerBank USA

Bank that specializes in unsecured home improvement and home energy loans through strategic business partners and independent home improvement contractors in all 50 states.
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Customer service is terrible they’re all crooks

This company is horrible. They were used from a shady solar company who lied out of their teeth to my grandma and she signed! Two years later she still doesn’t have solar and ener bank won’t let her out of the loan. They don’t answer direct questions and now aren’t calling me back. My grandmothers credit went down 100 points bc ener bank said they would defer payment until the solar project was finished by their newly appointed company contract. Lies lie lies. Now that solar company isn’t even responding. I’m looking into legal action because this is plain wrong and my grandmother feels so stressed and taken advantage of.

Posted by vaholguin on Feb 27, 2024

The whole experience has been a total nightmare. First of all the contractor that this bank lends for is a thief. They recommended this guy and he robbed me. The bank itself has the worst customer service and their website is impossible to navigate. They make it impossible to pay your bill every month without at least an hour of trying to get into the site. Don't bother calling them because you never get through. I have been advised not to pay them at all by my attorney but I don't want to do that. However, I am going to have to sue them. DO yourself a favor and get a home improvement loan from anyone else, but Enerbank is not the route you want to go.

Posted by kim_snow on Feb 26, 2024

I will NEVER, EVER enter into a personal loan agreement with Ener again. I seriously regret it. They tricked me with fine print in the loan agreement. Yes, it is my fault for not reading every minute word carefully. That said, who does? And who would knowingly agree to pay 17.99% interest when the project required county approval, etc., and would naturally take a while to start? Naturally, I believed that nothing would be charged or accruing until the project was completed and the contractor was paid. Indeed, the contractor NEVER got paid until the project was completed in 2023 because it was known there would be delays. Ener KNEW this as well, but when I tried to pay off the entire loan amount a couple of months after the project was completed, they said I owed about $1,000 more in interest because they "disbursed" the funds in 2022. Painful lessons learned. Do not agree to that deception by Ener because YOU will be paying for a loan for work that may not begin for a long time.

Posted by qrccyril on Feb 09, 2024
Dont use this Bank for Solar

Worst ever. Terrible experience with this bank - very poor communication, awful website, and poor customer service. Deeply regret doing business with them. The fact that they still use fax machines for sending documents should tell you something. Good luck tracking the paperwork down.

Posted by casey.spaulding on Jan 05, 2024
Predatory, mis-leading communication

The EnerBank customer service is sub-standard as is their out-dated website. But most importantly, they are extremely mis-leading regarding the date that no-interest loans are due. In their automated Emails, that date will extend out over time, leading you to believe that you have more time to pay than you do. If you look at older or original Emails regarding your loan, you'll see the true no-interest deadline. They set you up to miss that. If you can avoid it, don't use them at all. If a contractor offers you no-interest financing, ask them who they're utilizing. If its EnerBank, RUN! They're a Regions Bank company, and if I'd known that I'd have never opted in.

Posted by debra.corr on Nov 21, 2023

The loan has been paid if full, but not reported on the credit bureau. Still looks like it's in the repayment mode. Called customer service and they said it was reported, if reported why isn't it showing. Credit report is still showing the full amount of the loan. So ?????.

Posted by jstevenson6053 on Aug 07, 2023
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