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About EnerBank USA

Bank that specializes in unsecured home improvement and home energy loans through strategic business partners and independent home improvement contractors in all 50 states.
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Do not use this bank. Just to pay our bill we have spent over 6 hours on hold only to be treated rudely because they changed something with their computer system and we can’t get in to JUST PAY OUR BILL. My husband was told he was stupid and hung up on. When a manager finally called back over a week later, she was totally unconcerned with how employees treat customers.

Posted by chrissy1027 on Jun 02, 2023
Sale of a property with Solar financed through EnerBank & they are denying assumption

If your seller has solar panels on their property and want to sell their property & have new buyer assume solar GOOD LUCK! We are at the tail end of a real estate purchase & EnerBank's process is 60 days which is ridiculous and then to get denied unbelievable, then asked borrower to get co-signer which they did from a very well income qualified individual so combined both borrowers made over $200k a year & got denied for a 2nd time, no real reason given they will not discuss their guidelines and or even give a reason as to why the denial was issued they will only state that its due to credit or income, but to purchase a property for up to $400k and get denied for solar payments of $143 a month makes no damn sense, there is no equity in the home due to being purchased about 1 year ago and unfortunate circumstances occurred so sellers have to sell, & EnerBank offers no HELP no resolution NOTHING at all, if deal falls through seller will let go to foreclosure and NO ONE GETS anything, solar doesn't get paid, buyer doesn't get home when he is willing to assume and the seller has to endure a foreclosure, undo financial hardship do to EnerBanks tactics. TRULY unacceptable banking/financing guidelines for solar assumptions. Horrible customer Service, horrible business practice.

Posted by soniasilvahomes on May 30, 2023
Customer service is useless!!

A double payment was made on my account and now I have overdrawn on my bank account. Plus they charged me an additional $30 which I was told would be refunded. This was due to a late charge, not my fault, as they changed their automatic payment system admittedly. I have been a good, loyal customer, paying on time every month. While voicing my displeasure on a THIRD Call (by the way, waiting for 35 minutes each time for them to pick up) they hung up me!! I'm actively looking for another loan company that has their act together.

Posted by demiccos2 on May 04, 2023

AFTER 15 phone calls with 15 different NOT HELPFUL customer Dis-service reps, I had someone say they have up to 60 days to approve or decline a solar transfer as I am selling the home I can't afford in California to move out of State. I replied 'your website brags about fast approvals, is that a lie or false advertising? then LOW AND BEHOLD, the very next day, the buyer was declined Financing. $65 a month DECLINED for solar energy transfer and decline! Why? I guess its top secret, they could tell me why. wouldn't transfer me. The buyer will lose their interest rate with this delay. I will be out 20k of the 33k profit I'm making on the home, FOR WHAT? this does not promote homeownership, or the new green deal. Where is #AOC, Where is #MaxineWaters where are my CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS?

Posted by stevieNick on Apr 27, 2023
Worst bank I have ever worked with!

I kept getting the statements and every time I tried paying the bill, it couldn't find my account/name/social security number to match. I called SEVERAL times and the hold time is always 1 hour +...EVERY SINGLE TIME. All I wanted to do is pay the bill off in full as to not have any interest accrued, but NO ONE ever answered. I even went as far to call the number on the email they sent one I was first approved and that number couldn't help me, but they answered right away. Long story short, I set up a one time web pay through my bank to send them a check. I hav called since to get a final payment amount and no one. The dumb text bot is zero help. I know this is convenient, but next time I'll just go through my bank. STAY CLEAR from them.

Posted by junkmailstuff33 on Apr 06, 2023
horrible customer service

I needed to reset my password and I have called 3 separate times and sat on hold for an hour plus. 2 out of the 3 times I called they could not reset it for me and made me call back.

Posted by MADELINE.MACDONALD1 on Apr 03, 2023
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