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SunCraftsmen Solar - Profile & Reviews

SunCraftsmen Solar is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in solar. We're owner operated and committed to reducing your energy costs, lowering your carbon footprint, and installing products with the highest quality fit and finish.

When you’re ready to go solar, we’re ready to take care of every step of the process. SunCraftsmen’s owner John Gallo, oversee every project from start to finish, personally handling the initial consultation and system design all the way through the installation, permitting, rebates and credits, and post-construction performance monitoring.

Maximizing the financial benefits of your solar system is important, which is why we're committed to helping you benefit from every available rebate and credit. Navigating through the maze of government programs can be intimidating and confusing. To make things easier, SunCraftsmen will identify all qualifying programs and file the paperwork for you.

We work with a variety of customers, including homeowners, architects, and developers, to design and install attractive and affordable solar installations. Part of the SunCraftsmen advantage can be seen in our craftsmanship and keen eye for the aesthetic details that respect and enhance your property's appearance and value. Please see the case studies below for examples of our work.

Solar energy is currently the most cost effective (payback in less than 5 years), dependable (25-year product warranties) and easily attainable source of renewable energy available to property owners. Contact SunCraftsmen today and see how much you could be saving on your next utility bill. We also offer financial programs to suit your needs, including Leasing and Loan programs.

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  • "SunCraftsmen Solar Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2021
    "SunCraftsmen Solar Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Feb 01, 2021

    John Gallo and SunCraftsmen Solar provided excellent advice, a competitive quote, expert installation, and responsive follow up. We installed a large system on our ranch in Santa Clarita and I am very happy that John was the installer. I highly recommend SunCraftsmen Solar.
    I might add that John and his crew were meticulously tidy, aesthetically sensitive, and — they are local!
    Many thanks.

  • "Suncraftsman made solar panel installation simple!"

    Reviewed Apr 13, 2016
    "Suncraftsman made solar panel installation simple!"

    Reviewed Apr 13, 2016

    I first got interested in solar panel installation from Solar City. All I was interested is to know how much it cost but it took weeks to schedule an appointment. And then takes forever to get the the actual estimate. The whole process was very complicated and the salesman was pushing us to rent the system which we had no interest in.

    After various online search & bumping my head into those weird sales man, eventually I found EnergSage. John from SunCraftsmen did a fair bid on my house for the solar installation. John was very quick and responsive to reply all my messages. . He answered all my questions in detail and quickly. Of course I scheduled a meeting with John and he was able to answer each of the questions from me & my wife. The whole process is very transparent, there's no crazy contract with hidden clauses. We immediately felt that John was honest and trustworthy.

    And it turns out we were right. John finished our project very quickly and on-time. We had some issue with our funding that we had to delay couple days and John was totally fine with it and didn't give us any hard time.

    Our solar panel system was installed back in Dec of 2015. And we are very happy with the result and the whole installation process. John from Suncraftsman really made solar panel installation simple!


    Reviewed Mar 28, 2016

    I received 7 quotations through EnergySage and 2 outside. John Gallo's quotation was the best and his proposal the most thorough. He proposed a premium system for me utilizing the latest technology panels available. He was local, so he was very knowledgeable with working the LA-DWP and LA-DBS. He actually came over my house, went over the proposal in detail, and answered all my questions. There was no hard sell as with some other companies. He personally supervised the installation and inspection process. From the time I signed the contract to final inspection was only 2 1/2 weeks! His installers absolutely lived up the name "craftsmen" in execution of the system. The whole process was so painless and easy I wished I had found him years ago. 3 days after completion LA-DWP came and installed my net-meter. We have only been up and running 4 days, and the system is making excellent power so far.

  • "7.8 kW system"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2016

    John Gallo and Suncraftsmen Solar made the process of going solar quick and painless. He offered the flexibility to choose the equipment that the big guys could not. He offered guidance on getting the best value and quality out of the system. His pricing was more than competitive and his reviews were great (which he met and exceeded). He installed the system within a week of my final decision to go solar. He repaired my roof which included some missing vent covers, broken tiles and leaks around all of the vents. He was insanely fast at getting the HOA paperwork, power company paperwork and building permits and inspections coordinated and carried out. He did not overlook small details and went the extra mile to get all of my questions and concerns answered. The system is up and running and exceeding our output expectations. I wanted to find the smaller contractor and avoid the big corporate hassle and I am glad I did. I would highly recommend him for your solar job.

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  • "Quick, clean and friendly"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2015

    Awesome installation, the install and clean up were top notch, everything was explained on the process and it went exactly as planned. Highly recommend SunCraftsman.

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  • "Over and above"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2015

    Not only is the installation perfect but when we needed help with the city power company, with birds nesting and more, SunCraftsmen was always there. They even fixed a ventilation fan and cleaned our skylights even though that wasn't their job AT ALL. Thanks so much.

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  • "A stellar solar :) performance"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2015
    "A stellar solar :) performance"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2015

    John Gallo and team installed a solar energy system 15 months ago. First, they took care of _all_ the paperwork, including neighbor signatures! Second, they communicated via e-mail without bothering me with phone calls - can't beat that! Third, they showed on time every day and installed everything in a total of just 4 days. It all worked the first time and keeps on working for the past 15 months without the slightest interruption. Moreover, not even once I paid a red cent for electricity (not counting the mandatory $1.88 "account maintenance fee") to Southern California Edison - solar energy fed back into the network covers all our usage and more. We have a lot of sunny days her in our desert. :)
    I couldn't be happier with the quality of work and the final outcome.

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  • "Great Experience with Suncraftsmen"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2015
    "Great Experience with Suncraftsmen"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2015

    I knew very little about solar panels and what was involved with setting them up. John at Suncraftsmen was great at explaining the whole process and guiding me through it. Even long after the job was done he was extremely responsive in helping me navigate potential tax incentives. The worst part about the process was dealing with DWP and John helped take care of that as well. I would use Suncraftsmen again for sure.

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  • "6-Panel system = noticeable monthly savings"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2015
    "6-Panel system = noticeable monthly savings"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2015

    I've had my solar panel system for about 2.5yrs, I have an Enlighten system that was installed by new home builder/seller. Main complaint with system is that I often get error message that "microinverters not reporting" which is apparently due to distance between panels and Envoy panel. Per SunCraftsmen the signal occasionally drops but when re-established the stored information is still transmitted. Have noticed monthly energy savings, so system seems to be performing.

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  • "SunCraftsment Solar is the Best!"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2015
    "SunCraftsment Solar is the Best!"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2015

    We had a great experience with Suncraftsmen Solar from the start to completion. They figured our energy consumption and came over to show us the design, number of panels they were to install, and explain the process. The workmanship was excellent. John is a perfectionist and nice as can be. They were always on time, friendly, clean and stayed with our job until completion. We have been thrilled with our system and would highly recommend SunCraftsmen Solar to everyone considering solar energy.

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  • "more than recommend"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2015

    I interviewed many solar companies -- John at Sun Craftsmen was not the cheapest -- but by far the best in quality of product and service. Scheduling, service, and checking in months after install, all went smoothly and efficiently. Best though, the system provides much more energy than promised. No issues at all, for quality product and service I don't hesitate to recommend them to my friends

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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SunCraftsmen is owner-operated and we always take care of our customers. We're always available and will speak with you directly – no call centers and no automated answering machines. And, unlike most large solar companies, we never let random sub-contractors into your home. We install every project ourselves and personally guarantee the highest quality installation for your home.

John Gallo is an experienced licensed Solar Contractor (C-46), General Building Contractor (B) with over 12 years of industry experience. John was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He now lives with his wife and son in Santa Clarita.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



SunCraftsmen Solar Headquarters

27936 Lost Canyon Rd # 205
Canyon Country, CA
91387 US

Local Offices (1)

  • 15226 Lotusgarden Dr.
    Canyon Country, CA 91387

Workmanship Warranty

20 year workmanship warranty, covering parts and labor for all repairs.


Honest Buildings Network
Dwell on Design


CA Solar Contractor - C-46
CA General Building - B


General Liability Insurance
Workers Comp

States served by SunCraftsmen Solar

  • California CA