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Ailey Solar - Profile & Reviews

Ailey Solar is a unionized solar and home battery system designer and installer serving the entire Chicagoland area. We are committed to amazing customer service, quality design and installation, and affordable solar and battery power. We provide quick and easy consultations so you can find out how simple and affordable solar can be for you or your business.

Ailey Solar is also a Tesla recommended electrician for EV charging stations.

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  • "Great people"

    Reviewed Jan 10, 2020

    I was really satisfied with both the customer interface on phone, quick response to concerns, and with Eric and crew who oversaw the installation. My panels are up and running and job was completed when they said it would be.

  • "I am very satisfied"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2019

    As an Architect and Engineer, I am very satisfied and happy with the work (installation of a ground mounted array of 18 solar panels and a wall Tesla charger) that Ailey Solar did in my property. Great crew.
    Henry Irazabal

  • "Very good customer service, very honest, very helpful."

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2019
    "Very good customer service, very honest, very helpful."

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2019

    I'm really happy with Ailey Solar and the install they did on my home summer 2018. I was very happy with their service and they answered all of my questions, and they guided me through everything needed to get the system installed correctly. A friend of mine who lives in Florida got me interested in solar panels, and my neighbor was planning on installing solar, too, so I did some research. It's a lot of information to take in, but when you plug the numbers it all really makes sense. We are planning on staying in our home for the next 20ish years, so it seemed like a really good investment. The only way the investment made sense was the included tax incentives - Federal tax return and the Illinois SREC credit. We did not finance the system - we paid for it all up front using their payment plan of 4 payments. To be honest we only got one quote, although the plan was to shop around. Ailey's quote sounded reasonable based on my research, and I was just really impressed with the initial consultation. After thinking it over for a few days I accepted their quote and paid the first deposit., which was paid on June 14th, 2018. I went with SunPower, the best panels they offered with the 25 year warranty - they seemed to retain the efficiency over time and the price wasn't too much higher. Their estimated start time was mid-August. There were some solar panel shipment delays (when are there not delays these days...) - apparently the supplier ran out of panels. They started construction the first week of September and were done about 7 days later (they even worked in the rain). Inspection passed on September 21. Ailey also helped get the Net Metering application in with Comed, which was approved on October 14th. In terms of production, so far the numbers add up and in theory I should be generating 100% of my electricity consumption throughout the year. I won't know until 2020 at which point I can review an entire year of net metering doing it's thing. The idea is you overproduce during the summer and build up energy credit with Comed, and then in the winter when you do not produce enough, you use your energy credit. On a good winter day I produce about 1/2 of my consumption. We use about 24-30kw/day. In the summer on a clear day the system will produce 40-55kw of energy, so I easily surpass 200% of my consumption. Even on overcast days I will still product 4-8kw of power which is nice. If it's raining, it does not produce, and snow on the panels will totally kill production. My roof doesn't have a steep angle to it at all, so it takes FOREVER for the snow to come off. I did purchase a snow paddle scraper with soft edges that allowes me to scrape off the snow - it's worth the work! Those sunny days after snow comes down will generate a ton of electricity for you. So yeah - time will tell - but so far I'm really happy with the investment!

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  • "Excellent Company"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2017

    Very professional, responsive to questions, work done exactly as set forth in the contract, workers were friendly and cleaned up every day. The company made sure I was satisfied in every way. Very knowledgeable and honest.
    Very happy with my decision to choose this company. Their price was within range of other estimates, but their service made them a standout and a clear choice to do the job.

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  • "Excellent job"

    Reviewed May 31, 2017

    Great customer service! Job was done on time and in a professional manner. I give Ailey Solar a 10/10 and would recommend to anyone considering a solar installation.

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  • " A great company to do business with! "

    Reviewed Feb 26, 2016
    " A great company to do business with! "

    Reviewed Feb 26, 2016

    The install date was accurate. The work that they did was very professional and clean. The software set up and support has been outstanding.

    I strongly endorse this company. Their work has been stellar and one time I did have an issue they notified me and corrected it immediately. I am enough elective to solar energy and they have made me very comfortable and were very informative as well.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Why Ailey Solar?

Commitment to affordable prices.

We really want to see a lot of solar electric systems installed in Illinois. We are fighting hard to keep our costs as low as possible.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Ailey Solar Headquarters

1965 W Pershing
Chicago, IL
60609 US

Workmanship Warranty

All of the work performed by Ailey Solar Electric, Inc. (“ASE”) is warranted for an industry-leading ten years not to include situations beyond ASE’s control, acts of God, or work or repairs performed by parties other than ASE. ASE is not responsible for any existing or future obstructions that may affect the performance of the systems. This workmanship warranty does not cover any response time guarantee or losses in production, net metering or SREC or other benefits or income.

The equipment (PV modules, inverter(s), racking and other equipment) are warrantied by their respective manufacturers. Labor for replacement of failed equipment under warranty will be charged.


Ailey Solar is a member of the Illinois Solar Energy Association, and the American Solar Energy Society promoting solar energy in Illinois and nationally.




Chicago Supervising Electrician



States served by Ailey Solar

  • Illinois IL