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Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC - Profile & Reviews

We are an owner operated solar company headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. We design and install custom solar (PV) systems for homes and businesses in Frederick, Baltimore, Prince George's, Montgomery, Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel and Washington counties.

Energy affordability, sustainability, and independence are the principles on which this company was founded. We believe in the importance of supplementing our world's energy demands with solar and all practical renewables.

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  • "Five years and six companies later"

    Reviewed Dec 11, 2019

    I first considered solar in 2014. The lease option seemed to not provide much benefit to the homeowner.

    In 2019 I got serious about installing solar, interviewing five companies. Most of the companies were heavy on the marketing approach and a bit slow in addressing technical questions.

    Jim Reilly of Celestial Solar Innovations was different. No pressure to buy, but an interest in answering technical questions and discussing pros and cons.

    I purchased a 39-panel array rated at 12.09 kWp. Installation was completed on time with no problems. The workmen were personable and knowledgeable. NO call-backs for installation problems.

    Jim Reilly also put me in contact with a roofing company to install a new roof which provided a solid base for the solar installation.

    I am very comfortable with my decision to choose Celestial Solar Innovations for my solar installation.

  • "Celestial Solar Innovations is the best solar installer in the area."

    "Celestial Solar Innovations is the best solar installer in the area."

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2017

    I don't normally write reviews, in fact, this is my very first one. The short review is that Celestial Solar Innovations is the best solar installer in the area. Pick them and know that you will receive the best system for your needs and it will be effective and worry free for 25+ years. If you want to know why, continue to the long version below.

    We've always been pro-solar, but have always pushed it off for later. I guess its because the project seems daunting with a lot of unknowns.

    How do we get started? How does it work? How do I know what system I need? Do I have to get the utilities involved? How do I find the best installer? What if they do a terrible job? Do I need a permit? Is my roof going to leak? How much power will I really make? Can I afford this? What questions am I forgetting to ask? Is now the right time?

    Let me introduce you to Celestial Solar Innovations. I spent the better part of a month researching solar technology and solar installers and concluded that the right time is now and the right installer is Celestial Solar Innovations. I worked with Jim (the owner) from the beginning all the way to the end. They are the best because:

    1. Knowledgeable. I had compiled a list of questions and concerns. Jim quickly answered them and described how the products they use were carefully chosen precisely to meet those concerns. Example: I am worried about my roof leaking. Jim replys with a description of the anchors they use and how they are the most leak-proof. He then followed up with a video illustrating why those anchors are the best at preventing leaks. They do a lot of these and Jim is a wealth of knowledge.

    2. Responsiveness. I threw every question and concern I had at Jim the first time we met, but ofcourse I continued to think of more questions and concerns as the project progressed. Jim is super responsive by phone and email. Even today, after going live with my solar system, I email Jim and he replies quickly.

    3. Experience. The folks at Celestial Solar Innovations were great to work with. They are very skilled, experienced, courteous and the work looks amazing. This project began quickly and finished quickly. They have the resources and planning expertise to get you up and running asap. I never had to wonder when things were going to get started or how long it was going to take to get done. In my case, they even came on a Sunday. There will be no nagging necessary to get things done.

    4. Quality. Celestial Solar Innovations has carefully selected only the best and most proven parts that the industry offers. Everything chosen is geared towards having zero maintenance, zero problems and the best power generation for 25+ years. Even the placement of things and how and where to run the wiring is carelly chosen and expertly implemented to keep your house looking awesome. For my house, you cannot even tell that we are running solar unless you go to the backyard. There is no ugly galvanized piping that runs down my roof to the side of my house for example.

    5. Worryfree. Jim will be there from beginning to end. I did my research and had a giant checklist. Each item was accounted for by Jim in their process. All of the paper work with the utility, the county, the rebates, the financing, the scheduling for inspection, utility meter installation, approval etc. were all done by Celestial. I didn't have to call or schedule any appointments. Jim ensures you get all of the tax benefits, rebates, etc. that you are eligible for and his staff files all of the paperwork for you.

    Don't push solar any later. The right time is now, the technology is mature, the tax credits and rebates will eventually start phasing out and Celestial Solar Innovations is available to implement your solar system perfectly.

  • "Great Experience, Best Value, Fast Turnaround"

    "Great Experience, Best Value, Fast Turnaround"

    Reviewed Jun 20, 2017

    We just installed and turned on our 14KW system with Celestial Solar. It has been great so far. We chose to buy our system outright, so all of the points below are in that context.

    Main Points:
    - They responded the fastest of any of the other companies.
    - They came out and measured within a few days and got me a quote, with options, within a week.
    - They provided coverage options that were more realistic as they actually came and measured and did an analysis as opposed to the rest of the companies that just went of the satellite pictures and wouldn't do any measurements until after you met with sales people.
    - Of the 6 companies we looked at they had close to, if not the lowest, prices.
    - Unlike Solar City and Vivint they had quotes ready and when we met they had designs and everything ready to go, instead of marketing material to show us.
    - So far their predictions on production are spot on.
    - They were able to handle electrical issues in my old house (unrelated to the solar install) immediately in order to pass our county inspection.
    - They handled everything for the MD state grant and permits and inspections.
    - All of the installers were Courteous and professional and consulted me before making conduit runs,etc. to ensure I would be satisfied with the look and function.
    - The original designer that came out to give us quotes and designs was the point of contact through the whole thing, and was always available and checking on the progress from start to finish.

    All in all everything worked out great and we are very satisfied with our experience with Celestial Solar and would recommend them to any one looking for a solar system.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Our company provides a turnkey solar installation service at an industry leading value. We provide a detailed financial analysis with a consultative, data-driven approach to our estimates. We provide $0 down financing options, an upfront SREC buy-out program, and significant cash discounts. Contact us any time for a hassle-free site analysis and quote, and let us find the best solution for you!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC Headquarters

7820B Wormans Mill Road, Suite #172
Frederick, MD
21701 United States

Workmanship Warranty

10 year workmanship and labor warranty on all roof penetrations, conduit and electrical work. We cover all labor costs for manufacturers warranty claims.


NABCEP Certified Technical Engineer and Installer


MHIC: 131322


General Liability Coverage & Workman's Compensation

States served by Celestial Solar Innovations, LLC

  • Maryland MD