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Kasselman Solar - Profile & Reviews

Kasselman Solar is an affiliate of Kasselman Electric, the largest commercial electrical contractor in the Capital District and a local third generation family business. We’ve built our successful business on electrical work for over 70 years, our experience and longevity is unmatched. Our customers enjoy piece of mind that we will be here to answer any questions and service any warranties whether it's years or decades from now!

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  • "Review"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    Good company to deal with. Very prompt and responding to inquiries. Only complaint is it took them a long time to install my system, but only because they were so busy with previous orders. Would highly recommend this company if you are considering going to solar

  • "They did a good job"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2021

    Kasselman installed our rooftop solar panels in September 2019. The office staff were extremely helpful in guiding us through the process step-by-step. They were very accessible by phone and email.The project was completed within a reasonable timeframe. There were some minor scheduling delays but they really didn’t matter in the end. In the 16 months since installation we have had zero problems with the system.

    My only concern is that in the winter the snow and ice slides off the panels all at once and I’m really glad it’s on the roof facing the backyard and not over a door that we use regularly. None of the companies we received bids from ever mentioned this is an issue. The industry should address this problem and offer snow guards as an option for the project. But overall we were very pleased with Kasselman.

  • "meh."

    Reviewed Jan 11, 2021


    The positive, Customer Service was great, always quick responses. Install, when it happened, was quick.

    The negative, lack of communication. Suggestion for Kasselman, create a page for customer to visit to see project status and updates. Was not expecting 3 months to complete project and still unclear whether this will qualify for the 2020 tax credits. Here's hoping! All for a very expensive, and thus far, poorly working east facing solar system.

    Real world results, underwhelming. If your roof is east facing, think again before installing solar. The 7.125 kWp system they installed for me will well below the 6,946 kWh/year (+ or - 10%) quoted in my Solar Proposal. The last 30 days saw 45 kWh produced...or on a cloudy day like today 885 wH...not even enough to cover running a single small space heater for the day. Granted the summer months should see better results but at this rate 45 kWh x 12 months = 540 kWh...well shy of the 6,946 kWh/year (+ or = 10%) pitched.

    Lastly. If using their financing connections there may be additional charges for NSEA and VSECU accounts/memberships as well as costs to the utility company for power generated prior to net meter install. If I had it to do again, I would have stayed with DIY.

  • "James from Kasselman was great"

    Reviewed Nov 02, 2020
    "James from Kasselman was great"

    Reviewed Nov 02, 2020

    I did not ultimately pick Kasselmann, but they gave me a good offer. I just happened to have started looking first outside of EnerguSage and the original company made sure their offer stayed better than what I got elsewhere. James likely would have matched up with that offer. Anyway James knew my situation and still gave a lot of helpful advice, I appreciated that. He came across as a reputable person.

    I may add to my system down the road to replace my oil heating system and I will look again at Kasselmann, because of James.

  • "Kasselman Solar"

    Reviewed Sep 03, 2020

    Kasselman Solar was upfront, timely, and clear with what would happen, step by step. Their project manager, Nick Coveney, was so helpful and really on it!

  • "Why would you contact anyone else?"

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2020
    "Why would you contact anyone else?"

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2020

    Kasselman Solar installed our panels in November 2014. Process was seamless. Installation techs and electricians were 100% professional and job was completed quickly. Recently had some issues with non-reporting microinverters. Contacted Kasselman and replacements were installed expeditiously and under warranty, no cost to us. Our system was monitored by Kasselman and replacement to an additional microinverter was made before I realized there was an issue. Kasselman continues to provide excellent customer service even to us "oldtimers".

    Alexis Deeb
    Response from Kasselman Solar
    Responded Jan 14, 2020
    Response from Kasselman Solar
    Responded Jan 14, 2020

    Ellen, thank you for taking the time to share your experience! It has been a pleasure working with you over the years and we look forward to our bright future together!

  • "Happy PVers"

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2020

    Who knew that doing something good for the planet would have been made so easy? Thank you Kasselman. You took us through the steps seamlessly and you did all the work. Your support during the project and post-project has been responsive, professional and always there. What a pleasant experience this has been. All of your technicians were knowledgeable and they took the time to explain details to the uninitiated. i loved this project and know we have done something for the environment. We hope that anyone considering solar energy take this wonderful plunge with Kasselman.

    Alexis Deeb
    Response from Kasselman Solar
    Responded Jan 07, 2020
    Response from Kasselman Solar
    Responded Jan 07, 2020

    Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to our bright future!

  • "Highly Recommend Kasselman Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 07, 2019
    "Highly Recommend Kasselman Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 07, 2019

    Very professional and the sales representative helped every step of the way to get approvals and inspections. The 5 man team did the installation in just 1 day.. Highly recommended.

  • "We're Thrilled With Kasselman Solar!!"

    Reviewed May 08, 2019

    From our first contact at the Albany Home Show, on a blizzard of a day when everyone else was tearing down, Kasselman's reps stayed an answered all of our questions. Since that fateful day, we have used Kasselman's talented staff for two solar projects so far and will use them for many, many more we have planned. Great design, great installation, great project management and great follow-through after the sale. We couldn't be happier.

  • "An excellent experience"

    Reviewed May 04, 2019
    "An excellent experience"

    Reviewed May 04, 2019

    Working with Kasselman was a wonderful experience! We had no idea what to expect; we just knew we wanted to use solar energy. We were told by other people that Kasselman did a great job and it was true. From the very beginning, the company handled everything for us. They were always gracious about our questions. The crews that arrived worked tirelessly until the job was completed. I just can't say enough about how happy and satisfied we are! Should you go with Kasselman? A resounding YES.

  • "wonderful company."

    Reviewed Oct 24, 2018

    So glad i chose Kasselman to do my solar install. I lived 2 hrs away but they still above and beyond to satisfy me and constantly communicate the progress towards installation. Installers finished everything in one day. They even found an electrician to work with them when the Syracuse permitting process caused difficulties. Highly recommend!!

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  • "Great customer service"

    Reviewed Oct 22, 2018
    "Great customer service"

    Reviewed Oct 22, 2018

    overall great experience .. Allison Pepe was great at getting back to us with info and help navigating the process.

  • "Schroon lake"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2018

    Extremely pleased with the pre installation work, the installation crews ( 3 panel installers and 3 electricians)- 25 panels up and wired in little more than a day. These two crews worked well together- Professionally done. The project mgr kept us informed of all the steps. Only down side was the length of time it took to get it complete- almost 2 1/2 months, lots of steps from the first survey, panel installation, electrical inspection & new meter change out. Part of the delay was due to us having to cut trees down to meet the NYSERDA requirement of 80 % for full rebate, Would recommend Kasselman. As to the value question below, too soon to tell, will have to watch the performance over the next few months. but overall glad we did this. One other comment- never rec'd any quotes from the Energy Sage installers

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  • "Where the Rubber Hits the Road"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2018
    "Where the Rubber Hits the Road"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2018

    How many of us decide on something based on a good salesperson, clever marketing or another emotional pull? I know I do.

    Yet when choosing a contractor, be it solar or any service, we all know that it's the folks doing the work who determine the project's success. You could say I'm something of an expert on the subject as I ran crews for nearly 15 years.

    Kasselman Solar certainly has great sales people and strong marketing, yet for me the rubber hit the road when the install crew came to my house. They are simply phenomenal. It's not just being nice to a customer (though I've seen the opposite too many times to count); it has to be a complete package. The crews need to care for the customer AND care about the work they are doing AND care how they work together. It's a team game and they play very well. I know because having lived it I feel I can spot the little details.

    Solar is a big decision and virtually everyone makes it before they see what I saw and wanted to share here. You should know that Kasselman Solar is the complete package.

    Disclosure: I've known Kasselman Solar for years as a vendor, but this is my first time as a customer. Solar is something I've always 'meant to get to' and I finally did it. I'm glad.

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  • "Work shows years of experience. Even county inspector was impressed."

    Reviewed May 22, 2018
    "Work shows years of experience. Even county inspector was impressed."

    Reviewed May 22, 2018

    My good friend at work mentioned he was going Solar, which peaked my interest. He's a great shopper, comparing a multitude of companies. He decided to go with Kasselman Solar. Visited his home to find a huge ground mount array in his side Yard, nicely landscaped. Couldn't even tell there were wires unground. His basement showed of years of experience, if my friend didn't point out all of the wiring and components I would never even seen the additional accessories. Extremely clean job. Fast forward to our home in Town of Jackson, slightly larger array. But perfect installation very clean and well done. Inspector showed up from the county and wanted to know who the company was, I told him Kasselman Solar, very impressed.... it's late February and have YET to pay for electricity, have enough credits still for two more months, love it!!

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  • "Fantastic Solar Experience"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2018

    We recently had Kasselman Solar install a 27 panel solar array a few months ago on our home in Beacon, NY. We highly reccomend them as they have an outstanding team of hard-working and honest people, were more than helpful in addressing our questions and concerns, and came in more affordable than other options we looked at (and we did a ton of research.) We were also relieved to know that they have an electric company as well as solar, which gave us peace of mind knowing they are diversified in industries and should be around for a long time. We're glad we chose Kasselman and have no regrets. 10/10.

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  • "Gator's Greens Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2018
    "Gator's Greens Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2018

    Kasselman Solar install of approx 9K LG 320 (28) panels For Gator's Greens.

    Excellent complete project from day 1 to finish and follow up after system running!!!!

    All were easy to work with...very helpful and flexible!

    Highly Recommend this company!

    Would be happy to talk to any prospective customers thinking of using Kasselman for their solar install

  • "Great Experience"

    Reviewed Oct 26, 2017

    After looking into a few different solar companies I decided on Kasselman Solar because of their professionalism and quality product. Every employee I dealt with during the financing, installation, and follow up did an exceptional job making sure all of my concern were handled in a professional and thorough manner. I highly recommend using Kasselman for your solar projects.

  • "One stop shopping"

    Reviewed Oct 25, 2017

    I had inquired of about six firms regarding a PV installation at my home. Five responded to me, and four sort of phoned it in, not appearing to do much more than 'rule of thumb' and basic equipment lists in their responses. Kasselman did their homework, detailing everything they would do, and explaining why with facts and figures. They weren't the least expensive by far, but they were certainly the most thorough. Alan visited and did a preliminary site evaluation, and another engineer followed within days. They walked us through the various financing options, and even rolled a service upgrade into the contract at a significant savings. The installation crew were efficient and courteous, and the install was done neatly. Been using it for a little over 2 weeks now, and the monthly utility bill has dropped by easily 60%. We would not hesitate to recommend Kasselman. I'm employed in the contracting trades, and I see a lot of sloppy solar jobs. Not this one. A+. Remember what grandma used to say....you get what you pay for.

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  • "Super Pleased"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2017

    Excellent experience, start to finish. Adam was very knowledgeable, communicative and polite throughout the entire process, and Project Manager Allison was excellent. Very pleased with the entire process, including the final product.

  • "10.8 kW System"

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2017

    Kasselman worked with me on a 10.8 kW system on my home. Interactions with them were excellent, and the installation went smoothly. Very happy.

  • "Installation in Sullivan County NY"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2017
    "Installation in Sullivan County NY"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2017

    After reviewing several quotes and doing my research and due diligence I chose Kasselman Solar to install my 24 trina solar panel ground mount system with Enphase microinverters. I can't say enough how professional and how smooth the whole process was. From Adam Jordan who proposed the system to Eric who did the onsite tree analysis to Brian the installer forman and his team of electricians and crew to Mike Antidor coordinator to project manager Allison Pepe who handled all the paper work with NYSEG ,NYSERDA, town permits, electical inspection , activation and online monitoring and who kept to me up to date through out the whole process.
    The whole Kasselman team should be lauded and I would recommend anybody thinking about solar to reach out to them. The whole process ran seamlessly. Paul L

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  • "Kasselman Solar went above what I expect"

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017
    "Kasselman Solar went above what I expect"

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017

    After a few years of talking about solar with my husband, but not researching too far in, I decided to get quotes through Energy Sage. Kasselman Solar was on par with most of the 5 quotes (3 of 5 were all within $2K of each other), but they were the company that didn't push to set up a call "right away". From the start, Adam Jordan was thorough with his explanation of the system, rebate/savings incentives, and discussion of the whole process from chatting about what it took to Allison coming out and plugging in the final component. Cost was the big concern and in the long run, I will pay about half of the quoted system after rebates and tax returns. I really wanted the array on our barn so it was less visible. The metal roof was no concern. Kasselman frequently works with people across NY so my home (southeast of Syracuse) wasn't out of their customer radius at all. I am so happy we installed solar and even with this rainy spring are producing well above our monthly draw which will be a nice "bank" for the shorter, cloudier winter months. The team at Kasselman was very accommodating in my request to talk over email (vs phone) so I had an exact record of what was said to discuss with my husband, to work with my work schedule (and not needing me at the house during the whole install), and in following up with any concerns or questions after the system had been running.

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  • "Solar Panel"

    Reviewed May 31, 2017

    Kasselman Solar was a very professional company and I was impressed from the start of the quality of their sales pitch and finally with the quality of the installation. They always went above and beyond to answer my questions and make sure that I was getting the best solar panels to fit my project and values.

    I would recommend them over anyone (having interviewed 7 different companies along the process) who is looking to do solar on their home or business.

  • "Great Company to Work With"

    Reviewed May 16, 2017

    From the time I received the quote, to the time the install was complete (and even after) Kasselman has been a great company to work with. Adam and Allison were responsive to my many questions both before the installation and even now (3 months after the install was completed.) They handle everything from contacting the utility, getting permits from the town, ect... there really isn't much for the homeowner to do.

    If you are thinking about going solar in the Albany area, I highly recommend giving Kasselman a call and yes, solar is absolutely worth it. Our system was designed to produce 105% of our power needs and so far it has delivered; last month our electric supply was $0!!!

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  • "Outstanding A-Z solar installation by Kasselman"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2017
    "Outstanding A-Z solar installation by Kasselman"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2017

    I recently purchased a rooftop solar installation from Kasselman Solar. They did everything right: every step of the way they made sure they asked for and understood my needs and preferences, they made sure they provided me with all information I needed (e.g., how federal and state tax credits work), and they did everything on time, within budget, and in the manner they said they would. I often work in my home office, and they were very careful about making sure that they did not disturb my work when I needed to be on the phone. I could not recommend them more highly.

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  • "Kasselman Solar - Our outstanding experience"

    Reviewed Sep 12, 2016
    "Kasselman Solar - Our outstanding experience"

    Reviewed Sep 12, 2016

    We had our rooftop solar system installed five weeks ago and the system has been up and running for over a month. Every stage of working with Kasselman Solar was a pleasure. Our first information session was comprehensive, clear and accurate. Design, implementation, arranging with National Grid to install a net usage meter, the installation process, arranging financing and the final turning on of the system and monitoring software were all accomplished without a hitch. Without exception, all the Kassleman people we dealt with both here at our home and people in the Kasselman office were pleasant, helpful and professional. After considering another provider, we feel fortunate in having chosen Kasselman and working with them. I recommend them without reservation.

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Kasselman Solar is firmly committed to our customers and our community which we have served for over 70 years! As a proud recipient of the 2019 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer award, we use the highest quality solar panels with unmatched craftsmanship to ensure the most efficient and best performing solar energy systems. Enjoy piece-of-mind that you selected the most qualified installer and confidence in your decision to go solar!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Kasselman Solar Headquarters

20 Walker Way
Albany, NY
12205 US

Local Offices (1)

  • 3 Neptune Road Suite A25
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Workmanship Warranty

10 year full warranty with 25 year manufacturer's warranty on solar panels and inverters.




NYSERDA Eligible PV Installer, 2019 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer Designation, NABCEP Certified, Tesla Certified Partner, Enphase Premium Installer, LG Platinum Tier Installer, Trina Solar Authorized Installer, LG Chem Certified, SolarEdge Premium Installer.


Master Electrician Licenses (multiple)
NABCEP Certified Installation Professional Licenses (multiple)


Fully Insured

States served by Kasselman Solar

  • New York NY