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RevoluSun - Profile & Reviews

Our mission is to energize homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and sustainable power. Our full-service solar installation company exceeds industry standards with every project we put our name on. If you’re happy, saving money, and reducing your impact on the planet, then we’re doing our job right.

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  • "Very satisfied"

    Reviewed May 02, 2021

    The team from Revolusun who worked on our home did a great job. As long as you understand that solar is process, you won’t be disappointed. They completed the work as specified in the contract. If there was a hitch, I could call someone and it was addressed quickly, and to my satisfaction. I have worked with several contractors on various home projects over the years, and I found this company to be reliable and very easy to work with.

    Our panels look very sleek on our home. They cleaned up after themselves, too. We are generating solar and very excited!

  • "RevoluSun"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2021

    They were great! Easy to work with, great follow through and always available when you have any questions. Highly recommended.

  • "100% satisfied, after 2+ years"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021
    "100% satisfied, after 2+ years"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    My original review from 2018 follows. I'm now in my third year of using the system, and couldn't be happier. The throughput is within the design parameters, and the only minor issue I had was with internet connectivity - quickly detected and solved by the team.

    Last year I spent a considerable amount of time to review different proposals for installing electricity-producing solar panels. I met with 4 vendors, including Revolusun. Not only were they the most honest, they also gave me the best offer - lowest cost and highest capacity, with a 90% guarantee on the output, and the best warranty of all offers. So, it wasn't even close - in every category, when I compared Revolusun's offer to the competitors, their offer was better. The execution was flawless, communication was great - an easy 5 star review from my point. My advice is to include them in your search. Get a few offers, but don't be surprised if theirs is the best.

  • "2 time customer"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    This is the second time I worked with RevoluSun. I had them install panels on my old home about 4 years ago and when I moved I wanted to go solar again and chose them again. Both times they did a great job on the install and made the process easy for me. They do clean work and care how the panels will affect the look of your home. They went the extra mile on the current install and ran the cables through the garage so I wouldn't have conduit running down the side of the house. Everyone you deal with makes it easy and will aim for the best install possible. Give them a shot if you are looking for solar.

  • "Going with RevoluSun was a great decision"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021
    "Going with RevoluSun was a great decision"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    We interviewed many solar companies over the years in the hope of A) saving money over time while B) doing good for the planet. But each company we interviewed left us with one or two questions we couldn't reconcile whether it was leasing costs, construction, or savings over time i.e how does the math work?

    Then we came across Revolusun out of Burlington, MA. They had experience with nearly a thousand systems installed and were a company located in New England. Most importantly, they showed us how the math could work in our favor, how we could save money over time, and that they would stand behind their work with production guarantees. Anything we were promised was verified when we checked into it through research.

    Their panels had the highest production output on the market, and in our case, they could produce enough electricity on the back (east-facing) side of the house where others could not.

    We are two and a half years in and have no electric bill and have had no problems. Our system will pay for itself in six years, and I even charge my Chevy Bolt and drive it for free. So no cost to drive a car either.

    Doug G
    Stoneham, MA

  • "Highly recommend!!!"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    I know a lot of people who have had trouble getting solar installed, but it was a breeze with RevoluSun. The whole process was very transparent and communicative; anytime I had a question I got an easy-to-understand answer almost immediately. I’m saving over 50% off my electric bill now! Very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone. Ask for Richie— he was great to work with!

  • "Excellent Experience"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    Our experience with Revolusun was 5 stars for sure. Their initial presentation was clear and gave a strong impression of honest service. Their plan to implement our choice and layout of panels was quick and easy. We stressed our need for an expedited schedule in order to catch maximum tax advantages. They performed all installations and procedures well within the agreed to schedule. They helped us out with roof issues that had no origin in their installation. They're the best and we don't own any stock in this company, ha, ha.

  • "It's more than just KWHs..."

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    Everyone from initial contact to installation was attentive to my concern that the installation be aesthetically attractive as well as functional. The solar panels are all black and carefully placed with no visible wiring...perfect!

  • "Fantastic Company to Work With!"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021
    "Fantastic Company to Work With!"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    We recently had RevoluSun install a 42 panel solar array on our home and could not have been happier with the entire team from sales to design through installation.

  • "The Best Solar Installers in New England - These are the guys you want working on your house!!"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021
    "The Best Solar Installers in New England - These are the guys you want working on your house!!"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2021

    I highly recommend Richie Bonney and RevoluSun for any solar installation and would hire them again, they did a fantastic job. They kept the job site clean, were professional, and they are a company with integrity.

    We looked at 7 solar companies to install panels on our home. No one was even close to Richie Bonney and the RevoluSun solution. Richie's knowledge of solar installation is probably the best in New England. He answered all our questions and put us at ease with any concerns we had. His sales presentation was the best of all the companies with which we met. His thorough knowledge of the panel mounting (brought samples of the mounting rails) and system installation, along with his system design gave us the confidence in the RevoluSun installation. We knew our total electrical power need and Richie designed a system that fully met that need. As an engineer I wanted to make sure we bought a high-quality system that would be trouble free for many years. These guys delivered!! 36 – 335-Watt Panasonic Panels, not the highest wattage panels on the market, but very cost effective and so far, the system has been performing great. I wanted a panel that had good performance and efficiency and is durable….I wanted a panel with a hail rating and the Panasonic was the only one I could find.

    They did an amazing job with the panel installation to maintain the curb appeal of our home. All the electrical conduit for the system is buried inside the house except one run which runs down the back of the house, next to a down spout. You don't even notice the conduit. From the front of the house you don't notice the panels either, they cover the whole roof so they blend right in.

    RevoluSun was not the lowest price, nor the highest bidder. They were a mid-priced solution that was by far, the best value. Our System payback is estimated to be 5.5 years.

    They kept us well informed during the project from planning, through the approval process, and installation via email. We had a small issue with some paperwork which was discovered during our close-out meeting. Richie did some research into the issue, and found the root cause of the problem. This is why I say these guys have integrity.....Richie and RevoluSun value their customers. They wanted to make sure the issue was resolved and we were happy with the resolution. Thank you RevoluSun.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again - I highly recommend Richie Bonney and RevoluSun for any solar installation and would hire them again. Great Job!!! Looking forward to many years of solar power and No ELECTRIC BILLS!!!

  • "Great Partner from Design to Install!"

    Reviewed Mar 28, 2021
    "Great Partner from Design to Install!"

    Reviewed Mar 28, 2021

    My experience with RevoluSun was and continues to be outstanding! After spending months researching PV technology and weighing bids from 5+ installers, RevoluSun was my choice! Anyone can sell you a PV system but RevoluSun made it personal. As promised, it was true a design/build partnership from the entire team.

    Dan was simply awesome! He was patient with all my technical questions and guided me through every step of the process (design/finance/build). He was available whenever (and wherever) I needed to update me on status how the project would unfold. The office staff was cheerful, engaged and very responsive to any question. They handled working with the town on permitting and the utility on commissioning, everything flowed through them and they kept me updated. I knew exactly what was going on at every step.

    Once underway, Ian took over, scrambling over the roof and worked closely with me to ensure the barn panel placement and design met my expectations. The system is a true asset to my residence. From there it was pure pleasure to watch the efficient and friendly installation team bring my system to reality.

    I’ve been in “production” now for just over eighteen months and couldn’t be happier with the results. Power production is right in line with their estimate and my Unitil bill is GONE! In fact, I’m accruing a utility credit (from day-1) which will offset seasonably lower PV production during the shorter winter days.

    If you are looking for a trusted partner that provides a personal experience who is committed to your satisfaction and success, RevoluSun is the way to go!

  • "Great Experience from a Trusted Company in Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2021
    "Great Experience from a Trusted Company in Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2021

    I started my journey to solar in June 2019. I did a lot of online research and joined I received six different quotes and contacted a few of the installers who were local. EnergySage includes a lot of national installers which is not what I was looking for. One came to my house, looked at my roof and confirmed the estimate. I did some additional research on this company and found that they hadn't done a lot of solar jobs in Massachusetts. They also didn't provide any financing. I decided to look elsewhere and inquired about SunPower who referred me to RevoluSun.

    I met with a sales rep named Dan Valianti who came to my home in late September. We had a very thorough meeting one Saturday morning. Dan walked me through the process, told me about SunGage which offers financing, and answered all my questions. Dan was not like other salesmen who can be pushy to get the sale. He was very responsive, straight-forward and made no promises. One thing that stood out about RevoluSun is their warranty which is 25 years. Dan mentioned how SunPower panels are harder to get so I settled on Panasonic panels. RevoluSun's estimate was higher than other installers, but with their warranty and parts used for the install which is of superior quality than competitors, I signed the contract in October.

    The process for solar can be long. Dan warned me about this. There is a lot of waiting involved. I also purchased a new roof which RevoluSun referred the work to Millstream Construction. I had some issues with this company which can be found on my separate review of them, but RevoluSun did their best to move the process along. I met with Ian Clifford who did the design which included 12 panels on my front roof and 12 panels on the back. Ian was great to work with. I would text him at different times of the day and he would always get back to me including after 10pm at night. He is a very dedicated individual who wants to make the customer happy. The roof was finally installed in December, but due to bad weather, the panels were installed in early January 2020. The install came out better than I expected. I recently setup the SolarEdge app so I can monitor my energy production. Ian came to my house on a Sunday to help me with Sense Solar which is an add-on to my Sense monitor that I already had in my house.

    The RevoluSun team is awesome. From Dan to Ian to Joe who is one of the installation managers to the team at the corporate office that helped with permitting and the SMART program application, they were all a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend RevoluSun to others looking for solar panels.

  • "RevoluSun - An Outstanding Solar Provider"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2021
    "RevoluSun - An Outstanding Solar Provider"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2021

    I chose RevoluSun after speaking with some of their existing clients, seeing jobs they had performed, and hearing their no pressure pitch as to why they were the best option out there. They consulted with me to understand what I wanted and provided me with multiple options. They were transparent in terms of price, timeline, benefits, etc. They truly wanted to partner with me to make sure I was happy not just with the installation but also with the ongoing support they are able to provide should any issues arise. RevoluSun employees are friendly, respectful, polite and patient.

    The end product was of extremely high quality (it looks amazing!) and they took the time to answer all my questions, perform a virtual walk-through (due to COVID restrictions), etc. The only negative part of the experience was due to the delays by Eversource in getting the solar meter installed (they took about 2 months to do a job that literally took 5 minutes). To be clear, though, RevoluSun has no control over Eversource's scheduling of meter swaps.

    My experience was and has continued to be extremely positive with RevoluSun. I confidently and whole-heartedly recommend RevoluSun if you are looking for the best solar installer out there.

  • "Best decision I ever made!"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021

    All the people I interacted with were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. They completed the project in a timely manner and were great to deal with all along the way. I would recommend RevoluSun to anyone looking for solar panels (in fact I have already talked to several of my friends in town about them). I can not say enough about how impressed I was with the process from start (sales, survey, etc.) to finish (implementation and portal training). In my opinion you will not find a better firm to deal with in the solar space. When the project was over I missed having them here, they were such good people and a pleasure to have around.

  • "Revolusun - If you want solar done the RIGHT way"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021
    "Revolusun - If you want solar done the RIGHT way"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021

    Be sure to talk to Richie at RevoluSun, they are the best! I talked to many companies and wound up going with RevoluSun because they were the easiest to work with, the most knowledgeable, and designed/installed a very efficient and attractive system. Highly recommended for the best experience in every category.

  • "Fantastic experience start to finish"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021
    "Fantastic experience start to finish"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021

    Working with Greg and the RevoluSun team was fantastic. We got bids from several other solar companies, but RevoluSun was the first bid that felt more consultative than just another sales pitch. They helped design a solar array that was fit for our needs and would give us room to grow our solar array if we needed to down the road. They were a fantastic partner to work with and really made it feel like a partnership and not just another sale.


    Reviewed Mar 25, 2021

    Had solar panels installed, the crew was amazing. installed 41 panels in just 2 days, clean neat and professional. great job

  • "Excellent communication"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2021

    This organization communicated extremely well throughout the process from our original phone calls & emails, to our post-installation discussions. Our system has been up and running for about a month with no issues, delivering on the promises that were made. The Revolusun staff have been excellent communicators throughout the process.

  • "Best solar company RevoluSun"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2017

    RevoluSun was extremely clear concise accurate and efficient with our installation. They have the most educated Project Developers and their Project Managers were so amazing and responsive. They went out of their way to make sure our experience with getting solar was the best experience possible. Our system looks amazing and the install crew was in and out in one day!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Locally owned and operated in Burlington, Massachusetts, our customers are our neighbors. Our day-to-day operations revolve around a shared mission — to provide premium solar and storage technologies and exceptional customer service. If you’re happy, saving money, and reducing your impact on the planet, then we’re doing our job right.

The RevoluSun model is built on cutting-edge technology and a style of service that puts our customers’ needs first. With a customer commitment built on first-class products, experience, collaboration, and value, our every move is geared toward helping you power your living and working spaces more sustainably.

In addition, we’re here to help you navigate federal, state, and utility solar incentives. We will help you decide whether to buy or lease, and find the right solar financing solution.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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RevoluSun Headquarters

1 North Ave. Unit A
Burlington, MA
01803 United States

Workmanship Warranty

10 years general workmanship warranty. 20 years roof warranty. Some exclusions and limitations apply. Warranty only applies in Massachusetts. Please refer to your Construction agreement for details.


Solar Energy Business Association of New England (SEBANE), Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors, Northshore Home Magazine


CertainTeed Certified Solar Installer


MA Registered Contractor: 178137


Fully Insured

States served by RevoluSun

  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • New Hampshire NH