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Locally owned and operated in Burlington, Massachusetts, our customers are our neighbors. Our day-to-day operations revolve around a shared mission — to provide premium solar and storage technologies and exceptional customer service. If you’re happy, saving money, and reducing your impact on the planet, then we’re doing our job right.

The RevoluSun model is built on cutting-edge technology and a style of service that puts our customers’ needs first. With a customer commitment built on first-class products, experience, collaboration, and value, our every move is geared toward helping you power your living and working spaces more sustainably.

In addition, we’re here to help you navigate federal, state, and utility solar incentives. We will help you decide whether to buy or lease, and find the right solar financing solution.
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Our mission is to energize homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and sustainable power. Our full-service solar installation company exceeds industry standards with every project we put our name on. If you’re happy, saving money, and reducing your impact on the planet, then we’re doing our job right.
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(781) 219-0719

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

10 years general workmanship warranty. 20 years roof warranty. Some exclusions and limitations apply. Warranty only applies in Massachusetts. Please refer to your Construction agreement for details.


MA Registered Contractor: 178137


Fully Insured


CertainTeed Certified Solar Installer

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Powerwall Certified Installer
  • Premium Solar Installer
  • Pro Partner Diamond
  • PWRpartner
  • SolarEdge Preferred
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner
  • Sunpower Authorized Dealer

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Very Good Job

I went with RevoluSun primarily due to their consistently high ratings on review sites and the BBB. They were not the lowest price. However, the lowest price vendor had aweful ratings and very poor BBB reviews. I’m happy with RevoluSun’s price. I had a Zoom sales meeting in late February and the panel was turned on in July. A large reason for the five-month delay was town and power company inspections. I was told these delays are expected ahead of time, so no surprise. The steps involved included getting aerial surveillance, plans for the job, checking roof stability, electricians, and as mentioned before inspections, inspections, inspections, and more inspections. The actual installation was done in two mornings, clean and without any issues. I only have the highest regard for the RevoluSun people involved. Pros: Work was done without any problems. My first electrical bill was $5, the next two were around $20. Not $250. I believe them when they said the panels should be paid off in 6 years. I believe my total cost (after tax rebates) will be about $10,000. Cons: I reviewed the contract very carefully and found a number of flaws (e.g., missing guarantee for the panels’ life, some damage exclusions made no sense). I’m no lawyer, but it pays to read the ‘fine’ print. They approved my revisions. The final visit and review of the app was originally scheduled as a Zoom meeting. There were enough details (e.g., what the 3 indoor and 2 outdoor switches do – and what I need to do in an emergency, the app showing electrical savings, review of the power company’s 3 most recent bills) that I strongly suggest it be a person-to-person meeting. The project manager sent four emails trying to get it to be a Zoom meeting. I was able to get a vice president to explain the system. A very, very good 1-to-1 meeting.

Posted by allenfleishman12 on Sep 26, 2022
Excellent support - Mira

Mybsystem had been in service for 3 years... No big problems ... Customer service support for questions , system performance , & ops. checks has been excellent by Mira - - - 10 out of 10 !!

Posted by Rdukew on Aug 25, 2022
Very impressed by the whole process of installation as well as the service after.

This is our 4th year with Revolusun. The experience started with a very knowledgeable rep as well as other experts who answered every question we had. The permits process and installation was a breeze. And in the years since, their commitment to keeping our panels in top condition has been exemplary.

Posted by prasad.aravind on Dec 07, 2021
RevoluSun Exceeds all expectations

Look no further than RevoluSun for all your solar power needs. I am delighted with their outstanding performance. A little over a year ago they installed a 30 panel system in our house with two PowerWall storage batteries. Our house turned out to be one of the most challenging they had encountered and it took twice as long as expected. But they stuck with it and worked miracles to get it all installed professionally, with great attention to aesthetics as well as quality. Earlier this year, our battery system was damaged by lightning which caused a fault that neither they nor Tesla had ever encountered. Again, they worked miracles and persistently pursued all options until we were restored and fully functional again. It was just in time! Last week we experienced a 43 hour grid power outage in the storm here in the Boston area. The system worked perfectly! We were able to help neighbors who did not have this system. We did not even have a flicker in power. Our only disruption was that Comcast also lost power and could not provide internet connection. That hindered communication to the SolarEdge system and it had to be reset later, though solar production and battery support were not affected. Again RevoluSun was right there ready and able to help us restore the system and all is well. If you are a comparison shopper, you may find somewhat cheaper installers. But you won't find anyone with better or equal quality, responsiveness, and confidence that they'll be there in the long run. From my experience, I recommend you look no further. RevoluSun can supply all your needs.

Posted by randyisaac01930 on Nov 01, 2021
Very happy with the product

I made my decision to use RevoluSun in part because of Richie Bonney, the sales rep. He's incredibly knowledgeable and really good at answering questions/explaining things and made the other reps look like chumps in comparison (I say this tongue-in-cheek but it' true, frankly). I received 4 solar quotes. While at face value (gross system cost) RevoluSun looked more expensive, when I drilled down into the numbers it turned out to be the most reasonable when comparing KW size to system cost, so I urge folks to look carefully at those components when making a decision. The Solaria panels I got are supposed to be advantageous in part because the rail system holds up to snow and ice expansion/contraction better than traditional systems since there are fewer penetrations in the roof. That makes sense to me, though I can't speak to being able to witness the difference myself, exactly. RevoluSun was responsive throughout the process when I had questions, going through the process of setting up the system with my utility (no small feat), and walking me through the system once I went through my first bill cycle to be sure I understand how to track it and such. All in all I am quite happy with their product. I bought a hybrid vehicle about a month ago and the system easily pays to run that, as well, and I love to get my negative electric bills and checks every month.

Posted by jenfirneno on Jun 17, 2021
Very satisfied

The team from Revolusun who worked on our home did a great job. As long as you understand that solar is process, you won’t be disappointed. They completed the work as specified in the contract. If there was a hitch, I could call someone and it was addressed quickly, and to my satisfaction. I have worked with several contractors on various home projects over the years, and I found this company to be reliable and very easy to work with. Our panels look very sleek on our home. They cleaned up after themselves, too. We are generating solar and very excited!

Posted by jlh137 on May 02, 2021



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