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Ecology Solar

This installer is NO LONGER accepting new customers.

Skip the sales pitch and work directly with a salary-based advisor. Our team of advisors have a much more well-rounded knowledge about Solar PV systems than most other typical solar companies. We offer a variety of panels, inverters, and racking types. We try and provide an unbiased presentation of your options, all of the differences, and what we truly think is the best solution for you specifically. If anyone tried to tell you that one specific panel or inverter is the best solution for everyone, they're lying. Everyone's situation is different, so a personalized evaluation and design process is needed to ensure you get the best system for you! Speak with one of our advisors today to learn more about your options!
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This installer is NO LONGER accepting new customers.

Ecology Solar is a local Denver company, specializing in the installation of Solar PV (Photovoltaic), Battery Storage, and EV Charging equipment. We serve both Residential and Commercial markets across the Denver Metro and surrounding front range.

We are a sustainably driven company, with a mission to help our neighbors transition to solar energy, both saving money and our planet. We believe in win-win scenarios where our customers get honest & transparent guidance, high-quality systems and extremely competitive prices to simplify their transition to solar energy, all while our organization makes a small, but fair profit in order to keep the doors open and continue our mission into the future.

We offer turnkey services that cover everything from initial design to energizing your system. All of our services are performed internally, so no subcontracted workers. Our crews are led by dual-certified NABCEP PV Installation Professionals and Residential Wireman Electricians, so you can be assured your system will be installed at the highest quality. This is also why we can offer an industry-leading 25-year workmanship warranty. Whether you are just now starting your solar research or if you're looking to service or upgrade your existing system, we are here to help!
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Workmanship Warranty


Business Incorporation: 20131660297
Electrical Contractor's License: EC.0101934
Master Electrician: ME.0028212
Residential Wireman Electrician: RW.3000283
Residential Wireman Electrician: RW.3000331




NABCEP PV Installation Professionals (4)
Certification # PV-041616-012403
Certification # PV 091110-137
Certification # PV-102117-013765
Certification # PV 041616-013727
Certification # PV-042217-013862
Certification # PVA-092521-013753

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Perfect start; slow to stall at the end.

I selected Ecology Solar for a number of reasons, but I have to admit a very very strong reason was Ben Garner. He was the best sales guy I have EVER worked with. Hands down. First off he took the time to make my proposal here on EnergySage more special than any other companies. It really stood out that he cared about his work. The proposal itself was on the low end of the price spectrum but not the absolute lowest and as I worked with him directly the price came up a bit to custom tailor my system to what I wanted. He was extremely patient as I repeatedly pushed the brakes and put it on hold until I was happy that I had the financial plan in place as well as the solar plan. Once we kicked it off things moved very quickly. I was ecstatic when once they even attempted to pushed mine up to the front of the line when someone else cancelled. Of course that didn’t work out due to my HOA and we proceeded per the projected schedule. The guys installing the system worked in the pouring rain and freezing cold on more than one occasion; very happy with their professionalism. Great team! The electricians… Sadly here is where we get the issues. First guy apparently wired some stuff wrong, didn’t label anything, didn’t finish what he said he would etc. The second guy had to finish what the first started and fix a few things. He was great to talk with and was friendly. Had to make numerous trips to fix things and get it ready for the power company. However we ended things with my system not having a consumption meter and needing to know what my options were for that. I was supposed to get an answer several times at the end and finally was told that would come within a week of it being done. Sadly here we are approaching a month later with no further answers or communications from them. I ever reached out to the project planner via email and have been met with crickets. So… Wanted to get this review in, good and bad. Would I use them again or recommend? Yes. Are they likely a busy and standard company that will drop the ball sometimes? Yes.

Posted by foglem on Jun 09, 2022

I had a quote with another company before signing up with Energy Sage. Ecology Solar gave a competitive quote, and Ben was very considerate and helpful with my specific questions. I opted for the original company since I had already established some rapport with them. Had I started the process with Energy Sage, I probably would've gone with Ecology Solar. (Since I did not go with them, I cannot speak to the rest of the process.)

Posted by kyle.beloy on Feb 07, 2022
Great Solar Company

After doing a significant amount of research for a quality solar company that I could use for my home home, I decided on Ecology Solar and could not be more happy with the experience. The team at Ecology Solar meet my expectations and Ben was always available to answer questions and dive into the technical details with me. I was looking to have an exclusively USA manufactured system and Ben worked with me to build the best system possible. The installation was done in a timely manner, the crew was professional, and the clean up was above and beyond.The panels look beautiful and I would recommend Ecology Solar to anyone interested in going solar. It was great to work with a local company that helped to build a domestically manufactured system for my home, not to mention they had the best value of the 10+ companies I researched.

Posted by andrew t on Feb 07, 2022
Quality, Professional, Friendly, Local

After spending several months searching for a quality solar company that we could use for our home, we came across Ben and Nichole at Ecology Solar and we could not be more happy with the experience. The team at Ecology Solar consistently went above and beyond to meet all of our expectations, answered all of our questions, and communicated incredibly well from start to finish. The installation was done in a timely manner, the crew was professional, and the clean up was above and beyond. We would recommend Ecology Solar to anyone interested in going solar, as it's rare to find a local company with as much integrity and professionalism as what we found with Ecology. Once again, a million thank you's to Ben and Nichole!! We love our new array!!!

Posted by kylerschroder on Oct 16, 2021
Outstanding Solar Installation

We selected Ecology Solar because they had the best warranty and the best price of all the bids we received. We have had two previous solar installations on another residence, so we are experienced in the process. The team at Ecology Solar walked us through options and then completed a thorough site survey. We found their team leads to be exceptional. We loved how they routed connections and provided mesh barriers so that birds would not nest underneath our panels. Upon commissioning, they walked us through everything we needed to know and how to monitor our production at any time. This is an exceptional team: you will not be disappointed with your installation!

Posted by EdwardC200 on Oct 14, 2021
Unresponsive to emails and requests

Their followup to service requests is terrible. Many times I would email them just to check in to see if they were still in business because I wouldn’t get a response. To get something accomplished required WAY to much effort on my part to see if they’ve read my request and see when they can accomplish the task. It was truly draining. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend them.

Posted by cortex-ahi-0i on Sep 29, 2021



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