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Switching to solar shouldn’t be complicated. While other companies promise simplicity they simply aren’t built to provide it. ION is a full-service solar company. From your dedicated Project Manager to our experienced installation team, and the dozens of other solar experts ensuring your smooth switch to solar- ION gives you the solar experience you deserve.
Premium Equipment
We use only the highest quality solar and electrical equipment for your custom solar system- including some of the highest rated panels and inverters available. Your system will be more efficient, last longer, provide more savings, and result in a more beautiful installation on your roof. Something you will be proud to show off to your family, friends, and neighbors.
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We handle everything from start to finish and outsource nothing. The switch to solar takes a full team. Our in-house, experienced teams are with you every step of the way. As a top 10 national solar installer, we know what we are doing and you can be assured you will receive the best experience, and best value possible.
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Ranked 7th top solar contractor nationwide
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Great to work with

We had Ion install panels on our home 9 months ago. The sales person was polite, knowledgeable and very low pressure. Everything went according to schedule and the performance of the panels has been what they promised. When there was a problem with the installation (one panel was not working correctly), they contacted us, told us of the problem, and scheduled a tech to come out and fix it. I've recommended them to several neighbors who have asked about our experience with home solar.

Posted by trail_core.0z on Jun 08, 2022
Bad service, no warranty, disorganized.

This company do not honor warranty, they will install the system and leave you with ton of issues.

Posted by joseriveramelendez on May 20, 2022
Excuses, promises and more excuses

I am sick knowing I allowed this company to install solar panels to my home. I'm guessing that they will be useless panels because the electrical work has yet to be complete, weeks later. They promised it would be complete the day of, but were missing equipment. Came a week later, shut power off for over an hour, still missing equipment and unable to complete the job. Said they would be back "Saturday or Sunday for sure" to finish. No one showed up or offered explanation. Called Monday to project manager, left message. Received text Wed saying they were coming out that day to complete electrical work. Again, no show, no explanation. Called project manager again, this time her extension doesn't work. Talk to customer service who informs me project managers don't have extensions and cannot be contacted by the customer directly. Receive another text claiming they'll be here tomorrow (Friday), giving weather as the excuse for not completing the job earlier. Called DOPL, who informs me they are an LLC and can't find contractor license. I feel so sick about this. I thought I was making a good decision because two of my friends had positive experiences with this company. Now, I know better.

Posted by jladybug on Feb 24, 2022
Con Artists, Not Transparent Asking to Get Screwed Over

Beware, they aren’t transparent and will lead you on in regards to dates. They don’t follow all legal disclosures. If you are looking to get all incentives they don’t communicate fully and take the incentive to offer you a lower price. They undersize the effort as well so have fun if you plan to make additions to your home (pool, hot tub, etc.) or plan to have a family.

Posted by andrewdcmoluch on Jan 14, 2022
Aggressive and dishonest sales tactics

Beware if an Ion solar sales person rings your doorbell. They'll tell you a love story about how you can get solar for "no upfront cost due to net metering." When I asked how much the panels cost, they hemmed and hawed and said that installation was free! Too good to be true, right? Yep, it was. When I got an official proposal from Ion, the total cost was $29,312 for a 5.92 kW system. So much for free installation, right? But don't worry they say, you can take out a 25 year loan at 1.99% and only pay $127 per month? What they don't tell you is that 1.99% over 25 years is around $7k in interest alone and you're stuck paying that rate until you fully pay off your loan. That means even if you sell your home, you can't simply transfer the payments to the new buyer, you have to pay off the loan and hope that your realtor was able to negotiate a higher selling price for your home because you have solar. Overall, avoid Ion and if you're interested in solar, get quotes from multiple providers. Even Tesla's online tool quotes a 8.5 kW system for only $17,083. Ion must be making a hefty profit with their systems.

Posted by Ryan on Oct 06, 2021
STAY AWAY!!! Save yourself the hassle

Well said anything to get you to sign out. Credits are a possibility, not guaranteed. Rebates form electrical providers are limited( and as you can imagine filled. And ion isn’t about being a honest company. They will lie!!!

Posted by orvinganesh on Aug 13, 2021



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