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ION SOLAR - Profile & Reviews

We handle everything from start to finish and outsource nothing. The switch to solar takes a full team. Our in-house, experienced teams are with you every step of the way. As a top 10 national solar installer, we know what we are doing and you can be assured you will receive the best experience, and best value possible.

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  • "$0 Savings on Dominion Power Bill!"

    Reviewed May 14, 2021
    "$0 Savings on Dominion Power Bill!"

    Reviewed May 14, 2021

    We are spending in excess of $16K for this system that the rep from ION Solar claimed would save us 1/2 off our electric bill yet our bill has not dropped ANY since installing these 12 panels nearly a year ago.
    TOTAL waste of money!

  • "They tried to steal my money!!"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2021

    A sale representative from ION Solar came to introduce the company and to give us a preliminary proposal. Our house is new and there is no satellite image. When he came he had a proposal run based on our neighbor’s house which doesn’t make sense and with utility bills that were not ours as we literally moved in 4 months ago. We said we couldn’t proceed without real data and therefore he sent somebody to take pictures of our roof with a drone (and that was positively impressive). Then he came back, showed us preliminary results and said we could sign few documents and proceed with a more detailed survey for free. He also said we could withdraw from the contract anytime up to three days after the final proposal which should come few days after the survey. So we signed, thinking of proceeding with the survey and getting more precise results and costs and then decide whether to go ahead with design and installation. However, (thanks Lord) my husband on the third day after the first rough proposal called the customer service to confirm he could cancel the contract later on on the process (as we were told!!) and sure enough they said that was not possible and it was the last day we could withdraw. Because of how sly the sales people are, I don’t recommend this company! They don’t deliver what they promise and just want to get your money!


    Reviewed Feb 08, 2021

    Ion Solar has been a really good company to work with. When we decided to look into solar, my husband and I decided to look at a few different solar companies. We chose ION because of their premium equipment and we liked that they use American made products. We have been very happy with our solar and ION has been helpful and responsive when we need anything.

  • "Do not use ion solar"

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2021
    "Do not use ion solar"

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2021

    My good friends Jeremy Hyde had his installed six months ago it is still not working failed inspection two times when they installed the system it blew out every light in his house the refrigerator had to be replaced and the furnace fixed also the metal water pipes from the washer fused to the washer made a big arc and luckily Jeremy didn’t die it just missed him he turned everything off in the fuse box and lights were still popping the installation was don wrong people could have died and they still don’t have it working but they still want their money without any resolution


    Reviewed Dec 14, 2020

    **DO NOT USE ION** Beware of this company. Bait & switch should be their motto! Their sales reps will tell you all the pretty things you want to hear to entice you to sign the contract. Once you sign the dotted line the tables turn very quick. Horrible customer service.

    12/14/2020 UPDATE
    we've had power bills 6 out of our first twelve months! This is absurd. The panels are under producing and we weren't notified that a "software update" needed to be completed. We are drastically using less energy YoY. Their customer service team is STILL HORRIBLE and useless. I regret the day we singed the contract with ION Solar.

    They also installed panels on the side of our house with "less sun" to swindle us into buying more panels - WE HAVE 37!!! There is NO WAY we should have a bill, especially in DECEMBER!

    D R Rasmussen
    Response from ION SOLAR
    Responded Dec 15, 2020
    Response from ION SOLAR
    Responded Dec 15, 2020

    Hi Victoria, we are terribly sorry to see your review. We would love to assist you and remedy the situation if possible. If you could please reach out to, we would love to be able to assist you to the best of our ability.

  • "Don’t get solar!"

    Reviewed Dec 08, 2020

    Ion Solar salespeople are very convincing... swindlers and liars. They tell you it will cost nothing and will lower your utility bill and will pay for itself blah, blah, blah. It does lower our average bill in the summer... but we are paying $100 a month all year round for a lease we never went looking for, but got sucked into by a stupid salesperson who knocked on our door. These people lie and then lock you into a 20 year contract. If you want to do solar, save up and buy them outright. Learn from our mistakes.

  • "Not reliable and incompetent"

    Reviewed Oct 08, 2020

    These guys are clueless. They messed up and didn't install the 2nd meter that is required by Excel Energy. The electrician called me on 10/6 to let me know as the inspection was scheduled for 10/8. He indicated he would work with scheduling and come out to do the additional work and cancel the inspection. On 10/7 I heard nothing from ION so I called their customer support. They had not heard anything from the electrician and thought everything was a go for the inspection. After a lengthy discussion, Customer Service indicated they would cancel the inspection and get someone out on 10/8 to add the 2nd meter. Now on 10/8, I had the county person show up along with an ION rep to do the inspection. They didn't cancel the inspection and didn't even let their own people know it was canceled or that it would fail. Still haven't heard from the person who was supposed to make the fixes. Called ION Customer Service and the first person hung up on me. The second one still on hold. Stay clear as they don't know what they are doing.

    Oh and the sale guy Chris lied as he indicated that I wouldn't pay anything additional...well with their screw up I know have to pay the loan and the public service bill that I was supposed to eliminate and they can't coordinate enough to get this right. Horrible customer service.

  • "Shady"

    Reviewed Jul 22, 2020

    Be forewarned, DO NOT sign anything until you know for sure you want ION for your solar install. The sales rep from ION was the only one to talk to me and I enjoyed the information. He had me sign a contract and when I asked why I needed to provide my banking info at that point, he stated that that is just so they have all the info when they go to bill me. I asked what the cancellation window is and he said 3 days. After he left I contacted a few other companies to get quotes, ultimately going with a company that offers more for less. I contacted ION on day 2 of my 3 day cancellation window and when the lady emailed me back saying that she will issue me a refund, I was quite surprised they had already taken money out of my account. NOTHING had been done yet. She said that because there is nothing in the contract that states they have to wait, they can take the money at anytime. She then told me I could contact my bank to have them cancel the transaction. Garbage. It then took the USPS over 2 weeks to deliver my refund check from them. I was never able to talk to this lady on the phone. Either had to email her or contact their company office and get texts from someone. The shady business practices and unavailability to actually speak to someone is why I love going with Sigora Solar.

  • "Incorrect Info"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2020
    "Incorrect Info"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2020

    Got a call with them and the quote they gave me is way more expensive. They did offer 2500 as a model home, but obviously that's already included in the total price. Lots of incorrect info and big push to sell.

  • "Poor Communication"

    Reviewed May 19, 2020

    Bottom line up front: This experience has been anything but premium.
    As all the communication with the schedulers usually works out this company has made two appointments now that I have had to take off work and they have not communicated a reason why or a window of when they will be showing up. To top it off it feels as if they could care less. The system failed inspection, why hasn't the company gotten someone out to fixed the problem when they said they would? The Survey crew seem very new and not trained at all.

  • "Nothing the best!"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2020

    Shopped around and did my research for months! After a lot of in home appointments and designs drawn up, I went with ION. Their prices were a little more on the expensive side but not the most expensive! I felt they have the most value in every way! Super impressed with the install and my bills are now much cheaper than every before! Thank you ION!

  • "A customer"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2019

    Great company and honest and very easy to work with, I didnt have to worry about a thing.

  • "Broken promises and mistake after mistake"

    Reviewed Feb 25, 2019
    "Broken promises and mistake after mistake"

    Reviewed Feb 25, 2019

    We are not getting solar! #IonSolar made mistakes every step of the way. The straw that broke the camels back: We were promised a 9.28 KW system and they plans came back with a 5.95 KW system at the same price. That is 32% less power generated. No explanation as to why the experts at the company make such a gross error.

    Also, the site inspector (the guy who measures the roof) measured the wrong part of the roof (the north side...) and then customer service told me incorrectly that their plans are not signed by licensed electricians. The only good thing this company is good for is apologizing for mistakes.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Switching to solar shouldn’t be complicated. While other companies promise simplicity they simply aren’t built to provide it. ION is a full-service solar company. From your dedicated Project Manager to our experienced installation team, and the dozens of other solar experts ensuring your smooth switch to solar- ION gives you the solar experience you deserve.
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We use only the highest quality solar and electrical equipment for your custom solar system- including some of the highest rated panels and inverters available. Your system will be more efficient, last longer, provide more savings, and result in a more beautiful installation on your roof. Something you will be proud to show off to your family, friends, and neighbors.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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ION SOLAR Headquarters

4801 University Ave, Suite 900
Provo, UT
84604 United States


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Nabcap PV installation professional
Ranked 7th top solar contractor nationwide
Smart electric power alliance

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  • New Mexico NM ,
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