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Arres Solar

At Arres Solar we are locally owned and operated. We handle all aspects of the Solar expericence. From initial appointment, design, autocad, engineering, interconnect,permitting, equipment sourcing and installation. All arres team members are employees not subcontractors.Last year we installed over 580 installs thru the state of South Carolina. We now work directly with the public eliminating the solar sales company. We have installed for 3rd party solar sales companies and knew we could offer a better solar expericence for the community and consumers. Now Arres Solar is dealing direct with the public offering hands down the best warranties, pricing and installation techniques. Areres Solar is building its brand 1 customer at a : "Powering Everything Under The Sun"
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We have been in installation company for over 5 years. The Arres ownership team has over 25 years expericence in the solar industry. We have a residential and commercial division. Arres is a turn key solar company where the complete
solar expericence is performed by Arres staff. Arres employs 45 to 60 members to their Arres team.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Workmanship Warranty

5 Years

The Arres 5 Year Warranty covers roof repairs, parts and labor. Any material defect due to installation.


MAster Electrician- ML14263


GL, WC 1,000,000/2,000,000



Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer

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Taking advantage of Elderly

My stepfather 84yrs old with cancer was recently conned into going Solar from an Arres sales rep. He wasn't even able to comprehend what they were selling him and how they were taking advantage of him.

Posted by cjinturri on Mar 15, 2021
System it’s not performing as it should

I need somebody to call me...cause you guys install the system in January 2020 and and the system it’s not working properly bill jump from 28 to 153 dollars last two months .....I been trying to contact the company and have no answers yet ....I

Posted by gebisaa on Feb 27, 2021
Need contact from Ben Egan owner of company due to 1500 cash back due on contract installed 07/2019

I am trying to get some one from the company to answer phone please call me at 7048981472 612 61st Ave North, Myrtle Beach 29577. I need e/mail address or contact info ASAP.

Posted by lookinlov on May 15, 2020
Use another provider!

Salesman lied about everything, installation was horrible and finished months after it was supposed to be, panels were installed where they get shade for most of the day. Now Arres won't return phone calls or email.

Posted by stan232 on Nov 11, 2019

If you want a home installation job done right, with great salesmanship, wonderful communication, outstanding installation, and promises kept throughout, go with Arress!!! We realized we wanted solar from living out west back 10 years ago, but needed a new roof, a/c unit, hot water heater, and installation in our attic. Jason, our rep, showed us that Arres was a one stop energy efficiency stop! All work done with no money up front and in the end, with all the wonderful promotions, tax credits, and rebates we were able to do everything for a whopping $8.53 more then our current electric bill. And in 10 years, my husband said with the $27,000 we save on electricity, he's taking me to Australia and New Zealand for a 35 day trip and still have money to save. Enjoy Arres and don't drag your feet!! Get the incentives before they go away!

Posted by vickistocker43 on May 31, 2019

Being in a new home, most would think wait to get solar cause I just moved in. But, so untrue. Yes, my house is energy efficient, but does that stop the electric company from raising my rates? NO! And being an engineer by trade, its simple math. My bill before solar was $127, but in year two I read my bill closely and found I used less energy, but paid $142 in year two. At that rate, by year ten, I would be looking at $267 and a total of $32,000 plus! And when my solar rep came, Jason, but he not only allowed me to do the math, he also allowed me to ask any question I wanted, with zero pushiness or pressure. And when I reviewed the option of either staying electric or going green, it took me all of 5 minutes to pick the choice to go green and put greenbacks back in my pocket! And the truth be told, when Jason explained it was a no risk reward because I was giving no money up front, the inspector had to pass the system in order for Arres to get paid, I saw my wife's relief. From the time he left till install day, Jason came by multiple times to answer any question I had, and even the day of install he was there taking pictures. Other then a simple led light I hadn't received, install was concise and done professionally. And in month 2 my electric bill is $22 including my grid fee and by year two, I will be paying around $80 total while my neighbor just told me his bill was $177. I gave him Jason's card. Great company, great service, and terrific employees.

Posted by roltsch.scott1 on May 26, 2019



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