SunLight Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

SunLight Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

Additional Service Offered

Additional Service Offered
  • Financing

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Sunlight Energy Solutions is NOT your average run of the mill solar company! We are shaking up the industry with innovative and creative SOLUTIONS to help homeowners maximize savings by generating their own clean energy in the most effective way possible. We offer much more than meets the eye! Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out what it’s all about! (888) 769-5341 –

More About Us

More About Us

Professional sales and consultation company.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
20 Reviews
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"Solar Energy"
Reviewed Jun 05, 2019

We used Sunlight Energy for our project the company handled things very professionally and thanks to Mike Velez there were no questions unanswered. I estimate my savings will be approx. $100.00 per month this is an estimate only because we just threw the switch 4 days ago

"Solar review"
Reviewed Jun 05, 2019

The service is great, fast and friendly. Real people answere the phone and treat you like a person not a $. Installation was fast and on time. Installers even informed me of a possable leak on my roof and how to fix it fast and easy. I have recommended them to my friends and family.

"great company"
Reviewed May 06, 2019

Savings ,savings im soo excited and happy with all the money im saving .

"Great experience"
Reviewed Jan 23, 2019

We had our solar system installed a few months ago and couldn't be happier. Our FPL bill has gone from almost $200 a month to barely anything...and this is during the winter months when we have fewer hours of sun to generate our own power!! SunLight Energy was super easy to deal with, kept their promises and have lived up to our expectations.

"Worth every penny"
Reviewed Jan 22, 2019

A skeptic turned believer when they say they cut your power bill they live up to there word

"Solar energy review"
Reviewed Jan 14, 2019

I am the proud owner of Solar System which I purchased from Solar Solution
I worked with an awesome team of professional.

"SunLight Energy Solutions"
Reviewed Jan 14, 2019

SunLight Energy Solutions has come to our rescue. Our electric bills have climbed higher and higher and our first bill after our instalation was complete saved us $168.66. We know that will continue to go down as the energy is generated and stored. We should have done this many years ago, just think of the savings we would have had. The installers were top notch! They were very professional, their thoughtfulness of our comfort was first and foremost. They were extremely ind and courteous and treated us with utmost respect. SunLight Energy Solutions gets a generous ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ From us!!! I highly recommend this company because they are top notch! This is the first time we have dealt with this company and we are very happy we found them.

"Solar panels"
Reviewed Jan 14, 2019

Would like to thank Sunlight Energy for the great work that the gave me. They were very though in explaining everything that I need to know about this wonderful plan of using the sun.

"Best Decision Ever!"
Reviewed Jan 05, 2019

From fast and friendly contractors, great customer service to the best money saving option mt family could make. I am proud of the choice my husband and I made going with Sunlight Energy Solutions

"I feel pretty good about this."
Reviewed Dec 20, 2018

I wanted to save some money long term and use more renewable energy. They came out, looked at home and explained how they could and couldn't help. The system I went for isn't cheap and it will take awhile to pay itself off but I do like having a much lower energy bill each month.

"Customer Service ?"
Reviewed Sep 19, 2018

I can tell you there is great attention paid to you while you are thinking about buying a system, but after the sale and installation its difficult to get a response from them if you have any issues. "Promises made aren't promises kept"

Reviewed Sep 05, 2018

Great company. They will get many referrals from me.

Reviewed May 15, 2018

My representatives Andy, and Cris have been God sent, They are so full of knowledge and they make things happen. They are a wealth of knowledge and have made me want to be a part of their team.

"They make it happen!!"
Reviewed Mar 08, 2018

I am a single mom with two chronically ill children. With medical bills over running me, I needed to find a way to reduce my monthly expenses to make life a little more comfortable for my children. Solar Energy was something that I always had the desire to harness, but the systems are expensive. I didn’t think having a solar powered house was going to be within my reach but I was determined to find a way to make it happen. I reached out to Sunlight Energy Solutions, to learn a little more and to see what kind of options were available. Eva and Cris were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable (and funny). they answered every question that I had as well as questions that I hadn’t even thought of. Working with Sunlight Energy Solutions has been an absolute pleasure. My first contact with them was on December 18, 2017. On March 2, 2018, my 33 panel, 11.7 kw, PV solar system was up and running! Something that seemed unobtainable was now mine!
The best part about it was that no money was put down out of my pocket to get this system installed.. My solar payment is actually less than my typical monthly electric bill. I also received a $10,500 tax credit. SunLight Energy Solutions made this process so simple. I can’t thank them enough.
#Solarenergy #goinggreen #reducingmycarbonfootprint #Iminthesolarfamily

"Wonderful company"
Reviewed Nov 22, 2017

Im so glad I made the switch to solar. I've called other companies for different quotes and Sunlight Energy gave me the best one. Thank you so much for helping me make the switch. I love my solar panels!

"Excellent Service "
Reviewed Nov 22, 2017

I'm so glad I switched to solar. I'm always looking for ways to save money and the environment. Sunlight Energy helped make that happen. Thank you Sunlight energy!

"I was surprised"
Reviewed Nov 21, 2017

I was looking for some ways to save money on our summer rental. I called SunLight Energy and from begining to end they were courteous and very informative. They explained the whole process, effectiveness and costs. After speaking with my husband we knew this was the right decision for us and not only will use for our rental but our primary residence as well

Reviewed Nov 20, 2017

I'm so happy I switched over to Solar Energy. Hesitated for the change at first, but after speaking with Ms. Ann and learning all the details and see how much I can really save, I am thrilled that I switched. The team was also so patient with all my questions and thoroughly explained every step, thank you sooooo much guys! You guys rock!

"Excellent service"
Reviewed Nov 03, 2017

I'm always looking for a way to save a little money and do my part in protecting the environment. Sunlight Energy Solutions has helped me accomplish both things. The customer service experience met and exceeded my expectations. Ann was very helpful in thoroughly explaining all of my options. She was able to answer all of my questions and did so in a kind professional manner. I have to say, I am extremely happy with my decision to use Sunlight Energy Solutions. They care about their customers and offer a smart, cost effective alternative to traditional energy. I highly recommend their services.

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"Great Solar Company! Sunlight energy solutions rocks!"
Reviewed Oct 31, 2017

Excellent customer service! Had a great experience with them. They came out and installed a system for me within a week. Fast exceptional, service!

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