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SolarPod - Profile & Reviews

With Z Rack by SolarPod™, you simply place a smartly designed panel assembly on the roof and before you know it, you are streaming clean, green energy! It never compromises the integrity of your roof strength by eliminating the need for penetrations through its elegant design components.

The versatility of Z Rack enables installation in many roofing materials with minimal or no invasion on roof structures. Z Rack has been installed in Shingle, Wood Shake, Metal, Tile, and Corrugated Metal roof materials.

For Commercial buildings, the advantage to a NO-HOLES Z Rack system is obvious — think of the man-hours of installation saved without the need to drill 600-7000 holes typical of a standard solar installation! And beside saving installation time and money, the unique Holeless design eliminates the possibility of future roof leaks or any roof structure damage.

The unique system uses standardized rails, used in electrical work for decades, which guarantees you the best reliability. The rails are available in any local hardware store or you can purchase in bulk at lower cost. The needed brackets are easy to ship and can all fit in a box. By using simple components and avoiding unwanted holes on the roof, our elegant design ensures optimal cost.

Our engineering is complete with UL Listing and Wind Tunnel testing, and we ensure our listing does not violate or compromise our sub-components UL Listing.

If you asked your customer whether he wishes to have a solar system with roof holes (attachments) or without holes (Z Rack) What would you expect the answer to be?

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  • "Great product"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2022

    We really, really love our new solar. SolatPod was very easy to work with and honest. We got bids from several other solar companies, but went with SolarPod because of the installation without holes being drilled into the roof. And looking to the future, when it's time to replace the shingles the array will be simpler to remove and reinstating will be without more holes being drilled. Price was competitive.

  • "Upgraded my System to more than Double capacity"

    "Upgraded my System to more than Double capacity"

    Reviewed May 25, 2021

    I have an 8yr old SolarPod system, but needed more capacity as I bought an electric car. I have a metal roof so I didn't want a lot of roof penetrations. The new Z-rack system has a number of improvements over the older crown system that made it easier to do the installation. The original system was designed so that I could add this capacity without having to redo wiring. Mouli at SolarPod is very good about answering your questions and helping you get through the building permit process. I installed this system all by myself, I just needed my neighbor for 2 hrs. to help me get the panels on the rood and mount them. There have been many improvements in the Solar PV industry over these 8 years, and SolarPod has captured these improvements. Yyou get better efficiency, user experience, and simplified install.

  • "Very Satisfied"

    Reviewed Jan 26, 2021

    I was interested in solar panels for my 1960's rambler, and met SolarPod at the Home and Garden Show in 2020. I was impressed by the sales persons' knowledge and ability to talk to me in terms I understood roof without them being demeaning. This was true of the entire process.
    The entire process went smoothly, with Mouli keeping me updated all along the way. The installation took less than a day, without any mess. It went active June 22, 2020, and has functioned well for the past year.
    There are really no cons to this project. I like that there are no nails in my roof. If the roof needed to be replaced they will lift it off and then put it back. It has a 25 year guarantee, which will continue when I sell. I get occasional calls to see if I have concerns (which I have not).
    I highly recommend this product and this company.

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SolarPod™ Roof Mounted Z Rack system is a revolutionary new HOLE-LESS sloped roof solar product designed for gable roofs without the need for roof penetrations. Based out of Eagan and Burnsville, SolarPod is a locally-based c

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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SolarPod Headquarters

1230 East 115th Street
Burnsville, MN
55337 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 1240 East 115th Street
    Burnsville, MN 55337

Workmanship Warranty

10 years


Professional Engineer
Certified Energy Manager


NABCEP PV Installer Professional
Professional Engineer
Certified Energy Manager
UL 2703 for SolarPod no roof holes racking


Business Incorporation: IR683408
NABCEP: 032611-322
Professional Engineer: 52460
CEM: 14513
MN DOLI Contractor License: BC753116


Fully insured

States served by SolarPod

  • Minnesota MN