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Daybreak Solar Power - Profile & Reviews

The management team of Daybreak Solar has been in the PV industry for a collective 48 years and are leaders in residential and commercial Solar Energy systems and have overseen thousands of installs across multiple states. Our team of expert consultants, engineers, project managers and installers work together to give you the best solar experience possible. We guide you through your custom solar solution from the initial consultation through the utility inspection. Let us design your very own custom solar system and start saving immediately. By demanding more of ourselves, we ensure that you maximize performance and savings for your home. *Panels rated #1 for durability *Best panel efficiency available *Useful life up to 50 years *NABCEP certified in-house design & installations

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  • "2000 sf Home efficient"

    Reviewed Mar 25, 2021

    Real world professional company very satisfied! Respectful communication proper follow ups answered all of our questions.
    I help run a professional contractor company and I know the ups and downs of doing work in this county.
    Thank you for your services and it’s been a pleasure being your client

  • "No idea"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2020

    Couldn’t tell you if my system is what the quoted , NOTHING , was ever done on time, 2yrs later still don’t know .......

  • "Contact sign first before inspection the roof"

    "Contact sign first before inspection the roof"

    Reviewed Apr 19, 2020

    We have many issues to de stressing condition our roof and compliance with foundation and damages and heals drops and estructures with pilers and border reaping. Cost to more the our ensuring cover. And refused our cancelation for installation. Please, help to us. Them not happen to any one. With this kind of services

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Daybreak Solar Power provides premium solar power for home, business and commercial enterprises. We have established far reaching industry relationships that provide our customers with the highest quality, highest performing systems available at a remarkable value. Our site specific design expertise consistently results in systems that produce 15-20% more power than our competition.

  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Air-conditioning
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Space Heating
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Daybreak Solar Power Headquarters

121 NE 21st St, Fort Worth
Fort Worth, TX
76164 US

Workmanship Warranty

30 years Solar Panels, 20 years parts and labor.

States served by Daybreak Solar Power

  • Colorado CO ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Louisiana LA ,
  • New Mexico NM ,
  • Oklahoma OK ,
  • Texas TX